* In the car rap:
-->Do I know why we stopped the car?
* Huh??? [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment Noodles into Noodles? At the Chinese restaurant?]]
* The entire bathroom rap, especially when you enter Cool mode. It's so hilarious that you could forgive the developers for making it ThatOneLevel.
** Or when you fail, in which the PottyFailure is depicted as a rocket taking off inside [=PaRappa=], as a way of indicating that he pooped his pants.
** The cutscene is even worse.
** "I need to go/just as bad as you/What I had this morning I don't even want to say to you/Kick, punch, turn, and chop the door!"
* In the Stage 7 cutscene in ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy'', Lammy goes through a number of flashbacks as she rushes to the [=MilkCan=] concert. One of them involves Katy trying on different costumes and asking for Lammy and [[TheUnintelligible Ma-San]]'s opinions on each one. Lammy is too busy working with electrical equipment, and Ma-San is reading a book and doesn't care about what Katy wears. Lammy then plugs in the electrical cord, electrocutes herself, and the electrical surge results in her hairstyle turning into an afro, which Katy and Ma-San really like.
--> '''Katy''': Lammy, that's it!
* In [=PaRappa=]'s side-story in ''[=UmJammer=] Lammy'', P.J. Berri's definition of "rock n' roll".
* Another from [=PaRappa's=] side story in UJL. He, PJ, and Sunny are helping with Milkcan's performance in various ways. Sunny's helping to design costumes and shows one to [=PaRappa=]. He then requests to [[PaperPeople 'see it from the side...']]
* [[RuleOfThree A third one]] from [=PaRappa=]'s side-story, in Fright Flight, you get this nice little subversion of the typical [[CallAndResponseSong call and response]] format of the game:
-->'''Fussenpepper:''' I'll miss my train.\\
'''[=PaRappa=]:''' You'll miss your train.\\
'''Fussenpepper:''' I miss my brain.\\
'''[=PaRappa=]:''' May I help you?
* The Rappin' Cool freestyles can certainly turn into this:
-->''Put CRACK CRACK CRACK X X into the bowl!''
* If you listen very closely during the ending of the last rap in [=PaRappa=] 1, you can hear...
-->'''Joe Chin''': I really appreciate this fabulous party you all had just for me!
* Instructor Mooselini. You know, [[CrossesTheLineTwice like the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini]].