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[[caption-width-right:350:''"Everyone be careful! [[NowYouTellMe You're going to start falling soon!]]"'' [[note]]Just as the crew realize they're about to take [[GravityIsAHarshMistress a 7,000-meter plunge]]![[/note]]]]

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''Manga/OnePiece'' may be a WorldOfBadass, but it's also a very ''[[CloudCuckooLand weird]]'' world, full of colorful and insane characters and situations. As such, there's many FunnyMoments per arc. Just take a look...

!!Super Rookies Era
[[folder:East Blue Saga]]
* The first introduction of [[IdiotHero Luffy]] against an enemy was Alvida of the Iron Mace, who demanded to be called the most beautiful woman of the sea despite her, ahem, [[{{Gonk}} large]] appearance. Luffy's first comment towards her? "Who's the tough-looking old biddy?"
** Oh, yes! Epic reactions! Also, that was one of the very few times that 4Kids actually had a funny line! (insert alarmed face here) When Koby once again says that Alvida is the loveliest on the sea (out of fear, of course), Luffy asks him, "When was your last eye exam?" Can you say "Burned"?
** It gets better in the Funimation dub, where Luffy says "Who's the fat lady?" Alvida's crew's reaction is freaking priceless.
*** Even better in Finnish manga translation:
---->"Who's that ass-faced tart?"
** "In all the seas, Alvida is... the [[PunctuatedForEmphasis Rudest. Damned. Bitch.]]"
** Koby has a nervous breakdown about not being able to join the Marines because of being Alvida's cabin boy. Luffy responds by [[GetAholdOfYourselfMan bonking him on the head.]]
* At the beginning of Chapter 2, the monologue says it all:
-->'''Luffy''': Too bad I can't swim, too. Ha! What was I thinking? In a giant whirlpool, it doesn't really make a difference if you can swim or not! I'd drown even if I ''could'' swim! YIKES! AAAA!
* The beginning of Episode 4 when Nami cons three of Buggy's men out of their boat and their treasure, after which they get sunk by a coldfront.
** Near the end, there's Luffy attempting to catch a bird in the air only for him to get caught in its beak.
* Luffy delivers a bone-crushing (literally -- sound effects included) GroinAttack on Buggy. [[ShareTheMalePain Even the ladies were feeling that one!]]
** Even funnier, there's a brief panel in the manga where Luffy briefly notices Buggy's lower half just standing by, with one or two panels between this and the aforementioned GroinAttack, heavily implying that he was planning said nut shot the whole time!
*** In the English dub, Buggy [[HypocriticalHumor complains that it was a cheap shot]].
** "This is Buggy." Very random, adds an extra gasped laugh to the package.
** The anime refines this as only an expertly directed animated adaptation can. First, we see the top half of Buggy fly off chasing Nami. Luffy turns and takes a {{Beat}} to notice the lower half just standing there. Then, just as Buggy catches up and the picture shows him zooming towards the foreground, '''[[StockSoundEffects GONG]]!''' Stopped cold just inches from Nami. Next cuts, we see a dead-serious Luffy and then the groin shot, complete with the sound of crushing glass. Then Luffy turns and kindly reminds him IAmYourOpponent.
--->'''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzBCydtStWA&lc=z13gxl1z2uy1fn23k23qy3njawagth0d3 Sarged117:]]''' Without question, and I truly mean this, the best, most perfectly timed, setup, drawn, executed, voice acted and sound engineered nut shot in history. Any joke doesn't have to new, exciting, original or particularly classy BUT when flawlessly performed, THAT'S when it becomes funny. Case in point, we have One Piece taking the crudest of the crude slapstick jokes and raising it to an art form. Bravo.
** The next two parts of the fight are funny as well. Buggy decides to chop into smaller pieces, but then Luffy notices Buggy's feet. He grabs one of them and distracts him from chasing Nami by torturing it. Then, in a moment that's both funny ''and'' [[Awesome/OnePiece awesome]] (and a hint of Nami's potential), Buggy in a rage decides to reassemble himself...only to learn Nami's tied up most of his parts, leaving him just a tiny little thing helpless for Luffy's final TwinkleInTheSky attack.
* This exchange within the Usopp arc, as Nami put a fright in the Usopp Pirates:
-->'''Piiman''': Hey! Where's the captain (Usopp)?\\
'''Tamanegi''': Could they have finished with them already?\\
'''Ninjin''': Hey, you pirates!\\
'''Nami''': ...\\
'''Tamanegi''': Give him back!\\
'''Luffy''': Ahhh! That meat was delicious!\\
'''Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin''': M-MEAT!? The captain! He COULDN'T have--!\\
''(Nami giggles)''\\
'''Zoro''': If you're looking for your captain...\\
'''Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin''': WHAT!? WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?\\
'''Zoro''': He just... ''(evil face)'' ...got gobbled up!\\
'''Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin''' ''(looking at Nami''): '''''GYAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! OGRESS!!'''''\\
'''Nami''' ''(understandably pissed off)'': '''''WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME!?'''''\\
''(Zoro laughs contentedly as Piiman, Tamanegi, and Ninjin pass out on the restaurant floor)''\\
'''Nami''': ''IT'S NOT FUNNY!'''
* Usopp and Luffy are spying on Kuro and Jango, only to learn that they plan to assassinate Kaya. Instead of keeping out of sight with Usopp, Luffy stands up and screams "HEY YOU GUYS! DON'T KILL KAYA!"
* When deciding to defend Syrup Village from Kuro and his Black Cat Pirates, the heroes sum up their abilities.
-->'''Luffy:''' I stretch.\\
'''Zoro:''' I slice.\\
'''Nami:''' I steal\\
'''Usopp:''' I run and hide.\\
'''Luffy/Zoro/Nami:''' YOU GOTTA FIGHT!
* Episode 18, a one-shot between Usopp's and Sanji's arcs, we meet a man who managed to get his little body permanently jammed in a treasure chest. Due to LostInTranslation issues, each language makes a different joke about his predicament (which gets twice the fun when he acknowledges the joke before basically going, "You idiot!"; also, the joke's done ''twice''):
** The original Japanese calls him a ''hakoirimusuko'' or "boxed son"[[note]]As in one with a sheltered upbringing. It's a joke baked on ''hakoirimusume'' or "boxed daughter" which has more history behind it and is a lot more serious[[/note]].
** The English makes it a play on the Jack-in-the-Box.
* Luffy asks Sanji to join the crew.
-->'''Sanji''': Sorry, but I'm gonna have to decline your offer.\\
'''Luffy''': No, I decline. \\
'''Sanji''': You decline what? \\
'''Luffy''': I decline your decline.
* During the Baratie Arc, Gin has just taken out Pearl. When Don Krieg questions this, Gin merely brushes it aside and vows to kill Sanji, despite taking out the person currently in charge of doing that: ''Pearl''. Krieg's response?
-->'''Don Krieg:''' Oh great. My chief commander has just lost his marbles.
* While Arlong and some of his men are out terrorizing Cocoyashi, Zoro takes down some other fishmen. When Arlong gets back, he demands to know why Hatchan didn't do anything. Hatchi replies that he was out taking some swordsman away from Arlong Park...
-->'''Hatchan''': THAT WAS HIM!!\\
'''Fishmen''': HATCHI, YOU IDIOT!!
* Bellemere's secret to stay young and beautiful while never having to eat too much food.
-->'''Bellemere''': Tangerines replenish my skin with the power of liquid sunlight. And they're the only reason I'm such a ravishing beauty even though I'm in my extremely twenties.
-->'''Young Nami''': *Blankly staring* Their hands are all yellow.
** In another flashback, just right after Bellemere is shot by Arlong:
-->'''Bellemere''': You made a boy cry?
-->'''Young Nojiko''': He made me mad!
-->'''Boy's Mother''': Oh, it's okay. Kids will be kids.
-->'''Young Nami''': He said [[BerserkButton your tangerines suck]]!
-->'''Bellemere''': He '''''[[BigWhat WHAT?!]]''''' ''(Smacks the boy herself)''
* Some [[{{Pun}} wordplay]] before the big Nami flashback in the Arlong storyline. After Nami faked killing Usopp, Zoro told Sanji that Nami probably couldn't handle killing him in cold blood. The word he used to insult her, "komono", was intended to mean "small fry", but Sanji interpreted it as "small breasts". When he went to kick Zoro, and Zoro blocked, they ended up ''in a Double-KO of Usopp.'' Cue PietaPlagiarism with Luffy.
-->'''Sanji''': He ''is'' alive.\\
'''Zoro''': Nah, I think he's dead now.\\
** The [=FUNimation=] dub's version of that scene is just as funny, though the joke is changed due to it being LostInTranslation. The exchange when they KO Usopp?
-->'''Sanji:''' He's alive?!
-->'''Zoro:''' Well he ''was''... I hope he still is...
* At the beginning of the Arlong/Straw Hat crew fight, we get this brief yet hilarious exchange:
-->'''Arlong''' ''(while still holding Luffy mid-attack)'': Idiot!\\
'''Luffy''' ''(even more enraged)'': '''''WHY YOUUUUU.....!''''' ''(proceeds to viciously chomp on Arlong's trapezius,(where his gills are), causing Arlong tremendous pain that forces to free his grip on Luffy)''
* In the Arlong arc, Usopp's thoughts on the merman who spent two episodes chasing him (even though it was Usopp's plan to use himself as a red herring against said merman):
-->'''Usopp''' ''(in tears)'': HE'S SO STUBBORRRNNN!!!
* When Usopp beats down Choo with the Usopp Hammer. [[NotMakingThisUpDisclaimer Seriously]].
-->'''Usopp''': '''''[[CallingYourAttacks USOPP HAMMER!]] [[OnceIsNotEnough USOPP HAMMER!]] [[RuleOfThree USOPP HAMMER!]] [[TookALevelInBadass USOPP HAMMER!]]''''' [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking Rubber Band of Doom!]] '''''[[{{Determinator}} USOPP HAMMER!]] [[DropTheHammer USOPP HAMMER!]] [[OverlyLongGag USOPP HAMMER!]] [[AxCrazy USOPP HAMMER!]] [[MakeSureHesDead USOPP HAMMER!]] [[BrokenRecord USOPP HAMMER!]] [[AllBlueEntry USOPP HAMMER!]]'''''
** Now in your preferred flavors of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pmnhg_n78E Japanese]] or [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xF3khboxTDA English]]!
* In a bit of ComicRelief between Arlong and Loguetown, Iron Fist Fullbody (first met at Baratie) learns of Luffy's new bounty and decides to get revenge on him. Trouble is, he's even more of a ButtMonkey than before. He's half-drunk (in more than one sense of the word) commanding an [[TheAllegedCar Alleged Ship]] SurroundedByIdiots. He tries shooting them...his cracked cannon explodes, so he decides to board them. After getting his bell rung by Luffy, he stares up at Sanji, [[TheDreaded the man who so casually humiliated him before]]. His crew ''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere abandons ship]]''. [[OhCrap Fullbody quickly follows]]. And all this while Nami is reading the newspaper, completely oblivious to the fight.
-->'''Luffy:''' Huh? He's done already?
* When the Straw Hats get a copy of Luffy's first bounty, Usopp proudly declares that now ''he's'' famous too, since he's featured on Luffy's bounty picture (in fact, it's a shot of the back of his head way in the background). Nonetheless, Sanji's displeased that Usopp's gotten a measure of infamy before ''he'' could, to the point of sitting off to one side and SULKING about it.
--> '''Sanji:''' ''(pouting)'' It's just the back of your head. It doesn't count.
* When Zoro meets Tashigi, he's shocked to see how much she resembles Kuina. In the anime, he's so shocked he breaks her glasses.
* When Zoro is forced into manual labor as recompense for a debt owed to Tashigi, a marine officer, and made to clean the local base (vigorously and with three brooms):
-->'''Marine A''': It's the pirate hunter Zoro!\\
'''Marine B''': He's cleaning our floors, [[AndThatsTerrible that fiend]]!
* When Dracule Mihawk came to Shanks and reveals Luffy's bounty, Shanks, who was hungover at the time, gets Mihawk a drink and calls on his crew to get drunk again!
-->'''Shanks''': Don't be stupid! I can't ''not'' drink on a joyous day like today!
** And then Mihawk chugs the drink in one go [[TheComicallySerious without changing expression]].
* Hatchan's reaction to Zoro falling over when he got his six swords out is quite funny, especially in the dub.
--> '''Hachi''': Hey, you can't die yet! I haven't killed you yet!
* Might cross over into BlackComedy but Luffy not realising he was about to be executed until sometime AFTER Buggy explained everything was hilarious, especially Buggy's reaction and Luffy only getting it then.

[[folder:Laboon Arc]]
* How about when they first encounter Laboon? Luffy has a moment of surprising intelligence: the Going Merry is about to crash right into Laboon, and as the other Straw Hats desperately try in vain to steer Merry in time to avoid their impending doom, Luffy comes up with the idea that saves them: firing the cannons to slow the Merry down. A moment of intelligence that he manages to fuck up immediately afterwards: The Straw Hats bump into Laboon harmlessly, but Luffy's favorite seat is broken in the process, causing a pissed-off Luffy to punch Laboon in the eye, leading him to notice them. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUilc58S1OA See for yourself.]]
* Crocus' entire introduction is one big Crowning Moment of Funny, especially the rampant abuse of his "running gag."
-->'''Usopp:''' Hey, you wanna fight, we'll fight! We got cannons back here, you bastard!\\
''*Crocus gives the crew the dangerous crazy eye, followed by a series of different camera shots punctuated by drum beats, ending in a close-up of his eye*''\\
'''Crocus:''' You try it and someone's going to die.\\
'''Sanji:''' *while Nami and Usopp freak out in the background* Yeah? And who's that?\\
'''Crocus:''' Me, of course.
* And later...
-->'''Crocus:''' [[LampshadeHanging Can't you appreciate a good running gag?]]

[[folder:Whisky Peak Arc]]
* The great fight between Luffy and Zoro on Whisky Peak. First, when the other crew mates are asleep, Zoro protect them from the Baroque Works agents. Then Luffy woke up and got angry at Zoro for cutting down all those nice people who fed them (and he was dead serious). Even better is the DeathGlare and following [[CurbStompBattle Curb Stomping Battle]] they give to [[IgnoredEnemy Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine]] when they try to interfere. Last but not least, the fight is eventually ended... by Nami [[ArmorPiercingSlap who knocks them both unconscious]].
* Vivi accidentally revealing Crocodile's name to the Straw Hats while explaining her mission, complete with a OhCrap reaction from everyone else except for Zoro. Cue instant appearance of "The Unluckies", the Mr. 13 group.
** Nami then decides that she's [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere getting the hell off the island before Baroque Works can learn their identities]], only to see that Mr. 13 has already drawn sketches of her, Luffy and Zoro. Her response?
-->'''Nami:''' Wow, you're good! ''(walks back to group)'' Now there's nowhere left to run!
* The fight between Zoro and Baroque Works is equal parts this and awesome, as Zoro has such an easy time fighting them that he takes every opportunity to {{Troll}} them as he knocks them out.
-->''(As they try to figure out where he is, a sword is suddenly held against Mr. 8.)''\\
'''Zoro:''' Ask yourself. Will ''one'' gravestone really be enough?[[note]]As in, who's getting buried tonight: him..''or them''?[[/note]]\\
''(Miss Monday throws a wine barrel at Zoro. He slices it into four pieces, each of which takes out an enemy.)''\\
'''Zoro:''' Aww! And that wine must've cost a fortune. What a waste, huh?\\
''(Slices a circle onto a rooftop and walks away. Several enemies jump on it.)''\\
'''Zoro:''' I wouldn't be standing there if I were you. ''(Circle-shaped hole appears and enemies fall through.)''
* As Zoro and Nami have an argument over the latter's latest money-making scheme, Luffy wakes up from his long nap and casually announces that he needs to take a piss, paying no mind to his friends' argument.

[[folder:Little Garden Arc]]
* Nami and Zoro discuss strategies.
-->'''Nami''': By the way, your idea of cutting your legs off and escaping is so stupid.
-->'''Zoro''': I cut off my legs so I can fight them, not escape them.
* Usopp deduces that they can save their friends from Mr. 3's death trap by using fire to melt the wax.
-->'''Luffy''': Is that true!?\\
'''Miss Golden Week''': Yes, it's true.\\
'''Mr. 3''': Don't give away all of our secrets!
* Karoo's [[OhCrap reaction]] to Vivi bringing him along on her trek into the jungle with Luffy.
* Before going to Little Garden, the Mr. 3 pair are relaxing on an island resort. Mr. 3 wonders why Miss Golden Week has been staring at a piece of paper for the past three days. What is it?
-->'''Miss Golden Week''': It's an order from boss.\\
** Mr. 3 is intent on keeping his rank hidden, despite his massive topknot shaped like a 3.
* Pretty much the entire snail conversation between Sanji and Crocodile.
--> '''Sanji:''' Hello, you've called the Shitty Restaurant (or "...you've reached the Crap Cafe," depending on the translation).
* Zoro's pose before he gets turned into a statue and the resulting conversations.
* The rest of the crew's reaction when Sanji nonchalantly reveals that they can leave whenever, because he intercepted an Eternal Pose to Alabasta from the Unluckies.
-->'''Sanji''': Oh, we can't leave? Do we still have stuff to do here? And I went through all the trouble to get this, too. ''*Takes out Eternal Pose*''\\
''*Giant JawDrop from EVERYONE (Carue, Usopp, Luffy, Vivi, Nami, Zoro); SweatDrop from Sanji*''

[[folder:Drum Island Arc]]
* Luffy's attempts at cheering Nami up when she falls ill before the Drum Island arc. Luffy's doodled-on face and Zoro's reaction to it are hilarious.
* In the anime, Usopp, Sanji, and Luffy's reaction when they learn just how sick Nami is is hilarious. At first, they don't realize how painful being sick must be, since they've never been sick themselves, much to Vivi's surprise (Her {{Wild Take}}s are just hilarious). Then, when she fills them in, they freak out : Usopp runs around the room in panic mode (Even running ''backwards'' at one point), Luffy has a "No Way" face, and Sanji starts crying.
* At one point, Sanji, Luffy and Vivi are at Nami's bedside. After failing to cheer her up by making faces, Luffy suggests chucking a barrel full of cold water on her to make her fever drop, and gets PunchedAcrossTheRoom by Vivi and Sanji for that. As they casually resume their conversation, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent you can see Luffy slide down the wall he landed on, then a frame drops on his face]].
* A little later, the crew sees Drum Island in the distance. When Luffy and Zoro, who are by Nami's bedside, hear this, Luffy tries to cheer Nami up again by excitedly telling her there's an island like a parent announces good news to their child, going on until Zoro tells him to just go outside and look. It's simultaneously funny, adorable and heartwarming.
* Any time Dalton adds random, unnecessary information.
* The first time Tony Tony Chopper proves his inability to hide behind corners because he does it inversely, with his body fully exposed and only one eye covered by the corner.
* It takes Luffy 3 hours after the crew arrived at Drum Island to realize that it's cold out.
* So Chopper is working on Luffy and Sanji, thinking back to his first memory of them: treating them and Nami, and [[Heartwarming/OnePiece Luffy telling Dr. Kureha that the others are his friends]]. The moment Luffy wakes up, he mumbles he's hungry. When he turns his head and sees Chopper, he doesn't see the doctor who saved his life. [[CarnivoreConfusion He]] [[MeatOVision sees]] [[RealMenEatMeat MEAT]]. Chopper backs away and bumps into Sanji's bed. He stirs awake, and ''starts muttering recipes for '''venison'''.'' ''One Piece'' quickly becomes a horror film for the poor reindeer as his second memory of the two is running for his life from their hungry appetites.
* Luffy has one of his overly-excited IdiotHero freakouts when Chopper shows off all his Rumble Ball transformations: "SEVEN-FORM TRANSFORMING INTERESTING REINDEER!" He repeats that word-for-word ''but utterly deadpan'' when Nami asked him why he invited Chopper on the crew when she found out ''nobody but her knew he was a doctor!''
** Sanji thought Chopper was [[EatTheDog emergency rations]]. When Chopper hears that, he spins around to give the audience a completely-understandable EyeTake.
* In Chapter 150, anything that involves Wapol utterly failing to get his (former) castle's weapons. First, he makes a grand speech about how he's going to eat all the weapons in his armory and transform into a one-man arsenal... only to find that the key's been stolen. Then he unveils the "Drum Crown Seven Shot Tin Tyrant Cannon", aims at Luffy and pulls the trigger... and nothing happens. The next panel is Wapol's completely stunned face[[note]]Bug-eyes and his formerly Evil Grin just kind of frozen on his face by the shock of it all[[/note]], followed by a panel of him trying the lever again, followed by ''another'' panel of stunned silence.
** The best part is what ''did'' happen. Wapol pulls the lever. Panel of silence. He pulls it ''again. Another'' panel of silence. A cute baby bird hops out of the nest its mama made in the cannon.
* '''"SHUT UP! LET'S GOOOOO!!!!!!"'''
-->'''Zoro''' ''(in the Funimation dub)'': Most people don't make friends by telling someone to "shut up".
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LujWqoW6BWI Luffy and Sanji notice the inside of Drum Castle is filled with snow]], and stare in wonder. [[MoodWhiplash But then Kureha suddenly appears and ruins the moment]]. Cue Luffy and Sanji running away screaming as Kureha is chucking tons of weapons (and a random chicken) at them.
* It's a very brief moment, but when Luffy realizes that Chopper can talk, Sanji is walking past him. But then suddenly he appears behind Luffy three seconds later, causing Luffy to freak out.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNwGN2SqAgg Vivi and Usopp get caught in an avalanche]]. Vivi is lucky enough to avoid getting hurt by it, but Usopp almost dies from it. A worried Vivi ends up slapping the ever-living crap out of him to wake him up, to the point that his face ends up extremely swollen as a result. When they run into Zoro, it even takes him a {{Beat}} to recognize Usopp.
** And even better, likely the only way he knew it was Usopp was because of his [[GagNose nose]].
* As they were heading out, Vivi is holding a bundled-up Karoo. This has several follow-on moments. First, Karoo's bundled up because in an IdiotBall moment, he wondered why Zoro disappeared after going for a swim in the ice-cold river (he regularly undergoes Self-TrainingFromHell if you're wondering) and jumped in after him; end result, one [[HumanPopsicle Supersonic Duck Popsicle]]. Next, it reveals another of Chopper's talents (he SpeaksFluentAnimal) which Nami compliments on, causing Chopper to show another of his funny quirks: he tries to deny the compliment while doing a HappyDance (which Luffy and Usopp [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]]).

[[folder:Alabasta Arc]]
* Before entering Alabasta, Luffy and the gang come up with a countermeasure against one of the Baroque Works agents.
-->'''Luffy''': Okay, whatever happens from now on, this left arm is proof of our friendship. Now, let's get onto dry land. TO A RESTAURANT!!! Then Alabasta.\\
'''Everyone''': SHUT UP, YOU IDIOT!!!
* When Luffy eats some cactus that makes him hallucinate, he starts yelling insane things and flailing about like mad. In the next panel, he collapses with a big thud, and Chopper's just sort of standing next to him with a huge syringe.
-->'''Chopper:''' Sedative.
* Ace's official introduction. It starts with everyone in a restaurant thinking that he died, while Ace has his face planted in the food that he was eating. He suddenly sits up and everyone freaks out. Ace looks back and forth at the shocked staff and when a woman asks if he's okay, he promptly uses her skirt to wipe the food off his face. He tells the chef that he was sleeping and moments later he passes out again.
** Becomes HarsherInHindsight when he really does die in the Paramount War.
* And right after that, Luffy ''ramming'' into both Smoker and Ace, sending them flying through some buildings and several walls. The look on both Smoker and Ace's faces at that split-second before they're knocked away seals it. And then it takes several minutes of eating for Luffy to recognize Smoker...
** Even better? Ace and Smoker were ''so'' surprised by Luffy that they couldn't even use their Logia powers to evade him.
* During the crew's travel through the desert, they end up facing a with several monstrous creatures, who get their "fifteen seconds of fame" before getting [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomped]] by Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji. A particularly hilarious instance (a giant lizard big enough to swallow people whole) gets triple-teamed by all three of them and leads to the following:
-->'''Usopp''': (teary-eyed) You didn't have to go ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill that]]'' far.\\
'''Nami''': Whenever those guys fight, it almost makes me feel sorry for the monsters.
** Then a follow-up; another of the same giant creature suddenly appears and tries to eat Ace. Ace proves he's TooSpicyForYogSothoth...''literally''...by [[PlayingWithFire cooking him from the inside]]. Now there's ''two'' beasts to pity.
** The RunningGag of Vivi not remembering about the deadly desert dangers [[RememberedTooLate until they're right on top of the gang]], along with the gang's increasingly pained variations of, "[[NowYouTellMe NOW you tell us?!]]"
* During their travel, the crew finds a village that is being controlled by rebels, which turn out to be a lie, and said rebels are abusing their power. Once their lie is exposed, the leader says that they are not the only rebels and that there are ''100,000,000'' on the village. Everyone clearly don´t believe. Usopp even says that they should have come up with a better lie, and Sanji says that Usopp is not one to talk. And then suddenly:
-->'''Luffy:''' What?! 100,000,000?!"
** Usopp and Sanji quickly tell Luffy that it was a lie, and Chopper is relieved to know this.
* A blink and you'll miss it one, but when they're on the sand ship, Zoro runs and takes the swords off two of the crew members to slice up the giant dung ball aimed towards the ship, leaving his own in their scabbards. Probably remembering the time in Whiskey Peak he sliced one of Mr. 5's booger bombs ("''Eaagh!'' I just cut someone's ''snot''!").
* Zoro just wants to be included, apparently:
--> '''Sanji:''' You girls can call me "prince!"
--> '''Zoro:''' [[HoYay Okay, prince.]]
--> '''Sanji:''' ''Not YOU!''
* Later on, just as the Straw Hats and Vivi reach Rainbase, Luffy and Usopp run to a nearby restaurant. After drinking some well-needed water, they realize that Smoker and Tashigi happened to be in that exact same restaurant, sitting ''right next to them''. Cue huge and hilarious SpitTake.
** Even better is that the SpitTake ''hits'' them. Considering that Smoker can turn into smoke, this probably also saved their butts, too, since he can't change when he's wet!
* While Vivi having to fend for her life against Bananagators while searching for the key to free the Straw Hats amidst a flooding basement, was terrible, and Sanji's BigDamnHero moment was awesome, once the crew are free and Luffy and Zoro join in the fray, it's this: To elaborate, Vivi barely come close to defeating one Bananagator. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji make a ''pile'' of knocked out Banagators in the time of a scene cut! Then Luffy loudly complains he wasn't at full strength because of the inrushing water! It takes a {{Beat}} then Vivi starts crying on Usopp's shoulder, who consoles her by saying that those three aren't normal like they are.
** Sanji's BigDamnHero moment also includes a BrickJoke. When did Crocodile finally realize that his supposed previous conversation with Mr. 3 was with someone else...and that there was someone else in the Straw Hats he didn't know about? When Sanji gave him the same "Damn Restaurant"/"Crap Cafe" greeting as before.
* Luffy's impersonation of Sanji.
* Nami's first battle with her Climatact. Her endless frustration with its useless tricks (like releasing flowers and pigeons) coupled with Miss Doublefinger's deadpan reactions made it prime comedy fare!
** Miss Doublefinger even starts feeling ''sorry'' for Nami as the latter gets frustrated over how useless her weapon is.
* Crocodile is impressed that Luffy managed to discover his weakness while close to death but he says that he, as a Shichibukai, is still on a different level than him. Luffy's answer is hilarious.
--> '''Luffy:''' So what if you are Shichibukai? Then I must be... '''The Hachibukai'''! (Shichi means seven in japanese, Hachi means eight)
* Luffy, in order to take advantage of Crocodile's weakness against water, drinks an entire barrel of the stuff. It's Water Luffy!
** "Crap! A leak!"
** And then there's Crocodile's [[DidntSeeThatComing reaction]] to Luffy's "transformation":
--->'''Crocodile''': Does he not comprehend the situation he's in?
** Note that this makes Robin ''laugh out loud''. And this is ''back when they were still enemies''!
* Luffy's first fight with Crocodile is a very serious affair, with Luffy unable to land a solid blow on his opponent when he keeps turning into sand, while he openly mocks him all the while. And then Luffy suddenly opens wide and bites Crocodile in half at the waist, a move so ridiculous and made of so much MoodWhiplash that Crocodile loses his cool and basically goes "Enough of this crap!"
** At another point during that fight, Crocodile starts again mocking Luffy about his inability to hurt him and Luffy cuts him off by punching him in the face, resulting in one of his rare DeadpanSnarker moments.
--> '''Luffy:''' Sorry, my fist interrupted you.
* Usopp pulling out his "5-ton" hammer and engaging in a game of whack-a-mole with Miss Merry Christmas. [[RunningGag With a Rubber Band of Doom added in for good measure.]]
* After he and Chopper won their battle with the Mr. 4 group, Usopp was apparently dying of his injuries. But came to when Chopper admitted to stealing his ''manjuu'', a pastry filled with sweet bean paste.
** Hell, he does more than come to - he decks Chopper in the jaw, sending him flying.
--> '''Usopp *In a deep, growly voice*:''' '''''MAAANNJUUU...'''''
--> '''Dub Usopp *In a Gollum-esque voice:*''' MY BUN... MY PRECIOUS...
* Mr. 2's Copy-Copy Montage, where he attempts to make Sanji "laugh helplessly until he collapses" by changing every part of his face into the most ridiculous-looking version out of all the people he's copied... resulting in Mr. 2's regular face, with Usopp's nose.
** When Mr. 2 realizes his ShapeshifterGuiltTrip won't work on Sanji, he takes Nami's form and remarks that even ''that'' wouldn't have any effect... Cue a lovestruck Sanji gawking at "Nami" all slack-jawed and heart-eyed.
--->'''Mr. 2''': ... It can't really be that easy, can it?
* Luffy being told that he slept for 3 days, and he calculates that he missed 15 meals. Also Igaram's wife, Terracotta, comes in with a trolley full of fruit.
-->'''Terracotta''': I've heard you can eat a lot. Do you think you could snack on this fruit until dinnertime?\\
'''Luffy''': Okay. ''(Swallows all the fruit at the same second that he finishes answering)''\\
'''Sanji & Zoro''': Was that some trick!?
** Not to mention that Terracotta looks so much like Igaram that the Straw Hats at first think it's him in drag. Considering he did that at Whiskey Peak, it's not a stretch.
** Of course, when Luffy does his disappearing act with the tray of fruit, Terracotta's reaction is very simple: [[BringIt CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!]]
* [[SexyCoatFlashing HAPPINESS]] [[{{Nosebleed}} PUNCH]]!
** Bonus points for the king actually ''condoning'' the male Straw Hats (or at least just Sanji) wanting to peep at his daughter, much to Igaram's exasperation.
** Also Vivi's horrified reaction. "NAMI-SAN!"
** Even MORE funny that Luffy faints despite WordOfGod confirming he's asexual and aromantic, so that shouldn't even happen to HIM of all people.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlOKpSO3tNE USOPP]] [[NailsOnABlackboard NOISE!]]
* The Straw Hats are leaving Alabasta through the desert when they notice [[http://www.watchop.com/watch/132-one-piece-episode-128-english-subbed/ Nami is feeling down.]]
-->'''Chopper''': Nami, are you feeling sick?\\
'''Luffy''': Nami, want a piece of meat? But only one.\\
'''Sanji''': Nami-san, it's about Vivi-chan, isn't it? I understand how you feel, but, if you keep thinking so much, you'll never get over it. You two were good friends for so long, but c'mon, cheer up.\\
'''Nami''': I'm... giving it up. For Vivi. My 1 billion Berries.\\
'''Chopper, Luffy & Usopp''': OF COURSE YOU ARE!\\
'''Chopper''': USOPP FELL OFF!\\
'''Zoro''': Nami, quit being so damn misleading!\\
'''Nami''': Huh? What's your problem? There's no point worrying about Vivi!\\
'''Chopper''': Oi! Usopp has FALLEN OFF!\\
'''Nami''': That's his problem!\\
'''Everyone''': IT'S YOUR FAULT!
* Near the end of the arc, the crew (sans Zoro) is depressed about leaving Vivi. Then Zoro tells them that the should have forcefully taken her with them:
--> '''Chopper''': Ah, you savage!\\
'''Nami''': Scumbag!\\
'''Sanji''': Mosshead...\\
'''Luffy''': Three swords...\\
'''Usopp''': No, Luffy, calling him "three swords" isn't insulting.\\
'''Luffy''': ''({{beat}})'' [[{{Foreshadowing}} Four swords]]...\\
'''Usopp''': That's not an insult either! Listen, why not call him ''nattou'' (fermented soybeans)? That would be like telling him he stinks.
* This is followed by [[DarkActionGirl Nico Robin]] insisting she join the crew:
** How did she pull it off? By saying Luffy "did something" to her. While she explains that it had to do with how [[NoOneGetsLeftBehind he saved her against her will after beating Crocodile]], Sanji immediately assumes she meant something else and starts berating Luffy.
** After the exposition, Usopp interrogates her:
--->'''Usopp''': You're full of confidence. What's your specialty?\\
'''Robin''': ''({{beat}}, smiles)'' Killing.\\
'''Usopp''': LUFFY!! My investigation has concluded that she is far too dangerous!!
** Also when Nami tells Robin she'll be watching her... then Robin pulls out a bag of jewels she stole, and Nami starts calling her ''"sister"''. Cue Usopp and Zoro reacting with a deadpan "Oh, boy, here we go". [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand The BGM slowing down to a halt]] adds to the comedy.
*** Not to mention the cash-register noise as Nami zooms down the stairs.
** Usopp accepting her was a lot easier. She just threw a couple extra arms on Luffy's head so he could imitate Chopper for some laughs.
*** And amusingly, when all three fall over laughing, [[NotSoAboveItAll Robin's arms are flailing along with them]].
* In the episode where they accidentally catch Rice Rice, a mail-order salesman, he offers to sell Nami some special paper for a few million berries. Whether or not the paper's really worth that much, the punchline is when Sanji says they'll take it...and says they can ''turn in Luffy'' to cover the cost. It's funny enough that Luffy seems to have a mild FreakOut at this seeming mutiny, but a moment later, Rice Rice suddenly realizes he ended up ''on a pirate ship'' and immediately goes ScrewThisImOuttaHere, leaving behind all the merchandise he'd been demonstrating earlier...''including the paper''. Was Sanji ''really'' willing to turn in Luffy for Nami's sake or was he just intimidating Rice Rice? In any event, the icing on the joke is Robin, calm as ever, not even looking up from her book, noting perhaps their pirate reputation precedes them.
** Later on, while Nami is working on her maps, the rest of the crew set about cleaning the ship...except Zoro, who finds it stupid he's [[CasanovaWannabe excepting Robin]], who he doesn't even trust that much. Suddenly, Sanji's foot on his face.
-->'''Sanji:''' Why don't you just shut up and help us, you ''moss-haired monster''?
-->'''Zoro:''' Ooh, such a witty insult from a pathetic excuse for a ''love machine''!
:: The insults pile up until they start a fight, which is enough to upset Nami and come out and stop them with her [[ArmorPiercingSlap Armor-Piercing Punches]].


[[folder:Skypiea Saga]]
* When Luffy meets Blackbeard, the two are eating at a bar. Blackbeard loves the bar's pies, but Luffy hates them, and vice-versa for the drinks. This is the beginning of a weird grudge match between the two, and when they start ordering different foods for take-out, they start trying to one-up each other on the amounts. It ends with...
-->'''Luffy & Blackbeard''': ''(to each other)'' ''I'M GONNA BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OF YOU''\\
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f05WX7EMvfI "BITE MEEEE!!!"]]
* After the Bellamy Pirates laughed at them regarding the existence of Skypiea, Chopper asked Nami if she got any information back on the ship. She gets so angry, Usopp uses a Ketchup Star and Chopper eats a Rumble Ball and goes to Guard Point. When Robin gets back and mentions it, Nami goes off on her as well. Chopper goes to Jumping Point, and ''[[SuperDrowningSkills ends up overboard!]]''
-->'''Chopper''': JUMPING POINT!!! ''(jumps overboard... offscreen)'' [[PrecisionFStrike DAMN]] [[OhCrap IT!]] *splash*\\
'''Zoro''': Man overboard! *jumps over to save Chopper*
* What about just prior to the gang actually going to Skypiea, where Mock Town's town drunk [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2339-3/one-piece/chapter-232.html got copies of Luffy and Zoro's increased bounties]]? That had to be [[OhCrap the fastest any drunk guy could turn sober]].
* The gang's attempts to catch a bird to find the way to the current leading to Skypeia. It controls bugs to annoy them all, especially Nami. During one moment of hysteria, however...
-->'''Usopp''': Fireflies!\\
'''Nami''': Pretty... '''AHH, ROACHES!'''\\
'''Usopp''': [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers Pigs!]]
** Later on, in a [[SwappedRoles role reversal]], Nami and Sanji both freak out at spiders, while Usopp handles a tarantula without fear.
* In regards to the Going Merry flying edition...
-->'''Nami''': Something about it doesn't seem right to me...\\
'''Zoro''': Well, for once, I agree with you. [[CompletelyMissingThePoint Chickens don't even know how to fly. They should have made it a pigeon.]]\\
* Luffy's reaction to tasting ''[[http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Pumpkins#Conache Conache]]'' is wonderfully goofy in both the [[http://kissmanga.com/Manga/One-Piece-Digital-Colored-Comics/Chapter-239?id=328478#12 manga]] and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMa6qW6OEno anime.]]
* The entire confrontation with the White Barets. The crew is charged with entering Skypiea illegally, an eleventh-degree crime, and through a series of [[FelonyMisdemeanor seemingly innocuous acts]], end up being bumped up to sixth-degree. Then Nami comes back and, after learning about the hefty fine they'll have to pay to clear themselves, ''runs down the captain with her waver''.
** [[DisproportionateRetribution Which is apparently only one degree above "noise pollution"]].
* While trying to rescue the rest of their crew taken to Godland, two of the monster trio plus Usopp are given a crow themed Dial boat to get there, after the initial selfishness of Luffy wanting a different bull themed one (and collective badass quotient of being willing to go in the first place) Sanji's comment that "a crow ain't a waterfowl.."
* Luffy's impersonation of Zoro.
* The scene with the waterfall in Episode 160 is priceless. It's especially funny when its shown that Sanji, Luffy, and Usopp all have a ''OhCrap'' look on their faces.
** Bonus points: Usopp was wearing [[BringMyBrownPants brown overalls]]. It could be possible that he wore those just in case...
* Luffy and Usopp trying to cheer up Sanji with his "song." Their voices turning raspy at the end is what sells it.
-->'''Usopp & Luffy''': ''Take my haaaaand, HONEY.''\\
'''Sanji''': Those aren't the words!\\
'''Usopp''': Oh.
* Zoro clearing his throat to do a Tarzan shout while swinging.
** Followed by Zoro telling Nami that her vine swing went badly because "she didn't do the call".
*** Here's a [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izTlrKOJR2U dubbed clip.]]
-->'''Zoro:''' ''(repeats Tarzan yell)'' -- is what you should've done.
* Robin tells the others to put out the fire so as not to reveal their position to the enemy. [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2360-12/one-piece/chapter-253.html Luffy disagrees and says lighting a campfire is obvious for camping.]] Nami tries to remind them that they are in a dangerous forest. [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2360-13/one-piece/chapter-253.html Sanji and Zoro prepare a large woodpile.]] Sanji says that animals are afraid of fire, while angry eyes and growls can be seen behind him. Next page, well, [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2360-14/one-piece/chapter-253.html see for yourself.]]
* When Gan Fall tries to tell the Straw Hats Skypiea's history, Usopp asks him if he's hit his head or something. Cue [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2362-6/one-piece/chapter-255.html Pierre taking a bite out of his head.]] Later, he recounts how the Shandians were driven off their land by the Skypieans which Usopp and Sanji blame him for. And [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2362-9/one-piece/chapter-255.html once again...]]
* [[HollywoodToneDeaf Luffy's]] [[StylisticSuck Island Song]]. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vePDgZ12Qyc Comes in]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhSLNF7hBRQ two flavors]].
** Right in the middle he's interrupted by what he thinks is a goat, but is really one of Eneru's priests trying to ambush him. He knocks the priest out in one punch, comments how he really wanted to see a goat, and walks off humming like he's pissed off.
*** Later on, Wyper confronts him, but Luffy almost immediately ignores him and tries to go back to singing before being goaded further.
** Even better, if you aren't familiar with what's going on in that particular arc, Luffy's line about the island belonging to God is ten times funnier.
* In the opening to Episode 170 of the anime, the narrator describes how Luffy's exploration team is going South, only to sound dismayed and royally confused when only [[WomenAreWiser ONE]] of them is heading due South. The map from the manga depicting this is the image for NoSenseOfDirection.
* Related to the previous, Zoro's IdiotBall moment when he wanders around in the forest lost for a while with a giant South Bird, whose head always points south. When he's trying to get to Eneru's shrine. Which is to the south.
* Chopper's reaction as he observes [[TheDitz Gedatsu]]'s idiocy:
--> "What a ''dimwit''!!"
* Zoro defeats Ohm, and then has to contend with his giant pet dog... only to find out that he obeys ''anyone's'' orders, at which point he just orders him to knock himself unconscious and moves on.
* [[AGodAmI Ene]][[PsychoElectro ru's]] [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2386-16/one-piece/chapter-279.html reaction]] to Luffy's being [[ElementalRockPaperScissors invulnerable to his attacks]].
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NEBD4WDuBo Even more epic in the anime]].
* Also from the Skypiea Arc: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKGMHGDI-pY Usopp/Nami versus Eneru.]] It's just a string of hilarious gags, particularly of note, the poses they make while dodging, and Usopp's flip.
* On the verge of leaving Skypiea, Conis tells them [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2409-11/one-piece/chapter-302.html that they'll start falling soon.]] The look on Zoro, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, Sanji and even the Going Merry's faces are priceless.
-->'''Conis''': [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2409-12/one-piece/chapter-302.html Good Luck!]]
* The Straw Hats fleeing Skypeia. After stealing all the treasure they can find, they run into a mob of Skypeians approaching them with a colossal cylinder wrapped up. Usopp figures that it's a gigantic cannon and, thinking that the mob is angry at them for stealing their treasure, the Straw Hats run like hell. What was the cylinder? A giant column made of solid gold, which broke off the Golden Bell, that the mob was trying to give to them as thanks.
** The oddest part about this? The Skypieans giving them the pillar ''was Robin's idea''. Skypiea and Shandora don't value gold the way Humans do. So why didn't Robin just say that?
** Another great moment as they're getting close to the ship...
--->'''Sanji''': ''(heart-eyed)'' NAMI! CONIS! ''(runs smack into a tree branch)''\\
'''Robin''': Are you all right?\\
'''Sanji''': ''(back up and running like nothing happened)'' UH-HUH!
* Not in the series outside of the DVD commentary, but J. Michael Tatum doing Eneru's voice at a drive-thru. Can be seen [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEjfm-rL6cc here]].
* The Funimation dub has this moment of Usopp having another panic attack:
--> '''Usopp''': We've got zero, and I ''mean'' Zoro... no I mean [[Creator/FourKidsEntertainment Zolo]] chances...no I mean zero chances...[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny wonder how Zoro's doing.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDsX7SH7eOI Usopp trolls Zoro with a tone dial.]]
* At one point, Luffy is eaten by a snake, inside whose stomach he later finds Nami, Gan Fall and Aisa. The second Luffy realizes their predicament, he says they should look for its ass, so they can be pooped out. Needless to say, Nami doesn't take it well.
** Later, after the snake moves some more, Luffy looks for Nami, and mistakes a nearby skeleton for her, because they happened to be wearing similar clothes. His reaction is funny on its own, but Luffy actually ''tries to wake "her" up''.

[[folder:Davy Back Fight]]
* After Skypiea, the Straw Hats are now planning to [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2410-16/one-piece/chapter-303.html divide the gold.]]
-->'''Nami''': Alright. Thank you for waiting. We will now officially start distributing the loots. Each of these is worth a lot of money!!!\\
'''Usopp''': YAY!\\
'''Chopper''': CAN I BUY BOOKS?\\
'''Sanji''': New pots, new pans, new silverware... and a few mousetraps.\\
'''Zoro''': Time for some rum!\\
'''Nami''': First things first. My share is 80% of these.\\
'''U, L, C, S & Z''': HOLD ON A SECOND...!
* Before the start of Chapter 304, We have this little setting. The crew are trying to catch food... [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2411-1/one-piece/chapter-304.html by playing music.]] Then a phenomenal thing happens [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2411-2/one-piece/chapter-304.html in the next page.]] After witnessing that glorious sight, [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2411-3/one-piece/chapter-304.html They vow never to let them get away again.]]
** [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2411-4/one-piece/chapter-304.html Luffy's face on the following page.]]
* Tonjit invites Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to his house after they get him down from his stilts. Since his village isn't around, he takes some stored milk and finds that after 10 years, it's spoiled into rotten cheese. This doesn't stop him from eating it, as he insists he has a strong stomach. Next panel, he's on the floor, sick with food poisoning. That whole scene has got to have some of the best comedic timing in the manga.
* After Foxy wins the first round of the Davy Back Fight and takes Chopper onto his crew, the Straw Hats ponder why he chose him. Robin adds this little gem.
-->'''Nami''': Maybe he likes cute things?\\
'''Robin''': You know, I wouldn't rule out a [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom Fur fetish]].
* After winning the second round, before Luffy can decide to get Chopper back, Nami advises to choose the enemy's captain to get an automatic win in the last round. [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2420-8/one-piece/chapter-313.html Robin voices her complaint on this one.]]
-->'''Robin''': Actually, Nami, if we do as you said, we would certainly get an easy win. However, I don't want that split-head (Foxy) traveling with me.\\
'''Nami''': *gasp* So true!!\\
'''Luffy, Zoro, Usopp & Sanji''': Yeah. We don't need that kind of trash.
** Foxy then proceeds to go into his CornerOfWoe for being so brutally rejected.
** Hey, if Luffy, who's an excellent judge of character, says that, he has to be right.
** Before that, the Foxy pirates are outraged by this suggestion, and voice it out loud, causing Nami to cry in frustration. Zoro tells her not to cry if she's the one at fault, and she promptly beats him up for it, while threatening to do the same to the Foxy pirates. And they stop yelling. ''A 500-strong pirate crew'' is scared of a single teenage girl.
* The Foxy bombs. Luffy's reaction is priceless.
* As Luffy chases Foxy through the Foxy Pirates ship, he runs into Foxy in a bizarre PaperThinDisguise with an over sized head as the crew's maid. Luffy buys it completely. But it's at its best later on when Foxy tries it again with a cook disguise and actually unmasks himself when Luffy fails to figure it out again.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXoQgwBOMaQ Luffy]] and the FunnyAfro. Made all the better by [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWbWgyU45K4 Usopp, Sanji and Luffy's]] JiveTurkey in the Funimation Dub[[note]]depicted in caps here[[/note]]
-->'''Foxy Pirate''': Hey, Straw Hat! I'm really digging the new look! (oops) I mean, you suck!\\
'''Luffy''': YEA-AH!\\
'''Zoro''': You see? ''This'' is what happens when you leave [[IdiotHero Luffy]] alone with [[CloudCuckoolander Usopp]].\\
'''Nami''': Couldn't he ''try'' to show some dignity for once?
** Nami wonders if she and Robin are the [[OnlySaneMan only sane members]] of the crew...
-->'''Chopper''': Is Luffy gonna win?\\
'''[[NotSoAboveItAll Robin]]''': Of course. [[AfroAsskicker He's wearing an afro]].
** This gem by Manager!Usopp:
* At the end of the Davy Back Fight Luffy comes off victorious from the combat. He chooses to take Foxy's Jolly Roger for it. He then draws them a new one so that they can keep their sail. Remember when Luffy first tried�abysmally�to draw his crew's jolly roger 200-plus episodes ago? BrickJoke time; he ''still'' doesn't know how to paint. The Foxy crew's reaction sells it.
* Gotta love Zoro and Sanji arguing before the Groggy Ring match.
-->'''Zoro:''' (referring to the "Ballman Hat") Hey, that looks good on you.\\
'''Nami:''' Sanji! That hat looks great on you!\\
'''Sanji:''' Alright, let's rock! Ballman's here to kick some ass!
** Just after that...
--->'''Zoro:''' You look like a prince... of Dumb-ass Kingdom.
** And it gets even better later, especially in the English Dub
--->'''Sanji:''' A swordsman without his swords is just... a normal guy. Only ''lamer''.\\
(immediately start fighting)\\
'''Usopp:''' [[LampshadeHanging THAT WASN'T EVEN A GOOD BURN!! GET OVER IT!!]]\\
'''Zoro:''' Hey cook, hope you get trampled out there!\\
'''Sanji:''' Up yours.
* The Straw Hats meeting Aokiji is initially presented as a very serious affair, with Robin terrified of him and the Straw Hats freaking out about his [[AuthorityEqualsAsskicking rank.]] Then he turns to Nami and promptly starts hitting on her, and it just goes downhill from there. He's so lazy that he couldn't even bother to perform simple math when adding up their bounties:
--> '''Aokiji:''' Now that you've added another crew member whose got a price on her head, your overall bounty has gone up. 100 million, plus 60 million, plus 79 million equals... ''(begins counting on his fingers)'' Aw screw it, some big-ass number.\\
'''Zoro:''' Just do the damn math.
* In the anime, how does Luffy lose the Hit and Dead Ball match? By ''eating the ball''. Yes, the last rule in the massive rule book is against eating the ball. They're ready for ''everything'' in that game.
* Before the Roller race, the team prepares but Nami catches Luffy eating yet again:
-->'''Nami:''' What are you eating?\\
'''Luffy:''' Zucchini Corn.\\
'''Luffy:''' You can't have any.\\
'''Nami:''' I DON'T WANT ANY!
* In the anime, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFeS_zrBJLc Foxy attempts to trick Nami several times throughout the Barrel Race]]. However, his tricks are so lame that Nami falls for none of them. It's funny on its own, but what makes it even better is that Foxy looks utterly devastated as Nami sees through his tricks.
** In one particularly egregious case (a false finish line), ''Foxy's team'' falls for it.
* At the climax of the final match, when Luffy finally lands the finishing blow on Foxy, he calmly walks away. Nothing's happening right away because Foxy managed to get HoistByHisOwnPetard and is under the influence of his own Slow-Slow Beam. As his face ''slowly'' contorts, the Straw Hats happily start ''counting down'' until the effect wears off knowing that Foxy goes flying at zero. Eventually, Usopp manages to get ''Foxy's own crew'' to join in finishing the countdown!
* ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWbWgyU45K4 Jive talk.]]'' Proof that this dub is [[SugarWiki/SuperlativeDubbing amazing.]] Sanji?
-->'''Sanji:''' So funky! I can feel that jive like the fire in mah soul!

[[folder:Water 7/Enies Lobby]]
* When Luffy, Nami, and Usopp first meet Kaku, they are ''stunned'' at his [[GagNose appearance]], with Luffy confusing him for Usopp. Later on, the Galley-La shipworkers make the same mistake. But the best part is when Kaku is inspecting the Going Merry with Zoro keeping watch;
-->'''Zoro''': Oh, it's just Usopp. ''(comparison shots of Usopp and Kaku)'' ''Wait a minute! Who are you?!''
** The Funimation Dub takes Kaku's tendency to use old-fashioned words UpToEleven. Highlights include "gumption" and "two shakes of a lamb's tail."
* Except for the obvious stuff, Spandam's entire existence in Franky's flashbacks consists mostly of getting hit in the face. Again and again.
* This conversation:
-->'''Luffy''': Hey Zoro, why were you running away from the storm?\\
'''Zoro''' It's nothing. Forget it.\\
'''Chopper''': He was stuck in a chimney.\\
'''Zoro''': WHY YOU, CHOPPER!\\
'''Chopper''': Eh? What? \\
'''Luffy''': Ha ha ha ha ha, "he was stuck in a chimney". Zoro is an idiot!\\
** It becomes a ChekhovsGag later on during the ride to Enies Lobby aboard the sea train Rocketman.
--->'''Zoro''': Hey, I don't see Luffy. Where did he go? \\
'''Chopper''': Maybe he got stuck in the chimney of the Rocketman?\\
** The English dub adds another layer of CallBack by having Zoro throttle Chopper again after he already did it once for clinging to Zoro in a death grip during Aqua Laguna.
* Sanji leaving a note for Nami before departing on the train, a tiny piece of paper and huge writing on the wall saying that the note is for Nami-san only and that everyone else is a jackass.
** The contents of the note as well, for that matter. Most of it is just rambling of love and other such mush, with the actual relevant stuff all crammed into a "P.S". On the other hand, though Sanji may be a ChivalrousPervert far past the point of fault, organizing the note thus may have been [[FridgeBrilliance to ensure that only Nami read it.]]
** Another layer of hilarity is added when you realize that Sanji was in a rush to board the Sea Train at the time and yet still found it necessary to do all that.
* Sanji manages to find Robin when Corgi and his men escort her to the Sea Train, and wonders why she's not trying to escape them. Conclusion: she's obviously waiting for Sanji to rescue her! This is followed by a [[TastesLikeDiabetes rose-tinted]] ImagineSpot with Sanji as a PrinceCharming and Robin as a princess. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs6ZafBsdVY That scene]] served as a well needed MoodWhiplash after the last few episodes' seriousness.
* Just before the Straw Hats leave to go to Enies Lobby, Nami brings Luffy a huge sack of food and drink, and Luffy starts [[BigEater scarfing it up]]. That's not the funny part. That's usual for him. The funny part is Zoro off in the corner, snatching up all the bottles of booze he can find, with a sparkly gleam in his eyes and a huge grin.
** Luffy was yelling at Nami for taking so long to get there... then he asked what was in the bag.
--->'''Nami''': Meat and sake.\\
'''Luffy''': ''(mid-chowing down)'' Sorry I complained!
* In episode 256, when Lulu and Tilestone board the Rocketman, Lulu asks Paulie for the whole story about what happened to Iceburg, noting that they have already figured out most of it and stoically listen as Paulie explains that Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa, and Blueno are [=CP9=] agents. All of which makes their FreakOut even better.
-->'''Paulie''': You didn't know!? Who did you think they were!?!\\
'''Tilestone''': Michael and Hoichael from the old town?\\
'''Lulu''': Right! Right!\\
'''Paulie''': Who the hell are they!!?
** It become a BrickJoke after Enies Lobby, where the two are revealed to be a couple of kids. Said kids end up getting beaten by Zoro after they tried to rough him up and show him where Luffy and the others are located.
* Sanji's fight with Wanze is full of hilarity.
** When Wanze introduces his Ramen Kenpo fighting style hitting a dramatic pose, Usopp reacts in confusion "Ra... Ramen Kenpo!!?"; cue Wanze copying and exaggerating his line while pouting and squinting his eyes.
** Wanze is also able to annoy Sanji every time he tries: Looking away while Sanji is talking mid-sentence, commenting Sanji's eyebrow makes him dizzy, and when Sanji says kitchen knives aren't a weapon to kill someone, Wanze throws them at him.
** Near the climax of the fight, Sanji kicks Wanze in the face so hard that it temporarily transforms him into a {{Bishonen}}, and his face remains that way for the rest of the battle.
* Nami changing clothes on the train... Paulie mildly FreaksOut while most of the other guys drop to their knees with {{nosebleed}}s.
-->'''Guys''' (giving thumbs-up): Shame is overrated... *all collapse*
* Everybody's expression when Zoro uses Rashomon on the train.
** Immediately after:
--->'''Lulu (to Luffy):''' Listen, warn us before you do something like that, all right?!\\
'''Luffy:''' You heard me. I said "cut it."\\
'''Lulu:''' And we didn't think he could actually do it!!
* Don't you wanna know where Sharpshooter Island is?
** ... It's in your ''heart''...
*** Cue Nami's dubious response after learning where this Island is located, only to hear the song's verse stating he was born there.
* That Sogeking's theme song seems to be a [[GodzillaVsMegalon Jet Jaguar]] homage. Listen to them [[http://youtu.be/VNyP3uzgRhA side]] by [[http://youtu.be/5-CvNxRs5Zs side.]]
** Then take it to the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L6fAXeBnY8 dub.]]
* Absolutely everyone sees right through Usopp's paper-thin Sogeking guise... except Luffy and Chopper.
-->'''Franky:''' What the Hell is he doing over there?\\
'''Sanji:''' C'mon, just humor the poor guy. He has too much pride to show his face to the crew, but he still wants to rescue his friend.
** Meanwhile, Usopp goes out of his way to drop all kinds of SuspiciouslySpecificDenial.
--->"We've never met before, but I have a feeling you have great insight."
* Nami tries out her upgraded Clima Tact and ends up zapping everyone in the area (allies included) with lightning. Nami goes flying into the air screaming. In response, she lands right next to Usopp/Sogeking/Sniper King and whacks him.
-->'''Chopper (oblivious to the masked man's identity):''' Why'd you hit Sniper King?!?
-->'''Nami:''' Because I felt like it.
* The Marines spot Zoro and Sanji and recognize Zoro as Luffy's "henchman". When Sanji mocks him for this, he dryly remarks that it's still better than being "Pirate A."
-->'''Zoro:'''...Or is that B?
* Chopper gets a great one where he shows an unusually witty insult, offering to make Zoro a special cure for hopeless idiocy after [[NoSenseOfDirection he runs off in the other direction after being directly told to go up the stairs]]. Given it's Chopper, it's entirely possible that he's perfectly earnest about it.
** Nami then asks him to make some for Sanji, too. Sanji's running ahead babbling about how Robin's waiting for ''him'' to save her. Chopper quips he's probably beyond help.
* The Straw Hats and friends make a pretty damn rough landing at the Tower of Justice thanks to the Rocket Man. Luffy, Franky and Kokoro and Chimney are all OK, but the rest of the crew is pretty much buried under a pile of rubble. After Luffy tells them to get up, saying it was nothing, Sanji replies that unlike Luffy's whose body is rubber, ''they'' are made of flesh and blood, so they obviously can't be OK after making an entrance like that. [[HypocriticalHumor They then all pop out of the rubble, screaming and perfectly fine, while Franky comments on how strange they are.]]
* When Zoro and Sogeking are handcuffed together, Zoro has a rather twisted solution: cut one of their hands off. He reasons they can run to Chopper real quick to re-attach it. Recall, this is a man who considered cutting off ''his own feet'' to escape Mr. 3's trap back in Little Garden.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0MJzpk4PfU "Alright, Sogeking. Don't break your stance. You're a katana!"]]
** It's also funny in the manga. Where he shouts in the anime, in the manga he speaks the exact same thing in a calm voice, like he's resigned to the whole thing.
** See the dub version [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV2kP3bSvVA here.]]
* Zoro's "plan" to fight Kaku and Jabra while using Ussop as a sword? To give the sword an awesome name: '''Nosestorm!'''
---> Zoro: Feel the wrath of the mighty Nosestorm!
* Back in Enies Lobby, the scene where we found out what Kaku's Devil Fruit power is. And it only gets more hilarious from there. Jyabura agrees.
-->'''Zoro''': Man, that's lame!\\
'''Kaku''': [[JawDrop Gabeen!]] Did... did you just, like...
** In the anime, Jabra ''tries'' to stop laughing. But he loses his shit again when Kaku's ears twitch.
** Made all the more hilarious by Zoro's reaction and inner monologue of "No, I can't laugh! But it's... too... ridiculous!"
** During his fight, he proclaims to Zoro that he'll show him the power of a giraffe... and starts retracting his neck into his body to prepare an attack.
--->'''Zoro''': Real giraffes don't do that.
** The second time Kaku does this, he pulls his neck in too far and his legs suddenly extend unexpectedly.
--->'''Zoro''': How the heck does your body work?!\\
'''Kaku''': Um, [[ItRunsOnNonsensoleum it's like a pasta machine. You put the dough in and the noodles come out the other end]]... [[CallingYourAttacks Pasta Machine!]]\\
** Then Kaku boasts about how useful his Pasta Machine state can be, and claims to have a brand-new long-neck technique to use... [[AntiClimax and then just uses the super nose-gun he'd already used once before]].
* Before all that, Sogeking tries to get a key away from a sleeping Jabra. After being stung by a bee and [[ItMakesSenseInContext having his heart stop]] (but still not waking him up), the last thing that stops him is a rooster that appears out of freaking nowhere.
--->'''Usopp''': ''(thinking)'' GREAT! The one time I gotta be quiet, the ''noisiest'' bird in the world appears in front of me! Oh, man, please don't let him crow! ''(rooster glares at him)'' Wait... what's that look? Please don't crow, Mr. Rooster. Please don't...\\
'''Rooster''': Chirp.\\
'''Usopp''': ''(Out-loud)'' ROOSTERS DON'T CHIRP! COME ON!\\
'''Jabra''': ''(Wakes up)'' Huh? A pirate? Well, guess it's time to kick your ass.\\
'''Usopp''': ''(thinking)'' Curse. You. Rooster.
* When he's not [[NotSoHarmlessVillain kicking ass]], Kumadori is a living source of laughs. Especially when he tries to commit seppuku (only to use Tekkai to null it) or when he escapes from a fridge by devouring everything inside.
** Even better, Chopper keeps opening the fridge for a few seconds to grab some cola bottles for Franky (and repeatedly grabbing the wrong thing,) and instead of escaping, Kumadori keeps wasting his chances by giving an overdrawn LargeHam speech about the fridge door opening.
** During one of Kumadori's failed seppukus, Jyabura gets pissed and tells him he wishes he could die already. Then Kumadori gets overly dramatic again and, complete with traditional Japanese music, spotlight shining on him, and falling, confettis mentions his mother in heaven.[[note]]Keep in mind, Kumadori's mother is noted to be alive.[[\note]] Jyabura does a complete 180, and sympathizes with him, as he knows the pain of losing a loved one (His girlfriend dumped him). They hug and scream their loved ones' names, as Spandam has an excellent "I'm SurroundedByIdiots..." face.
* [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2496-8/one-piece/chapter-389.html "Franky's ass is expanding!!!"]]. And followed by [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRBXXrHUc6c Coup de Boo.]]
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrxs9w9BuGM English translation]] is ''sublime.''
-->'''Spandam''': I don't know what's going on in your pants, but please make it stop!
** Usopp's later reaction to seeing it in action, in the following filler arc:
-->'''Usopp''': FART POWER!
* When Spandam realizes that Luffy has found out about the secret passageway to the Gate of Justice, Lucci mentions that he noticed that "a girl and her cat" (Chimney and Gonbe) followed them, and hypotesizes that they were the ones who told Luffy bout the passageway. When an aghast Spandam ([[FailedASpotCHeck who didn't notice the two]]) asks Lucci why he didn't deal with the two, or even ''told'' him, Lucci whips out ''the creepiest smile so far'' and [[{{Troll}} simply states that Spandam didn't give him the order]]. Also counts as CreepyAwesome, since Lucci almost certainly did so in order to get a fight with Luffy.
** Also, Chimney refers to Spandam as Lucci's servant.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcQsZ4P_JwU Seis Fleurs SLAP!]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWiu_pCjpMg Now in English]] and just as satisfying.
* The entire scene when Kokoro reveals herself to be a mermaid. Everyone she is carrying, who are underwater and holding their breath, all have face faults that make them breathe in surprise. Everything afterwards just makes Sanji a ButtMonkey. From that point on, whenever he tries to think of the mermaids of legend, he thinks back to Kokoro, and starts to cry.
-->'''Zoro:''' "If you think you saw a mermaid, it was really a dugong." It looks like that's really true.\\
'''Sanji:''' Idiot, she hasn't said yet if she's a mermaid! Don't give up the dream!\\
'''Kokoro:''' I'm an icefish mermaid.\\
[=*=]Sanji holds out a hand in protest* \\
'''Sanji:''' STOP IT!!!
* [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2536-10/one-piece/chapter-429.html Even though they are in a tough situation,]] [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2536-11/one-piece/chapter-429.html they can still make you laugh.]]
* Remember the time Paulie managed to avoid a {{Nosebleed}} while Nami changed clothes? He can't avoid it this time when Mozu and Kiwi both cuddle up to him and refuse to leave. In fact, his nosebleeds come out like firehoses.
* Luffy's [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood traumatic childhood]].
-->'''Garp''': When I tossed you down that bottomless ravine, left you alone in a jungle at night, and tied you to balloons and let you float up in the sky, all of that was to turn you into a strong Marine!\\
'''Sanji''': I'm beginning to understand where his incredible will to live comes from.
* Garp, the hero of the marines, casually mentions to Luffy and Co. that his father is Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary. This causes everyone present to ''[[MassOhCrap Freak Out]]'' (well, except for Robin and the ever clueless Luffy)
-->'''Helmeppo''': ''What the hell's wrong with this family!?!''[[note]]Well Helmeppo, that is the million dollar question we'd ''all'' like to know the answer to.[[/note]]
** And then the whole mess is ended with [[http://mangafox.me/manga/one_piece/v45/c432/19.html this kicker]]:
-->'''Garp''': Ack! Maybe I shouldn't have said anything! BWA HA HA HA HA! Then, never mind about what I just said.\\
Everyone except Luffy [[ColorFailure turns white]] for a moment of StunnedSilence, then let out a BigWhat.
* When Zambai of the Franky Family shows the Straw Hats their new bounties, Luffy expresses joy, Zoro smirks, and Robin smiles. Nami, Sanji, and Chopper's reactions? Nami is shocked that she now has a bounty (she thought the photo was for a magazine), Sanji is dumbfounded and depressed by the poorly drawn sketch of himself, and poor Chopper is mortified, because he has a bounty of only '''50''' [[GlobalCurrency Berries]]. The World Gov't thinks he's the Straw Hats' TeamPet. Keep in mind that your average bounty in this series is always over ''1 million'' Berries.
** To expand on Sanji's wanted poster, the marine who took a picture of Sanji thought the photo was a "mysterious phenomenon", because it came out pitch-black. His boss then asks him "Did you remember...to take off ''the lens cap''?"
** There are funny reactions back at some of the crew's old homes. Sanji's old coworkers at Baratie have plenty of laughs over his wanted poster and aren't ashamed to tell customers "He looks exactly like that, we swear!" Meanwhile at Cocoyasi Village, Genzo says he plans to complain to the Marines about posting such a scandalous wanted picture for Nami... ''while standing next to a huge blowup of the same picture posted on his wall''.
** In the dub, Zeff also pulls off a masterful BaitAndSwitch about Sanji:
--> '''Zeff''': It won't be long before everyone in the world knows the names of the Straw Hat Pirates. ''[Holds up Sanji's wanted poster]'' Their ''faces'', on the other hand...\\
''[The Baratie chefs all laugh uproariously.]''\\
'''Patty''': Looking good there, Sanji!
* Sanji's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luIy1hdARQo reaction]] to being told by Zoro his poster looks exactly like him.
-->'''Sanji''': △☐✕~◑※◇♨✹~✖✹!!\\
'''Zoro''': I can't understand your words...
** In the English dub, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQ2UaGLQLjA it goes like this.]]
--->'''Zoro''': I thought it was a photo 'til you said something.\\
'''Sanji''': *incoherent babbling*\\
'''Zoro''': Who has the handsome face again?
** Chopper is not happy with being stereotyped by the World Government as a pet.
--->'''Chopper:''' I fought like a true man back there! I'm a pirate just like all the rest of you! [[ImADoctorNotAPlaceholder And what do they mean by "pet"?! I'm a doctor, darn it!]] *''dissolves into incoherent babbling''*
* The after party. Particularly, Robin saying how she might join in with Luffy and Chopper [[RunningGag shoving chopsticks up their nose and the other end in their mouth]], as per usual when they celebrate.
** And then there's Sanji's reaction.
* How does the Franky Family get Franky to join the Straw Hats permanently? By stealing his speedo and making him run through Water 7 ''naked''. Cue two episodes worth of SceneryCensor moments.
** But it's not enough. Ultimately it takes Robin getting a little rough. "Dos Fleur... [[GroinAttack GRAB]]!" It even gets a [[RepeatCut quintuple-take]]!
--->'''Luffy''': Stop it, Robin! I still [[ShareTheMalePain want him to be a man]] when he joins our crew!\\
'''Robin''': As pirates fed with a treasure, why should we let go without good reason?
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuYuAKfIxkY See here in the anime.]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Wyz6X_NnKQ Also now available in English dub form.]]
** The English dub even added in a small DoubleEntendre from one of the people watching as it happens:
---> "That scream! It almost sounds like someone is [[ADateWithRosiePalms choking a chicken to death]]!"
** And a wonderful little pun from Robin in the dub, given what exactly she's grabbing at the moment:
---> "Everyone knows pirates won't give up on treasure once they've set their sights on it, and now that we have this one in our palms, so to speak, I won't let go without a fight."
** Everyone else's reaction, notably the Square Sisters' various comparisons to crushed fruit and Paulie's JawDrop (of which his trademark cigarette actually falls out).
*** There's a swap in the two dubs. In the original anime, the Square Sisters first say they'll be crushed like tangerines, and Franky cries out "[[GratuitousEnglish/AnimeAndManga A ORANGEU?!]]" In the English dub, they say they'll be crushed like "little oranges", and when they show the tangerine, Franky yells out, "They're called tangerines!!!"
* Usopp's apology and Luffy accepting him back in the Straw Hat Pirates. Which is why the picture headlines InelegantBlubbering.
-->'''Nami''' ''(laughing through her tears)'': You guys are pitiful!
* During Shanks's encounter with Whitebeard. Shanks recognises Marco, the first division commander, and then casually asks him to join his crew.
* During Sanji's fight with Jyabura, the latter tries to bluff Sanji by telling him that Robin is his sister, who was kidnapped by pirates when she was a child. This lie is already unbelievable enough to be funny, especially considering we've already seen her backstory at this point, but the anime goes the extra mile and even includes a [[StylisticSuck ridiculously cheesy]] fake flashback, complete with ArtShift. Of course, Sanji doesn't buy it.
* In a filler portion of the Post-Enies Lobby arc, Zoro ends up babysitting a few kids. It's already funny enough, but [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtiCdIrbDgc when Zoro has to buy groceries while carrying three babies around his neck]], it gets even more hilarious: He sees Sanji coming his way, and runs away before he can see him... only to run into Kokoro. He runs away some more before she can see him, but notices the Franky Family nearby. Ditto, but he runs into Luffy. [[OverlyLongGag Then Chopper. Then Usopp. Then Chimney. Then Paulie]]. After a while, he's so tired he doesn't even attempt to run, and is soon busted by Robin, who playfully teases him about it.
* When Chopper rides with a gang of Galley-La shipwrights and calls out to the other Straw Hats to get them to regroup (along with a little whispered aside that Usopp can come too,) he calls out to the other shipwrights to do it too. They do just that, including one shipwright doing the whispered aside.
* When Luffy, Usopp and Nami bring their gold to an expert advisor to have it changed to money, he tries to scam them by giving them a false estimation, but Nami doesn't fall for it, and slams her foot on the table to make her point while telling him Luffy himself is worth more than what he's offering. Seeing her looking so serious is actually more awesome than it is funny, but the real funny moment comes right afterwards, when Luffy is so excited to have this much money that he swings his suitcase a little too much, accidentally throwing it away. Nami and Usopp jump after it to catch it before it falls into the river, but Luffy stretches his arm catches it before them, and they fall in the water for nothing. You get three guesses as to what happens next. A: Nami hits him; B: Usopp hits him; C: Nami and Usopp beat the crap out of him. Answer? D: All of the above.
* At one point, Usopp manages to reach Robin on board the Puffing Tom, and they have a talk. However, it is soon interrupted by the sound of someone coming their way, so Usopp hides under Robin's cloak. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FD1FCtfZwWs Then Corgi comes in, and notices something rather... odd about Robin]]. His reaction is priceless.
* When Sanji sneaks onto the sea train, he hangs out on the back of the last car, wondering how's he's going to be able to sneak his way up the train. As soon as he finishes that sentence, a Cipher Pol {{Mook}} walks through the door and spots him.
* During the fight between Franky and Nero, Nero figures out that Franky's weakpoint is his back. Franky then proclaims that he has a super secret move to erase his weak point. The secret move? Lying down.
--> '''Franky:''' Franky... [[MundaneMadeAwesome INVINCIBLE!]]
--> '''Nero:''' That's so stupid I don't even have a comeback.
** And after that, Franky transforms into a centaur (a backwards centaur, with his upper body in the back.) Accompanied by the kanji for "Convert", and ''"Pervert"''.
* Lulu's stray hair, which keeps popping up elsewhere when he tries to push it down, going from the other side of his head, to his arm, to ''Chopper''. And then gets ''weaponized'' at Enies Lobby.
* Here's one that's easy to miss in an otherwise serious battle. In Episode 325, shortly after launching his Hiken (Japanese for "Fire Fist") attack at Blackbeard and his crew, Ace jumps off the roof of a building to the ground and begins to slowly walk towards Blackbeard. During this scene, there's a sign that supposedly says "HOTEL", but... there's no way the background artist didn't do this on purpose. CaptainObvious [[http://s15.postimg.org/rprtjfgrd/op_325_fire_is_hot.png much]]?
* In Episode 318's premise is enough for a funny episode: Zoro has to take care of some kids for a woman named Aunt. HilarityEnsues
* This was mentioned earlier, but Chopper bringing Franky various drinks to help Franky refuel, but it has some odd effects. Vegetable Juice barely makes him any stronger, and tea makes him act like a calm farmer. Franky isn't too pleased.
--> '''Franky''': HEY! Stop looking at me with that 'I-wonder-what-else-might-happen-if-I-give-him-other-drinks' face, you little bastard! (Goes to show Chopper with WingdingEyes)
* Episode 264 of the English Dub. Kumadori speaks, and his voice is as expected. Jyabura speaks, and his voice is as expected. Fukurou speaks... [[LarynxDissonance and it's a teenage girl's voice]].
** [[FridgeBrilliance Well, he does like to gossip,]] [[VerbalTic cha-pa-pa]].
* Robin gets taken away on the Sea Train and Nami and Paulie can't stop her in time. Nami collapses to the floor and appears to be on the verge of tears. Paulie is about to comfort her when Nami bellows in anger.
-->'''Paulie''': SHE'S ''PISSED!!!''
* Sanji's idiotic over-the-top message ''very'' obviously left for Nami in Blue Station just so she could find a letter he hid there. Nami then goes on to (correctly) deduce that most of Sanji's message is a silly love letter so she skips ahead to the part that will have the important information: the ''P.S.''
* Paulie giving Nami the humiliating nickname "Harlot Girl"/"Immoral Girl" (Funimation dub).
* Kalifa finding Spandam's ''existence'' as ''sexual harrassment''.
* When a chained but pissed-off Franky bites Spandam's head, the latter screams for help from the [=CP9=], who are also in the room. However, they couldn't give less of a crap about it, and just stand there. Only when Spandam actually orders Kumadori to help him does the latter do so, and even then, he accidentally sends Spandam flying and crashing into the ceiling in the process.
* During Blueno's fight against Luffy, he uses his Door-Door powers to turn ''part of Luffy's face'' into a revolving door and spins it around. It's just as ridiculous as it sounds.
* Due to an extreme case of PoorCommunicationKills, Spandam spends a good part of the arc thinking that the invading pirates have only beaten five guards and were long since taken care of. His utter FreakOut when he learns the truth is priceless.
--> '''Spandam''': WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
* A moment in the Franky vs. Fukurou fight. The two trade punches to the face, and say to each other that their punches are weak and pathetic. At one point, Fukuro has a tongue slip and says "panties" instead of "punch". [[note]]In Japanese he says "Pantsu" which literally translates into "Panties"[[/note]] Franky seems mildly annoyed by this, and they resume their fistfight yelling at each other articles of underwear.

[[folder:Thriller Bark]]
* When they first encounter Brook's ship, Zoro suggests they draw lots to see who's going to go with Luffy onto the ghost ship. Usopp, Nami, and Chopper are against the idea, but then Zoro points out that the alternative is for everyone who ''wants'' to go to go: and ''everyone else'' wants to go, meaning the three will be left alone on the ''Sunny''. So they agree to it...and to her bad luck, Nami gets chosen to go. "''Why did it have to be ''me''?''"
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWvSrO4rhYs Luffy's first meeting with Brook.]]
--> '''Luffy''': Do you poop?\\
'''Sanji''': Don't ask him a question like that!\\
'''Brook''': ''(walks away, grabs a cup of tea and returns)'' Yes, I do poop.
** The debut of Brook's PantyShot related [[CatchPhrase Catch Phrases]]:
-->'''Brook''': Could you, perhaps, show me, your panties?\\
'''Nami''': YEAH RIGHT! ''(roundhouse kicks him, leaving a hilarious bump on his skull)''
** And of course, what's the next thing Luffy asks (after the poop question) a walking, talking, tea-drinking, panties-obsessed, afro-wearing skeleton? If he'll join their crew.
-->'''Zoro''': ''(to Sanji and Nami)'' Just what was the point of sending you with him?! Wasn't that so you could stop him from doing something stupid?\\
'''Sanji and Nami''': We have no excuse...
* Brook's first meeting with the crew. Asking Nami and Robin for their panties. Saying he will patiently wait for dinner, only to start banging on the table and singing about dinner. Burping and farting in-between talking. And then his origin story...
-->'''Brook''': I'll tell you everything now... It has been a long time since I began drifting on this sea... But let me say, my being a skeleton and not having a shadow are completely different things. [[BreakingTheFourthWall To be continued in the next chapter.]]
-->'''Sanji''': [[ToBeContinuedRightNow TELL US EVERYTHING NOW!]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdxGdAMXpPg This scene]]. "Damn, no stamina?!"
* Nami was attacked by an invisible assailant while bathing and screamed, causing Usopp and Chopper (standing guard outside) to barge in. Usopp gets quite an eyeful of Nami and reacts accordingly. (And surprisingly enough, ''not'' [[{{Nosebleed}} that way]].)
-->'''Usopp''': ''(bowing, obviously flustered)'' Thank you very much!\\
'''Chopper''': YOU'RE THANKING HER?!?
** Not to mention how she took out [[GroinAttack said assailant]].
* Anything involving Zombie Cerberus, which was briefly [[TeamPet Luffy's pet]] (until Gecko Moria recalled all the zombie spirits and rendered it dead again).
** The first time we see Cerberus, he chases Nami, Usopp, and Chopper as expected. Then Chopper notes one of the barks isn't right and realizes one head is a ''fox'' head. Cerberus mopes for a bit... then gets mad and runs even faster. Then, when the others run across him, the reaction is the opposite: Sanji, Franky, and Zoro pity the beast, Robin thinks he's cute, and Luffy... he goes, "[[BigEater Think he's yummy?]]" It took a moment for the beast to get up the courage to act tough again.
** When Luffy initially beat Cerberus, Robin asked if it was okay as Luffy was riding it. Zoro said, "Don't show the loser pity. You're hurting his pride."
* When they first encountered the Negative Hollows, Zoro showed apathy at Luffy and Franky being affected by them.
-->'''Franky''': That was an epic fail. I'm such a loser this week. Nothing I do works out. I don't think I can live like this! I can hear the whole world booing me!\\
'''Luffy''': If I could be reborn, I'd like to become a clam. I suck. I wish there was a hole I could crawl into.\\
'''Zoro''': Hmph! You guys are pitiful. Because you guys never pull yourselves together, you let some ghost or something break your spirit.\\
''(A Hollow passes through Zoro; seemingly to test him)''\\
'''Zoro''': I'm sorry I was ever born.
** Cue Sanji '''AND''' Cerberus laughing at Zoro after.
-->'''Sanji''': You put on quite the show!\\
'''Zoro''': SHUT UP!!!\\
'''Sanji''': Man, I'm sorry. "Sorry I was ever born!" AIYIYIYIYIYI!
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmtVWg6RPCA Funimation nailed this moment.]]
* Luffy spots a moaning zombie slowly rising from his grave... [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2555-12/one-piece/chapter-448.html and pushes him back down]]. After a moment of hesitation, the rotting zombie (covered in bandages) bursts out and calls him a moron. Luffy stares blankly at him before putting on a concerned look and noting that he looks badly injured.
** Later, Luffy spots a critically wounded old man and calls out to him as such. Everyone else in his group yell "IT'S A ZOMBIE, IDIOT!", before being corrected by the old man himself. Cue funny reactions from all involved.
* Nami is chased by [[AbhorrentAdmirer Lola]] who wants to kill her to prevent her [[StalkerWithACrush from stealing Absalom from her]]. How does she calm her down?
-->'''Nami''': "[[BlatantLies I- I'm ACTUALLY A MAN!"]]
** Especially funny is that Nami mimics Bon Clay's speech mannerisms ("Gimme a BREAAAAAK~!")
** Chopper ''actually falls for it'', despite the fact that he saw her naked earlier.
** Turns out Lola realized she said it only to get away from Absalom, and played along till Nami beat him. She then pounced him almost the moment he hit the floor.
* After being captured, the enemies poke fun at Luffy's apparent fear due to his wearing a suit of armor... he corrects them pointing out that it is a MAN'S ROMANCE to put on a suit of armor. A notion loved by Oda, and most fans, harkening back to Montblanc Cricket (as well as being similar to the gag from Bill & Ted).
* "He ''ATE'' the cage?!"
* Usopp waking up Sanji, Luffy and Zoro with the cry of "A beautiful lady swordsman just showed up with a ton of meat!"
* Luffy tells Sanji to go rescue Nami... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgYjUQUKoGw and Sanji rages so hard, he goes Super Saiyan]].
-->'''Chopper:''' Sanji just exploded!
** This becomes an ActorAllusion [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czn8CZaVzak in the English dub:]] Sanji's voice actor, Creator/EricVale, also voices Trunks in ''Anime/DragonBallZ''.
--->'''Zoro''' (to Usopp, who had just mentioned Absalom perving on Nami earlier while invisible)''':''' Why'd you have to add more fuel to the fire? He not seem angry enough to you?
** Becomes a BrickJoke later on when he's fighting Absalom:
-->'''Sanji:''' You make me so mad, I just wanna ''EXPLODE!'' ''(Proceeds to do so)''\\
'''Zombies:''' HE ''DID!''
* And then, in Thriller Bark, long after you probably have forgotten it, we have [[CuteGhostGirl Perona's]] [[http://www.mangapanda.com/103-2568-17/one-piece/chapter-461.html reaction]] to Usopp being immune to her negativity ghosts.
** It's the same reaction Eneru had to Luffy's immunity to electricity. Only it was [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MiYwzgR5qyA far better executed in the anime this time]].
** She's so dumbfounded and depressed by the revelation that ''they play their [[TearJerker/OnePiece tear jerker music]], "Mother Sea"!''
** And it turns out he's ''so'' negative, that he eventually turned ''Perona'' negative with the trick, causing her to grovel to Kumacy!
*** ... And as it turns out, Usopp is ''so'' negative [[EvenEvilHasStandards that even Perona encourages him to think positive, in a manner similar to as if she were talking to a suicidal person:]]
-->'''Perona:''' You are the only person negative enough to resist my abilities, to which I say... ''(She and her negative hollows flash a thumbs-up)'' Cheer up! Life's good!\\
'''Usopp:''' I don't need your pity!
** The zombies actually start yelling words of encouragement at Usopp after it happens, much to his chagrin.
-->'''Usopp:''' Listen up, you zombie bastard! When it comes to negativity, no one's more negative than me!
** '''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29DsbUf550M Behold, the dub version.]]'''
** In the anime, Usopp's seiyuu was absolutely ChewingTheScenery by the time Usopp was setting up to finish Perona, leading to some hilariously over-the-top delivery.
-->'''Usopp:''' *setting up his "Golden Pound".* "''[[LargeHam USO-WO-WO-WO-WO-WO-WO-WO-PUU]]''"
** And then there's the attack right before that that causes Perona to FreakOut and set her up for that final blow: typical Usopp in that it's a trick shot yet absolute genius considering his opponent, he calls it the Shining Black Star...aka Cockroach Star. Being stuck where she was while cockroaches crawled all over her made her panic so much that the incoming hammer stroke makes her faint in shock.
* Robin tells Professor Hogback to order her and Chopper to jump out of the tower. When he does, they step out of the way so he's pointing at Sanji and Zoro's zombies. They then proceed to jump out of the tower, still fighting with each other.
** Even better, the scene plays out Ode to Joy as they do so... and instead of jumping out a window, they just plow through the tower wall.
* [[AttackPatternAlpha Tactics 15!]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z685rf916jg Pirates Docking Six!]] [[CombiningMecha Giant Robot Warrior!]] [[MundaneMadeAwesome BIG EMPEROR!]]
-->'''Franky''': Oi, Robin. Come on, you need to form a part of it too.\\
'''[[TeamMom Robin]]''': I won't. I'm embarrassed as a human being.
** The anime makes that joke even better by adding [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUfJJHNlNV4 another scene later]]: When Sanji starts fantasizing about how awesome it would be to see Robin docking, she gives him such an epic DeathGlare that he feels it despite not facing her way.
** Zoro's face after the docking in the anime, as if he couldn't believe what he had done.
** Let's give the dub version some love, because it is ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLHgOW0u-8w hilarious.]]''
-->'''Robin''': Don't ever ask me to dock with you again. [[{{Tranquil Fury}} I'm serious...]]
* During the struggle between the Straw Hats and Oars, the latter is eventually turned upside down after a series of successful attacks. As he tries to stand back on his feet he looks really mad and threatens a gory revenge on the pirates... then he discovers that he's stuck in the ground (because of the horns) [[OhCrap and is unable to actually move.]] Cue a series of {{Slasher Smile}}s from the crew followed by an nonchalant, epic, off-screen NoHoldsBarredBeatdown on Oars.
** [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation Depending on your interpretation, knowing Oars was powered by Luffy's shadow, they were probably taking out months]] (''[[ComicBookTime RL time: years]]'') [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation of pent-up frustration with their idiot captain on him.]] Luffy might be their friend, but Oars, on the other hand...
** In anycase, here's the dub [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CQIC8oRUUQ clip.]]
* [[LovableSexManiac Sanji]] explains why he wanted the power of Suke Suke Fruit (which grants its user invisibility):
--> '''Sanji:''' If I ever got the ability I wanted to use it to [[FreudianSlip GIRL'S BATH]] - Ah no, I meant I asked myself [[BadLiar GIRL'S BATH]] - No, I wanted to use it to benefit humanity [[RuleOfThree GIRL'S BATH]]
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxNR-hCHg7A Funimation dub]] deverses a mention as well, as it's just as funny.
-->'''Sanji:''' My dream, I saw it so clearly! I can do so much good with it! Use it to protect- [[FreudianSlip NUDE GIRLS!]] No, I mean I can help all mankind and- NUDE GIRLS! No! I had this beautiful vision of the future and- NUDE GIRLS!
* When Nami, Chopper and Usopp are first running from the zombies, Nami says that they don't have to worry, because zombies can only shamble forward slowly. Cue Nami looking behind her to see the zombies sprinting at them...[[DoubleSubversion only to tire out soon after and have to stop to catch their breaths.]]
* To ensure Oars hunts down all the Straw Hats, Moria stitched their wanted posters on Oars's arm. When Sanji is forced to face [[TheJuggernaut Oars]] alone, the rest of the crew is confident Oars won't attack Sanji because Sanji's horribly drawn wanted poster looks nothing like him. Then it turns out [[CloudCuckooLander Oars]] is the only person in the entire One Piece world who recognizes Sanji in his wanted poster and attacks him anyway.
--> '''Sanji''': "What part of me looks like that poster?!"
--> '''Oars''': [[BrutalHonesty "Everything."]]
* As Brook merrily makes his way towards the zombie holding his shadow, he passes a hallway of paintings, which proceed to come alive and attempt to attack him. He defeats them with ease, cuing this scene:
--> '''Brook''': ''(After cutting down the zombie paintings, he puts away his sword)''\\
'''Brook''': [[DelayedReaction OH, MY GOODNESS! THAT WAS SO SCARY!]] ''(Flees in terror back the way he came)''
* The StealthPun during Luffy's first fight with Moria. Luffy, having been unable to get past Moria's Brick Bat, jumps off the balcony he's on and strikes upward with a Gum-Gum Stamp, smashing through the bottom of the platform and hitting Moria right in the rear. ''He literally kicked Moria's ass.'' Doubles as a CMOA, since that was the first hit he landed during that fight.
* The EstablishingCharacterMoment of Captain Lola The Proposer and her crew:
-->'''[[ThoseTwoGuys The Risky Brothers]]:''' Allow us to present the captain of the Rolling Pirates: Lola The Proposer! Current count is 4,443 proposals!\\
'''Lola:''' ''(Flatly)'' Oh my, are you handsome. Will you marry me?\\
'''Luffy:''' ''(Without missing a beat)'' No, thanks.\\
'''The Risky Brothers:''' REJECTED! That makes 4,444! Better luck next time!
** She later gets rejected by the other males of the crew. Nevertheless, her crew doesn't try to look sad at all and add up to her rejected proposals.
* Let's try to count the number of face faults we get from Nami ''alone.''
* Bartholomew Kuma saying a description of the Straw Hats to Zoro. The serious music stops to show them all embarrassed and blushing at the indirect remark.
* After having defeated Moria, Nami is overjoyed for what Lola (as a warthog zombie) did for her that she reconnects with the confused human Lola by giving her some of Moria's ''loot''. Recognizing Nami is a money grubber, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Luffy and Usopp flip when she does that.]]
* Luffy asking Brook again to join his crew after saying no. Brook simply says yes calmly and causes the crew to react loudly.

[[folder:Sabaody Archipelago]]
* During the Straw Hats' fight with Duval, his pirates talk about staying in formation. The problem is, in Japanese, the the term they use, ''hentai hikō'', [[{{Pun}} can mean either]] "formation flying" (編隊飛行) or "perverted delinquent" (変態非行) with slightly different kanji. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HseUMPyR_Ng So Franky thinks they're calling for him!]]
** To their credit, Funimation [[LostInTranslation tried to adapt the joke]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61m_Pgh3vC8 by making it sound like Franky is simply mishearing them.]] But it's awkward.
* While wandering around Sabaody, Zoro meets a World Noble (Celestial Dragon) and, not knowing that nobody is allowed to talk to them or even cross their paths, rudely asks him if he wants DIRECTIONS or something. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who can get lost ''on a straight path''.
* After talking with Rayleigh, the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to cause ruckus for 3 days to give him time to coat the ship. Luffy's words after that are just EPIC.
-->'''Luffy''': We're up against an admiral! We'll have to make sure none of us die, eh?\\
'''Usopp''': Don't say scary stuff like that!\\
'''Franky''': Three days, huh?\\
'''Luffy''': Then, let's go... To the amusement park!\\
'''Sanji, Nami, and Zoro''': Oi!
* The entire chapter where the crew found Camie the mermaid.
** Sanji gets [[MarshmallowHell Marshmallow Hell'd]] trying to save her.
** The crew, even Zoro, entirely erase Kokoro being a mermaid from their minds.
--->'''Sanji''': ''(after being reminded of Kokoro by Usopp)'' Gigantic monsters? Zombies? That was nothing. That's not fear. My heart already felt the true meaning of terror when I saw her...
** This conversation.
--->'''Luffy''': [[RunningGag Do you poop?]]\\
'''Camie''': Well, actually, I--\\
** Brook, upon realizing that he can't ask for Camie's panties, proceeds to ask if he could borrow some money from her. The next logical step, of course.
** Meanwhile, while all that's happening, [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg Pappug is leaning against a wall depressed that he hasn't been introduced yet]].
--->'''Pappug:''' Hey Camie? Hello? Camie? Aren't you forgetting someone? Like a friend you neglected to include in your fun little chat? Someone like...me?
* [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/495/13 This]] page. The Thousand Sunny's Gaon Cannon is more awesome than even Luffy can handle.
** To clarify: instead of merrily shouting about how awesome it is, Luffy just stands there, eyes shining and crying ManlyTears.
* In a variation of YouJustToldMe, we have this gem from Episode 387. The Straw Hats go to rescue Camie's Fishman friend only to find that it's Hatchan, one of Arlong's mooks from nearly 350 episodes back! When he hears them, he disguises himself by covering his body with ink. As they approach, this great dialogue happens:
-->'''Zoro''': There's something about that guy's voice that seems really familiar. (''to Nami'') You noticed it too, right?\\
'''Nami''': His shape, too. Yeah, I know who he is.\\
'''[[IdiotHero Luffy]]''': You do?\\
'''Sanji''': Let's just ask him and get this over with already. Hey, you! So how's Arlong doing these days?\\
'''Hatchan''': Oh, him? Not so good, actually. Him, Chuu, Kuroobi, all the others got caught by the Navy. I was the only one who escaped! Now I'm giving up my life of crime, and I'm running an octopus fritter shop! Funny how time flies, right?\\
'''Nami and Zoro''': ... *''[[VisibleSigh sigh]]''* WhatAnIdiot.\\
'''Luffy''': ... Ar... long... eh?! [[WideEyesAndShrunkenIrises EEEH?!]] IT'S YOU! THE DUMB SQUID WITH THE SWORDS!\\
'''Hatchan''': [[OhCrap AHH!]] [[YouJustToldMe THEY TRICKED ME!!!]]
** But due to his new profession, Luffy then has to decide between food and common sense.
--->'''Luffy''': But... well, umm... ya know... umm, just asking, but [[CompletelyMissingThePoint are your octopus fritters really as yummy as everyone says they are?!]]\\
'''Sanji''': [[LampshadeHanging Why don't you think with your head instead of your stomach?]]
** When Camie comments on the fact that the Straw Hats know him, and asks if he's an old friend, Zoro angrily responds that he's not... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jOR_8JB8R0 while scaring the hell out of her]].
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE-5tRJO2rQ Duval's face revealed.]]
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPiMV_03rV0 Hatchan and Zoro's comment on comparing Sanji to him]] that ended up giving him ColorFailure.
--->'''Hatchan''': They really do look the same, don't they?\\
'''Zoro''': Two peas in a pod.\\
'''Sanji''': *''[[http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/274/7/a/shocked_sanji_by_jasonpictures-d816yud.png weird reaction]]''*
** Brook just loses it, falling to his knees and pounding the floor with his fist.
* The perfect finish for this arc is after Caimie has rescued Sanji from under the water. She brings him to the surface, and then cries out going 'Oh my God, please, help!". While everyone asks what's wrong, Camie explains how she thought Sanji was alright, but now [[NoseBleed his nose is bleeding.]] Nami's reaction?
-->'''Nami''': ... Just leave him there.
* In the Funimation dub, in a voice with all the refinement of Patrick Stewart, Basil Hawkins comments on a plate of food spilled on one of his crewmen.
-->'''Hawkins''': Such was the fate of your pants.
* Luffy, Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law bickering at each other about how each of them could take out the siege around the Slave Auction House single-handedly. And at one point, Luffy going LeeroyJenkins again.
-->'''Kid''': Straw Hat, you really ''are'' screwed up in the head!
** It's brief, but while they're busy making idle talk, the Marines try to take advantage of the situation and reconvene to attempt capturing Kid, Law, and Luffy at once. Killer, Bepo, and Sanji show up and savagely beat them way from their captains as the three calmly part ways.
* After Caimie is kidnapped and taken to the human slave auction, Chopper is told by Sanji and Usopp to wait for him. This is a serious situation, but [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ukrgRnf2YM Brook is completely chilling out]]. He explains that panicking isn't going to make Usopp come any faster, so they might as well relax while they wait for him. Chopper takes Brook's advice so well that by the time Usopp comes to pick them up, they are relaxing as if they were on a beach. Cue FaceFault by Usopp.
* Turns out that the guy who's gonna coat the Thousand Sunny, Silvers Rayleigh, was the vice-captain of Gold Roger. Cue everyone being really excited... except for Robin, who already knew who he was, and Brook, who, [[FishOutOfTemporalWater due of having been trapped in the Florian Triangle for 50 years, barely remembers Roger as "some rookie"]].
* Yes, the scene where the Straw Hats are seperated by Kuma is a total TearJerker, but there's one moment that briefly gets a little humor in.
--->'''Brook''': I'll protect you... even if it COSTS ME MY LIFE! [[Main/RunningGag ...Oh, but I'm already dead, I suppo-]] [[KilledMidSentence *gets sent flying*]]

[[folder:Amazon Lily]]
* After eating a giant boar Luffy says it reminds him of when Garp used to [[HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood throw him into the woods.]] after a short clip of Garp Luffy quickly says "I don't want to remember that."
* The great anime-only moment when Luffy is singing Bink's Sake to the Kuja Pirates.
* There's a little bit of filler in the anime when Luffy is being ChasedByAngryNatives on Amazon Lily:
-->'''Luffy''': Man, Nami is nothing compared to these guys!\\
[=*=]''flashback montage of her beating him up for acting dumb''* \\
'''Luffy''': ''(apprehensively)'' Maybe not...
* The scene where Luffy wakes up and the Amazons started taking notes on his wacky, weird-for-anybody behavior, thinking all men had stretching arms and thought only of hats. Especially the gold balls.
** English translations give us the LuckyTranslation of that bit in the form of "Family Jewels."
* When Luffy first meets Hancock, it's because he fell through the ceiling while she was taking a bath. And since he saw [[DarkSecret her back]], it means he has to die. Hancock gives him a blast of her Love-Love Beam and... nothing happens. There's a BeatPanel where everyone present has cocked their heads with an individual question mark above it.
* Hancock being a walking MsFanservice to [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer every gender]] doing anything remotely cute.
* Luffy livening up the party with the other female warriors is totally hilarious like any other celebration parties.
** The kicker is how ''every'' girl in the kingdom form a long line outside the party because all of them want to touch his rubber skin and are ''being charged 20 golds per touch.''
* Luffy calling Hancock "Hammock". She doesn't mind one bit either way.
* Any of Hancock's crazy ImagineSpot with Luffy reciprocating her affections to him.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDg0Zeuugio She imagines Nami and Robin as being her love rivals for Luffy.]] She is so distracted serving him tea that she completely overflows the teacup with it. An unfazed Luffy looks at her while she fantasizes about a romantic story to take him away from his two female friends.
--->'''Luffy''': You really suck at serving tea.
* On the Navy ship, Hancock draws a heart on the wall with her name and Luffy's in it. She even uses her Love-Love Beam once to make it more romantic.
* The Marine soldiers suspecting Hancock of being a dubious BigEater (when in truth all those 100 lbs of food are for Luffy hiding in her room). They even doubt she eats that much food five times a day when she herself comes out pushing the cart with dirty plates...
-->'''Marine Soldiers''': ''Oooh, whatever! She's hot!''
* When Hancock tries sneaking Luffy on the Navy ship under her garb, she tells Luffy (clutching her body) that it hurts to walk like she is and asks him to "climb a little higher," which he does. [[ThanksForTheMammary Hancock's surprised expression and intense blushing doesn't make it difficult to figure out what happened.]] If it had been anyone else, she would've been angry.

[[folder:Impel Down]]
* In Impel Down, Luffy and a giant Sphinx play Whack-A-Mole with Mr. 3. No, really.
* In the anime's rendition of the scene where Garp and Sengoku discuss Luffy's breaching of Impel Down, Sengoku gets so angry with Garp's laid-back attitude toward all the trouble Luffy's caused that he swipes Garp's bag of rice crackers and downs them himself. And this is the one thing in the entire scene that makes Garp upset.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeKtEfXFRJk Mr. 3's reaction to realizing Mr. 2 is in Impel Down.]]
* When Luffy fights Magellan the second time, he gets [[TookALevelInBadass Mr. 3]] to give him special armor on his hands and legs. He promptly goes into LetsGetDangerous mode for a second before [[http://www.citymanga.com/one_piece/chapter-546/04/ ruining it.]] ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF67bUce4kk Anime, Episode 449]])
-->'''Luffy:''' I don't know why, but this brings a tear to my eye! Thank you!! Thanks for making me look so cool.
* Our first time in the Warden's office. While Magellan swoons over Hancock's beauty, Hannyabal is sitting at his desk, muttering, "[[TheStarscream Someday it will be mine...]]" then the phone rings. (Paraphrased)
-->'''Hannyabal:''' ''(answering phone)'' Hello, warden's office.\\
'''Magellan:''' ''(breathing poison, furious)'' Why are you answering my phone!?\\
'''Hannyabal:''' ''(keels over)'' Agh! You're killing me! Blast! I wanted... to be the warden...!
** The whole scene counts as one.
-->'''Hannyabal:''' H-Hey! Be careful when you exhale! Your breath is poison gas! (Magellan is shown laughing his ass off at Hannyabal) Right! That's so funny!\\
'''Magellan:''' That serves you right, stupid vice-warden!\\
'''Hannyabal:''' He spews venom!\\
'''Hancock:''' (Kicks Magellan down) Hey, you! What did you breathe in my face?! That's rude!\\
'''Magellan:''' Wow! What a beautiful woman! I'm in love!
** At one point, Magellan is stuck in the crapper when a guard delivers word about Luffy's shenanigans. How does he listen to it? He opens a tiny window on the back of the porta-potty, which startles the crap out of Hannyabal.
* Buggy and Mr. 3 trying to get through Level 5: Freezing Hell.
** Really, everything involving those two is amazing.
* Emporio Ivankov doing the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ku3zzqgWM_s Newkama Dance]]. After watching this you know this place is weird when ''[[CampGay Bon Clay]]'' of all people is left speechless.
* Don't forget Ivankov's DelayedReaction to finding out Luffy is Dragon's son. Complete with him flying backwards into the wall. She spoke for a full panel before he realized what he just said.
** Taken UpToEleven in the anime, where Ivankov takes about twenty seconds to realize that Luffy just called Dragon "dad", and another six seconds after '''THAT''' to propel himself backwards into the wall.
* On the way to Impel Down, there's Hancock's daydreaming moments about Luffy. All of them. She imagines Luffy as a typical bishonen, complete with ArtShift, gets jealous just by thinking about Nami and Robin, and even carves a heart in the wall with their names on it, like a teenage girl with a crush.
* Buggy's dejected face when Luffy doesn't remember his Buggy Ball attack is priceless (especially since he [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness actually closes his mouth]] during it.) It really looks he's heading for DespairEventHorizon.
** In his despair, he starts slowing down, only to remember he's being chased by a giant Minotaur and speeds back up again. This happens three times.
* Buggy gets attacked by an Blugori after leading Luffy to the entrance to Hell Level 2. He immediately reminds the thing that he is a split man, meaning he can't be cut.....only for him to fall through the hole. But look at the Blugori while this is happening it is '''waving goodbye to him in an mocking fashion'''.
* Hannyabal's massive JawDrop when Magellan orders Shillew to be released.
* It's a small gag only lasting one panel, but the whole "I am Saldeath!" / "A monkey?" (saru desu) exchange between Saldeath and Luffy.

[[folder:Crew's Whereabouts]]
* [[IronicHell "As for me, I am currently in Hell."]]
** The anime reveals that it's entirely his own fault too, due to a rather egregious case of foot-in-mouth.
** Even better was his [[OhCrap Eneru-ish]] expression when he properly saw his "savior" Elizabeth. He was expecting a beautiful, buxom maiden [[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100808085944/onepiece/images/thumb/3/3e/Elizabeth_Sanji%27s_imagination.png/120px-Elizabeth_Sanji%27s_imagination.png like this]]. Then, a little miscommunication later he's confronted by ''[[http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100816195951/onepiece/images/thumb/5/5d/ElizabethHeadShot.jpg/120px-ElizabethHeadShot.jpg this!]]''
** Even funnier is that he ''does'' end up being an okama for a short while.
*** How did he revert back? ''The news of Ace dying was so shocking that he went from being womanly to manly in 2 seconds top.''
* Anime only. In Episode 421, Zoro is stuck in a castle after being sent by Kuma and is being treated by Perona, who was also sent there by Kuma. After Perona hits Zoro with a Negative Hollow, he collapses, wakes up and finds out he's been stuffed into Kumacy the bear's body. We then have this following exchange.
-->'''Zoro''': Get off of me!\\
[=*=]Perona looks at him angrily and hits him with a Negative Hollow*\\
'''Zoro''': I'm sorry that I yelled.\\
'''Perona''': It's ok as long as you learned your lesson.\\
'''Zoro''': ''(recovers)'' You little bitch! ''(gets hit with another Negative Hollow)'' I'm sorry about my attitude. ''(recovers again)'' Screw you! ''(gets hit again)'' I'll call you 'mistress' ''(recovers again)'' I won't! ''(gets hit for the last time)'' I'm really sorry that I'm being so rude. ''(Perona laughing)'' That's enough, you idiot! ''(starts heading North)'' I don't have any time to waste. I got to go back.\\
'''Perona''': ''(points East)'' The exit is this way.\\
'''Zoro''': Yeah?\\
''(Zoro walks South)''\\
'''Perona''': Why did I tell you that!? Where're you going? How can you miss the door!?\\
''(Zoro blushes in embarrassment)''
* And 35 episodes later, he's ''still'' looking for his swords, and Perona's reaction as he screws up her directions AGAIN harkens back to Enies Lobby:
-->'''Perona''': Fantasista, huh?
** She later encouraged him the same way she did to Usopp.
* Brooks whereabouts are also pretty hilarious. He ends up in an island right in the middle of a Satanic cult's ritual, and his terrifying appearance makes them think he's the Devil. While they're nervously wondering what to do to appease him, Brook spots a beautiful female cultist and does his usual ''Would you please show me your panties?'' routine. The entire cult proceeds then to show him their underwear.
** The true kicker is:
-->'''Brook''': Um... I don't want to see the men's underwear.
** ...Which, in the dub, is followed by a very impressed-sounding "wow."

* Ivankov's Hell Wink causes the battleship to flip upside down, up into the sky, and sending Luffy and the inmates plummeting towards Marineford. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVboAzG770s Everyone's reaction was priceless]].
** ''GARP! [[BigEntrance IT'S YOUR]] [[SpannerInTheWorks DAMN FAMILY AGAIN!!]]''
* When the incredibly huge gates to Marineford start opening for no apparent reason, Buggy suddenly takes the chance to build himself up even more among his crew members by [[http://read.mangashare.com/One-Piece/chapter-551/page011.html suddenly holding out his arms with a stick in one hand]], making it like he [[PersonAsVerb pulled a Moses]] and opened the gates himself, after which the majority of the crew start bowing down to him.
* Luffy's "Jet Substitute" attack vs. Mihawk, where he simply grabs the unchoppable Buggy as a human shield then blames Mihawk.
** Buggy is a ''magnet'' for these. After being pulled down, Buggy feels brave enough to hurl one of his Muggy Balls at Mihawk... only for the swordsman to easily send it back at Buggy. The look on Buggy's face before the ball explodes? Priceless.
*** Naturally, since exploding is mostly the same as getting chopped up, he got better.
--> '''Buggy''': Here's a joke! How is the Muggy Ball useful for tunnel construction?\\
'''Mr 3''': And the answer is?\\
'''Buggy''': Say it together everyone! Because it goes...\\
'''Everyone''': BOOM!\\
'''Mr. 3''': I've never heard that one before.
** The English dub of the joke is even funnier, with Buggy comparing the Muggy Ball to a "robust financial market".
** In some translations, he even says ''Ok, or not.''
** This is then followed by:
-->'''Luffy:''' ''(Running away during the distraction)'' Thanks, Buggy! See ya in the afterlife or whatever.\\
'''Mihawk:''' We're not done!
* Despite Chapter 582 being serious, there was one absolute gem. Trafalgar Law's crew and Jimbei are at Amazon Lily, and have been given orders to stay out of the village. Law's crew begins talking about trying to sneak in to see the women, when Bepo (a bear) says, [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/582/9 "Think there's any female bears?"]]
* From Luffy's latest flashback, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo ran out on a check. A chef finds a piece of paper that says Treasure Credit -- Luffy. Doubling as a CMOF and ChekhovsGun.
* The flashbacks of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo of their various adventures and fun. Garp visits, smiling in one panel... and beats up all three in the next.
* Franky in Chapter 592. The way he triggers the self-destruct switch (pirate button!) in Vegapunk's lab. Especially his 'thumbs up' in the background.
-->'''Franky''': ''(voice over)'' So, hypothetically, if by some crazy chance I pressed that button like you said... you wouldn't, like, hold it aginst me, would ya?"
** One chapter later, we get to see how he looks after the explosion when he figures out what Luffy's message is. What should be undiluted horror as the skin on his face has been blown off becomes comedy gold with what he says in response to this.
--->'''Franky''': Forsooth.
** And then, two chapters later, Franky puts on a Tiger skin in order to stop freaking out the people he is with as he still hasn't put on new skin. However, while lighting a Fireplace, he accidentally sets the Tiger skin on fire, and runs out ablaze, scaring the crap out of a Marine patrol, and thus starting the myth of the "Sacred Burning Beast of Baldimore" as the cheesy thumbs-up is shown once more.
* Chapter 595: Refusing to join him, Jewelery Bonney kicks Blackbeard in the face, as he muses that's not a ladylike-thing to do as the crew laughs, and after learning about Newkama Food, Sanji asks Ivankov for the recipe. His response? [[ComedicSociopathy A dropkick to the face]].
* Buggy is revealed to have been on Gold Roger's ship. During TheReveal by the Marines, Buggy goes through several levels of OhCrap ending with a JawDrop.
* After the bombshell dropped where Ace is revealed to be Gold Roger's biological son, it's shown that Luffy knew the truth all along... as he almost casually blabs it out by complete accident to an astonished Buggy and the rest of the Impel Down escapees.
* Everyone's reactions to Luffy being Luffy to Whitebeard.
* Anime version of the flashbacks up the comedy. Like the Dadan family practicing their cover story in the case when Bluejam's crew came looking for Ace and Luffy. When attempting to lie [[CallBack they all make the same utterly unconvincing poker face as Luffy!]] Also Curly Dadan counting the boys after Sabo moved in uninvited:
--> '''Dadan:''' One, two, [[RuleOfThree huh]]? One, two, huh? One, two, huh? Ace, Luffy, huh? Ace, Luffy, huh? ''([[OverlyLongGag a full minute later]])'' Ace, Luffy and -- [[DelayedReaction WHO IS THAT?!]]
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_JJ26wOMZU Makino teaching Ace and Luffy how to express gratitude]]. This is both hilarious and adorable.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUn8n0Msba8 The anime version of Garp's visit.]] Just one huge "OhCrap" moment for everyone involved.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9dUEBI2e3E Nami using her cuteness to trick the old men on Weatheria]]. After she fails to convince them to forgive her, she takes off her sandals and runs towards the nearest cliff, pretending she's going to jump off in guilt. The old men run after her and apologize, saying she's too young to throw her life away like that, and Nami ''instanty stops'', turns around with a huge smile on her face, and walks away, saying she forgives them. She then proceeds to introduce herself, as the old men are about to fall off because of their momentum.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6F4JTspcUI Sanji discussing with Ivankov because he doesn't want to accept the fact the guy in the poster is him.]] He even spits BloodFromTheMouth.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNwH4kS6LLU When Buggy and the Impel Down escapees find a knocked-out Den Den Mushi]], they try to wake it up... [[UncannyValley and accidentally scare the shit out of it by making scary faces]], causing the Den Den Mushi to pull back into its shell.

!!New World Era
[[folder:Return to Sabaody]]
* Post time-skip: How does Nami react to reuniting with Usopp? By jumping up and down with joy while [[MarshmallowHell planting Usopp's face into her breasts.]] He comments about how much she has "blossomed."
** It gets even funnier when you realize that Usopp has actually gotten taller than Nami. Meaning that this was [[CovertPervert probably done intentionally on her part.]]
*** Not mention how he made his presence known. He used his Pop Greens to clear out the Fake Straw Hats, then sat at the bar and tossed a flirt toward Nami.
---->'''Usopp:''' Hey there, beautiful. Can I buy you a drink?
** Also his almost immediate reaction to the guy who's [[PaperThinDisguise 'doppleganging']] Sogeking. Even though Usopp KNOWS the guy is a phony, because Sogeking and Usopp are the same person.
** What is Sanji's first thoughts after landing?: [[ChivalrousPervert TARGET -- WOMAN: LOCK-ON.]]
--->'''Sanji:''' VIVA SABAODY! I NEED LADY!!!
*** Followed closely by him flipping the okamas the bird and vowing never to return to "Hell". And ''then'' he thanks them for the lift.
*** And tells them to say hi to Ivan for him. Apparently he and Ivan ''actually bonded.''
** Ironically ''[[NoSenseOfDirection Zoro'' was the first one to make his way back... only for him to get on the wrong ship. Which he then cleaves in half. While underwater.]]
--->''' Zoro''': Call it a twist of fate. That's what brought this plague upon your ship. [[NeverMyFault And there's no one for you to blame but yourselves]]. That wasn't my ride.
** Later, we are subjected to Oda's ultimate mixture of hilarious and disturbing in a ''suggestive'' [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/598/20 panel]] with the fake Robin crouching before Chopper, offering him a cucumber at the end of her partially extended arm.
* The entirety of the intro from Chapter 599: Boa Hancock tries to have Luffy disguise himself with a fake nose and mustache, then proceeds to reveal the massive amount of stuff she's packed ([[CrazyPrepared 500 pairs of clothes, 1000 lunchboxes, 5 years worth of handkerchiefs, tissues, and towels, and 3 years worth of drinkable water, snacks, and silverware, as well as hairbrushes, soaps, creams, and bug bite ointments. And yes the list is exactly that long.) then as Luffy leaves, she ponders in her mind whether or not his promise to see her again is a marriage proposal... only to be immediately refuted by elder Nyon.]]
** Last but not least for 599, Franky being pretty nonchalant about his GIANT MECHANICAL ARMS when he greets Robin.
*** In the anime version, episode 519, Franky poses before Robin, and the camera goes to her with [[LettingTheAirOutOfTheBand the music slowing to a stop]], as if Robin is trying to process exactly what she is seeing. Then a soap bubble pops, the music resumes, and Robin smiles.
---->'''Robin:''' You haven't changed a bit, Franky.
* Sanji talking in one-word sentences to Zoro. Followed by the two trying to outdo each other by arguing over who killed the Pacifista they both destroyed.
* Sanji in Chapter 602 is one from start to finish. He sees Perona, all grown up, and swoons over her. He then sees Nami and Robin, causing him to blast off into the distance with a [[HighPressureBlood high pressure]] {{nosebleed}}. And then he merely ''sees'' Hancock and is petrified. She didn't even use her powers. And then he hears that Luffy was on the Isle of Women, and his reaction is priceless. Finally, when the okama are holding back the Marines, he suddenly feels like his heart is being crushed.
** In Episode 522, Perona has to use a Negative Hollow on Sanji.
*** In the English dub, when Sanji turns to stone after swooning over seeing Boa Hancock, Usopp says [[DoubleEntendre he's hard as a rock]].
** The okamas get one in this chapter, too. One winks, trying to do the joke "shooting star" wink like Hancock, only to have the star break before it gets an inch from his face.
* Brook's ridiculous(ly awesome) songs are hilarious enough, but the anime one-upped the hilarity in Episode 520 when Brook pours water on his face after a tiring performance... only to have the water pour right through him and onto the floor as his manager watches speechless and horrified.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOdS6Q8le4c The imposter Luffy versus Sentomaru]].

[[folder:Fishman Island Arc]]
* It seems the rigors of their training have rendered Zoro and [[TookALevelInDumbass Luffy (even more) stupid]] compared to 2 years ago, as '''right-after''' Nami warned everyone to ''specifically NOT'' put multiple holes through the Thousand Sunny's protective-bubble at once or create a single wide spectrum hole at once if they don't want it to break and drown them all, Luffy and Zoro hungrily readied themselves to machine-gun punch and slash at the delicious-looking fish outside. Usopp and Chopper had to beat them silly to prevent everyone from entering a watery grave... [[WhatAnIdiot TWICE.]]
* 603 has several. Team Sanji [[HighPressureBlood blasts off]] [[DeadlyNosebleed again]], how everyone ignores the giant fish that's sneaking up on their ship only for it to get killed by a bigger fish, Usopp and Chopper hamming it up together again, Franky's 'robot voice' demonstration, and Sanji's reaction to Kuma 'saving' the crew.
** And when they have to give Sanji a blood transfusion, they have a ton of blood units hung up by Zoro, [[OverdrawnAtTheBloodBank making it look like they pulled all the blood from him]].
* 604 has Chopper's suggestion of Sanji having to go rehabiliation with low intensity photos so he stops blasting off again every time he so much as looks at a woman. Also Nami's failed attempt at teaching the crew about deep sea currents. And of course, when they finally find a giant, ship eating ''Kraken'' in their way to Fishman Island, what is the natural reaction of Luffy? Tame it.
** Not to mention when Brook tried to make another Skull Joke about it being cold, Chopper promptly cuts in with, "Wow. And you don't even have skin!" The next panel then promptly shows Brook on his knees, face down with disappointment. [[https://youtu.be/btS55sqgR9E The anime version handled this very well]]
---> '''Brook:''' Chopper... Skull Jokes are the only thing I have. Please don�t take that from me...
** Caribou's plan to ambush the Straw Hats was flawless. He'd use a sea monster to tow his ship to ''Sunny'', invade and mow them down with a gatling gun. But he could've never ever predicted the singular fatal flaw (discounting many other factors that would've made his plan utterly useless): the sea creature he used, Mohmoo, was [[CallBack trounced by the Straw Hats 532 issues/492 episodes before]]. The moment he saw Luffy and Sanji, Mohmoo swam away in a panic, leaving Caribou stranded, alone and unarmed, with the Straw Hats. Oops...
* When Caribou's ship is destroyed, [[MoodKiller Zoro]] had this to say about the dying crew members:
-->'''Zoro:''' They look just like jellyfish.\\
'''Caribou:''' ''(heartbroken)'' Roronoa, you're so cruel!
* Caribou suggesting the terrible trio to use bubbles so they can fight underwater outside the ship. Usopp starts to tell him to shut up, but Caribou starts whispering frantically that it's a choice between them fighting in or near the ship and risk sinking the whole crew, or let them fight far away so the rest don't get caught in the crossfire. Usopp thinks for a bit before telling them to "fight as far away as they can!"
* 606 has Caribou escaping his bonds, hiding in a barrel while plotting to kill all the Straw Hats... and Franky just slowly, frame-by-frame, appears in the picture and curiously looks in the barrel. Cue the barrel being hammered shut. Also, the sheer number of things that come to attack the Sunny is ridiculous. And the underwater 'ghost ship', Flying Dutchman, freaks out Brook... Even though he was found on one.
** The anime (Episode 525) is hilarious on Caribou hiding. He sees Franky watching his scheming, then just looks away and slowly sinks back into the barrel.
--->'''Franky:''' Found him, guys! *''starts hammering''*
** It also adds another scene regarding the crew's reaction to the Flying Dutchman, Franky calms Nami, Brook, Usopp and Chopper down by reminding them that the last time they encountered a "ghost ship", the only thing they found in it was a certain "funny skeleton". Just as they calm down, Robin decides to troll them and notes that seeing how they encountered a Kraken, a creature thought to be legendary, ghost ships might be real after all. This causes them to get scared all over again, and Brook even faints. Franky calls her out on it, but Robin just giggles.
* 607 has the reaction the Kraken has to an erupting undersea volcano, Sanji's reaction to Fishman Island and the subsequent scene, and Luffy being Luffy towards what is basically Arlong's pirates reformed.
* 608 has the front cover -- Brook walking dogs. With afros. Also Sanji's reaction to the mermaid district.
** The introduction of the little mermaids.
** Sanji's reaction to the mermaid district is taken UpToEleven [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enAe9fbDuxE in the anime.]] The scene eventually climaxes with a [[ArtShift super serious, ultra bishonen Sanji]] [[SparklingStreamofTears weeping his eyes out]] in sheer joy, while a [[EtherealChoir choir sings in the background.]] If one didn't know any better, they'd think he was standing at the gates to Heaven. (Though, considering this is [[ChivalrousPervert Sanji]] we're talking about, this may not be far from the truth.)
** And before this, there's Sanji's InelegantBlubbering when he first realizes where exactly he is. He goes on for so long that Camie even introduces him to the other mermaids as the 'crying one'.
--> '''Luffy''': [[LampshadeHanging "He's crying harder than when he left the Baratie!"]]
** How about Camie helping the Straw Hats to get warmed up by feeding them chilled seaweed soup, and [[http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/608/11 the subsequent reaction]]? [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ugkj0rgMso And it's even funnier in the anime.]]
* 609 has Sanji giving out a huge nosebleed that's shaped like a mermaid. Also, a mermaid using snorkeling gear. A MERMAID.
* 610. Seriously, the look on Sanji's face when he realizes the Okamas had given him his blood donation was priceless.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-7RhUMBzi8 The anime version of the scene is just as funny.]]
* 611. In return for all the Straw Hats did for him and Camie two years ago, Pappug (now a famous fashion designer) allows the Straw Hats to have anything they want in the store for free. He comes to regret this immediately, [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/611/8 as it only takes FOUR Straw Hats a single panel to empty the entire store.]]
* Everyone is stunned at the arrival of King Neptune. Nami's initial reaction, however, is a little out of character:
--->'''Nami''': Can we just talk about how cute that whale is?
** Later on, Nami's tendency to refer to King Neptune as "grandpa" freaks out Pappug who responds by ''biting her head.'' For a nerve-wrackingly long time, we see transitions for Pappug attached to Nami's head to Nami's face (which has a blissful smile plastered on it) while bells go off in the background. After that, Nami carries on the conversation as normal while Pappug lays next to her, the tar having been beaten out of him.
* 614. What is Luffy's solution to the problem of smuggling a Giant [[FanNickname Moemaid Princess out of the castle? Put her inside her (relatively) tiny pet shark. Cue Luffy riding a giant fat shark going out of the doors, with the Mermaid Princess inside it.]]
** Said mermaid princess apologized in her heart and promised to [[ShelteredAristocrat "be back before dinner"]].
* Brook goes off to save her while asking the king of Fishman Island, who happens to be that ''princess's father'', if he could see her panties, even though [[CaptainObvious said princess is a mermaid! A minister also asks to be allowed to go with Brook so he could ensure the princess's safety, and Brook mistakes him for another fan.]]
* 618: Sanji was on the brink of death from being with regular mermaids and the Mermaid Princess is right behind him. What does he do? To accomplish his dream, he chooses death... and gets STONED! AGAIN!
** Also: After Decken asked to Shirahoshi to marry him for the last time she answers:
--->'''Shirahoshi''': Sorry, you're not my type!
--->''(The longest Beat yet)''
--->'''Decken''': [[BigWhat WHAT?!]]
--->'''Everyone''': ''THAT'S'' the problem?!
** Decken's face aftwards seals the moment perfectly. Seriously, it almost rivals the Eneru face in sheer ridiculousness.
* Jimbei's expression in 619 when he realizes that Luffy brought Shirahoshi from her tower. Looks like he's NotSoAboveItAll after all.
** Even better, he had a DelayedReaction.
* 620: Oda setting up of the 'Simon and Garfunkel' joke on the cover. Seriously, he planned a joke back in the 1990s that just got realized in 2011.
* 622: The future Vice Admiral Strawberry's perfectly rectangular, multiple foot-tall hair which rests a single Marine cap is just so silly, you can't help but laugh.
** And even better, in Chapter 624 it's BANDAGED UP after being bull rushed by Fisher Tiger.
** Even better? Oda revealed that that's not hair: That's ''his head''!!!
* 626: Vander Decken is about to write invitations for the wedding he is hoping to have with Shirahoshi, when he realizes he doesn't have any friends he can invite.
* 627: The revelation that Luffy slept through the entire 7-chapter flashback sequence.
* 628: Usopp's imitation of Robin, right down to changing his eyes into hers.
** And Brook's reaction: "Yohoho!! Spot on!!"
* 630: The whole thing with Ikaros and Daidaros. Not only is it a parody of the Icarus story, but a giant squid somehow flew too close to the sun and dried. Which is why he (one of Hodi's subordinates) is weak to fire, at least psychologically.
** And what about Zeo, who's using his camouflage powers to fight the residents while lecturing them at the same time... and then gets stomped and walked over several times in a row (by his own men nonetheless), and still acts as never happened.
* 634: Luffy's logic about why he doesn't want to be a hero, followed up by Jimbei's response (and how easily Luffy is persuaded). Also Jimbei's "strategy" and him worrying about a strategy name.
-->'''Luffy''': Let's say you have some meat. Pirates will feast on the meat. A hero would divide it amongst the people. I WANT TO EAT THAT MEAT!!\\
'''Jimbei''': Fine, I'll feed you all the meat you want, just do what I say!\\
'''Luffy''': Okay!
** When Jimbei is describing how Luffy will sneak in in Megalo's mouth, Megalo freaks out in the background.
** In the color spread, Brook has lodged himself in Shirahoshi's bra.
** In the exact same color spread, Sanji appears to be smoking. [[RuleOfFunny Underwater]].
* In anime episode 554 (corresponds to manga chapter 634), when the Straw Hats are about to take on Hody's Jones's 100,000-strong Fishman army, Franky poses with his armored fists forward, and has a smaller mechanical hand pop out of one of them and do the BringIt motion.
* 635: This chapter is basically a mix of these and AwesomeMoments. Highlights include how Sanji learned [[DoubleJump Geppou and everything Chopper does while riding on the tank.]]
* You know how there's a RunningGag of Chopper being confused with other creatures? In chapter 636, that list now includes Luffy thinking Chopper's new horn point is a stag beetle.
** When Franky busts out [[CombiningMecha Iron Pirate [[CrazyAwesome "Franky Shogun"]]]] Usopp, Luffy and Chopper are crapping themselves out of excitement. Nami and Robin on the other hand stare at it like it was the stupidest ([[CallBack or the most embarrassing?]]) thing they've ever seen ever.
* Zeo in Chapter 640. Basically, he's lying on the ground while Brook is accidentally stepping on his head. Zeo is firmly convinced that he is ''headbutting'' Brook's foot away. Emphasis on ''firmly''.
** Not to mention what happens right before it. Zeo is camouflaged and grabbing Nami's ankles and Ikaros Much is about to impale her with a spear. Brook sees this and immediately rushes to Nami and asks to see her panties. Brook then gets speared in the back and slapped in the face at once.
* Sanji vs. Wadatsumi. Wadatsumi reveals that he can puff up like a blowfish. Sanji is currently standing on his cheek. Sanji's response? "Kraken is bigger." So Wadatsumi expands again, and Sanji just keeps egging him on and on and on ''with the exact same line''.
* Zeo tries to attack Brook while invisible, but since he's [[CallingYourAttacks yelling the attack name at the top of his lungs]] Brook manages to stab him anyway. And ''then'' Zeo has the balls to seriously claim that he was actually trying to break Brook's sword tip off with his own body.
** In the anime, Zeo's [[OhCrap reaction]] to Brook placing his recently lost skull back to his place.
** Brook's somewhat exasperated response to Zeo's grandstanding also deserves mention.
-->'''Zeo:''' Did you see that, Skeleton? Your blade has fallen foul of my deadly "Body Sword Crush" Attack! Soon enough, it will rust away and become completely worthless-
-->'''Brook:''' Yes, yes, I stabbed you.
* When a fishboy wonders if humans are as bad as the New Fishman Pirates say, Madame Shirley tells him that the ones fighting to protect Fishman Island are human, to which the boy asks, pointing at Brook; "Even him?"
-->'''Madame Shirley''': Well, I'm not sure about half of them...but the point is!
* After Brook's BerserkButton is pressed:
-->'''Brook:''' Stop right there! Those are your men!! And you, what would you know?! It's not like you've died before! Die and be left as a grudge!!? That's absurd! Nothing is left behind! After death, living things are all just bones!!\\
'''Franky:''' You've gotten a lot more persuasive.\\
'''Brook:''' THAT'S VERY KIND OF YOU!!
* From Chapter 646, Chopper doing his happy dance... ''While in Monster Point!''
** While Usopp and Chopper go gaga over Franky's Laser Weapon, Nami and Robin just stare.
* Brook, after defeating Zeo, makes an utterly badass line... and then ruins it.
-->'''Brook:''' "Even blood freezes in the wind of Hell" and...I hope it flips some skirts up too!
* From Chapter 647:
-->'''Brook:''' Nami-san, [[DirtyOldMan please put on a mini-skirt]].\\
'''Nami:''' Shut your mouth.
* 649 does a CallBack to 634 when Zoro is trying to explain why being heroes is a bad thing. He uses Luffy's meat analogy only with booze (made even better by the fact that Zoro ''[[StrangeMindsThinkAlike wasn't even around]]'' when Luffy made the original analogy).
-->'''Nami''': What is it with you guys and that theory!?
** Also, King Neptune thinking Robin was coming onto him after she called him to speak to him alone.
** In a quick, one-panel shot, Nami is apparently out-drinking Prince Fukaboshi.
* 650: Nami gets excited when told that Neptune is willing to give the whole treasury to the Straw Hats for the capture of Caribou, and then she gets mad at the Big Three for letting Caribou escape. Long story short: no matter how powerful they've become, Zoro and Luffy (Sanji being Sanji, he doesn't count) are ''still'' afraid of Nami.
** What makes it even more hilarious is that the three of them are kicked out of the palace the same way Caribou was kicked out by Luffy!
** When it's found out that the leaders of the New Fishman Pirates have all become old due to abusing ES, we get this little gem:
---> '''Zeo''': I became old on purpose.
* 652 has everyone absolutely freaking out that Luffy challenged one of the Emperors... except Nami, who's annoyed that Luffy gave up all the treasure and so beats the Monster Trio to a bloody pulp. Then Luffy tries to motivate everyone to go to the New World, while still suffering from Nami's horrible beating.
* In the following chapter, Nami is given a new Log Pose for the New World. She's told that the needles can be used to determine how dangerous an island is. Unfortunately, Luffy overhears this and immediately picks the most dangerous one. Cue Usopp and Nami crying since Luffy is all-too happy to drag them into danger for fun.
** In the same scene, Luffy interrupts by wrapping his neck around Nami like a [[NaughtyTentacles tentacle]], followed by Nami shaking his outstretched head to berate him while still tied up.
* "And then I did a big fart!"
* Sanji's idea of what Big Mom looks like. Please note that this is [[{{Gonk}} terrible wrong.]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l_fOhTQ5jM When Franky introduces Den to Luffy in the anime]]...
-->'''Franky:''' That's Den-chan, brother of Tom, my shipwright master, doing the recoating for us.\\
'''Luffy:''' Oh, okay! So he's a shipwright who's coating Franky's brother!\\
''*beat, Franky has a "WTF?" look on his face*''\\
'''Franky:''' ''*gives a thumbs-up*'' [[SureLetsGoWithThat Yeah, something like that.]]\\

[[folder:Punk Hazard Arc]]
* In anime episode 575, the Monster Trio's matter-of-fact solutions to dealing with the insane weather conditions of the New World:
-->'''Luffy''': Punch.\\
'''Zoro''': Cut.\\
'''Sanji''': Kick.
* The crew recieves a distress call from someone on Punk Hazard. Robin tells Luffy not to pick up the call, saying that it might be a fake, set up as trap by the Marines to locate pirates (turns out she's only half-right: the Marines ''were'' listening, but the distress call was genuine). Luffy still picks it up, and immediately announces he's going to be the Pirate King.
** At the end of the call, the caller is stabbed and supposedly killed by the samurai he mentioned. Luffy's reaction? "Hmm, [[CaptainObvious smells like trouble]]..."
** In the anime, when Nami explains how dangerous the area around Punk Hazard is:
--->'''Nami''': Look at all those bones, bones, bones!\\
'''Brook''': Huh? [[DemBones Did you just call me]]?
* The very fact that a man's lower half can move ''and talk'' is hilarious in itself, but Zoro and Robin not giving a flying fuck about that makes it even funnier.
** AND Luffy automatically wants the lower-half guy to join his crew.
** And in the next chapter, Luffy attaches the legs to his waist to pretend that he's a centaur.
** [[RunningGag AND]] a few chapters later, this causes an ''actual centaur'' to mistake him for a real one.
* In the next chapter, the other half of the crew meets a TALKING, SEVERED HEAD, which they have to physically ''PUT TOGETHER'' while it's ''STILL'' talking to them.
** The head lashes at Nami for being upfront and dressing inappropriately. She askes if he doesn't like her outfit, but he (with BlushSticker) [[DirtyOldMan admits that he does, and gets beat up for it.]]
* Chapter 659, Luffy's team finds a river that requires swimming over. As Zoro and Usopp can swim but Luffy and Robin can't, Robin imagines her and Luffy riding Zoro & Usopp across the river.
** Also [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/659/3 Smoker smoking through his gas mask]]
* Chapter 660:
** [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/660/13 The Franky Tank]], [[http://www.manga-access.com/manga/O/One_Piece/chapter/660/14 and everyone doing the SUUUUUUPEEEEER!!! pose.]]
** When the kids tell Nami and Chopper how they were suddenly taken from their homes, by people they never met, without even having the chance to say goodbye to their parents, because they had a so-called disease that needed curing, the ever-so-clueless Chopper mentions that... [[ComicallyMissingThePoint it must be a really serious disease]]. Nami wastes no time {{DopeSlap}}ing him for it.
** The talking head is indebted to Sanji, but too proud and distrustful of pirates to ask him to find the rest of his body, so he instead takes advantage of Sanji's kindness and trolls him. Sanji promptly beats him up for it.
*** Really, just seeing Sanji reaching the end of his patience with the talking head is funny in itself, him coming so close to bashing it's head to the ground with Franky asking him if that really gonna make him feel any better.
-->'''Franky:''' C'Mon, knock it. Is squashing a defenseless head really going to make you feel better?
-->'''Sanji:''' But?!- ''(Kinemon sticks his tongue out)'' AARGH!!!
-->'''Franky:''' The second you decided to get him out cell, you already lost Sanji.
* In 661, Law performs a four-way FreakyFridayFlip between Sanji, Nami, Franky and Chopper. Franky is now in Chopper's body and Nami is in Franky's body, but the kicker? ''Sanji is in Nami's body and Chopper is in Sanji's!''
** Meanwhile, Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and Usopp end up in a frozen river after some centaurs capsize their boat. They immediately notice they have warm clothing, and all get a SlasherSmile, deciding to steal their coats. The fact that [[TheStoic Robin]] has that look as well makes it all the funnier.
-->'''Robin:''' But look. We're lucky. We should be glad we ran into them.\\
'''Brownbeard:''' Wait. They look familiar.\\
'''Zoro:''' That guy looks good. I'll take the fourth guy from the right.\\
'''Luffy:''' Alright. I'll take the guy next to him.\\
'''Robin:''' I'll take that one. The girl at the far left.\\
'''Luffy, Zoro, and Robin:''' Their clothes look warm!\\
'''Usopp''' (teeth chattering, too cold to follow them)''':''' All right... please get me one too!
* In Chapter 662, it's revealed that Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Brook, and Sanji have new wanted posters. The funny part? Sanji's is no longer a painting, but a photo ''of the back of his head.''
* In 663, ''anything'' that involves Sanji checking out his 'new body' while pissing off Nami who's in Franky's body. She even goes as far as punching her original body!
--> '''"Sanji":''' WE ARE NAMI-SAN!\\
'''Usopp and Brook:''' Finally! We've been waiting!
** Luffy getting depressed after losing his 'extra legs', which belong to the Samurai from Wano.
*** Also involving the 2/3 completed Samurai...
---->'''Brook:''' Yohoho, but having just legs and a head is kind of funny. [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Reminds me that I met a person who was just a torso!]]\\
'''Zoro:''' That's definitely this guy's torso...\\
'''Brook:''' YOU'RE RIGHT!
*** It's quickly revealed that the talking lower half of the samurai wasn't talking at all. It was mimicking speech by ''farting''.
** Basically anything that involves the swapped Straw Hats. Mirroring the audience, even Luffy and Usopp laugh their asses off!
** '' Tashigi in Smoker's body and Smoker in Tashigi's body''. Wrap your head around that and try not to burst out laughing.
** How to not get confused with Luffy's bodyswapped crew members? Make them wear paper masks on their heads.
** Kinda hard to see if you don't know what to look for, but when the above occurs, you see Franky in Chopper's body trying to do his usual pose. Only problem? Chopper's arms are too short!
* Chapter 665: Franky making weird facial expressions while in Chopper's body with Robin calling him out on it.
--> '''Robin:''' I never want to see that expression coming from Chopper's face again!\\
'''Robin:''' Franky, can you just not speak while you're in that body? Ever.
* Brownbeard claims he doesn't know much about the Yeti Cool Brothers... before revealing a ton of details about them.
* Nami tries to imitate the Radical Beam pose while she's in Franky's body, prompting Chopper to yell at her for not taking the BEAM~! seriously.
* In chapter 667, Franky asks Chopper to give him a Rumble Ball so he could change into Monster Point. Chopper agrees, but before he could even start explaining, Franky eats it, causing Chopper's body to morph into Monster Point right away. He goes on a rampage, and just won't stop attacking Luffy! This would normally be a serious situation, but here, it's played for laughs.
** Also, a more subtle funny moment -- immediately after transforming into Chopper's Monster Point, Franky manages to do his Super pose during his quick moment of control.
** When Nami yells at the Yeti Cool Brothers, we get this nice exchange:
---> '''Nami:''' Why did you kidnap me?! I know I'm cute and I have a nice body, and it probably makes you want to kidnap me, but... !\\
'''Rock:''' What's this guy talking about?\\
'''Scotch:''' He's an okama. Cool...
* In Chapter 668, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxMBeKDil64 Law meets the Straw Hats for the first time.]] He's quite visibly disturbed by their... ''quirks''. One of them he walks right into when he asks to take their doctor with him to investigate--cut to Usopp tying the now-back-in-his-body Chopper onto his head because he can't move.
** [[http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121112220148/onepiece/images/2/21/Law_Shocked.png The WTF face that Law makes at this moment]] is so priceless, even ''[[NotSoAboveItAll Robin]]'' laughed! Made even funnier because both happen both be [[TheStoic stoics]] for their respective crews.
** When Law refuses to allow Chopper on his head, he carries him around like a keychain.
** When Robin brings up that a pirate alliance could end in betrayal, especially since Luffy is so trusting, Luffy naturally turns to Law and asks him if that's the case. Law just calmly responds "No." This is juxtaposed with an annoyed Usopp in the foreground.
* Law was warned twice by Usopp and Sanji on two different occasions that what he was thinking as an alliance is probably different than Luffy's idea of one. Both times he looks like he's regretting his decision more and more.
* In Chapter 669, Tashigi accidentally activates Smoker's Devil Fruit ability, causing her to fly around uncontrollably.
** Zoro, Sanji and Brook imagining who the giant footsteps they saw (Actually the Yeti Cool Brothers') might belong to.
** Luffy, Franky and Robin barge right into Caesar Clown's lab, even though they were supposed to stick to the plan of just capturing Clown. Bonus points for Franky actually ''screaming that out loud''!
* In chapter 670, Luffy finds out that Smoker and Tashigi have been body swapped. His reaction? Start laughing. While still fighting them.
* In chapter 671, Caesar tries to take Luffy down with a huge explosion... only to realize that Luffy dodged it and is standing right behind him. Caesar's face is just pure gold.
* Sanji being in Nami's body leads to a great deadpan exchange with Zoro in the anime:
-->'''Zoro''': You're not giving it back, are you?
-->'''Sanji''': Of course not.
* In chapter 675, Nami saves Usopp from under a pile of rubble. Because she's still in Sanji's body, Usopp mistakes her for him at first, causing him to be disappointed when he remembered it. Nami immediately calls him out on this.
** Vergo constantly getting food stuck to his face.
* In Chapter 677, Sanji can't run any further as he's still in Nami's body, until he gropes Nami's breast. This gives him such an amazing boost that he manages to catch the dragon in seconds.
--> '''Zoro:''' What's that nonsense power?!
** There's also Tashigi's reaction to finding out Smoker has opened her shirt while he was in her body. After she fixes herself, she pouts adorably and gives Smoker a glare.
* In Chapter 678, Luffy pulls out a new technique, Gum Gum UFO. Yep, now Luffy can fly, apparently. And it's hilarious.
** After Sanji hears about Caesar defeating Nami while she was in his body, he expresses tears of joy that it was his body that took damage and not hers.
---> '''Sanji:''' I'm so happy that it was my body and not hers!\\
'''Usopp:''' I'm so proud of you!!!!
* Chapter 679, Vergo gets ready to join the fight, but there's one problem.
-->'''Vergo''': I can't seem to find my sword.\\
'''Monet''': Isn't that because you're not a swordsman?\\
'''Vergo''': That's right... I'm not a swordsman.
** Though it comes during an otherwise dark scene, that one guy with a :D expression on his face who's making double peace signs with his fingers as he's just been petrified by Shinokuni and saved Captain Tashigi from suffering the same fate.
* Chapter 682: Nami and Sanji finally get their old bodies back. Nami realizes she's wearing a different coat, and punches Sanji for being a pervert with her body.
* Chapter 684: Tashigi yelling at her men not to call Sanji their "bro"
* Chapter 686: Sanji's antics: First, he is leading the charge of ''[[EnemyMine Marine soldiers]]''. Then, they all see Zoro and make faces at him on ''Sanji's command''. He then sees Monet (who has a SweatDrop at this point), who Zoro was fighting, and falls down because of her beauty. The Marines soldiers likewise start to yell how cute she is, [[CuteMonsterGirl even though she's a harpy]], and ''Monet starts to blush''.
** Chopper sees Monet in her snow monster form and freaks out similarly to when he saw Holy on Skypeia: with his hat flying off his head while the antlers are still attached to his hat.
* Chapter 687: Tashigi pouting (yes, pouting) when she recalled her first fight with Zoro before berating his WouldntHitAGirl attitude.
* Chapter 688: Zoro carrying Tashigi like a sack of rice while running away from the gas. They started arguing, and then [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny she saw Shuusui (Ryuuma's sword).]]
--->'''Zoro''': Stop that, you katana maniac!
* Chapter 691: Zoro's NoSenseOfDirection is taken UpToEleven when he actually ends up ''running up to everyone '''''from the front''''' when he was originally behind them!''
* Chapter 695: When everyone makes it out of the collapsing facility, everyone gets to see the Franky Shogun. Except for [[TheStoic Law and Smoker]], all of the guys (Including the kidnapped children, the Marines, and Caesar's former henchmen) are absolutely blown away by how awesome it is, but the girls (again, including the kids and the Marines ([[TheSmurfettePrinciple Well, Tashigi)]]) still don't give a crap, and just stare.
** In the anime version, when they show the reaction of the females, the background music slowly dies down and then stops just to emphasize the females' unimpressed reaction.
* Chapter 696: Once all fights are over, Law pulls Luffy aside and warns him they need to keep moving or their enemies will catch up with them. Luffy looks serious, agrees to tell his friends, and then turns around and declares it's ''''PARTY TIME!''' Law's [[WildTake reaction]] is priceless.
** The Marines have painted a large line dividing their camp from the Straw Hats', calling it "The Line between justice and evil". Sanji then starts cooking, cue a crowd of G5 marines rushing over the line to get food, leading to this little gem:
-->'''Sanji''': What happened to "The Line between justice and evil"?\\
'''Marine''': Ceasefire.

[[folder:Dressrosa Arc]]
* Chapter 698 is full of funny moments.
** Chopper yelling at Sanji for hitting Caesar... only to tell him to do it AFTER he's finished tending to his wounds. Sanji even lampshades this.
** Franky's pigtails.
** Caesar's [[http://i.imgur.com/pI95yNE.png face here]].
** When Luffy announces that they formed an alliance with Law's crew, he puts his hand on Law's shoulder and gives a big grin, while Law grimaces giving off the impression that he's made a huge mistake.
* Chapter 699: [[DirtyOldMan Sanji, Brook and Kin'emon]] learn that Momonosuke is taking a bath with Robin. They immediately go there, and find that they have just finished bathing, and Robin is holding the lucky kid near her breasts. Jealous, the three perverts gang up on him to scold him, scaring the hell out of the poor kid in the process, and get beat up by Nami as a result. Thankful, Momonosuke calls Nami a princess, which she likes a lot. She hugs him and tells him he can sleep in her room tonight, which shocks Sanji, Kinemon and Brook. The final straw is the smirk Momonosuke gives at the end of all this.
-->'''Sanji/Brook/Kin'emon''': THIS KID IS THE WORST!!!!!
** Even better in the anime, where Momonosuke ''motorboats'' Nami before giving that perverted look.
* Chapter 700: Even Law gets caught up in the Straw Hats hijinks; after trying to warn them again about preparing for Dressrosa, Luffy stops everything for a food break.
-->'''Luffy:''' Sanji, I'm hungry. What's for breakfast?\\
'''Sanji:''' Sandwiches.\\
'''Chopper:''' Waah, I want a cotton candy sandwich!!\\
'''Robin:''' Just tea for me. \\
'''Law:''' I don't like bread so- *[[DoubleTake which prompts a]] FaceFault.*
** True to his word the next page shows him eating onigiri.
*** According to the [=SBS=], the last one had umeboshi, which he hates, and he actually got into an argument with Sanji because of it.
** When Doflamingo mentions that there's something the Straw Hats would go to any lengths to get, Luffy believes it to be meat. He starts drooling like crazy, has hearts in his eyes, and even faints from envy. Doflamingo has yet to say anything beyond it being what he wants, by the way...
** When Luffy mispronounces Dressrosa's name as "Dress Olga", Robin imagines an ugly old hag in a dress. In Japanese, he says "Dress Roba", which actually does mean an ugly old hag in a dress.
** Buggy the Clown is revealed to be a Warlord. Several fans [[IKnewIt already guessed this]], but it's still funny to get an official confirmation.
* 701: The reaction to Dressrosa being home to living toys is ''priceless.''
** There's also Luffy and Momonosuke's arguing, which the latter takes advantage of to get Nami to hug him near her breasts again. The perverted look on dragon!Momonosuke's face is hilarious.
* 702: The cover. Caribou has been mistaken for somebody else. That somebody else? Revolutionary Commander Gaburu, who apparently is One Piece's answer to Che Guevara - Who looks ''exactly like Caribou'' (except he wears a hat). The look on Caribou's face says everything.
* 703: Sanji's interactions with Violet, the beautiful dancer.
** Luffy intends to participate in the tournament to win his brother's Devil Fruit. Franky tells him he can go all out, but that he musn't let everyone know who he is. Luffy says he got it, but literally on the next panel, he starts to say "Lu-". Cue DopeSlap from Franky. The kicker is that Luffy ends up entering the tournament as "Lucy" because of that, and that's what the townspeople call him even after they know his true identity.
* 704: Meet Cavendish, "White Horse Knight" Prince of the Pirates, who switches back and forth between being an effeminate, educated Bishonen and a raging beast. Why is that? Two years ago, Luffy, and, by extension, the Eleven Supernovas, overshadowed his reputation as a talented new rookie by being more talented and rookie than him. AttentionWhore much?
** Not to mention Luffy keeps ignoring him too.
** He also carries a rose, much like a lot of Bishounen characters in anime do. What does he do with his? He eats it.
** All the gladiators' horrified reactions when Luffy momentarily forgets that he's supposed to be in disguise and gives out his [[TheDreaded real name.]]
* In the anime, when Bartolomeo enters the ring and tells the entire audience to go to hell, they start throwing trash at him. Barto casually dodges it all, and it hits other gladiators instead. His laugh and the trollface he makes are the finishing blow.
* Chapter 707, Cavendish is off on a rant about how he can never forgive the Worst Generation and how he has to kill them all. Luffy is still in disguise standing right next to him. The very ''instant'' he finishes talking, Chinjao walks up behind them and casually asks, "Hey, Straw Hat Luffy, how's Garp doing?". Luffy and Cavendish's OhCrap expressions make it even funnier.
* As his block is having a battle royale, what does Bartolomeo do? He's nonchalantly taking a piss in the water surrounding the arena.
* Chapter 711: Robin tries to convince the dwarves who captured her that she didn't mean any harm. At first, they don't believe her, but they do a total 180 the second Robin answers that it's true. The second time this happens, which is literally seconds later, Robin has a priceless, Law-like FaceFault. Yes, you read that right; ''[[TheStoic Robin]]'' has a ''FaceFault''.
* Chapter 712: Violet scans Sanji's mind with her power... and finds out [[DirtyMindReading his mind is almost entirely filled with perverted thoughts]]. The poor young woman is so shocked she even screams.
* Chapter 713: Usopp's lies: he not only claims he has Haki, but ''he'' was the one who took down 50,000 Fishmen on Fishman Island. He also has the balls to claim he's a descendant of Montblanc Noland, which bites him in the ass later as the dwarves ask him to help them take down Doflamingo's crew. [[OhCrap His face]] [[ThisIsGonnaSuck is priceless]].
** Robin even calls Usopp a bad man for going this far with his lying.
** Just as Sanji is all lovey-dovey after seeing Violet give a cute and genuine smile, Kin'emon pops out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of him.
*** As Violet escapes, she calls Sanji a romantic fool. Kin'emon gets his attention by calling him "Mr. Romantic Fool".
** The townspeople's reactions to the Franky Tank.
* Chapter 714: Even though this is rather serious, you can't help but laugh at how Nami, Chopper, Brook, Momonosuke and the ''Thousand Sunny'' look as "art forms".
* Chapter 716: Jean Ango's [[OhCrap face]] upon realizing that [[ThisIsGonnaSuck the weapons he kept throwing at Luffy ended up getting lodged in]] [[BadassGrandpa Chinjao]]'s body.
** As the audience was expecting an epic duel between Sai and Ideo, both are taken out in one hit by Chinjao and Luffy.
* Chapter 719: What Chinjao looked like 30 years ago.
** Everyone's reaction to seeing Luffy making Chinjao's drill reappear.
* Chapter 720: Bartolomeo is a secret {{Fanboy}} of Luffy who ''gushes at the mere sight of him.''
** The anime heightens up the HoYay by having Bartolomeo have the same "Sexy ImagineSpot of Luffy", music and all, that Boa Hancock did.
** Chinjao wants to thank Luffy for giving back his drill on his head. He bows down to Luffy, who's fighting Cavendish at the time, but because he hasn't used his drill in a while he accidentally attacks him by splitting the ground.
* Chapter 721: During the time Thunder Soldier is taking care of Rebecca, he beats up a boy for hitting her and then [[OverprotectiveDad beats up another boy for trying to give her a love letter]].
* Chapter 722: Cavendish enters the ring and gives [[TheReasonYouSuckSpeech a passionate speech]] to the audience who throw boos at Rebecca. A moment of shock and silence, and the impressed audience forgets about Rebecca and starts cheering for Cavendish. His reaction is priceless.
-->'''Cavendish:''' Oh. My. God. I'm, like, super popular!!! *bishie sparkles*
** His passionate speech certainly felt like a moment of awesome... until a random bystander observes "What kind of person ... puts speakers on his steed?!"
** This exchange between Zoro and Wicca.
--->'''Wicca:''' Turn left here. (beat) Left is the side where you don't have your swords!\\
'''Zoro:''' As if I don't know left from right!\\
'''Wicca:''' You ''don't!''
* Chapter 723: Following Giolla's defeat, Brook reverses one of his perverse lines by saying he doesn't want to see ''her'' panties!
** Zoro and Kin'emon are standing outside the Colosseum and wondering how to get in without arising suspicion.
--->'''Zoro:''' Maybe I'll just cut an opening.\\
'''Kinemon:''' That will arise suspicion!\\
'''Zoro:''' Then I'll just cut a really small opening.\\
'''Kinemon:''' We're not talking about the magnitude here!
** Bartolomeo sees ''Zoro'' and starts freaking out the same way he did when he saw Luffy. It seems safe to say that he's a fanboy of the whole crew.
*** In the anime, there's a montage of Bartolomeo imagining himself striking poses along each of the rest of the Straw Hats. It's [[FreezeFrameBonus blink-and-you'll-miss-it]], but since he's never met him in person he pictures Sanji with [[CallBack the hideous face from his hand-drawn wanted poster.]]
* Chapter 724: Caesar complains about [[OhNoNotAgain being back on the Thousand Sunny]] alongside fellow prisoner Giolla.
-->'''Caesar:''' Giolla, help me!\\
'''Giolla:''' I'm ''literally'' in the same boat as you!
* Chapter 727: When Usopp was about to ask Thunder Soldier about his relations with the former king, Riku, he ignores and interrupts Usopp's question and starts telling the history of Dressrosa.
* Chapter 728: Usopp, Robin and Franky learning that they're the reason why Thunder Soldier and the Tontatta tribe are going to war against Doflamingo right now. When Doflamingo abdicated his position as king, to trick the Straw Hats and Law, it brought hope to them. But when they learned that the information was false, they were so devastated that they decided that they would fight against Doflamingo in a blaze of glory even if it meant their deaths. The crews' reaction is priceless.
** [[NotSoAboveItAll We actually see]] ''[[TheStoic Robin]]'' [[NotSoAboveItAll perform a]] '''[[NotSoAboveItAll bigger]]''' [[NotSoAboveItAll face fault than her previous one!]]
* Chapter 730: Sanji's reaction to when Caesar confesses that [[TooDumbToLive he swindled money from Big Mom for research funds.]]
--> ''You did'' '''''what?'''''
* Chapter 731: Luffy's absolutely epic, Eneru-like JawDrop which takes up ''an entire page''. What makes it even funnier is that given the WhamEpisode this chapter is, this is probably most of the audience's reaction as well.
** From the same chapter, there's Franky's hair turning into a cannon and Usopp declaring he'll fight a little girl.
* Chapter 732: Senor Pink's EstablishingCharacterMoment. He messily eats a tomato, is told by a woman not to eat like that, so he rips off her bikini top and wipes his mouth with it.
** Franky seeing him and asking "Who's that perverted guy?" Prompting the Doflamingo mooks to call out his hypocrisy.
* Chapter 733: Doflamingo's grunts are excited to join in on the fight. [[http://www.batoto.net/read/_/214207/one-piece_ch733_by_powermanga/13 But first they have to]] [[UncomfortableElevatorMoment wait patiently in the elevator...]]
* Chapter 736: Instead of Luffy going with Viola to go to the secret entrance to the lower rampart of the palace to avoid the guards, Luffy [[WithCatlikeTread runs towards the front entrance, which is heavily guarded, and launches a Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol at the guards and the front door while wearing a fish costume.]]
-->'''Luffy''': It's open!\\
'''Zoro''': That's not the problem here!
** While Lao G fights the Toy Soldier and some of the dwarves, Lao G has to quickly put his glasses on to see what's in front of him and he explains the reason he's in the elevator lift is because he got "mixed up" with the orders he was given.
*** There's also the Sentai-esque G he makes with his hands.
* The very beginning of Chapter 739 has the MassOhCrap reaction from Sugar, Usopp, the dwarves and the dwarves-turned-toys when a huge, duck-figureheaded ship crashes right into the executive tower. Afterwards, an angry Sugar gave Trebol a kick in the shin for throwing it.
* [[http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/740/15 Donquixote Doflaemon.]]
* Law makes Baby 5 cry by giving her an angry look.
* This exchange between Sugar and Trebol:
--> '''Sugar''': You're an idiot. Just die.\\
'''Trebol''': As if I'd die, you damn brat! Bahahahaha!\\
'''Sugar''': Just die.\\
'''Trebol''': Bahahahaha!\\
'''Sugar''': Just die.\\
'''Trebol''': Bahahahaha!\\
-->'''Sugar''': J-\\
'''Trebol''': Bahahahaha!
* Chapter 742: We get the mother of all OhCrap moments when Usopp screams and makes quite possibly the biggest JawDrop in the ''whole series'' after being fed the ultra-spicy grape that was intended for Sugar, which scares Sugar so much that she ''falls unconscious''.
* Chapter 743: As all the toys in Dressrosa start turning back to normal. One of the toys in the Colosseum audience was a ''gorilla!''
** Adding to that, when Sabo destroys the arena, you can see the gorilla [[http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/743/19 has the same shocked expression as everyone else]]!
* Chapter 744: The cover shows Aokiji and Camel (his pet penguin, for those of you wondering) getting headaches from eating ice too fast. Keep in mind Aokiji is an ''ice man'', and yet he still gets that!
** Sabo completely ignoring Bartolomeo and instead grabbing Rebecca, after eating the Flame-Flame Fruit. Lampshaded as well.
** '''USOPP''' of all of the Straw Hats becomes a hero to the eyes of the other gladiators in the factory. One of them is a giant from Elbaf, which doubles as epic foreshadowing.
*** Put it this way; Usopp's situation is very similar to Buggy's, during Ace's rescue in Marineford, where the prisoners praised him like a god.
** The following exchange:
--->'''Law:''' If you let me escape I'll kill you!\\
'''Luffy:''' Don't move! It's hard to take these off when I can't touch the Sea Prism Stone.\\
'''Violet:''' Be careful!\\
'''Law:''' (Makes WildTake) Are you listening to me!!?
* Chapter 745: Robin casually introducing Usopp, who's badly beaten up and his face is all bloody, to Sabo, Koala, and Hack. Usopp can barely say his name and the others are just creeped out by it.
* Chapter 746: Doflamingo enumerates the list of the twelve people he wants dead, and how much money he offers for their heads: Robin, Rebecca, Kin'emon, Viola, Franky (100,000,000 Berries each), Zoro, Kyros (200,000,000 Berries each), Luffy, Sabo, King Riku, and Law (300,000,000 Berries each). Just as Usopp [[TemptingFate expresses relief that he wasn't in the list]], Doflamingo goes on to mention him, naming him as the guy who angered him the most, and offers ''500,000,000 for his head''. Usopp's OhCrap face is priceless. It doubles as an SugarWiki/AwesomeMoment because the person he mentioned was ''Usopp''. Capping it all off, Luffy thinks it's ActuallyPrettyFunny.
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppmRIAjZWN4 Anime version here.]]
** Also, Bartolomeo geeking out at getting to meet Robin, and learning Usopp is Sogeking. And Sabo getting annoyed by his behavior.
-->'''Sabo''': You idiot! The hell are you getting all worked up over? Fuckin' fanbody. Shut it!\\
'''Hack''': ''(has a cast covering his broken arm)'' I cannot believe a weirdo like that managed to do this to my arm.
* Chapter 747:
** The giant, imposing Pica finally speaks. He apparently speaks in a childish, high pitched, squeaky voice.
*** Even funnier in the anime. When reading the manga, you have to imagine the voice for yourself, but in the anime, you can hear how mismatched his voice is with his build.
** Dellinger goes in to kick Luffy with his high heels, only for Zoro to kick him and divert the attack into Machvise's ass with painful results. For both of them.
--> '''Machvise:''' [[ArmorPiercingAttack HOLY SHIT, THAT HURTS!]]\\
'''Dellinger:''' [[FatBastard HOLY SHIT, HE'S FAT]]!
** On an overall note, there's the fact that Law's plan to use the Straw Hats for his own goals has degenerated to him getting literally dragged around by the neck by Luffy.
* Chapter 748 has all the gladiators meet up with Luffy, and declare that they'll repay their debt to the Straw Hats by killing Doflamingo even though Luffy wants to beat Doflamingo himself. Cue all of them threatening to get rid of Luffy if he won't get out of the way, even as they call him their savior.
** [[{{Greed}} Dagama]] is part of the group that wants to repay Luffy and ignore Doflamingo's bounty offer, but he has a few lumps on his head, suggesting he might have needed... persuasion.
** Luffy continues to ignore Law's protests that they aren't friends.
*** As well as his annoyance that Luffy is only doing this for Rebecca because she gave him lunch.
*** Law in general during this chapter. You can see his [[NotSoStoic exasperation]] over the fact that his plan to take down Doflamingo has degenerated into ''this''.
** Also, Cavendish is going into a speech on how killing Doflamingo will net him all sorts of popularity... completely unaware that Luffy's already ditched him.
* Chapter 749: Luffy realizing that Abdullah and Jeet have hitched a ride with him on Ucy.
** Later in Chapter 751, Law and Luffy JawDrop upon witnessing Abdullah and Jeet get ''clotheslined off the bull's back''.
--->'''Luffy''': ...
--->'''Law''': They fell off... ''They actually fell off...''
* Chapter 751: When Fujitora tries to summon a meteor against Sabo, it strikes into the Birdcage and splits into several pieces which rain down over the city.
-->'''Fujitora''': Oops, my bad.
* Chapter 753: Kyros hitching a ride on Cavendish's horse, and Cavendish's repeated complaints about the situation while Luffy and Kyros ignore him and casually talk about their current situation. And then there's Law's thoughts on the situation:
-->'''Law''': ''(thinking)'' [[NotSoAboveItAll The bull's back had more space...]]
* Chapter 754: When we see Kanjuro use his devil fruit to [[ArtInitiatesLife draw a bird to life]] to aid in his escape, the bird is badly drawn and it doesn't look like it can fly. Even the prisoners point out how pitiful his drawing is.
** Luffy, Law, Kyros, and Cavendish arguing over who will take down Doflamingo:
--->'''Kyros''': I have a 10-year-old debt to repay!\\
'''Law''': If we're gonna talk about time, then lemme tell ya, mine is 13-years-old!\\
'''Luffy''': [[BlatantLies Well then mine is 30-years-old!]]\\
'''Cavendish''': Stop pulling facts out of your ass, you idiot! There's no way you were even born that long ago!
* Chapter 755: Pick a Franky and Señor Pink moment. ANY Franky and Señor Pink moment.
--> '''Tontatta Gnomes''': [[TestosteronePoisoning The "Man's Fight" is about to begin!]]
--> '''Señor Pink''': [[MomentKiller Diaper Bomb!]]
--> '''Franky''': [[MomentKiller Nipple Light Special!]]
* Chapter 756: Sugar gaining a phobia of people with long noses and things that resemble long noses thanks to Usopp.
-->'''Sugar''': P-People with long noses better not stand next to me! People with long noses should just go and die!
* Chapter 757: When Robin talks about how Luffy's the trump card, there are shots of various battles going on. When we get to the SMILE factory, Franky and Senor Pink are doing what seems to be a ''synchronised swimming routine'', while [[SmittenTeenageGirl Kyuin]] [[{{Squee}} squees]] in the background.
* Chapter 758: Just as Sugar is about to turn Luffy and Law into toys, a projectile fired by Usopp and shaped like his NightmareFace from chapter 742 zips by. Sugar screams her lungs out at the sight of it and faints instantly again. Doubles as an awesome moment because Usopp fired it from an insanely long distance. Using ''Haki.''.
* Chapter 761: Donquixote Corazon finally takes center stage and he's revealed to be a clumsy, accident-prone mute that really, really hates children and casually decided to throw Law out the window when they met for the first time.
* Chapter 762 isn't supposed to be that funny. But you do get the origin of Baby 5 and Law's BokeAndTsukkomiRoutine as well as the revelation that Dellinger has been a part of Doflamingo's crew since he was an infant.
* Chapter 763 continues the Corazon hijynx in that whatever the crew is shown doing in a new place, he's ALWAYS falling flat on his ass. So he trips up in the snow-filled jungle, he trips up on a wealthy man's carpet, and even after battling other pirates he manages to set himself on fire again.
** The fact that Law stopped Buffalo from telling Doflamingo that he stabbed Corazon in the back by [[FoodAsBribe bribing him with ice cream]].
** Doflamingo saving Law and Baby 5 from a vicious pirate? Kind of sweet. A tearful Baby 5 clinging to his leg as he tries to do a PowerWalk with his brother setting himself on fire (again) in the background? Hilarious.
* Chapter 764 takes Corazon's hilarity still further: upon learning Corazon can actually talk, but due to his Silence devil fruit can make himself effectively mute, Law wonders if Corazon is also hiding anything else. Cue the shot of Corazon managing to set himself on fire while trying to convince Law that he's really not clumsy as well. Naturally, Law doesn't buy that for a second.
** And then when he gets dumped into the trash, the entire trashbin suddenly sets on fire. Law then bribes Buffalo again, asking Baby 5 to give him the money for an ice cream.
** Corazon crying offscreen over his inability to save Law... [[MoodWhiplash *Clang*]] ''[[TheKlutz OW!]]''
* Chapter 765 has Corazon try to impress Law with his devil fruit ability. First, he breaks a vase in complete silence. Then, he fires a bazooka, and the explosion makes no noise. Then, he farts, and it stinks to high hell but still makes no noise. The funny part: He does all these things while making a cheesy peace sign and having {{Bishie Sparkle}}s every panel.
** And then Law tells him his ability [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway sucks]]. While having a shirt that bears the legend "AMAZED". Even better, Law's speech bubble in the manga ''actually pierces Corazon.''
** Corazon's conversation with Sengoku. Not the conversation itself, but the fact that Garp is apparently throwing a party in his office and getting yelled at in the background of the call.
** There's also Sengoku's SpitTake when he Corazon reveals he knows about the trade for the Ope Ope fruit.
* Chapter 767 is quite a serious chapter, but there is a little gem: when Doflamingo's crew is hunting for Corazon, literally the moment they say "Where is Corazon?", immediately in the next panel he's running at them with the cheesy peace signs again. Just Gladius's reaction and the "We found Corazon." sells it.
** And then we have the touching flashback panels for Corazon and Law as Corazon faces the music, and one of them is Corazon managing to trip over AND light himself on fire at the same time.
* Chapter 768 returns us back to the present with the on-going fights... and there's a panel of a battered-but-undefeated Senor Pink receiving (and returning) a tearful thumbs-up of encouragement FROM A KITTEN, with Franky trying not to cry ManlyTears over it.
* Chapter 770 has a meta-moment, when we finally have One Piece's unique laughs go to a level that Zoro, of all people, just outright tells Pika his laugh is simply just too unbelievable to be a natural laugh.
** Also, this example of CrazyAwesome:
--->'''Orlumbus:''' ''Admiral's Dignity! 'Tention!''\\
''(Mooks quickly stand at perfect attention in a straight line)''\\
'''Mook:''' Hey, why are we doing this?\\
'''Orlumbus:''' ''Admiral's Killer Bowling!'' ''(Literally bowls the mooks over using another mook as a ball.)''
** Baby 5 mistaking Sai's words while he fought her as him trying to "hit" her and Sai being confused by this.
--->'''Baby 5''': Why didn't you come out and tell me this before?!\\
'''Sai''': I still have no idea what you're talking about!!!\\
'''Baby 5''': Don't play dumb with me!!!\\
'''Sai''': ''(during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5)'' I'm gonna take that heart of yours!\\
'''Baby 5''': Saying things like you'll "steal my heart"...\\
'''Sai''': ''(during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5, grabbing Baby 5's hand)'' I ain't letting go of this hand!\\
'''Baby 5''': That you'll "hold my hand"...\\
'''Sai''': ''(during a flashback of his fight with Baby 5, moving quickly)'' You think you can keep up with me?!\\
'''Baby 5''': Or to "come with me"! If you're going to come after me so earnestly, little things like what side we're on shouldn't matter! You need me, don't you?!\\
'''Sai''': Ehhh??
* Chapter 771 is full of old people gags with Lao G - he has a martial art stance known as "[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin lower back pain]]", he literally almost dies of old age because it took too long to get to his part of the chapter, and when there's a tearfull scene of his departure... he just comes back to life to tell them he couldn't hear what they were saying, could they repeat that?
** And in the background of all this is Baby 5 wanting to marry Sai, and Sai having no idea what the hell is going on. Even the watching mooks are confused as to where the hell the conversation is going.
** And after Sai inherits Chinjao's move, he tells Baby 5 he'll marry her if he defeats Lao G. After he does so, He tells everyone to call him Don and Baby 5 is "eliminated" (Having fallen in love).
--->Two Donquixote Pirate Officers have fallen\\
Lao G: into a chasm\\
Baby 5 in love
* Chapter 772: Robin winks at Bartolomeo... and he has a huge facefault and begins to wonder if that means he can be her slave anytime, before getting a grip on himself.
** All of Bartolomeo and Cavendish's interactions.
** As Sai is pleading with his grandfather not to die, Baby 5 says they now need two ceremony halls. For a wedding and a funeral. Chinjao gets back up and yells "Who's dead here?!"
* Chapter 773: [[SplitPersonality Cavendish and Hakuba]] having an argument with ''Robin'' having a sweat drop at what she's witnessing. The man's face goes half Cavendish and half Hakuba at one point!
** After Gladius fires off his poisonous barbed hair, he's left completely bald.
* Chapter 774: After Leo's [[BigDamnHeroes kickass rescue of Princess Manshelly, the latter is relieved to see him again. But then Leo quickly ruins the moment by pointing out that the princess has put on some weight recently.]]
** And in the background of the phonecall to the Factory, Senior Pink and Franky are doing some sort of synchronised ballet while the factory explodes around them.
** There's also Usopp freaking out at the idea of Sugar being revived by Manshelly's powers.
* The ''epic'' collective JawDrop of everyone who witnesses Zoro's defeat of Pica in chapter 778.
** As well as Elizabello II's pout at having his King Punch be used for cleanup. Sure, he saved everyone from certain doom (his cleanup was Pica's leftover stone body that was floating in midair and is about to fall on top of people), but still.
* Chapter 779:
** During a flashback to Zoro's training with Mihawk, Mihawk wants Zoro to master having his sword entirely coated with haki and forbids him to drink any alcohol until he does, much to Zoro's shock.
** When Koala calls Sabo for help, he tells her that she's capable enough to handle her problems herself. But when she brings up Luffy's safety, he tells her he'll be right there, much to her annoyance.
* Chapter 782:
** Trebol turning out to be just a skinny hunched old man, with the big imposing coat just being a by-product of his DF.
* Chapter 783:
** Cavendish's InsaneTrollLogic when Luffy entrusts him to help everyone.
---> '''Cavendish's thoughts''': Entrust -> Faith -> Charisma -> Popularity -> Straw Hat's my fan?!
** Bartolomeo still fan-gasming over Zoro taking out Pica.
** On a more meta level, Oda goes on his scheduled once-every-3-weeks hiatus right after Luffy [[{{Reveal}} reveals]] the existence of: Gear '''Fourth'''
* Chapter 784:
** Gear Fourth has been revealed.. and it looks absolutely ridiculous, like some weird combination between Donkey Kong and Nightmare Luffy. Luffy is ''bouncing around like a rubber ball'', and generally being ridiculously wacky.. [[MoodWhiplash then does his first move, the [[Awesome/OnePiece Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun.]] ]]
** In the same chapter, we see Baby 5 mentally squeeing to herself when she refers to Sai with terms of endearment.
** With Luffy [[IncrediblyLamePun gearing up]] to hit him, Doflamingo is being his usual [[SmugSnake self]] while mockingly dismissing the technique. Suddenly jump cut to the streets below where the townspeople having a BigWhat moment when Doflamingo appears out of nowhere in front of them. His reaction? That's what ''he'' wants to know!
** The townspeople's reaction to Luffy dropkicking Doflamingo while flying is one of awe. Their reaction to Luffy bouncing like a ball afterward...
** The cover page shows the Straw Hats having a picnic with ''zombies''. Nami and Chopper are so scared they cling adorably onto Luffy, Usopp and Brook are freaked out by a zombie's flying decapitated head (while the body is running off who knows where on its own), Zoro is enjoying himself and having some booze with another zombie, and Sanji looks positively delighted that a female zombie's biting his shoulder.
** The anime even adds to the hilarity by having Luffy speak like a Kabuki actor when he first transforms.
* Chapter 785: A little girl begging for her injured grandmother to get up and keep running, with said grandmother telling her grandchild to leave her behind and run on her own is a TearJerker. But said grandmother running like hell with a funny expression, to the relief of her granddaughter who also has one hell of a face of her own (Seriously, that's InelegantBlubbering at its finest) is really funny, and a welcome tension reliever.
* Chapter 786's cover art shows Luffy, Law, and a monkey together in a requested piece of art. What's so funny, you ask? Luffy and the monkey are trying to get Law to eat bread, as a call back to Chapter 700. Apparently Law hates bread so much that he is willing to cut up said monkey in his Room while fighting a Gear 2 Luffy. It's also quite endearing to see them both act like this during the Dressrosa arc.
** In the chapter itself, the townsfolk are wondering if that's really Luffy. He tells them "Yeah, I am". Another person in the crowd repeats the rumor that he's an eight meter giant. Luffy just exasperates "Where do you hear this crap?"
* Chapter 788, Usopp yelling at the people of Dressrosa who have strength to help the Colosseum participants push the birdcage when they are having doubts.
-->'''Usopp''': Silence heathens! Believe in my friends!\\
'''Random Civilian''': Do not anger the God any further!
* Chapter 791: Gatz tries to announce Luffy's victory, but is so choked up by his TearsOfJoy that he pronounces "winner" as "wiener".
* Chapter 792: Koala is in the middle of a conversation with Sabo via a Den-Den Mushi when the latter prematurely hangs up the call. Koala proceeds to start chewing the operator out while grabbing his cheek at the same time, while the poor confused operator tells her not to vent her anger on him.
* Chapter 793, the Marine soldiers [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere running away in terror]] when they hear Fujitora and Akainu getting into a heated argument on the Den Den Mushi.
** When Killer mentions that the Kidd Alliance is targeting Shanks, half eaten noodles are seen dripping through the holes in his mask.
** Given the nature of Jewelry Bonney's [[FountainOfYouth age]] [[OvernightAgeUp altering]] powers, it's hilarious hearing a pizzaiolo screaming that an old lady stole some pizza, then we see a little girl eating said food. No one else could perform that particular style of theft.
** In the anime, when Akainu and the Five Elder Stars are informed about Luffy's defeat of Doflamingo and the resulting destruction to Dressrosa, Akainu [[EvenEvilHasStandards lets out a shocked and appalled]] BigWhat. The Elders response? More along the lines of an annoyed "[[OhNoNotAgain Not again]]".
* Chapter 794:
** A flashback shows the Revolutionary Army getting reports on Marineford's aftermath. One member asks if Dragon really is Luffy's father. Dragon's response is a very casual "Huh? Oh. Yeah." Like everyone already knew that and it wasn't a big secret.
** Hack is having a conversation with Sabo via Den-Den Mushi when the latter hangs up too early. Hack proceeds to punch the [[ButtMonkey operator from Chapter 792]] with his bad hand.
** Koala's InelegantBlubbering reaction when Sabo wakes up from his three day-long coma. It's adorable, and a pretty nice tension reliever considering the TearJerker that happened immediately before.
** Franky crying [[ManlyTears (again)]] is made [[BlackComedy darkly funny]] by the fact that his tears run into [[FacialHorror the exposed circuitry behind his left eye]] and start it smoking.
* Chapter 795: A blink and you'll miss it moment, but when they show the warriors & various other pirates, Happo Navy, etc. sleeping in the palace, you can see Hakuba chained up... Justified but still amusing none the less.
** Even funnier, the anime shows that Bartolomeo was the one that had him chained up when he realized he was sleeping with in the same room with the others.
* Chapter 796:
** Luffy is going through a rollercoaster of emotions, being simultaneously worried about Sanji's group, sad that Sabo has left, ticked off at Kyros' story to cover up his relation to Rebecca, sleepy from his fights, and hungrily stuffing himself. After Kyros explains why he chose to cover up his relation to Rebecca, Zoro and Usopp glance at Luffy who, exactly like they expected, glares and doesn't buy it at all.
** Bartolomeo rushes in to warn the Straw Hats about the Marines, but is blinded by "the laser beam of awesomeness" that is to see five of the Straw Hats in the same room and comments that if he ever saw the entire group, it would probably burn out his retinas.
** Sengoku's new laid-back attitude. Seems having no responsibilities will do that to you.
* The Chapter 797 cover shows the G-5 Marines throwing a party for Smoker's return. Everyone is rejoicing (complete with Tashigi happily and adorably biting into some cotton candy), but Smoker is ''completely'' unamused.
* In chapter 798, the Marines' attempt to arrest the Straw Hats and other pirates made difficult by the Tontattas, who not only steal their weapons right from their pocket, but also take the gunpowder from their rifles! Leo even goes as far as to sew the Navy ships together, preventing them from setting sail, and the Marines can't cut the strings because ''anything that can be used to cut is gone!'' And why are Marines fainting left and right, even though Haki of the Supreme Kings' isn't being used? Princess Manshelly is taking just a little too much blood to use for her healing flowers, and thinks it's okay because Kyros said so!
* In Chapter 799, the face Fujitora makes when Luffy tells him he's not going to fight a blind-man without calling his attacks. Luffy seems to believe he won't be able to fight effectively unless he [[CallingYourAttacks calls his attacks]], and Fujitora makes a hilarious face just before he gets pissed.
** An easy-to-miss example: After Luffy was snatched by Hajrudin mid-battle, Zoro steps forward donning a full-on SlasherSmile and exclaiming, "Alright, my turn!" Bartolomeo has to remind him the pirates were under a tight schedule.
* Chapter 800:
** Luffy insists that he wants to be the Pirate King, not someone great. Cue his new allies leaning their heads to the side, as if to say "...the fuck?". Seeing these badass men lean to the side without losing their BadassArmfold is way funnier than it should be.
*** Law even lampshades the strange comment. "What...? What the hell is he talking about?"
** After Luffy explains why he doesn't want to drink (aside from having no interest in alcohol) and become leader of the grand fleet, all seven captains drink anyways and consider themselves his subordinates of their own free will, much to Luffy's irritation. Furthermore, Luffy tries to point out that he didn't drink, but has to acknowledge that his cup is empty anyways (Zoro drank it all, and is right next to Luffy licking his chops).
** Fujitora thanks Luffy out loud for cleaning up the Government's mess and taking down Doflamingo. Only problem, Sengoku overheard him and taunts him about it. Cue Fujitora's OhCrap face.
** A minor one, but after the heartwarming moment between Rebecca and him, Kyros starts crying TearsOfJoy again. Rebecca playfully teases him about it, but Kyros vehemently denies it.
** During the party:
*** Cavendish is quite obviously wasted and laughing his ass off.
*** Bartolomeo can't take in so much happiness and is crying TearsOfJoy again, with Leo trying to comfort him.
*** Zoro is happily drinking booze, and is visibly trying to get Law to participate as he has an arm over his shoulder. Law, on the other hand, looks really annoyed and gives Zoro a DeathGlare. The anime makes it even funnier where Zoro outright hauls Law away from his spot by himself to do it and Law can't get free despite trying.
* On a more Meta level: Whenever Luffy wants a new crew member, he persists on them joining until they eventually do. This time, he has over 5000 pirates wanting to be under his wing and Luffy wants none of it, only for them to force themselves on him. It's some pretty delicious irony.
** Knowing Luffy, it's justified: as the 5600 guys are already pirates, i.e "free men", Luffy thinks it'll be bad to rob their freedom off them if he takes them under his wing (that, and he thought they're going to be an actual part of the crew, which is incorrect). On the other hand, when he wants someone under his wing, it's because he's "freeing" them from their constrains in some way. The irony is still there, though.
* Chapter 801:
** The grateful citizens of Dressrosa are building statues of Luffy as Lucy, Kyros and Usopp. While Kyros and Lucy's statues depict them with badass poses, Usopp's shows his NightmareFace from chapter 742.
** Bartolomeo's ship is the "Going Luffy-senpai", with a giant Luffy-shaped figurehead, and the Straw Hats' bounty posters framed in his room. His crew is also just as gaga over the Straw Hats as he is. Usopp even comments that it looks more like something Luffy would have than either of Luffy's ships.
*** There's also Bartolomeo nonchalantly telling Law that he threw his bounty photo in the trash.
----> '''Bartolomeo:''' But just in case you were wondering, it went up to 500 million.\\
'''Law:''' [[SarcasmMode Oh, thanks. This is me caring.]]
** The new bounty posters:
*** Usopp's shows him all beat up, and says "God" Usopp. Even more hilarious, his bounty went from the third lowest (30 million) in the Straw Hat Crew to the third highest (200 million), only behind Luffy and Zoro. Also, Usopp doesn't know whether to be excited that he's got such a high bounty or scared because now all the big shots will be coming after him.
*** Chopper's bounty has been upgraded... to 100 Berries. His new picture isn't much better than his old one either.
*** Nami's new bounty picture is SOMEHOW another pin-up, and Brook's picture is a poster of one of his concerts.
*** Franky is mad that Usopp's bounty is now higher than his, and lashes out at him.
---->'''Franky''': ''(strangling Usopp)'' You gotta be kidding me! Why the hell did yours go up so much!? I'm the only one that hasn't broken 100 million! That's utter crap!\\
'''Usopp''': Guah! Even my crewmates are gunning for me!
*** The supreme {{Irony}} in this? Usopp's bounty is the same amount of Berries that the Franky Family stole from him in Water 7. Knowing Oda, it was more than likely intentional.
*** Sanji's poster doesn't show a poorly-drawn sketch of him anymore, but his typical goofy heart-eyed look. Well, at least it ''is'' his face this time... And well, not so funny after we see this lead to..
* Also on Bartolomeo's wall are autographs from each of the Straw Hats. In particular, Luffy's signed his "ore", basically meaning he signed his "me", while Zoro's is just the kanji for katana, Robin drew a picture of a rooster with hers, to go along with the crew's nickname for Bartolomeo.

[[folder:Zou Arc]]
* Chapter 802:
** We finally see what the Barto Club Pirates are like at sea; Shockingly, they're even more useless at sailing than Luffy and Zoro were at the start of the story. They don't even have a navigator, but instead call Gambia's grandmother on the snail phone whenever there's trouble. Here more comical, her advice is useless.
** Usopp being flattered when Law called him by his epithet, "God" and Franky glaring at Usopp who is still mad that Usopp's bounty is higher than his.
** Law taking advantage of Bartolomeo's love for the Straw Hats:
--->'''Law''': Would you mind sharing some of your provisions?\\
'''Bartolomeo''': Why the fuck would we give anything to your sorry ass?\\
'''Law''': Well then, would you mind giving some to Straw Hat-ya?\\
'''Bartolomeo''': Bring it all!!! All the provisions including the reserves!!!
* Chapter 803:
** As Bartolomeo and his crew say their goodbyes to the Straw Hats, mentioning how it's been an honor fighting alongside them, they realize that the crew is completely ignoring them. ...Not that they mind.
** The dragon Kanjuro drew to life is so pathetically drawn that the Straw Hats, who initially believed it was some kind of snake or worm, can't help but feel sorry for the poor thing. Aside from Robin, that is, who finds it so cute she's ''blushing''. She even looks seconds away from having a CutenessOverload!
** Kin'emon, who can't stand dragons, glares at Kanjuro upon seeing it. Kanjuro's response? "[[NoodleIncident An eye for an eye, as they say.]]", with a big smile on his face.
** As Koala makes her report to Dragon about the weapons they got back from Dressrosa, the latter asks how Robin is doing. Koala mentions she's doing fine, but is confused why he's not asking about Luffy, before Dragon answers that he already heard ''plenty'' enough about him from Sabo.
** When Kanjuro mentions that their ally Raizou is a ninja, all the men get excited with gleaming lights above them. [[NotSoStoic Including Law]].
* Chapter 804
** The crew's reaction, and subsequent mourning, of the "death" of Kanjuro's dragon is funny in itself. But Zoro and Law's dismissive attitude is equally hilarious.
--->'''Law''': This is ridiculous.
** As the Straw Hats and Law enter Zou proper, you can even see Robin leaving flowers on the dragon's "grave".
** Robin notes that the creature that fell towards them looked like a person with lots of knives sticking out of him and bleeding... though it could also be a monkey.
** As the rest of the gang swiftly dodges the falling monkey, Kanjuro starts playing "Guess Who?" with Kin'emon out of nowhere (To the latter's hilarity, despite Kanjuro being the only person behind him); as a result, they get bonked full force right in the face and fall off.
* Chapter 805:
** Luffy runs into Bepo, Penguin, and Shachi. Queue a ''mess'' of a conversation where the Heart Pirates ask about their captain, unaware that the "Traffy" Luffy is talking about is in fact Law.
--->'''Luffy''': Hm? Oh! You're that talking bear from Traffy's crew!
--->'''Bepo''': 'Traffy'? You've got it all wrong, we're subordinates of Trafalgar Law! The Heart Pirates!
--->'''Luffy''': Yeah, that's what I said.
--->'''Bepo''': NO IT ISN'T!
--->'''Penguin''': Man, we've been keeping up to date with the papers! Crazy news at every turn! I guess we're in an alliance now, huh?
--->'''Shachi''': Is our captain with you?
--->'''Luffy''': Yeah. Traffy's here too.
*** What makes it even better is that [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} Luffy]] is the one who clears up the misunderstanding.
--->'''Luffy''': Traffy... is what I call Law.
* Chapter 806:
** Wanda and Carrot's affection for Luffy's skin. Wanda keeps licking him, and Carrot is biting him. The latter leading to Usopp believing they're trying to eat him.
** Kin'emon and Kanjuro try to climb up Zou again, this time on a poorly-drawn cat. Kanjuro's logic is that "cats are good at climbing".
*** And then the elephant bathes itself. Cue a massive OhCrap and HilarityEnsues.
** Law uses Shambles to transport himself and the remaining Straw Hats to Luffy's location. Only he and Robin land on their feet. [[http://www.mangaeden.com/en/en-manga/one-piece/806/13/ The rest of the crew land on their faces.]]
* Chapter 808:
** After being told in the previous chapter that they shouldn't mention the Wano country or ninjas and samurais to the Mink tribe, as Jack wrecked the country looking for Raizo, Luffy expectedly can't help but talk about them anyway. A shocked Brook, Nami and Usopp promptly beat the shit out of him before he says too much. This actually becomes HarsherInHindsight when it's revealed that the Minks and Samurai are actually century-long friends, meaning that not only was Luffy pummeled for nothing ([[DopeSlap for once), but if the others hadn't stifled him, they would've learned the truth earlier]].
** Shishilian is so over-the-top that he doesn't just kneel to show gratitude: he ''leaps'' into the air before kneeling. When Luffy notes that he's really overbearing, an annoyed Nami lightly punches him in the cheek.
* Chapter 809:
** Poor Brook can't seem to get a break with the canine Minks as even their king, Duke Dogstorm, drools at the very sight of him!
---> '''Brook''': [[OhCrap Drool!]]\\
'''Wanda:''' [[SayItWithHearts I know what you mean]]. He's our savior too. \\
'''Dogstorm:''' What a delicious-looking savior.\\
'''Wanda:''' You're still recovering right now. Wait until later.\\
'''Brook:''' No!! Not later either!!!
* Chapter 810:
** How did the Curly Hats get on Zou? They used Caesar like a hot air balloon.
* Episode 762 (Chapter 811/812): Sanji starts taking advantage of the Minks' friendliness by nuzzling all the Mink women. This gives the Mink men the impression that Human males are only friendly with females. Of course, when he tries to get friendly with Nami, [[ArmorPiercingSlap she socks him in the jaw]].
* Chapter 814:
** Cat Viper is an ''absolute'' riot in this chapter. After scaring off Bege in the flashback, he then chases after some catnip. When he's introduced in the present, he's seen [[ComicStrip/{{Garfield}} eating lasagna]] and acting like such a goofy ManChild that his wounds actually reopen. No wonder Brook likes him.
** Chopper channels Sanji a bit when he meets Milky, a female reindeer Mink.
--->'''Usopp:''' Oi, Chopper! [[DoubleEntendre Why are you so stiff]]?\\
'''Chopper:''' I'm not stiff, dummy!
* Chapter 815 is full to the brim of comedy gold:
** Luffy telling Pekoms that he doesn't want to be Big Mom and co.'s underlings when Sanji gets married...[[RefugeInAudacity so they will become his underlings instead]]. When Pekoms freaks out at this, Luffy responds casually and tells Pekoms that his eyes are cute. Even Carrot laughs.
** So what does Carrot think about the idea of Luffy going to go see Big Mom, and potentially starting a fight with the Emperor before she's told off by Wanda?
--->'''Carrot''': Waaaah...That sounds like fun...!!
** Luffy decides that Pekoms will take him with him to the tea party when he returns to Big Mom (ignoring Pekoms's protests). As a result, this conversation happens a few panels later:
--->'''Chopper''': Heeyyy, Luffy! Zoro! How's Pekoms?\\
'''Luffy''': Ah, Chopper! He's in pain, slamming his head against the wall and shouting! Hurry up and heal him!\\
'''Chopper''': Ehh? What the heck kind of symptoms are those?! I'll come take a look!
** Cat Viper continues to bring the hilarity: He followed Chopper's group to come see Luffy, cheerfully stating that [[BlatantLies he's all better now]]. He then attempts to [[TheGlomp glomp]] Luffy and Zoro, but just ends up tackling them...which re-opens his wounds again to the point that he needs a blood transfusion, and pisses off Zoro, who starts threatening to skin him.
*** Chopper then gets another DistractedByTheSexy moment when Milky agrees to bring him the blood he needs for the transfusion.
*** Made even better when Law (who came to talk to Luffy) happens to walk up at the moment all of this is happening, and can only watch the ruckus with a SweatDrop.
*** A few panels later, in an easy-to-miss FunnyBackgroundEvent, Zoro actually has pulled out his swords like he's gonna follow through on his threat, with Usopp trying to hold him back.
** Law introduces the rest of the Heart Pirates, who all strike dorky fighting poses. Luffy greets them with a cheerful "Yo!"...and then the two captains promptly begin ignoring them in order to talk strategy, [[http://www.mangastream.to/one-piece-chapter-816-page-14.html much to their great disappointment]].
** The Straw Hats' talk with Law only lasts a page before Cat Viper randomly decides to throw a party. Naturally, Luffy is totally down, and despite Chopper's protests, cut to the next panel, where a raucous party has already begun.
** The three oldest Straw Hats--Robin, Franky, and Brook--do not partake in the festivities and wait outside the city for the samurai to show up in order to prevent them from entering, citing as they do so that the three of them must be the "responsible adults". Cut to morning, and we find that said "adults" have failed at their objective...because all three of them are snoring away on the ground.
*** Also, following the theme of Franky's ever-more-outrageous hairdos, his new hair is now in the shape of a ''whale'': the exact same whale-shape as the tree in the aptly-named Whale Forest.
* Chapter 816:
** The Straw Hats scramble to try and find Kanjuro and Kinemon before the two samurai can be discovered by the Mink tribes, given the apparent sour history between the Minks and the land of the Wano. Two problems, however:
*** Luffy's not a morning person--he's half-asleep even while dashing at full sprint.
*** He also thinks that when the Minks discover the two samurai, [[ComicallyMissingThePoint there's going to be another banquet]]. Cue Nami clawing his face while shouting at him that this is a ''problem.''
** After just ''barely'' being hidden from sight by the Straw Hat pirates, and being warned about the suffering the Mink kingdom went through thanks to Jack's search for Raizou--and hence, the likely mistrust that the Minks must surely have for anyone from the kingdom of Wano--what does Kinemon do? ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice He steps right out into the open, identifies himself as a samurai of the Wano kingdom, and asks around for Raizou!!]]''
*** Which then leads to the WildTake from most of the Straw Hats when TheReveal involving the Minks and Samurai surfaces.
* Chapter 817:
** Everyone gets excited over getting to meet a real ninja, [[NotSoAboveItAll even Law]].
--->'''Franky:''' It has nothing to do with us being pirates. All men... are obsessed with ninjas!
** When they finally meet Raizou, they're disappointed that he doesn't have a ninja look. Then they start demanding he do all the stereotypical ninja tricks (including Zoro and Law) but Raizou just gets annoyed saying that ninja aren't like that. When he sees the Straw Hats look dejected, he proceeds to do all those tricks.
*** Their responses to it are just as hilarious. Law looks like he's trying hard to remain TheStoic after Raizou performs his requested cloning jutsu, and Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper begin crying ManlyTears while proclaiming, "Raizou is our god!"
** It's also amusing to see Momonosuke's lecherous habit back-fire on him. After his true identity as the heir to the throne is revealed, he tries cuddling with Nami again for protection... and she promptly takes advantage of his position to talk about getting a reward out of his real father. Methinks Nami was well-aware of his motives and just played with them.
*** Though its now much more HarsherInHindsight when we discovered his dad was boiled alive in order to maintain the secrets and died protecting his son and his retainers.
* Chapter 818:
** When Cat Viper mentions that the Road Poneglyphs in the hands of the Emperors have been copied multiple times, Usopp happily states that all they have to do is steal them and not get in a big fight. Luffy delivers a hilarious combination of a grimace and scowl at Usopp's idea.
** When the group has a mass-JawDrop at some of the exposition being delvered, even Franky's whale-hair joins in.
* Chapter 819:
** When Kin'emon asks Law and the Straw Hats to help fight Kaido and the Shogun of Wano, Usopp is excited to have the minks and the samurai at their side, only for Luffy to say "No". Usopp's reaction is hilarious.
** Law gets a WildTake. Why? Luffy explains to Momonosuke that being allies means being friends. Looks like poor Law is still in denial about being TrueCompanions with Luffy.
** Brook explains that since Momonosuke is too young, he has to rely on adults to make important decisions for him. Nami agrees but Brook, [[GoldDigger rightfully]], points out that she's the last adult that should be making decisions for him.
** Luffy agrees to lend the aid of the Straw-Hat/Heart Pirate Alliance to the Minks and Samurai. Queue [[TheStoic Law]] getting moody at him for acting without his consent, although not because Law didn't want to help the people of Zou and the Wano Kingdom.
--->'''Law''': Straw Hat-ya what about your faith in me? You never asked for my opinion!
---> '''Luffy''': Hm? But you're fine with it, aren't you?
---> '''Law''': THAT'S NOT THE POINT!
*** [[http://www.mangaeden.com/en/en-manga/one-piece/819/16/ Dogstorm, Momonosuke, Law, and Luffy seal the deal on their new alliance with a sweet four-way fistbump.]]
** So after the Pirate-Ninja-Mink alliance is formed, Luffy says they're going to need Sanji's strength and claims he's worth 1000 men. Zoro, being Zoro, asserts that he's worth 2000 men. What sells it is how Nami patronizingly pats his head while agreeing with him.
* Chapter 820:
** Nami gets a lot of praise from Dogstorm and the other Straw Hats for being a great navigator, causing her to blush, but then Luffy pats her on the back [[DoesNotKnowHisOwnStrength a bit too strongly]], causing her to beat him up because it hurts.
** Despite being in the Marineford war with him, Luffy can't remember Marco until Robin points out he looks a bit like a pineapple.
** When Dogstorm and Cat Viper talk about their adventures, particularly with the Whitebeard Pirates and the Roger Pirates, Usopp starts taking notes down to catch up with what was said, apparently even his brain can't handle how much awesomeness was told to him.
** Momonosuke claims he's also met with Gold Roger. Usopp falls for it for a second, then has a DoubleTake when he realizes there's no way Momo was even born that long ago.
** When Raizou sees all the Minks alive and well, he delivers his secret Ninpo: I Love You Jutsuuuu!
** When Luffy's about to leave to get Sanji from Big Mom, Nami announces that she's coming; she feels guilty about what happened. "Sure." Chopper also states that he's coming because Pekoms, who will be taking Luffy, is still injured. "Sure." Then Brook declares that he will come to cheer them up with his music;
--->'''Luffy:''' Sure.\\
'''Nami:''' Nah, we don't need him.
*** This becomes HilariousInHindsight when Brook single-handedly is responsible for one of the most important leaps in the Straw Hats' quest '''ever''' come the following trip to Whole Cake Island. Had Nami been serious about not needing Brook, she would have screwed them out of ''information from three Poneglyphs''.
* Chapter 821:
** So, what does Luffy decide to do after everything is all settled down? Why ask for food for the trip he's about to make, of course!
---> '''Luffy:''' Well then, we'll be off! Do me a favor and give us a buncha food!
* Chapter 822: This chapter is loaded with more funny than you can shake a stick at:
** Luffy misnaming Pekoms over and over again.
** Pekoms claimed that his special turtle shell is as hard as a diamond. Luffy then promptly ignores it. What sells it is that right afterwards:
---> '''Pekoms:''' No comments on the "diamond" part? I see.
** Then there's Pekoms reaction to when Luffy hauls him so that they can go meet Big Mom. Pekoms then delivers the best line in this chapter:
---> '''Pekoms''': I can't believe this guy! [[WorstWhateverEver Worst Savior Ever!]]
** After that scene, we see that several of the Minks want to go with Luffy's group but some of their reasons are downright hilarious.
** Then we're treated to Nami having a ball with her new Clima-Tact. And promptly making a quick getaway to skip on paying for it!
** Milky nuzzles Chopper goodbye, and he gets WingdingEyes.
** Finally, we cut to Luffy's group (consisting of Chopper, Nami, Brook, Pedro, and Pekoms) departing the only way Luffy knows how: By jumping off the elephant!!
*** Everyone's [[MassOhCrap reaction]] [[WildTake to it]] as well, screaming "HOLY SHIIITTTT" and the rest of Luffy's team screaming, when Brook's ''[[GivingUpTheGhost Brook's soul even left his body]]!!'' In the anime, it reaches [[UpToEleven new levels of ridiculous]] when ''[[BeyondTheImpossible another soul]]'' leaves ''this'' soul and then '''''another''''' soul leaves '''''that''''' soul. They don't call him "Soul King" for nothin', folks!!
*** Also, there's the fact that the other four Straw Hats (Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky) ''[[UnusuallyUninterestingSight don't]]'' react this way, and just cheerfully bid them goodbye while remaining totally unfazed.
* Chapter 823:
** Vivi enjoying the sea breeze while Igaram is begging her to come down from the crow's nest.
** Then we have Igaram quickly silencing Pell for trying to mention the fact that Vivi had sailed with the Straw Hats two years prior.
** Finally, we have Vivi jump from the crow's nest and land safely all the while making Igaram have an OhCrap face before delivering this line:
---> '''Igaram''': AAAAAGHHH!!!! You'll be the death of me, Princess!
** King Elizabello II's castle is shaped like him flexing his arms.
** Cut to Luffy and his team - who, except Luffy, are still catatonic after the stunt he pulled up with them - where we find out that Carrot has decided to tag along...and everyone's reactions sell this, especially Luffy's double take.
** Carrot...simply Carrot alone guarantees a lot of laughs from her greeting everyone to making the whole operation sound like a slumber party.
*** To prove she won't be a burden, Carrot reveals that she brought her own provisions, which consist of: a bottle of carrot juice, a carrot bento, a carrot, and a change of clothes. And when Luffy starts eating the carrot, she snaps and attacks his throat... Until he pats her on the head, at which point she cheerfully allows him to have the carrot.
*** Carrot proves herself to be even more naive than Chopper by not realizing just how ''big'' a deal going out to sea would be. The reason she brought the amount of provisions she did is because she didn't expect the trip to take longer than a day. She's shocked that it will take several days, even going straight there, and is unable to believe that ''anything'' could be that huge. She declares the sea a wonderland, and Pekoms corrects her that it's a sea, not a land.
* Chapter 824:
** Luffy seeing a picture of [[LukeIAmYourFather Dragon]] in the paper (talking about how the Revolutionary's base was attacked) and goes from "THIS GUY'S MY DAD?!" to "Huh...First time I'm actually seeing him. Doesn't look a thing like me. ANYWAY, I'M WORRIED ABOUT SABO!"
** As the Straw Hats and allies are talking about the Revolutionaries, the kitchen of the Sunny suddenly blows up and catches fire; Luffy forgot to turn off the stove while cooking.
** In a FunnyBackgroundEvent, while the group is reading the paper, Carrot starts nibbling on Luffy again. Then she moves on to nibbling on Pedro's arm.
** Another FunnyBackgroundEvent on the same page is Chopper seeming to have found another person's head to jump on instead of Zoro's when he's scared. The unlucky sap is Pekoms. The poor guy probably wishes he never came back to Zou.
** Carrot's reaction to thunder and lightning is both funny and adorable.
---> '''Carrot''': KYAAAAH! What the heck is going on!? Is that Electro!?
** ''Luffy's cooking''. His "secret random curry", made from fishbones, ''way'' too much jam, uncooked rice and God knows what else, brings everoyne to tears. When Luffy tries to take a bit while mumbling about how "ungrateful" everyone is, ''not even [[BigEater he]] can stand it''. Worse still is that he blew the group's entire week worth of food to make it, to Nami, Chopper and Brook's horror.
** Kaido, arguably the most powerful of the Four Emperors, whose name causes anyone to tremble in fear... drunkenly bawling his eyes out over the loss of SMILE and artificial devil fruits, crushing his dream of having an all devil fruit crew. This pathetic side of him doesn't last long though, and he instantly becomes terrifying again.
** As it turns out, Pudding AKA Big Mom's 35th daughter, is not a Gonk like her mother is. Sanji's reaction to seeing a picture of her is... predictable and hilarious.

[[folder:Whole Cake Island Arc]]
* Chapter 825:
** Big Mom's ship looks like something out of ''Literature/AlicesAdventuresInWonderland'', including a living door that only opens if you tell it to.
** So we have Gotti, a member of the Firetank Pirates, go up to Sanji and getting ready to kill him for making fun of Vito. Vito tries to stop him, but instead we have a Gonk of a woman show up and chastise Gotti for trying to kill Sanji right before he's pulled away by the ear. And while Gotti is being pulled away, he apologizes several times to the woman for even thinking of killing Sanji.
** Caesar Clown continues to suffer a HumiliationConga as he's locked in a cage while Sanji is treated like royalty despite being a prisoner too, much to his disdain.
** After being with Sanji, we cut back to the Retrieval Team where it's revealed that after a few days...they are all suffering for Luffy's cooking and the able-bodied members are fishing for food. Special points to Luffy, who looks like he's turning into a mummy and later glances at Chopper with this line:
--->'''Luffy''': Emergency food supply...
--->'''Chopper''': Don't look at me like that!
*** Even funnier, when you realize what Sanji said at the end of the Drum Island arc that Chopper is emergency food supply almost becomes true.
** Brook goes back to asking Nami for panties. And she then says she's too weak to reprimand him.
** After finally catching a fish, the group decides to eat it. Chopper then runs into Sanji's locker ([[PornStash which is full of perverted magazines]]) to find a book about fish that Sanji has. When Chopper returns, Luffy is already eating the fish and is about to hand some over to Carrot right after Chopper learns that the fish's skin is poisonous. Cue a bit later where, after Nami has properly cooked the fish per Sanji's instructions (in a cookbook), we have Luffy frothing at the mouth and suffering for his mistake, with Nami not really caring about Luffy's immediate problem while Chopper eats the cooked fish while he is worried over Luffy's condition. The conversation alone is genius:
---> '''Carrot''': Luffy~ Is he really gonna die?
---> '''Luffy''': It's alright...the light...It's so beautiful...
---> '''Nami''': Don't worry he's got some freakish constitution...
---> '''Chopper''': Don't go to the light at the of the tunnel, Luffy!
* Chapter 826:
** Not only does Yonji look so much like his older brother Sanji that the Straw Hats keep mistaking him for their crew member, but he even has the same lecherous habit as his brother, as he instantly gets lovestruck as soon as he sees Nami. When he and Reiju leave, he even grabs a copy of Nami's wanted poster to gawk at.
** As soon as Yonji removes his hood, everyone catches on that he's not Sanji as they originally thought, except for Carrot, who actually asks Nami how she managed to figure out they were siblings.
** Reiju's method of extracting the poision from Luffy mouth-to-mouth leaves Nami [[ShipTease blushing]], and Brook envious.
*** Reiju's flirty tone herself indicates that she may be just as lecherous as her younger brothers, but expresses it differently. Looks like ItRunsInTheFamily.
** After Luffy recovers, he immediately calls Reiju "Sanji". Chopper has to point out she's a woman. He also asks for more of the "delicious" fish skin.
** Brook gets to ask for Reiju's panties. Nami quickly tries to stop him.
* Chapter 827:
** The entirety of Cocoa Island is made of chocolate, to Luffy and Chopper's absolute delight.
** As Nami and Carrot put on new clothes, Brook leans down on the ground near them, to try and get a good view. By the time Nami notices, he's laying on his side nonchalantly, tea cup in hand. He promptly gets beaten up for his trouble.
** Pekoms tries to warn Luffy to keep a low profile, but he's already gone somewhere by then. As Pekoms starts to worry what will happen if Luffy gets found out, Nami cheerfully tells him that Luffy sticks out so much that finiding him should be no trouble; indeed, just as she finishes her sentence, a voice is heard screaming that someone ''ate a café''.
--->'''Nami:''' ''*smiling*'' Aaand there you go...
--->'''Pekoms:''' '''''You've got to be shitting me!'''''
*** As the police officer berates Luffy and Chopper for having eaten a café, Chopper states that they had a very good reason for having eaten the entire café while it still had customers inside.
---> '''Chopper''': But old man we had a very good reason for doing what we did...
---> '''Police Officer''': Oh...? Fine, what? Go on, spill it!
---> '''Luffy & Chopper''': It was too delicious not to eat!!
*** The owner of said cafe is angry with Luffy and Chopper ''because they didn't eat the entire thing''.
*** The cafe owner turns out to be Lady Charlotte Pudding herself. When she invites Luffy's group to her house, she asks them their names. Luffy, per usual, goes "I'm Luffy! I'm gonna be a pir-" before Nami quickly stops him.
* Chapter 828:
** The chart toper for the funny in this chapter has to be the fact that Sanji, the biggest womanizer known in One Piece, TURNED DOWN PUDDING!!!! That is so surprising, that it shocks the Sanji Retrieval Team to mere phantoms of themselves.
---> '''Pudding''': In the end he shared something with me. "I really want to marry you, but I can't. I've gotta return to my friends."
---> '''Luffy, Brook, Nami, & Chopper''': Are you saying...[[PunctuatedForEmphasis SANJI. TURNED. DOWN.]] [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness A. WOMAN!?]]
** When Pudding realizes that her hosts are the Straw Hats, she gets scared and draws a knife. Just as Nami tries to calm her down and tell her they have no intention of being violent, [[NotHelpingYourCase Pedro lunges at Pudding, holding his machete next to her throat]].
** As the Straw Hats learn that their host is Sanji's bride-to-be, everyone has a MassOhCrap moment, except for Carrot, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent who's too busy eating away at the walls]]. Her only reaction is to turn with a "Hm? Did she say something?" expression.
** As the Sanji retrieval team is heading back to the Sunny, Luffy, Chopper, Carrot and even Pedro are distracted by the choco burgers, choco pasta, and chocolate fried chicken on sale in a nearby store.
* Chapter 829:
** A few good jokes here. One of the more funny ones is when Nami states to go starboard.
--> '''Nami''': Luffy, to starboard! To 3 o' clock!
--> '''Luffy''': You heard her, Chopper! Carrot! [[StealthPun To Sanji]]!
** The best part of the above is that Luffy is swinging the ship's wheel so fast and hard, it's on fire!
** Then we have Luffy stating that he will go cook. Again. Nami quickly takes over.
--> '''Luffy''': We're not gonna pay you for the food!
--> '''Nami''': [[OocIsSeriousBusiness I don't want your money!]]
* Chapter 830:
** Aladine comments that Jimbei has spoken highly about Luffy very often within the last two years since the Marineford War. Jimbei is surprised he actually talked about Luffy that much.
* Chapter 831:
** Luffy's group is attacked by a talking crocodile. Luffy is annoyed that they weren't "good enough to eat" but Nami is freaking out because it's a talking crocodile. Luffy asks why that should freak her out at this point, with the panel focusing on Chopper and Carrot. Nami [[DumbassHasAPoint concedes that's a good point]].
** When the crew spots Sanji again, he's holding a lollipop. A possible meta reference to the much-maligned {{Macekre}} dub from [[Creator/FourKidsEntertainment 4Kids]].
* Chapter 833: We get to see what happened to Yonji after he picked a fight with Sanji. His face is so beaten up that the doctor (who is trying to hammer his face back into shape) decides that since the hammer is not working, he'll have to use the press machine to get it back to normal (and it works too)!
* Chapter 834:
** The faces Brook and Pedro make when they realize Big Mom and her crew already know they're here.
** The Gonk of a woman from chapter 825 is revealed to be Capone Bege's wife, and their son is introduced: he's his father's spitting image, ''complete with PermaStubble and cigar''.
** It turns out that Caesar Clown has realized his research for gigantification will never succeed, so he's been conning Big Mom out of her funds to party hard and enjoy his fill of HookersAndBlow this whole time. Upon [[RefugeInAudacity reminiscing of those events]], he cracks a ''perfect'' [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/caesar_the_troll.png replica of a Troll Face.]]
** To cover up that his giantification research was a failure and that he was using the funds Big Mom gave him on himself, Caesar Clown told her that it was because the Straw Hats' destroyed his Punk Hazard lab and research that he couldn't complete his work. Big Mom then reveals that they had prepared a duplicate of his lab so he could finish his research (which they expect to be done in two weeks), resulting in an epic FaceFault from Caesar. [[HumiliationConga The poor bastard cannot catch a break]].
** The ending of the chapter where Luffy is gathering up his friends, which are clearly not them as they're making animal sounds and there's multiples of them (three Sanjis, two Choppers, two Namis, two Carrots, and oddly enough even a Pudding).
* Chapter 835:
** The Cover page has the Straw Hats eating ice-cream; Robin, Zoro, Sanji, and (somehow) ''[[DemBones Brook]]'' have brain freeze.
** Luffy actually ties up the ''real'' Nami without realizing it. Her reaction is hilarious.
* Chapter 836:
** Randolph comes back to fight Luffy and Nami, only to be stopped by Cracker. So, when Cracker tells him off for butting into things, Randolph decides to blame the crane he's been riding for interfering!
*** What makes this even funnier is Randolph has been entirely silent the entire time we've seen him, lending him a serious-air, similar to Mihawk. But the moment he actually speaks up, trying to blame his mount for his own involvement, it loses him all that mystique, to be replaced with this hilarity.
** Where did Nami keep the Vivre Card that Lola gave her all this time? Why in VictoriasSecretCompartment, of course!
* Chapter 838:
** Nami promptly uses Big Mom's Vivre Card to subdue the Homies attacking her and Pound, claiming she wouldn't shed a single tear if every one of them suffered a miserable death, and makes a hell of a face in the process.
--->'''Nami:''' "Commander Cracker" or his mother, "Big Mom" of the Four Emperors... Which one do you think is scarier?\\
'''Homies:''' ''You beat them both hands down!''
** After Chopper comes up with a plan to use Brulee's powers against her, he demands Carrot pay him due respect by calling him "brother Chopper". Carrot immediately starts calling him "Chobro".
** Charlotte Cracker is a man with the bounty of 860 million berries, one of the Three Sweet Commanders, and his Devil Fruit power is revealed to be... creating and manipulating biscuits. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the series' new champion of HeartIsAnAwesomePower.
* Chapter 839:
** Even as a kid Sanji couldn't resist flirting with the ladies at the Baratie.
* Chapter 840:
** The cover page has Oda drawing a fan request of Chopper eating honey with all the bear-themed characters (Bepo, Hiking Bear, Kumacy, and Bartholomew Kuma) a/la Disney/WinnieThePooh
* Chapter 841:
** The cover page has Oda drawing a fan request of Whitebeard, with goats munching on his famous BadassMustache, while he maintains a stoic expression.
** Luffy`s solution to keeping his stamina up against Cracker's biscuit clones/armour for 11 hours straight? Eat them!
--->'''Luffy:''' *burp* I'm full, damnit!
--->'''Cracker:''' '''Nobody told you to start eating them!'''
--->'''Luffy:''' I'm not passing up on free biscuit, dammit!
* Chapter 842:
** The cover page has Sanji braiding the whiskers of some cat fish, like his mentor Zeff braids his beard.
** Luffy's aforementioned solution... ''[[CrazyEnoughToWork actually works'' [[CrazyEnoughToWork ... more or less]]. But even '''he''' has his limits as it looks like he can't take any more bites... until Nami uses her Clima to spray water on the biscuit soldiers, which lets him eat 'em like pudding.]]
** Carrot and Chopper's misadventures in Brulee's MagicMirror world, made even better when an old lady accidentally sees them as they pass next to her (the old lady's) mirror.
** Reiju manages to sorta fix up Sanji's bruised face by using a sort-of magic mascara on him. [[ButtMonkey And then Sanji touches it before it heals him�]]
** Luffy goes Gear 4th, But because he's eaten so much, his new SuperMode is just as bloated as his normal self! This form is called, Tank-man, and it runs on the power of fullness!
* Chapter 843:
** Big Mom impatiently wonders when Cracker is going to arrive, when at the moment, [[DramaticIrony unbeknownst to her]], [[AndHereHeComesNow he comes crashing into the wall of her chateau!]] Talk about TemptingFate.
** Luffy's body quickly goes back to normal despite spending 11 hours eating biscuits. Nami questions if he's even human, and then reacts in shock when Luffy [[BigEater asks for meat]].
** Nami worries about Carrot and Chopper, who are still trapped in Brulee's Mirror World. They repeatedly tell her that everything's fine.... while they're in the middle of screaming as they're dodging Brulee's attacks, which doesn't convince Nami at all.
** All of the other Vinsmoke brothers geat heart-eyes as soon as they see Nami, ''without'' losing their BadassArmfold or serious expressions! Yonji? He's trying hard to keep his serious face but fails. Niji? He's ''literally'' drooling over her arrival. Ichiji? [[NotsoAboveItAll He's just as smitten as the other two]].
* Chapter 847: In the cover page where Rebecca and the Tonattas throw a birthday party for Kyros, King Riku is seen peeking in through the window like a stalker.
* Chapter 848:
** When Charolette Anglai informs his older siblings that someone is causing a ruckus in the Treasure Room, he also adds, "And I'm not going to brush my damn teeth tonight!".
*** Not only are Anglai's [[PokeThePoodle attempts]] to be a [[GreaserDelinquents Greaser]] [[AdorKable so dang cute]], his "motorcycle" - a large caterpillar with Harley-Davidson handlebars for antennae that seem too high for Anglai to reach - is ''adorable''.
** When Big Mom is singing excitedly about the upcoming wedding, her hat interrupts her when it gets a signal informing it about the incident going on in the Treasure Room. Big Mom stops and is noticeably shocked and angered while her homies are ''still singing''.
** Brook trying to tune his guitar while Big Mom's forces are trying to capture him is worth a good chuckle.
* Chapter 850: While searching for their friends from the mirror world, Chopper and Carrot once again end up scaring Toto Land citizens by appearing in their mirrors, with Carrot accidentally seeing a woman bathing, and Chopper catching a man doing the same, causing them ''both'' to scream.
* Chapter 851:
** How do Chopper and Carrot go about getting information from Brulee? Why by tickle torture!
** When Chopper and Carrot ask the mirrors, this conversation happens:
---> '''Mirror #1''': Here!\\
'''Mirror #2''': That'd be me!\\
'''Mirror #3''': Me too!\\
'''Mirror #4''': '''Me!'''\\
'''Mirror #5''': I'm the mirror that connects to Master Gallet's closet!\\
'''Mirror #6''': I'm the hand mirror located in the 2nd floor guestroom!\\
'''Mirror #7''': I'm the mirror from the 4th floor women's bathroom!\\
'''Chopper & Carrot''': The mirrors responded!!
* Chapter 852:
** After Jimbei breaks them out by burning the book, Nami recalls that she had escaped in a similar manner.
** Sanji's mother provides a rather amusing scene when she tells Reiju how Sanji wished her to get better and bawls her eyes out at how kind Sanji is.
* Chapter 853:
** Poor Brook has been turned into nothing more than a doll/pet for Big Mom after his defeat. Worst part of it all? He got stripped down to his underwear.
*** Brook, after asking so many women for a look at their panties, has a woman look at his.
** Pedro not caring for Viscount Hiyoko turning into Count Niwatori. He isn't letting his enemy enter his final form, ''and this is a shonen manga''. He simply states:
--> '''Pedro''': How stupid. I'll just finish him off now.
--> '''Grunt''': Stop that!
** Chopper manages to pull Pedro into the Mirror World to escape his own dynamites' explosion, claiming that what Pedro pulled off freaked him out. Pedro then reveals that he was freaked out himself when Chopper and Carrot call him from inside a mirror some moments ago.
** Carrot's "portraits" of everyone is worthy of a good laugh. Especially when Pedro reacts to the drawing being something very close to Shoujo type.
--> '''Pedro''': What sort of art style is that?!
** Luffy having jumped out of Whole Cake Castle ends up crashing into a house... and upsetting the poor sucker who lived in it.
* Chapter 854:
** Nami uses her Thundercloud Rod to take out Big Mom's guarding running towards her and Jimbei from behind... then she realizes she accidentally fried Chopper, who was unlucky enough to come out of the mirror at the wrong time. Cue WildTake and Nami promptly apologizing.
** So the soldiers check on Sanji, who is asleep in his room, right? Nope. The one sleeping in the room is actually the eggplant-faced attendant for Sanji! And his response to realizing he fell asleep on Sanji's bed? He goes back to sleep!
** Much to Brook's horror, Big Mom has ''really'' taken a liking to him, and decides to hang onto him and walk him around for the time being. Her huge smile as she announces it seals it; you'd half expect her to break into baby talk!
** As Pedro recounts the fact that his partner lost his life to Big Mom's roulette, the still-hostage Brulee takes that opportunity to gloat about how no one, be it intruders or deserters, can leave Big Mom's turf alive. The Straw Hats listen to her for all of five seconds before they get going again, cutting Brulee off mid-sentence as Diesel complains that they're starting to get too heavy for him.
* Chapter 855:
** It opens with a requested image of Rocinante roasting sweet potatoes... [[RunningGag and ends up on fire again.]] Young Law is stunned looking at him.
** Despite how disturbing it is, one can get a good laugh at Big Mom sleeping with Brook like he was a doll. Bonus points in that Brook was actually asleep despite everything!
** Brulee acts as if she's going to help... or not. Her trying to warn her mother ends up with her and Diesel getting gagged for their trouble.
** While the group is relieved they didn't wake up Big Mom, the Emperor scares them witless when she and her top Homies (Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoloeon) utterly destroy a fly and go back to sleep.
--->'''Everyone''': How in the world are we going to save him!?
** So, after making a dummy to fool Big Mom that she still has Brook, the group goes about in trying to switch the two. Highlights of the challenges include:
*** Challenge 1: Chopper goes in, sneaks up to Big Mom, sneezes, and nearly gets flattened for his turn.
*** Challenge 2: Carrot is able to make it to Brook, but before she even gets a chance to wake him up, Big Mom's snot bubble pushes her out of the way, alerting a half-asleep Zeus who then tries to zap the "fly" before going back to sleep.
*** Challenge 3: Pedro doesn't even get a page for his challenge, as he is tossed away while Big Mom twists and turns in her sleep!
** So after Big Mom finally lets go of Brook, Nami finally reaches Brook and is rescuing him when Brook screams in shock at seeing another skeleton with an afro.
** As Pedro apologizes to Brook for forcing him to go and try his luck in getting the Phoneglyph rubbings, Brook opens his head (causing Carrot and Jimbei to freak out, who have never bore witness to this feature of his) he hands Nami the rubbings and is trying to console Pedro that the plan was the best they could do at the time while everyone is having wild takes over the fact that Brook managed to do his job.
-->'''Everyone''': You actually got them!?\\
'''Brook''': Ah. Yeah.
** Everyone is glad Brook managed his job...until he asks if he can see Nami's underwear again for a job well done, with a really huge shit-eating grin. Cue the usual slap to the face.
* Chapter 856:
** In one of Sanji's flashbacks with the crew, an angry Sanji comes out of the kitchen asking who picked at the ingredients, causing Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper to try and hide their stuffed cheeks, while Franky laughs in the background.
* Chapter 857:
** Brook, Carrot, and Chopper are working in perfect unison whether they are getting praised or crying their eyes out.
** When Nami makes it clear that she will never forgive Sanji, her speech bubble stabs him through the heart.
---> '''Nami''': Ah...And Sanji. Regarding the matter of you throwing me down to the depths of fear itself...I'll '''never''' forgive you.
** Of course, Nami decides to let things be for the plan and Sanji rebounds rather quickly.
---> '''Sanji''': Eeehhh!? Could you be...proposing to me, Nami!?
** When Jimbei needs to talk to Luffy through the mirror shard, instead of taking the shard from Chopper he just picks up Chopper and uses him like a phone.
** Jimbei constantly including Brulee and Diesel in their group despite their protest:
--->'''Jimbei''': As for we, who are standing against them there are merely ten of us!\\
'''Brulee''': Hey! Don't you include us in this mess! Don't go fudging the numbers! There's merely eight of you! Not ten! And you can all go and get yourselves murdered as far as I'm concerned!
** During the flashback where Capone shoots Pekoms off the cliff to fall into the water full of sharks, one of the sharks is seen holding a fork and knife.
* Chapter 858:
** So after taking a bath, Luffy and Brook find a fridge and find milk inside. While one of the grunts is telling them off for going through someone else's fridge, the two decide to drink some milk to restore the damage they took (with Brook having his skeleton messed up and Luffy having lost a tooth). The best part? The milk restores them back to normal! This is also especially funny if you frequent One Piece forums or Youtube channels and saw all the people coming up with theories for weeks about Luffy's tooth, like maybe he'd get a gold tooth orrrrr Chopper would make him a fake tooth... but nope!
---> '''Luffy & Brook''': Oooooh. All better! (Luffy grows a new tooth and Brook's skull is all fixed)\\
'''Grunt''': The hell is up with your bodies!?
** So, right at the meeting with Bege, Luffy spots a man that looks like Caesar Clown and calls him out for looking like the scientist. While the others agree (sans Chopper) that it is him, Caesar (or rather, Gastino as he's calling himself) states he is Bege's brother instead, not even hiding his laugh. And he's still wearing his old gloves that bear his real initials. While Sanji and Chopper are shocked that Caesar isn't hiding his identity, Luffy falls for the disguise for a moment before Nami has to point he was right!
** The negotiations between the Straw Hats and the Firetank Pirates are unsurprisingly a trainwreck. Sanji and Jimbei are the only ones who say anything sensible; the majority of it is Luffy, Bege and Ceasar volleying threats, insults and almost ''attacks'' at each other. Their mutual dislike of Big Mom is the only reason they reach an agreement at all.
** Also, a minor one, but Brulee and Deisel are also in new clothes. While tied up.
** Brook's gangster hat is so plus-size it fits over his entire afro!
** Luffy agrees to work with Bege... but on one condition, it being that he must punch him one time, since he shot Pekoms. The best part it, in between the chaos that ensues from Luffy saying that, ''Bege is actually fine with it.''
*** Jimbei asks Luffy, Ceasar and Bege if they like Big Mom, and they all respond that they hate her at the same time.
--->'''Jimbei:''' [[DeadpanSnarker And that's what we call an allied army! You can kill each other later.]]
* Chapter 859:
** It seems Caesar can't get anyone to call him Gastino so he can avoid any detection from Big Mom. It gets worse when Chiffon misnames as "Gas-Tiny", which Luffy approves of and Nami sighs as she doesn't care what they call Gas-Tiny.
--->'''Chiffon''': How dare you even worry about that, Gas-Tiny! Bege keeps his promises!\\
'''Caesar''': Gas-Tiny!? It's Gastino!
** If what above isn't bad enough, when he goes on a rant about the amazing weapons he's using to off Big Mom, everyone ignores him while he makes a rather..."happy" face.
** For all his bad reputation and notable personality, Capone cannot help but make a silly face for his son, Pez, when he accidently shouts and makes him cry.
** Capone wants Luffy to be a decoy, which Nami and Chiffon disapprove (the latter because she cares about her sister's friends). What is Luffy's response to being a decoy?
---> '''Luffy''': (smiles and laughs) It's cool! I'll do it! Besides, I just thought up a super cool way to make my entrance!
*** This leads to Nami and Chiffon thinking that they were worried for nothing.
*** Best part? Chopper wants to know how Luffy is going to do it but Luffy is not spoiling the surprise.
** After it was pointed out that Caesar didn't bother to hide his old laugh, Caesar starts laughing like his old self again in force of habit, but then catches himself and course-corrects to a new idiosyncratic laugh to fit his "Gastino" persona.
** Caesar getting dissed by Capone by being called an "idiot" instead of a "genius" is rather amusing.
** Brulee is still being counted as part of the group against her wishes.
** While getting ready, Ichiji is shown to have a cup Homie who looks rather silly.
** Big Mom bawls her eyes out as her "Brook" isn't moving or talking anymore. Her mood changes when Zeus and Prometheus remind her that it is the tea party and she yells out for wedding cake. And tosses "Brook" away like a toy.
* Chapter 861 has Sanji trying to act normal and control himself for the wedding as he knows about Pudding's plan to kill him. Unfortunately, one look at Pudding's face is enough to send him to "nose-bleeding ugly face land".
** Pudding's frustration as she can barely keep her BitchInSheepsClothing facade is hilarious, in a way.
** Bege tries to tell the Straw Hats to get ready, only to find they're all sleeping. Much like Law, Bege is learning about all the Straw Hat's eccentric behaviors.
* Chapter 862:
** Jimbei slapping and shaking [[HeavySleeper Luffy]] to wake up after everyone's favorite Straw Hat has fallen asleep is rather amusing. Especially since Nami figures that [[BigEater Luffy]] will only wake up for food. Chopper then asks a grunt to get them some meat which confuses the guy as to why anyone would ask for breakfast at a time like they are in.
** [[HandsomeLech Sanji]] is still trying very hard not to fall for Pudding's cute facade, but [[AllMenArePerverts he cannot help himself]] as he and Pudding get ready to exchange vows. He's desperately trying to keep himself focused... but his inner face says something else altogether.
** Luffy's "big surprise" is both awesome and hilarious at the same time. The hilarious part comes from the huge wedding cake splitting up... and revealing ''a literal army of Luffys'' (via Brulees's powers), ready to crash the wedding. ''And some of them are eating pieces of the cake as they jump out of it''.
* Chapter 863:
** The preparations of Luffy's epic surprise for Big Mom as he forces Brulee to transform several animals into copies of him.
** As Nami goes through the mirror, she refers to Caesar as "human scum," and Carrot asks if Caesar is really that bad, to which Chopper refers to him as and "the worst," and Caesar's crying face in reaction to Nami and Chopper's insults is rather amusing.
** Capone's epic JawDrop as Luffy reveals himself to Big Mom despite having made so many clones to fool her in the first place. Let this sink in: ''Luffy did something so stupid it caused'' '''''[[KnightOfCerebus Capone Bege]]''''' ''to JawDrop.''
---> '''Capone''':...I mean, no one'd even dare coming out head-on like this anyway!\\
'''Luffy''': It's me!\\
'''Capone''': O{}O
** Becomes even more hilarious when it's revealed that Luffy was actually being ''smart'', drawing everyone's attention to himself and diverting it from the clones and from a disguised Brook in particular.
** Carrot and Chopper eating cake as they await with Nami for when Big Mom loses it is comical.
** Katakuri's Devil Fruit ability is perhaps one of the most comical to date. A special Paramecia, his Devil Fruit is known as the Mochi Mochi Fruit. To elaborate, all he can do is turn himself into maple syrup.
** While Jimbei is letting Big Mom know he is leaving, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent one of the Luffy clones is stealing the crown from some random character, specifically Giberson]].
** Brook's Luffy disguise is him wearing a similar suit and a bag that has Luffy's face painted on it. If you look very closely, you can even see him jumping out of the cake among the many Luffy clones (his slightly different outfit and skinnier figure gives him away).
** Big Mom trying to use her Soul-Soul Devil Fruit on Jimbei for confirming ''to her face'' that he wants to join the Straw Hats, but fails because Jimbei is not afraid of her which is actually the only way to prevent your life from being stolen. Cue the hilariously awkward silence.
** Jinbei uses black tea instead of sea water to perform his Sea Current Lifter attack and even goes as far as to re-dub it [[PunnyName Black Tea Current Lifter.]]
* Chapter 864:
** Brook reveals his "face" and creeps everyone out after successfully destroying the picture of Mother Caramel. Everyone thinks ''[[BodyHorror he ripped his skin off.]]'' Poor Brook nearly collapses in woe at this remark.
*** Big Mom's reaction is worth a chuckle, especially with the delivery and the awkward pause afterwards.
---> '''Big Mom''': Soul King? ... [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext But you died]]!\\
'''Brook''': Yes, I died a long time ago.
** The Luffy clones are still going at it as the chaos ensues.
** Brook is "beheaded", causing Luffy to freak before Brook reveals he's fine to him.
* Chapter 865:
** The cover story is of Cavendish reminiscing on his childhood, being the resident PrettyBoy who all the girls wanted. And somehow, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent his steed Farul is sitting upright on a stool]] and ''[[BeyondTheImpossible holding a cup of tea in his hoof.]]''
* Chapter 866:
** Cover page: Cavendish is so popular as a young prince that none of the young women of the kingdom got married yet. One's even swooned over him so bad she's fainted ''and'' foaming at the mouth, like the love bug that bit her had rabies!!
** Charlotte Linlin at the age of 5 is CreepyCute incarnate- like a cross between steroid-jacked Hody Jones and middle-aged Jora. And her human birth parents are not even a ''fifth'' of her size. Compare her to Shirahoshi, another big child from a little mother. At least she has Fishman heredity and/or a huge father to blame on having a [[Literature/CliffordTheBigRedDog Clifford-like growth spurt after birth]]. Linlin is just a ''really'' BigEater, apparently.
** There's something darkly funny in observing young Charlotte Linlin try to understand the worlds of animals and various races with her five-year-old logic and it going horribly wrong every time. It's like watching a girl playing with her dolls too hard.
** Five-year-old Charlotte Linlin tries to give a bear a "spanking" for acting naughty. That alone speaks for itself, but also, [[BlackComedy said bear was killed with a single hit.]] Keep in mind that this is AFTER she [[EpicFail tried to make said bear and a wolf be friends]], with the former eating the latter. Obviously, it didn't work out.
** The little boy from the Long Arm Tribe running away from Charlotte Linlin looks kinda funny (in both the strange and humorous senses of the word) due to his expression and the way his arms flail about.
* Chapter 868:
** Cover story - Cavendish is so popular he has obsessive fangirls with their own fangirly ships sailing the seas after him. Bartolomeo isn't the only idolator around. "...So, as I've been saying, those are not enemy ships, and therefore there is no need to fire on them, Suleiman." "That explanation was way too long."
** In an arc with a wedding plot, Bege almost went par the course with ''Film/TheGodfather'' checklist, and is about to seal the deal as his crew launches their coup de grace. When Big Mom destroys all of Caesar's rockets mid-flight... it changes into the Godfather of all ''clusterfucks.'' He and company realize an ''avalanche'' of shit is headed their way, and [[MassOhCrap it's written all over their faces]]. All that bravado turns into a spineless mass of quivering jelly and ''[[ScrewThisImOutOfHere the Firetank Pirates run away screaming like little bitches]].''
-->'''Bege:''' '''[[ScrewThisImOutOfHere PLAN FAILED!]]'''
-->''(Said as they'' '''''RUN LIKE HELL!''''' ''Funnier still - [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Vito's tongue is trailing out from behind him]]'').
** [[FromBadToWorse When Brulee's escape mirror shatters and Katakuri gives his family the means to plug their ears]], Caesar and the Straw Hats are ''[[ThisIsGonnaSuck bawling]]'' with fear, and the Firetank Pirates look about two seconds away from ''[[BringMyBrownPants completely shitting themselves silly]].'' While everyone else is scared, Jimbei was hardly afraid and he has an "I had a feeling this might happen" reaction. Meanwhile, unwitting captive Brulee just has this pitiful look like, "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!".
** Realizing the Big Mom Pirates have effectively plugged their ears with the Japanese equivalent of hardened maple syrup. Ewww... as if waxy buildup wasn't already hard enough to swab clean.
* Chapter 869:
** The Tamatebeko box is seen again and Du Feld actually tries to steal the contents inside. Just when we're about to see the inside of the chest after Du Feld unties the rope around the chest and is about to open it, Big Mom screams again which causes the Tamatebeko to be blown off the Whole Cake Chateau.
** Brook casually drinking tea while commenting how strong the Yonkos and Bege scolding him for acting so calm while they're currently stuck in a hopeless situation.
* Chapter 871: As Caesar flies Bege off Whole Cake Chateau, Nami keeps cheering him on while pointing out he's still an asshole for what he did on Punk Hazard.
* Chapter 872:
** Without the Tamatebako box, Luffy and co. would have died. The Tamatebako was among the riches sent to Big Mom because Caribou emptied the Ryugu Palace treasury, and the reason he was in Fishman Island is because he wanted to kill the Straw Hats. In other words, [[{{Irony}} the Straw Hats survived because Caribou wanted to kill them.]]
** As the Whole Cake Chateau collapses, all the guests are justifiably freaked out as they fall to the ground. [[IntrepidReporter Big News Morgan]], [[SkewedPriorities is busy snapping photos as he falls instead]]. The reader naturally assumes that he's not worried because being an anthropomorphic bird, he could probably fly himself to safety. When Stussey questions him on this (who can use the Geppo technique to air-walk), he has an OhCrap moment as he remembers that he actually ''can't'' fly, and is just as screwed as everybody else.
** The Straw Hats thank Bege for protecting them and helping them escape. Bege despises the gratitude.
-->'''Bege:''' Quit it with the thanks. Makes me feel like I did something good. Gross.
** Caesar gripes that he should also get some credit to their rescue, but Nami is still rightfully riding his ass over Punk Hazard and tells him to "[[KickTheSonOfABitch go die or something]]". Then Bege magnanimously gives him back his heart and he leaps for it, while Nami tells Bege he [[ImpliedDeathThreat should have just crushed it. Caesar couldn't be any happier... and ready to howl his grievances at the people who made his life hell right before leaving their company.]]
** After bidding the Straw Hats farewell, Bege puts up a sign for the Big Mom Pirates that says "The Straw Hats Went That Way" before leaving the area in his Castle Tank form. Sanji yells at him for pulling this gag, but Bege insists it's for ''his'' crew's survival.
*** On the same panel, Chopper is seen admiring Bege in his Castle Tank form.
* Chapter 873:
** Just like with Zoro in the Alabasta arc, Nami rides on Jinbei instead of running, even though she's more than capable of running herself; justifying herself by claming she's "cute and weak". While Jinbei himself doesn't mind, Luffy is quite annoyed that she's egging them on to run, Sanji is perfectly fine with it because she's so cute, and Carrot just laughs.
** The group finds that King Baum is still alive, having been sewn back together. Nami sheds a few tears of relief while Luffy and Baum stare at each other in disbelief, and next thing you know, the entire group hijacks a ride on Baum's back, to the latter's annoyance as his seams still hurt and he's technically still an enemy. Nami even threatens him to rip his fluffy eyes out if he doesn't hurry, to [[UnfortunateImplications Pedro's]] [[IResembleThatRemark discomfort.]]
*** Another translation has her threatening to rip out all of Baum's ''stitches.'' Nami's just as cold-hearted no matter what threat she makes.
** There is a female tree with breasts and a dress who was Baum's seamstress that stitched him back together and fawning over him. Oda is having a little too much fun with the wacky character designs this arc.
* Chapter 874:
** Zeus the Thunder Cloud, the feared Homie created from Big Mom's own soul ''threw her off'' to chased after some delicious black cloud that Nami made with her power. It later ''accepted to be Nami's servant'' if she continued to feed it. Even Big Mom's own soul is not loyal to her! Which make sense, when your consider that Big Mom is a [[BigEater food obsessed]] [[PsychopathicManChild WomanChild]]. No wonder her soul would act the same way.
** This is followed with Sanji agreeing to be Nami's servant while Jinbei points out that she wasn't asking him to be her servant.
* Chapter 876:
** So after the whole attack from Zeus, how does Big Mom get out of the hole? She's not climbing or jumping out of the crater she is in. She is WALKING out of the hole like it was nothing!
** When Pudding meets up with the Straw Hat group, just a simple greeting from Sanji sends her foaming at the mouth with hearts for eyes. Read it again, it's not Sanji with his usual perverted tendencies, it's ''Pudding''.
** Pudding's entire tsundere act as she tries to explains what the plan is to the group ends with the best line in the entire thing:
--> '''Straw Hat Group''': Her emotions are flip-flopping like crazy!
** After dealing with the Homies, Pudding realizes that Sanji has boarded Rabian the magic carpet and gives a rather amusing face-fault.
** As Prometheus berates Zeus for what he did, Zeus tries to argue he couldn't help himself, and can't stop drooling or thinking of the Weather Egg and Black Balls from Nami's Clima-Tact.
* Chapter 879:
** Cover story: Uhorica has inevitably pummeled Sai into the ground for breaking off the engagement. Her father also berated Chinjao for it.
** Pudding continues being {{Adorkable}} as she hides under her carpet, with her head adorably peeking out of it, to avoid being mistaken for Sanji's wife since she's wearing a wedding dress. Sanji tells her to be careful not to fall, which causes another tsundere moment from Pudding.
** Pound notices Chiffon, Pudding and Sanji flying on the magic carpet and tries to call out to his daughter, but none of them notice him.
* Chapter 880:
** Cover story: Remember how Uhorica was upset about losing the proposal of ''one'' guy? We now learn Uhorica is ''[[ReverseHarem hoarding]]'' husbands. Just like Big Mom.
** Pudding changes from her wedding dress to a cook outfit, which naturally makes Sanji gush over how cute she is. Cue Pudding having fainted, with LuminescentBlush, heart eyes, nosebleed, and a bag of ice to cool her head off.
** Out of necessity, Pudding has to alter the other Whole Cake Island chefs' memories to make them think she and Sanji are married. When one cook points out this cake-making will be Sanji and Pudding's first task as a married couple, the former has a light blush and embarrassed grin, while the latter blushes so hard she ''catches fire'' as she faints again. The cook calling her ''Mrs.'' Pudding causes her to shake and cough up blood from the embarrassment, with Chiffon urging him to stop before he kills her at this rate. When Pudding recovers, she promptly goes tsundere again while FlippingTheBird.
** During the part where Pudding explains her memory alteration of the chefs, Sanji is drawn in a very humorous way that people have called "[[WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers Bob's Burgers]] Sanji".
* Chapter 881:
** Cover story: Sai and Baby 5 are now married... but Sai has a huge stack of swollen lumps on his head from earlier.
** In the middle of their fight, Katakuri causes Luffy to accidentally swallow the mirror shards he was using to talk to his crew. When Luffy finally spits them back out, he makes an absolutely hilarious satisfied grin.
* Chapter 883:
** Luffy once again solves a problem by eating it: Katakuri traps him under massive amounts of mochi, and Luffy escapes by eating it, and when he escapes, he complains that he hates eating mochi.
*** For extra hilarity, Luffy also complains about the Big Mom Pirates using food, and that he's continuously being forced to eat. ''Yes, Luffy actually got tired of eating.''
** Right after Luffy gets out of the mochi trap, Luffy immediately heard Katakuri's presence inside the mochi shrine, and sniffed out the donuts within. The patissiers attributed it to Observation Haki, though the latter (if not both) were false. And then Luffy proceeds to run a round to burn off the mochi he ate through - in a matter of ''seconds.''
** When Luffy interrupts Katakuri's snack, readers are treated to the sight of the stoic badass Commander Katakuri cheerfully chowing down on donuts while talking about how incredibly tasty they are. Cue a massive, stoic, OhCrap moment from the man when he realizes that his sanctuary no longer has a roof or any walls left to obscure him from the spectators.
*** Even better, he's laying on his back while he's chowing down, contradicting Brulee's claim in the previous chapter that he has never allowed his back to touch the ground.
*** Not to mention the fact we finally get to see the bottom part of his face. Which turns out to be ridiculously large jaws with sharp teeth. Well, with the help of his Mochi-Mochi Fruit powers, that is- he reduces it to normal size very quickly, but with the teeth still as they were. Makes you wonder what kind of creature his father is.
* Chapter 884:
** Katakuri seemingly about to attack Luffy with donuts, which Luffy calls him out on- only to mold them into giant fists.
** Pudding swooning once again after Sanji says something that is barely complimentary, and she ends up ''steaming'', enough that chefs start to worry someone cooked Pudding!
** The mystery of the missing Scout Sea Slugs is solved: all of them are playing hooky from their jobs because Charlotte Praline has hypnotized them into singing and dancing with her voice! It's also ''incredibly'' adorable to look at.
* Chapter 885:
** Just after Gear Fourth runs out, Luffy finds Katakuri bearing down on him. He then turns to see Brulee sitting a few feet away from him. One devious grin later, and Brulee ends up a hostage again!
** Luffy uses Brulee to jump out of the Mirror World to give himself the time he needs to regain his Haki so he can resume his fight with Katakuri. Unfortunately, the mirror Luffy jumped through lead to, [[ContrivedCoincidence of all places]], Nuts Island where ''a food-crazed Big Mom is rampaging!'' Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire!
** What, no mention of the cook who basically had a foodgasm and fell over from tasting some of Sanji's cooking? After which Sanji announced that his game plan was to defeat Big Mom by having her eat a wedding cake that's to die for. In this case, perhaps literally.
* Chapter 886:
** The wedding cake being transfer to the port on a carriage that's being pulled by a [[SweetSeal top hat-wearing seal on a ball]].
** Pudding's reaction to Sanji saving Chiffon in the blink of an eye. A big smile, huge heart eyes, and a nosebleed!
* Chapter 887:
** When Sanji lifts the entire cart, cake and all, onto Bege's ship with one leg, Pudding collapses with a near fountain of blood coming out of her nose.
** Oven attempting to do a YouShallNotPass on Bege's ship, only for him to be run over.
** Sanji's reaction to Oven boiling the ocean is to remark [[MundaneUtility the fish would probably be delicious]]. Bege snaps at him that [[SkewedPriorities they're going to boil as well]].
* Chapter 888:
** The cannonballs that the Big Mom pirates use. The hilarity of these cannonballs include with one having a moustache, all of them competing to see who hits the Straw Hats first right before Nami tricks them into veering off. Extra points if you remember a certain scene from ''[[Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit Roger Rabbit]]'' which is remarkablely similar to this.
** Also, the cannonball with a mustache cries, [[VideoGame/SuperMario64 "Here we go!"]]
** [[https://abload.de/img/img_20171208_091130ifu6e.png Chopper's reaction to seeing powered-up Carrot fight]].
* Chapter 889:
** Now charged with ferrying the new wedding cake, Bege (naturally) wants to poison it, with Sanji arguing with him about his pride as a cook. Sanji ends the argument by dabbing some of the cake frosting ''into Bege's mouth mid-sentence'', leaving him nearly as entranced as the cook from earlier and unable to make any counterpoints. He attributes it to being ''brainwashed''.
** Two of the cooks apparently passed out from the sweet aroma of the cake in the process of frosting it.
** Yet again, Pudding can't contain herself and she pulls another Sanji moment after Sanji acts cool in front of Bege.
** Big Mom commands Napoleon to transform into his sword form and summons Prometheus and Zeus at her side. Now, there is a panel in a manga of the 4 of them together. Big Mom is starving, so she looks a bit more menacing than usual. Prometheus is now a blazing inferno with a demonic expression engulfing Big Mom's hair. Napoleon laughs wildly as his face is now on the blade section of his body. As for Zeus? [[MoodWhiplash He still has the same old goofy, happy expression]].
* Chapter 890:
** When Jinbe tells Big Mom they don't have the cake, she rationalizes that if that's true, she'll have to kill Perospero. Cue him freaking out.
** So in order to stop Big Mom from bisecting the Thousand Sunny, Brook not only takes a bolt of lightning from Zeus (with Nami right behind him as she avoids getting shocked herself with a happy expression on her face), but then ''[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome cuts Zeus in half]]''. What makes it funny is what happened between these two events that sets up his attack, as he weaponizes the meme he's most known for:
-->'''Brook''': [[RunningGag Then, will you at least let me see your panties!?]]
-->*everyone is bewildered at the question in such a situation, immediately followed by Brook [[SingleStrokeBattle on the other side of Zeus]]*
*** What makes this even funnier is that it's too similar to the climax of ''{{Naruto}}'' (specifically, the fight with Kaguya) to be coincidence. It's rather clearly a ShoutOut, even if the exact techniques used are different.
** Nami telling a de-powered Zeus that he has a choice to be her slave, or die. [[SlasherSmile The face]] [[StepfordSmiler she makes]] is hilarious.
*** In an ironic twist, Brook was subject to capture and humiliation by Big Mom and her homies. Brook has now reversed the situation on one of those homies.
*** Zeus' inexplicable baseball hat.
* Chapter 894:
** So we get to see a flashback on how Luffy obtained his Observation Haki with Rayleigh, and during said training, Luffy is not only sporting several lumps on his head but smells Rayleigh's lunch. While training, Luffy ends up attacking Rayleigh's lunch, ruining it and we get this gem after Rayleigh hits Luffy for ruining his lunch:
--> '''Luffy''': Rayleigh!!! That hurt! Somehow...I sense anger!
--> '''Rayleigh''': That's also Haki. Here try to dodge this! *Hits Luffy again off-screen*
** So as Bege is leading Big Mom away from the Straw Hats, Chiffon decides they need to go further to Puffs Island in order to give the Straw Hats more time to escape. The Fire-Tank pirates argue but Chiffon pulls off this number:
--> '''Chiffon''': Let's keep going until we reach Puffs Island!
--> '''Bege''': Okay. Wait, a second Chiffon!! Were you even listening!?
** As the Straw Hats are getting chased by Smoothie's fleet, Carrot wakes up from her Su-Long form and is wondering if Luffy and Sanji are okay. Chopper, meantime, decides to ask if Cat Viper and Duke Dogstorm can do what she did.
** Pudding might as well be the new Sanji with her interactions with said chef. She's not only able to not look at Sanji in the eye, but she's huffing and puffing in a similar manner than he is that it has the jelly Homie, Nitro ask this:
--> '''Nitro''': Who exactly are you imitating...?
** We get to meet more of the Charlotte family, and specifically we get to meet Charlotte Brownie, who after asking the number of men the Straw Hats have for the upcoming battle, goes to sleep when he learns that the enemy only numbers less than 10.
* Chapter 896:
** The Straw Hats on the ship are getting gradually more worried that Luffy won't be able to get out of the Mirror World, nevermind by the planned time, because Luffy tends to get so focused on fighting that he forgets everything else.
** Caesar isn't the only one with a PaperThinDisguise this arc: Pekoms- er, ''Nazoms'', appears to solve the above problem by carrying a very livid Brulee over his shoulder. The disguise is so paper-thin, even ''Luffy'' sees through it.
** Pudding's ''excellent'' InelegantBlubbering face.
* Chapter 897:
** The DramaticIrony present when the Big Mom pirates wait to ambush Luffy outside the mirror, thinking he must have somehow ''outsmarted'' Katakuri rather than beating him fair and square, completely unable to even consider the latter possibility. The MassOhCrap that will ensue when they see the truth is expected to be ''glorious''.
*** What makes it even more hilarious is that Luffy actually did manage to outwit Katakuri and escape the Mirror World with Brulee at one point. He then went back in and beat Katakuri '''''anyway'''''.
* Chapter 898:
** The aforementioned realization expected from chapter 897 finally hits, with Bruleé revealing, TearsOfFear streaming down her face, that Katakuri got beaten. The faces of horror, complete with a couple of obligatory Enel imitations, were as priceless as expected; even better, they're all contrasted with Luffy himself, who is fast asleep without a care in the world.
* Chapter 899:
** Luffy defuses a tense moment, with Judge, even in the middle of rescuing Sanji, berating both him for his weakness, and Luffy for even wanting to come back for a failure and weakling who displays no royal attitude at all and only cooks like some ''commoner''... and Luffy just waves him off, thanking him for his help; this leaves Judge screaming that he never answered why he even came back for Sanji in the first place. Luffy then makes an aside comment wondering why Judge [[GoodCannotComprehendEvil would list all the good things about Sanji like that when he hates him]], leaving Sanji fuming ("THAT'S NOT WHAT HE THOUGHT WAS DOING!") and Jinbe ''[[NotSoStoic laughing]]''.
* Chapter 901:
** What is the most unexpected way you can escape from certain doom on the high seas? A giant Fishman eats you. Wadatsumi shoves the entire ''Thousand Sunny'' (minus an unlucky flagpole) into his mouth. The Straw Hats don't even get a chance to react before gurgling for breath underwater and hanging on for dear life.

[[folder:Reverie Arc]]
* Chapter 903:
** Sanji discovers that his brother Niji slipped him his own Raid Suit. Sanji considers it an insult and refuses to wear it, despite Luffy and Chopper's pleas for him to try it on so they can see how cool he looks.
** It's discovered that Zeus has submitted to becoming Nami's slave and now lives in the Clima-Tact. Sanji tells the cloud that he was Nami's slave first. Brook is shocked that Sanji is having a rivalry with water vapor.
** Good news and of course, bad news for Sanji. The good news is that his bounty has increased to 330 million, which is higher than Zoro's. The bad news is that he's referred to as 'Vinsmoke' Sanji in the bounty poster, right after he barred his crewmates from mentioning them, continuing the RunningGag where there's always something odd in his wanted posters to Sanji's chagrin.
** A bit of humor and awesomeness mixed together. When Luffy looks at his bounty poster, it seems like it had decreased to 150 million. Turns out that he had read it wrong. He's now worth 1.5 '''BILLION'''.
** Morgans' article detailing the Straw Hats actions in Whole Cake Island gives Luffy full credit for the assassination attempt on Big Mom. Bege doesn't look pleased about it.
*** Also, the article mentioned that Luffy used his "[[TheDitz intelligence]]" to "[[LeeroyJenkins carefully plan out]]" the operation.
** Rebecca, upon meeting Coby, nails that he's a huge fanboy of Luffy within seconds of meeting him, to his embarrassment.

* Chapter 904:
** Apparently, while Dragon, Ivankov, and Koala have been sitting patiently for the other Commanders to arrive, Sabo, the second-in-command of the Revolutionary Army, has been laying on the ground for seemingly hours, grinning at the news about Luffy for so long, his face has grown stiff. Koala, who's more used to his behavior, just seems resigned to it while Ivankov cannot believe it.
--->'''Ivankov''': "Is he an idiooot?!"
*** The same scene has very amusing FunnyBackgroundEvent that shows that Koala is NotSoAboveItAll herself. At the table, Koala, who is only 5'3, can be seen sitting on top of two cushions on her chair in order to be close to eye-level with Dragon and Ivankov. Yes, a 23-year-old woman, who is the Fishman Karate Assistant instructor for the Revolutionary Army apparently would rather sit in a booster-seat than not be included with the other Revolutionary leaders. (Inazuma is sitting on top of one cushion.)
** Revoluationary Army commander Karasu spends most of the chapter silent. Then he mumbles, and when people point that out he seems to get angry. Then the end of the chapter reveals he forgot to turn on the loudspeaker in his Plague Doctor mask.
** Belo Betty helps power up ordinary citizens by INSULTING them. This brings to mind the famous scene from ''Anime/DragonBallZFusionReborn''.
* Chapter 905:
** How did Fujitora get into Mariejois despite Sakazuki's objections and order that Fujitora be turned away from any and all Marine bases? He [[LoopholeAbuse simply stated "This isn't a Marine Base"]]. Sakazuki looked ready to literally erupt. Making this moment even better is Sengoku popping by just to troll Sakazuki.
** Morgans has gone to cover the arrival of the Reverie participants, and goes utterly gaga over Shirahoshi.
** Shirahoshi asks Garp (whom she calls Luffy-sama's Grandfather) if something is the "legendary forest" she heard so much about. Garp flatly remarks that it's just a single tree.
** Garp is incredibly casual around Stelly, calling him a "little brat" as soon as he sees him, and later telling him to back off when Stelly tries to suck up to him anyway.
*** Stelly continues making a fool of himself on pretty much every panel he appears - He falls over in shock at the slightest oppertunity, he faints from fear after King Neptune grabs his shoulder (because Stelly fell over), and is scared at even small things like the Gondala going up the Red Line, or some crows.
** In his very first appearance, Ryokugyu casually discusses how much destruction would result in Mariejois if he had to fight Fujitora. Y'know, only the most ''sacred'' place to the World Government, his very ''[[SkewedPriorities employ??]]''
*** Ryokugyu has also been on an extensive fast. Apparently, the one thing that can make him stop is if a bunch of hot women spoon-feed him a meal. And why is he fasting in the first place? No protest against anything, no ideological reason, the man is ''[[LazyBum just that goddamn lazy]]''.
** At the very formal meeting table in Kamabakka Kingdom, we've seen several prominent figures acting with grace... [[HotBlooded Belo Betty]], on the other hand, has her legs crossed and feet casually propped up on the table, once again exuding no damn given from every pore.
* Chapter 906:
** Some snooty nobles waste no time trying to woo Shirahoshi. Her response is to shyly yet bluntly state that they're not her type, again, to her brothers' shock. Her embarassed face and WingdingEyes as Ryuboshi explains what she's supposed to do are adorable.
** Shirahoshi also pops into Vivi and Rebecca's conversation about Luffy, saying his name aloud; once again, to Ryuboshi's shock. Vivi is also shocked when Rebecca mentions Luffy just as casually, fearing they'd misheard Shirahoshi, but when the latter confirms she is indeed Luffy's friend, the other princesses instantly give a thumbs-up.
** A minor detail, but the refresher about Dalton's story shows Usopp with his extremely swelled up face from when Vivi slapped the crap out of him the Drum Island arc.
* Chapter 907: On the cover story, Orlumbus is bidding a tearful farewell to the kingdom he served, while the King and his soldiers are firing cannons at him for stealing the fleet he commanded.

[[folder:Filler Arcs]]
* In the canon Arlong Park Arc, Luffy grabbed Zoro with his Gum-Gum arms outstretched and flung him away. The fillers turned into a bit of a RunningGag that Luffy kept sending Zoro flying in some way or another, both during the Warship Island Arc and the filler sections of the Alabasta Arc where the crew was travelling/wandering through the desert.
* From the Warship Island arc, Luffy's "Gum-Gum!!!! [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cnPEMcy0tc Suspension bridge]]."
* During that brief mini-arc where Foxy returned, both Sanji and Zoro got hit by Foxy's Slow Slow Beam, and the result was Sanji slowly falling towards Zoro, both with looks of terror on their faces. Just when they're about to lock lips, the thirty seconds expire, and Sanji manages to catch himself in time. They then have the following exchange.
-->'''Sanji''': That was terrifying.\\
'''Zoro''': I agree.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYbND0PIwO8 Another moment involving Zoro and Sanji from the same arc]] : During a fight scene, an enemy rushes towards Nami. Zoro pushes her out of the way in time and tries to fight the guy by blocking his sword with his hands, but a pissed off Sanji steps in and makes the move fail. Obviously, they start to argue, and the guy tries to get a hit in, but they easily dodge. Zoro tries to catch his sword again, but Sanji screws the move up once more. They bicker some more, then notice the enemy, who's still in the way, and send him flying. Cut to Robin and Chopper on the Going Merry, who see the guy flying away and treat it as an UnusuallyUninterestingSight:
-->'''Robin''': Ah, a human firework.
-->'''Chopper''': They seem to be having fun...
** Still from the same arc, Foxy disguises himself as Porche to escape the Straw Hats. Foxy's disguises [[PaperThinDisguise aren't exactly the best around]], to say the least, so nobody is fooled... except for Luffy. Needless to say, his crew is utterly appalled by his stupidity. The moment even ends with a collective FaceFault from everyone else in the room.
** Earlier on, when Foxy and his subordinates were travelling with the Straw Hats for a while, Foxy decides not to fish food, and instead grab an orange from Nami's trees. The dumbass mistakes [[FieryRedhead Nami's hair]] for an orange and grabs her instead, and promptly gets beat up for it. Luffy even comments on how dumb Foxy is, while Hamburg laughs.
* When Sanji and Luffy try to free Usopp and Zoro from G8's brig, Usopp suggests using his Impact Dial to blow the cell bars apart. Sanji takes the Dial from Usopp's pocket, but when he uses it, it plays back comments Usopp made in Skypiea, as he had taken the Tone Dial by accident. One of the Marines wonders if that is supposed to be a secret weapon, which causes Sanji to turn bright red with fury. He takes another Dial (glaring at Usopp all the while), but this one turns out to contain foul gas. Usopp demands to know who put a fart in his Flavor Dial, and Luffy weakly apologizes. The joke is then taken to its logical conclusion when the gas ignites a candlelight and creates a large explosion that blows the bars apart. ''Finally'', when they finally escape, Zoro manages to get everyone lost in a ''straight corridor'', thus enabling them to avoid the ambush that has been set up for them.
** The part where the question marks start popping up over all the Marines' heads is priceless.
* Speaking of the G8 arc, Luffy [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqVdS2MKpYw plays ninja]].
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEvWQLa7Mbw The "Condoriano" scene]]. Because Robin is impersonating commander Shepherd, the real deal is mistaken for one of the Straw Hats and jailed along with Usopp and Zoro. Seeing an opportunity there to screw Shepherd over some more, Usopp claims the commander ''is'' actually a member of their crew, Condoriano. Not only is the name itself funny, but the way they [[TrillingRs pronounce]] it is as well, as well as details like Usopp poking "Condoriano" with his nose.
** Lovable gentle Chopper acting like a berserker brute and threatening to kill the "hostages" if they aren't allowed to escape. Made better by "hostages" Nami and Dr. Kobato over-acting their pretty little heads off plus Zoro grinning and golf-clapping. And Luffy ''actually believes he's serious''.
--->'''Zoro''': I'd do as he says, guys. He's serious. If you haven't seen the neck-snap thing, it's pretty messy.
** The bazooka bit was gold as well.
* [[http://www1.watchop.com/watch/one-piece-episode-206-english-subbed/ When trying to leave G8]], Usopp comes up with a plan to use the Octoballoon from Skypiea, along with an Impact Dial, Breath Dials and Flame Dial, to escape. But...
-->'''Usopp''': We don't have the octopus.\\
'''Chopper''': The octopus.\\
'''Nami''': Yeah, the octopus.\\
'''Sanji''': Shitty octopus.\\
'''Robin''': Yes, the octopus.\\
'''Zoro''': Damn octopus.\\
[=*=]''Luffy gets between Zoro and Usopp with a big smile on his face''*\\
'''Luffy''': I have it.\\
'''Usopp''': He says he's got it.\\
'''Chopper''': He has it?\\
'''Nami''': He's got it.\\
'''Sanji''': Shit, he's got it.\\
'''Robin''': He has it!\\
'''Zoro''': You have it?\\
'''Luffy''': Yeah, right here!\\
'''Everyone except Robin''': Eeehh!\\
[''Luffy then pulls the octopus from his shorts. [[TrouserSpace From the inside.]]'']\\
'''Luffy''': See?\\
'''Luffy''': Well, he was our savior who brought us down from the sky!\\
'''Zoro''': I know, but...
-->'''Sanji''': ...didn't it feel funny down there?\\
'''Luffy''': [[IdiotHero Down where?]]
** Usopp's expression when Luffy pulls the octopus from his pants.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yt9JOe362OY Immediately after that]], Usopp asks who should activate the Impact Dial (Which, as a reminder:, hurts like hell when you use it). [[GotVolunteered Cue the other Straw Hats staring at him with evil grins and crazy eyes]].
-->'''Usopp''': H-hey, guys...what gives?\\
'''Luffy''': Who does the Impact Dial belong to?\\
'''Zoro''': It's Usopp's.\\
'''Robin''': Right, Long-Nose?\\
'''Sanji''': Then it's only fair that we let the owner do it.\\
'''Nami''': You're the best, Usopp.\\
'''Chopper''': Good luck, Usopp!\\
''(cut to Usopp's increasingly terrified face)''\\
'''Zoro''': Hey, don't worry, old buddy, we'll give you a hand.\\
'''Luffy''': It's decided, then.\\
'''Usopp''': ''[[BigNo Noo-oo-ooo!!!]]''
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02c4u-bciDI Yet another scene from the G8 arc]] : Usopp pretends to be the special inspector who has come to check on the base, and it works for a short while, but tough luck for him, it doesn't end as well as he planned. What this clip doesn't show is that the "real" commander Shepherd who has arrived isn't even the real deal, but actually Robin in disguise.
-->'''Usopp''': GAH! THE REAL ONE SHOWED UP!
-->'''Captain''': I KNEW IT! ''(Starts strangling Usopp, who put the poor Captain under a microscope moments ago)'' HOW DARE YOU?! YOU ASS! WHERE'S YOUR ATTITUDE NOW?!
* Episode 510: Ivankov arrives on his island in his full female form, which Sanji instantly falls for. But he reverts back to his original sex as Sanji was about to take "her" hand. Talk about UnsettlingGenderReveal!!
** And funnier still, Sanji ''knew'' that was coming.
* In the TV Special ''Detective Memoirs of Chief Straw Hat Luffy'', Zoro blatantly attacks Mohji and Richie to protect Vivi and then nonchalantly states "Sorry, my hand slipped", much to Cabaji's annoyance.
* In one of the TV Specials : [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-uExNVmRYU Luffy got his finger stuck in a bottle]] trying to get the message in it out. Zoro comes in and offers to help... ''by cutting the bottle with an axe''. Luffy's reaction is priceless.
* In another of the TV specials, the Straw Hats end up being part of a play. As expected, it goes completely apeshit : Robin ''overracts'' while singing and dancing ([[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Freaking Chopper out in the process]]), Sanji can't bring himself to perform his role of attacking the princess, Usopp overdoes his role as a narrator, Luffy pops up on stage wearing a monkey costume and dancing around... It's complete chaos.
* Episode 131: Sanji has a dream about Nami and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=NHbpc8HGADU#t=48s almost kisses Zoro in his sleep.]] Both wake up at the last second and their reactions are ''priceless'':
(''they start fighting'')
* In one of the Boss Luffy specials, Luffy, Nami and Usopp meet Franky. At first, a cloth ends up flying in Nami's face, then Franky comes in, with nothing to cover his privates, much to Nami's shock and Luffy and Usopp's amazement. A couple seconds later, Mozu and Kiwi run in and hide Franky's privates from view with hammers, not realizing they're too late. Then, the kicker : Franky reveals that the cloth that flew into Nami's face earlier is his ''[[{{Squick}} loincloth]]''. Needless to say, [[ScreamingAtSquick Nami screams in shock]].
* Episode 336. It completely revolves around Chopper Man, and is full to the brim of funny moments.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8S6YHDtCVE In one of the TV Specials]], Nami decides to help a group of people find treasure. Zoro and Usopp aren't fooled for a second, and know Nami does it more out of greed than kindness, but when one of the children says that her sister doesn't care about gold and jewels and thus doesn't intend to actually ''keep'' the treasure, Nami's eyes start to shine. ''Brightly''. So much so that it actually blinds anyone who looks at them.
** Earlier on, when another of the children is kidnapped, Nami tries to get a sleeping Luffy to wake up and save her. She wakes him up by [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqGS-VWevwE stomping the hell out of him]], then points at the enemy's ship. Luffy stretches his arm to try and attack, but he falls asleep again and ''rockets himself right into their ship''.
** When Robin points out that it's unusual for even Luffy to sleep like that, she asks if Sanji put anything funny into his meals. Usopp says it's ridiculous, saying there's no way the cook in charge of their food would do that, but Sanji admits that he ''did'' put a few sleeping pills in Luffy's food, because he was so noisy.
* In episode 54, as Apis is trying to run away from the Marines who kidnapped her, she gets caught by a soldier. She manages to escape him by accidentally kicking him right in the crotch, freezing the poor guy in position.
** When Luffy catches a drifting Apis, the recoil from his stretched arm sends Zoro flying right out of the ship and into the ocean.
** When Apis wakes up, she accidentally bumps into Usopp, leaving a dent in his chin (and making a hilarious WildTake in the process). It's made even better by the fact that in her ImagineSpot of the Straw Hats as evil pirates, Usopp still has that dent.
** Later on, she's cooking breakfast for the crew to thank them for saving her from drowning out at sea. Not only did her cooking blow up the kitchen and left the utensils in a terrible shape, but the food itself was burned, and ''spicy as hell''. Aside from Luffy, everyone turns red from eating it. Then ''blue''.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lIFIYkV5aI In one of the crossover episodes]], as Nami and [[{{Manga/Toriko}} Rin]] are running through a desert, they respectively see that [[Franchise/DragonBall Master Roshi]] and Brook have passed out. As they run to their help, Roshi says he might survive if Nami basically lets him cop a feel, and Brook asks Rin to show him her panties. Cue the two young ladies kicking the two perverts away, and Franky randomly striking his "Super!" pose as he doubts whether Android 18 is a true cyborg or not. Then Rin calls them a flock of perverts, which they take as a ''compliment''.
* The entire three episode Caesar Retrieval Arc is full of laughs. Breed's powers let him contol whoever his goo lets him collar, and naturally he gets Caesar, Chopper, Luffy, and Law. He puts Chopper in a dress and makes the other three sit like dogs, much to their shock. He even makes Caesar faceplant with a command to lie down!
** Law admits that as soon as he figured out Breed's powers, he put in earplugs to block them, and has since given them to Luffy and Caesar. Cue Luffy constantly complaining that he can't hear people and asking Law what Law just said.
* The Marine Rookies Arc gives us plenty of laughs.
** First, as the Sanji Retrieval Team is struggling to deal with hunger, Luffy in particular, looks like a zombie, and he tries to eat Chopper, only to get beat up by Nami.
*** He later does this again in the Shark Submerge, with the same beating as earlier.
** After scaring some Marines, the group that went to the island (Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, and Carrot) steal their clothes. Carrot is excited, but Luffy complains that he doesn't wanna wear the Marine coat, only reluctantly complying when Nami tells him to wear it if he wants food.
** As Nami and Chopper's backs are turned, Luffy and Carrot wander off on their own, right into the main base rather than the food storage, because Carrot smelled something good in there.
** When the new Marine Grount, is left at the cafeteria with a lot of angry looks from most of the Marines, he is confronted by Bonham, who at first looks like he wants to pick a fight, [[BaitAndSwitch but instead greets his old friend with a hug]], which annoys Grount.
** Zappa, another old friend of Grount, is in despair because he proposed to every female Marine at the post, but got rejected by all of them.
** Later, after Nami and Chopper followed Luffy and Carrot to make sure they don't get into trouble, they notice food and their stomachs growl. The cook spots them and says they don't look familiar, but ends up serving them curry; they thank her and gladly eat the curry.
** The above is followed by Carrot noticing the two and calling out rather loudly at them; Nami and Chopper responds by trying to get Carrot to be quiet, to no avail.
*** Carrot's call attracts the attention of Zappa, who fawns over Nami and proposes to her, and when he leans over for a kiss, Nami flees and he ends up kissing a ladle held by the {{Gonk}} female chef from earlier, and when he's told Nami left, he falls back into depression.
** After Luffy's identity is discovered, he and Carrot are surrounded by Marines. Carrot asks Luffy what they should do, and he replies it's obvious. Carrot thinks about running away, but Luffy instead replies they should eat more, much to her shock, but she joins him anyway and they stuff their faces with curry.
*** Note: Before that, the Marine troops had surrounded the two with swords and guns, but when Luffy and Carrot hop over them to get to the curry pot, all they do is just stare.
** Zappa tries to woo Carrot by giving her a bouquet of carrots, and Carrot thanks him, causing Zappa to faint in happiness, then Luffy calls to Carrot and they both make a run for it, causing Zappa to get mad and try to kill Luffy in a fit of jealousy. As Luffy blocks Zappa's swords with Haki, Carrot electrocutes Zappa while [[ApologeticAttacker apologizing for attacking him even though he gave her carrots]]. And then we learn Zappa [[CombatSadomasochist is into that sorta thing and wants her to zap him again]]. ([[{{Pun}} Zappa getting zapped! Hey, a funny- that's punny!]])
** This is followed by the arrival of Brook in his soul form, which scares Carrot. Brook apologizes for scaring her and asks to see her panties, which Luffy interrupts by asking where the others are, and Brook leads them there. (Brook's request to see Carrot's panties all forgotten).
** After beating some Marines, Brook accidentally leads Luffy and Carrot into a wall because he forgot that they can't pass through walls and calls himself [[{{Pun}} bone-headed]].
** At the food storage, Luffy and Carrot continue to stuff their faces with meat and carrots. Nami tells them this is no time to be eating around, and Chopper agrees with her, [[HypocriticalHumor while he's doing the same thing as them]], which Nami calls him out on.
** Grount, Bonham, and Zappa has caught up to the Straw Hats, with Grount fighting Luffy, Bonham fighting Chopper, and meanwhile, Zappa tries to propose to '''both''' Nami and Carrot, but Nami instead creates a thundercloud that electrocutes Zappa, but all it does is make his crush stronger.
** After that, he unleashes a fiery slash at Luffy, which gets deflected towards a hanging water tank, which falls on Zappa and unleashes a flood that washes away the Straw Hats.
*** If you look close enough, you can see that Luffy was being swept away ''upside-down''.
** As the Straw Hats approach a cliff, there are Marines waiting for them. Vice-Admiral Prodi calls how pirates are selfish because they have little regards of others, then he reveals that the reason he can't let them go is because '''he would be demoted and his retirement plan would be ruined'''. His subordinates, Chopper, and Nami all call him out on this.
** After the Marines fend off Nami and Carrot's electrical attacks, Chopper figures out that the Marines' rubber shields don't help very well against non-electrical attacks, and needless to say� it all falls apart for the Marines.
** At the end, when the Straw Hats make it back to the Sunny, all the food they stole are all eaten within 10 minutes, mainly by Pekoms and Pedro (they were left starving on the ship), and also by Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot as well.
*** As Nami tries to ask Luffy what they're gonna do, he ignores her and looks back at the Marine island, where Grount, Bonham, and Zappa are watching the Sunny sail away, and he grins at them.

* In the first movie, as Ganzo is telling a story about how he willingly [[DisneyDeath let himself fall off a cliff]] to save Woonan's life, [[IdiotHero Luffy]] [[DidYouDie asks if Ganzo died]]. This is funny enough on its own (especially with Nami facepalming in the background), but when Ganzo tells how he survived, a disappointed Luffy says...
-->'''Luffy:''' What, you didn't die.
-->'''Everyone:''' '''''NO SHIT!'''''
* In Movie 4 ''Dead End Adventure'', when hearing about how the crew is low on money, Luffy says this.
-->'''Luffy''': ''[seriously]'' Oi, let me say this as your captain. You guys are spending too much money on food.\\
''[gets beaten up the rest of the crew]''\\
'''Everyone''': IT ALL GOES TOWARDS FEEDING ''YOU''!!!!!
** This background conversation between Luffy and Zoro.
--->'''Barman''': There's no cures for idiots or pirates, is there?\\
'''Luffy''': Did he call you an idiot, Zoro?\\
'''Zoro''': Why me?\\
'''Luffy''': Because I'm a pirate.
** While fighting some pirates in a massive bar fight, Luffy is hanging onto a chain, following a large group of pirates as it moves upward. When he passes by Nami, Sanji and Robin, this exchange takes place:
-->'''Nami''': Luffy! What are you doing?\\
'''Luffy''': Nothing! Just a fight!\\
'''Nami''': I see. Don't get lost, okay?\\
'''Luffy''': Okay!
** Upon arriving at a Marine base due to a fake log post, the crew decides they'll track down Gasparde. Usopp asks how, and they respond that Chopper will track them by smell. We then get a scene or two over at Gasparde's ship, and the Going Merry just kind of slowly making its way toward the ship... cue this conversation on board the Merry.
--->'''Usopp''': I can't believe we actually tracked him by smell.\\
'''Chopper''': Are you doubting me?!
** After hearing Anaguma piss and moan about his (her) lot in life as a victim who can't afford their freedom one too many times and having such a despairing attitude to the point of wanting to die, it hits way, way, ''way'' too close to home for Nami. Nami goes ''absolutely berserk''. She ''grabs one of Zoro's swords and starts swinging it wildly in an attempt to scare the thought away.''
** Luffy crying a literal river over the thought of losing [[IconicItem his straw hat]] forever. Thankfully, this is not the case.
* In Movie 7, there's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPf4ELlkWoU a classic Luffy moment]]:
--->'''Luffy''': *seemingly panicked* Nami !!!\\
'''Nami''': Wh-What ?\\
'''Luffy''': [[MundaneMadeAwesome A doll is carrying tea !]] AWESOME ! *gets punched*
* Film Gold:
** The race scene is really hilarious. It's literally ''One Piece'' does ''WesternAnimation/WackyRaces'':
*** Jimmy Meyers, one of the racers in Hot Shell, goes through a mean personality change behind the wheel like [[Anime/FairyTail Edolas's counterpart of Natsu Dragneel]]:
-->'''Jimmy''': '''MOVE, BITCHES!!'''
** One of the racers, Petty Officer ''[[MeaningfulName Straight]]'', is too stubborn to listen to his driver, who says they need to turn. Straight orders him to keep going forward... so right off the track and into the pool below they go. The real kicker is if you go look up what the [[AllThereInTheManual unspoken name of the driver is]]... '''''[[IronicName Curve.]]'''''
** In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo, Wanze is proposing to a woman equally as ugly as he is on a giant Ferris wheel. Cue an interruption by the Straw Hats flying past the window.
** At the casino, the Straw Hats are told that they could become billionaires. Nami, Usopp, and Brook try to discuss what they heard, only for Luffy to bet all they have on a game.
--->'''Luffy''': Alright, we bet it all!
--->'''Nami, Usopp, & Brook''': (Understandably mad) '''WAIT A MINUTE!!'''
*** Becomes even more hilarious if you remember that those three were the ones who beat up Luffy for mentioning "ninja" in the Zou Arc.
** Brook's reaction when the overly showy [[CombatSadomasochist Dice]] takes out a weapon (purely to gain centrifugal force) to destroy a giant bell in a game of craps... [[BaitAndSwitch then all he does is slam his head to break it instead]]:
-->'''Luffy, Usopp, & Chopper''': (Shocked at the turn of the events) '''EEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH!?!?!'''
-->'''Brook''': WHAT'S THE POINT OF THE AXE!?!
** [[AllMenArePerverts Carina tempting Tesoro's guards with her stunningly huge melons.]]
** Carina is leading most of the Straw Hats through a corridor of Red-Eyed Owls that squawk if their luminous eye sights catch intruders. The group sneaks through with the help of Chopper, until they cut it a little too close and all the owls focus their sights in the direction of where they sensed movement. Everyone except Brook is able to make it to safety unnoticed, who is wearing a heavy robe. All the owls lock onto him... except, it isn't followed by the owls squawking.
-->'''Brook''': It's hard... to run... in this...! ''(the beams converge on him)'' GASP!!
-->'''Chopper''': BROOK!!
-->''(Brook shrieks in mortal terror three times over)''
-->'''Sanji''': ...I think you're okay because you're not a living thing...
-->'''Brook''': ''(mournfully)'' That's..so..'''''SAAAD!!'''''
** Raise Max's ridiculous duck waddle interspersed with his completely serious conversation.
** Later in the movie, Baccarat's Devil Fruit makes Usopp's, Chopper's, and Brook's luck backfire horribly in rapid succession. After this, Usopp takes a long pause to think, then comes up with a brilliant plan:
-->'''Usopp''': ......'''''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere USOPP DASH!!!]]'''''
-->(a brilliant plan... to save his skin, that is)
** Remember how weak Spandam ranked when he had his power measured? Well, his attack was blocked by a '''CHILD'''. An ''ordinary one''.

* Volume 13, chapter 109:
-->'''Reader:''' I've been thinking about a great topic for about five years now. And that topic is, "Why is it that in battle manga, the bottom half of people's clothes never get destroyed?"\\
'''Oda:''' If they fought naked, wouldn't it kind of change the emphasis of the manga?
* Volume 24, chapter 218:
-->'''Reader:''' It takes while for time to pass in manga, doesn't it? Since it's a weekly thing. So, should we wait like 2 more years for Luffy's birthday?\\
'''Oda:''' No, no, no. He has a birthday every year, just like everyone else. It's just that, in Luffy's case, every year is his 17th birthday. Doesn't that make you jealous?
* Chapter 600:
** A reader asks about Sanji's post-timeskip appearance and gives three speculative guesses: 1. Illustration mistake, 2. Image change, 3. He's actually a [[HilariousInHindsight twin named Yonji]].
* Volume 78:
-->'''Reader:'''Why is the death rate of mothers in the OP world so high? (Rouge, Olvia, Usopp's mother, Lucianne [Senor Pink's wife], Bellemere, Vivi's mother, Shirahoshi's, Law's mother, Scarlet [Rebecca's mother])\\
'''Oda:''' [[ConvenientlyAnOrphan It's because the opposite of 'adventure']] [[BlackComedy is 'mother'.]]
* Another BlackComedy gem comes from volume 82: While Doflamingo's favorite food is lobster, he despises barbecue because he apparently associates them with [[DarkAndTroubledPast some traumatic memory]].
* According to volume 84, Hawkins is so confident in his fortune-telling skills that if his cards tell him his lucky item is a skirt, he'll wear it. For extra FanDisservice, Oda also specifies he has thick leg hair.
* Someone male and very juvenile once got the [[RefugeInAudacity bright idea]] to ask if they had Robin's power (the Hana Hana no Mi) if they could bloom a penis in the bathroom without leaving the classroom and what its ability name would be. Oda snarked that it was yet another moronic comment (having gotten used to this sort of thing by now) and claimed the ability would be called "DICK FLEUR!"
** On top of this, Oda has confirmed that Buggy has a detachable penis and Gladius's penis can [[IncrediblyLamePun explode]], which he says is "terrifying". Oda is clearly sick of footing dick jokes.
* During one SBS, somebody decided to submit their raunchy naked fan art of Nami, Vivi and Robin posing as the letters of the SBS while bathing and lathering up. ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice Oda used it.]]''
* Oda almost never gets to start the SBS anymore because his readers take in upon themselves to do the job for him.
* In a recent SBS, Oda got tired of everyone asking what is under Doflamingo's glasses, and so drew him removing his glasses to reveal... a smaller set of glasses that look exactly like the ones he removed. Yes... he pulled a [[Manga/{{Naruto}} Kakashi]] on us.
* Someone wanted to know what was under Whitebeard's bandana. Oda replied by drawing Whitebeard's hair looking EXACTLY like his beard.
* Some poor bastard is in the doghouse now:
-->'''D:''' Oda sensei, hello. The bento that Luffy ate at the promised place with Sanji... does not look good no matter how you look at it, yet Luffy said "Delicious~". This is because his feeling of gratitude became a top-grade seasoning, right? I complain about my wife's cooking, and the food starts to not come. P.N. I have nothing to eat but my wife's cooking.'''
-->'''[[HappilyMarried O]]:''' [[BrutalHonesty Those are words to ruin your life, you know.]] Take responsibility for your actions. (Lol)

* [[http://misanthrobot.tumblr.com/post/66654827110/i-wish-that-whenever-brook-made-a-shitty-joke Epic Skull Joke!]]
* This isn't from the series proper, but a fandom April Fools prank that grew to staggering proportions. When it was learned that a character who could gender bend people was treating Luffy for a poison, a group of people on the Arlong Park forums got together and came up with a fake spoiler summary and fake pictures involving Luffy becoming a girl and disguising herself as part of the Impel Down staff. While close examination would reveal the picture as fake, after being tweaked in Photoshop and done up to look like a spoiler image from JUMP, it proved to easily fool the layman. From there, it spread across much of the English fandom, and even a few foreign ones, with people either finding the GenderBender uproariously hilarious and awesome or cringe worthy, though it was mainly the former. While the joke was prematurely exposed, [[FanNickname Luffyko]] will certainly live on in the hearts of many.
** Now "Sir" Crocodile is up on plate. Or even more infamously known in the fandom as "Croccomom" for the absolutely crackpot theory that he's actually a gender-bent Luffy's mother.
** The really funny part about all this, is that a fan asked Oda in the SBS what would happen to the Straw Hats if they were gender bent, and Oda complied. The tales of Luffyko continue.
* Basically everytime Zoro [[NoSenseOfDirection gets lost]] is a crowning moment of funny per se.
* During the ''Manga/OnePiece''[=/=]''Manga/{{Toriko}}'' Cross Epcoh Manga special, we get a look at Luffy's full course menu. For reference, In ''Toriko'', every Bishokuya has this. It's all of their favourite foods ranging from entree to dessert, showcasing their tastes and variety in food. What is Luffy's? Meat. Just meat. FOR EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY.
** For those of you who don't know this includes the salad, soup and [[SerialEscalation DRINK]].
** Also, forgoing the usual pun or sight gag for the animals, Odacchi comes up with [[http://www.manga.animeflavor.com/comic/manga/o/one-piece/special1-index.php?p=12 A Pig Inside A Fox Inside A Tiger]]
* The "Mugiwara Theater" sketches. All of them.
** In "RPG Time", we see a picture of the Demon King (Brook) Castle, but the picture is covered in increasingly-ridiculous labels for objects like "Demon Island", "Demon Forest", and Demon Restroom", and Demon ''[[EqualOpportunityEvil Disability-Accessible Path]]''".
* The opening to ''Gigant Battle 2: New World'' features Usopp attempting to shoot Akainu, only to piss him off in the process. What makes it even funnier is the fact that it came right after some scenes of Luffy battling Hody, Sanji facing off against Marco, and Zoro dueling against Shiki.
* Hancock's constant [[{{Squee}} squeeing]] like a teenage girl in rock concert every time she speaks to Luffy is hilarious, especially in the anime.
** Also, Bartolomeo is essentially Hancock's SpearCounterpart.
* During a training exercise for the Japanese coast guard, the vessel pretending to be pirates during the exercise displayed the Red-haired Pirates' Jolly Roger.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vl7YJ9YVVE4 This video.]]
* In general, there's a lot of running gags of sorts that deserve mention, like [[TheStoic Robin]]'s tendency to stay calm even when [[MassOhCrap everyone else around her is freaking out]], or Luffy and Chopper's extreme naiveté.
* Some of the cover arts and cover stories can get funny as well. On Chapter 487, Iceburg is shown having interviews to get a new secretary, and among the candidates are a flirtatious young woman, a cute little girl, a {{Gonk}}, a MiniatureSeniorCitizen, an old man and a literal Fishman. [[BrickJoke Way later]], in Chapter 655, it is revealed that he picked the little girl. In Chapter 580, Tashigi is teaching a nervous Koby about swords, while [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Helmeppo is trying to get his lunch back from raccoons in the background]]. The latest one in Dressrosa arc Has Jimbei finding Wadatsumi being behind a string of incidents where buildings rain down on the shoreline. Cue him scolding Wadatsumi for all it's worth while the latter looks like a kid being scolded by a parent.
* The Creator/FourKidsEntertainment dub's [[AlternativeForeignThemeSong opening theme]], if only for its massive NarmCharm factor.
--> He's made of rubber! \\
How did that happen? \\
* Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mryV8IcUwwo Leeroy D. Jenkins.]]
* A Japan-only game app deserves mention here, as its very premise is funny: ''One Piece: Dance Battle''. It's exactly what the title expects: a ''One Piece'' RhythmGame. The character animations are really well done, but the very idea of seeing ''One Piece'' characters dance like that, especially the more serious characters like Doflamingo and Smoker, is hilarious. Here's a few sample videos for you to check out (Watch out for major spoilers for the Dressrosa arc): [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UDvL9zsmW0 Rebecca and Cavendish mini-trailer]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghE5Y8TFAGQ Perona vs Aokiji]], [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezNClpV3QBQ Nami vs a scantily-clad Hancock]].
* Another Japan-only game that deserves mention is ''One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X''. Scanning one of Nintendo's Toys/{{amiibo}}, unlocks a particular outfit for one of the Straw Hats; Luffy can be dressed as [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario or Luigi]], Zoro as [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Link]], Nami as [[VideoGame/WiiFit Wii Fit Trainer]], Usopp as [[VideoGame/YoshisIsland Yoshi]], Sanji as [[VideoGame/StarFox Fox McCloud]], Chopper as Franchise/{{Kirby}}, Robin as [[Franchise/{{Metroid}} Samus Aran]], Franky as [[VideoGame/DonkeyKongCountry Donkey Kong]], and Brook as [[Franchise/FireEmblem Marth]]. It's as silly and hilarious as it sounds, and [[http://www.bandaigames.channel.or.jp/list/opj/special07.html there's even artwork showing the Straw Hats posing like the characters they're dressing as!]]
* In the video game ''Grand Battle 2'', several of the endings movies for the playable characters:
** Luffy's ending has him posing with a BadassLongcoat and BadassArmfold, but he's interrupted mid-CatchPhrase the second he sees a piece of meat dangling from a stick held by Usopp. Cue Luffy running after the meat like a child.
** Zoro's ending has him finally defeat Mihawk... only for the camera to reveal it was actually an ImagineSpot, as Usopp and Chopper notice the scary face Zoro is making.
** Ace's ending has him and Luffy fighting over the last piece of meat. They engage in a BigBallOfViolence, from which you can even see bursts of fire and Luffy stretching his arm to get his hat back. Then Usopp offers Zoro to share the meat in question, pissing off both brothers.
* Just the fact that the 4Kids dubs ends just as the Straw Hats are about to be crushed by the falling ship at the beginning of the Skypeia arc.
* Just the fact that Ivankov’s English VA is named ‘’Randy’’.