* HashHouseLingo in the first book.
* An exchange from ''Odd Hours'':
-->'''[[DirtyCop Hoss Shackett]]''': I need those [[UsefulNotes/NuclearWeapons nukes]]. I need them, I need them right now. \\
'''[[DeadpanSnarker Odd]]''': I don't want to be an enabler, sir. I'd rather get you into a twelve-step program to help you break this addiction.
** Also, Odd pretending that he has amnesia.
** Odd ends up trying to beg for mercy from [[spoiler: the enraged spirit of Frank Sinatra]]
--> '''Odd:''' "I didn't say Rod Stewart! ''He'' said Rod Stewart!"
* ''Brother Odd'':
-->'''[[SaintlyChurch Brother Quentin]]''': We need to know the name of our enemy. \\
'''Brother Alfonse''': We know the name. His name is legion. \\
'''Brother Quentin''': I don't mean our ultimate enemy, Odd, we aren't going up against {{Satan}} with [[WithThisHerring baseball bats]], are we? \\
'''Odd''': If it's Satan, I haven't noticed a sulfurous smell. \\
'''Brother Quentin''': You're being evasive again.
* A lot, mostly created by Odd's DeadpanSnarker personality. One of the ones in the first book is his repeated tellings that "A flipped fork flicked my forehead." When he says it to his dad's girlfriend, she gets mad, causing him to think "Alliteration seems to offend people..."
* During a discussion with a physicist over a plate of cookies, Odd asks about the possibility of a tragic accident happening as a result of his experiments. The physicist replies that it's possible—though highly unlikely—for Odd to die of a brain aneurysm at that moment. Odd's first thought is that he should have had another cookie.
** During the extremely tense and emotionally charged confrontation at the end of ''Brother Odd,'' Odd and [[spoiler: Brother John]] briefly digress into [[MoodWhiplash a discussion of the latter's]] [[ItMakesSenseInContext electricity bill.]] Due to certain discounts, it's not as bad as you might think.
* The part in ''House of Odd'' when ghost-seeker Cassandra Moondragon claims a wall is unhappy, asks it to reveal its secrets, and then just stands there intoning, "Wall wall wall wall," over and over again. This is the point where Odd realizes they're in for a ''long'' night.
* Odd's NarrativeProfanityFilter is often this:
--> '''Odd:''' "He called me a rectum."
** Reaches its logical conclusion in ''Deeply Odd'' when Odd's NarrativeProfanityFilter meets the Rhinestone Cowboy's ClusterFBomb:
--> '''Cowboy:''' "YOU (fornicating) LITTLE (fornicating fornicator)!"
** Then there's Kenny's description of his parents, which Odd first attempts to describe using a lot of very convoluted and contradictory images, but then gives up and admits there's no way he can convey just how colorfully filthy the man was.
* When Odd first encounters the all-powerful, mind-controlling [[spoiler: alien hybrid]] In ''Odd Interlude,'' they quickly descend into hurling playground-level taunts at each other. Odd lampshades how pathetic it is.
* In ''Odd Interlude,'' Odd is obliged to steal a truck (long story). To his immense consternation, he ends up stealing it from a sweet, childless widower who is the sole support of his aging parents, spinster sister, and orphaned nephew Timmy, and who looks like Santa Clause.
-->'''Odd:''' "I feel like crap."
* Odd and Edie's MistakenForGay conversation.
-->'''Odd:''' "I love a girl."
-->'''Edie:''' "So, you're bisexual?"
-->'''Odd:''' "No! Good Lord! Who would have time for that?"