Funny / Normal Difficulty Gaming

    Two Guys One Game 
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Left 4 Dead
    Allen: This game ain't about co-operation. (O RLY owl shows up) It's about every man for himself. (flashback to Matt betraying Allen in Left 4 Dead 2 while Allen lectures and cusses at him)

    Gaming with the Stars 

    The Raging Gamer 
  • There's going to be at least one moment in each episode that gets you cracking up, but it's different for everyone. Most of the time.
  • Any time that Steve mixes his rage with laughter is not only a crack-up to listen to, but it's also horrific when you realize he sounds like The Joker when he does this.
  • And then there are times when his voice suddenly becomes very high-pitched and nasally, which can make anyone merely listening to the video while doing other stuff do a Double Take. And then there's the iconic line...

    Unnecessary Censorship in Video Games 

    Allen Loses His Cool