[[AC:''Night at the Museum'']]
* When the exibits all work together with Larry to stop the old night guards from stealing the tablet. Also counts as a CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
** Cecil getting attacked by the suspended whale.
* Larry and the Easter Island Head.
--> '''Easter Island Head''': ''ME'' no dum-dum, ''YOU'' dum-dum!
* Jedediah calling Larry "Gigantor".
* When Larry finally stopped running from the T-Rex, and Dinosaur [[IncrediblyLamePun throws Larry a bone]].
-->'''Larry''': ...Fetch?
* When Jed and Octavius are popping Cecil's tires, and they get blown away by the violent gush of air coming out of the vent. Made funnier when the scene cuts to a DistantReactionShot of the van from a normal person's perspective that shows an almost inaudible sound being made as the air is released.
* Atilla portrayed as a a huge fussy child with anger problems equals comedy gold. The scene were Larry manages to connect with him and the Huns is both funny and heartwarming.
* Dr. [=McPhee=] in general, but especially when Larry has to explain himself the next morning for humorous positions that the miniatures froze in:
--> '''[=McPhee=]''': Whahahahaha. Let's all laugh at me, the comedy night guard. No, is the answer. Sarcasm, back at you, with your humor box. I wasn't laughing. I was pretending to laugh, if that's what you want, some sort of battle of humor. Do you?\\
'''Larry''': No? I don't want a-- No, I don't want a battle of humor.\\
'''[=McPhee=]''': No, you don't, because it would be a bloodbath. Nothing funny about Little Bighorn. No. I find it about as funny as a [[PerfectlyCromulentWord fancist]]... It's not funny. Okay? And I will not stand for this type of blatant ssss.... If I'm not clear, tell me. ({{Beat}}) Am I clear?\\
'''Larry''': Yeah?\\
'''[=McPhee=]''': Yeah.
** Or this bit when he reluctantly decides to give Larry one last chance:
--> '''[=McPhee=]''': And if anything, the tiniest... after your shift... (smacks his hands together and makes a smashing sound effect) Because...\\
'''Larry''': Got it.\\
'''[=McPhee=]''': Okay. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...\\
'''Larry''': Shame on-\\
'''[=McPhee=]''': Huh?\\
'''Larry''': Fool me... Shame on me.
* The one-scene wonder with the whale squirting water out of its blowhole at the head night guard.
* Larry's first encounter with the miniatures.
* Teddy coming across the ludicrous sight of [[ItMakesSenseInContext Larry and Dexter slapping each other]].
-->'''Teddy:''' Good Lord, Lawrence, why are you slapping a monkey!?

[[AC:''Battle of the Smithsonian'']]
* Kahmunrah's dismissal of ''[[Franchise/StarWars Darth Vader]]'' as an incompetent villain because he's an "asthmatic in an opera cape".
** Also, the moment when Kahmunrah kidnaps Jedediah.
-->'''Kahmunrah''': ''(to Jedediah)'' I'm sorry, but I can't take you seriously, even when you're threatening me! You're just ''adorable''!
** Plus the OverlyLongGag where Larry and Kahmunrah ''try'' to negotiate over Larry's friends and the tablet. A highlight:
-->'''Kahmunrah''': All right, I'll tell you what. They didn't call me Kahmunrah the Trustworthy for nothing. ''(starts to hand Larry the hourglass with Jed in it)'' Here you go... ''([[MoodWhiplash jerks it back]])'' They ''didn't'' call me Kahmunrah the Trustworthy! They called me Kahmunrah the ''Bloodthirsty'', who kills whoever doesn't give Kahmunrah ''exactly'' what he wants in the moment that he wants it, which is ''right now'', when I had also better get the combination and the tablet!
-->'''Larry Daley''': ... That's what they called you?
-->'''Kahmunrah''': It was shorter in Egyptian.
** Also from the same scene: "This is a no touching zone!"
** This
-->'''Kahmunrah''' I am Kahmunrah, I am half god, ''once removed on my mother's side.''
** From the DVD, the "Cherub Training" featurette, which shows the director putting the Music/JonasBrothers through a hilarious {{Humiliation|Conga}} [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzxlqQnC1oE Conga.]]
* Br'''u'''nd'''e'''n.
* Larry asking Octavius to stop looking off into the middle-distance when he speaks in a melodramatic manner.
* When Abraham Lincoln shows up and [[CurbStompBattle curbstomps]] Kahmunrah's Army of the Dead:
--> '''Jed''': Adios, bird-brains!\\
'''Lincoln''': Good-bye, strange bird men.\\
'''Kahmunrah''': Do not return to the underworld!\\
'''Octavius''': Yes, yes, do go back into the underworld. Thank you for coming! Good night!\\
''(the Army of the Dead closes the door behind them)''\\
'''Kahmunrah''': [[LampshadeHanging Well...this is awkward]].
* [[OneSceneWonder The Thinker]].
* Octavius attempting to get help from the President in order to save his friends. In the same vein as the tire scene from the first movie, he sprints across the White House's yard while holding his sword up high and yelling a mighty battle cry...and then it cuts to [[DistantReactionShot the White House looking completely ordinary]], and then it cuts back to the close up of Octavius running dramatically.

[[AC: ''Secret of the Tomb'']]
* The fact that the Museum Director had a caveman added to the exhibit that looks just like Larry as a joke.
* First off, the entire planetarium disaster. Attila attacks an ice sculpture of a dolphin, Teddy goes nuts, Dexter attempts to impale Dr. Phelps with a kebab and all the animals decide to stampede, while Jed and Octavius trip people over.
** Before that, Jedediah and Octavius watch a cat video. What happens next is hilarious.
-->'''Octavius:''' I should like to comment! Summon the apparatus!
-->'''Sentry:''' SUMMON THE APPARATUS!
--> *Apparatus rolls up.*
-->'''Octavius:''' L!
-->*L key is hit with an ice cream stick.*
-->'''Octavius:''' O!
-->*O gets hit as well.*
-->'''Octavius:''' L!
-->*L key gets hit again.*
-->'''Octavius:''' Add a smiley and a wink!
-->'''Sentry:''' ADD A SMILEY AND A WINK!
-->'''Octavius:''' Now submit this video and my edict of approval to ''Facebook!''
* Lancelot cheerfully noting that Larry pretty much looks exactly like his jester, Eric. Who stood there with a deadpan expression and made everyone laugh.
** He then proceeds to call Larry [[TheNicknamer Dangly Bells]] for a good chunk of the movie.
* This:
-->'''Lancelot:''' [[ItMakesSenseInContext Hello, Frog! Keep hopping! You're real!]]
* Akhmenrah's AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents. Poor guy even hangs his head at one point!
** His introduction of Larry.
-->'''Akhmenrah''': This is Larry Daley, Guardian of Brooklyn.
-->'''Larry''': Actually, I live in Manhattan now.
-->'''Akhmenrah''': I know. [[RuleOfCool But it doesn't sound as cool]].
** His parents's most embarassing moment:
-->'''Merenkahre:''' I ''love'' Jews! We owned over 40,000 of them.
-->'''Shepseheret:''' Such nice people!
--> '''Akhmenrah:''' Father, that's not OK anymore. Owning people...
-->'''Merenkahre:''' What? They were very happy! Always singing, with the candles.
** Near the end, when the [[spoiler: tablet is back to normal and Lancelot has decided to remain a good guy:]]
-->'''Merenkahre:''' You have served my family well. We will bury you in a great tomb with many riches, and I will personally see to it that your organs are removed and placed in several jewel-encrusted jars!
** Which actually, if you know about Egyptian burial rites, is a promise of great honors for Larry in death.
* [[spoiler: Lancelot ruining the musical. And Hugh Jackman's and Alice Eve's performance.]]
** [[spoiler: Upon seeing the theater:]]
-->[[spoiler: What have they done to Camelot?!]]
* [[spoiler: "STOP LOOKING AT MY NOSE!!!"]]
* Everything that Laa does, really. For example, deciding whether or not to fulfill his duty as a makeshift night guard or eat the packing peanuts.
* [[spoiler: The Dance Party at the end.]]
* Distracting the Lions at Nelson's Column. Larry just waves his flashlight and the Lions go nuts.
* The entire [[spoiler: Pompeii]] sequence:
** First, just as Octavius and Jed land in the miniature city, they notice all the miniature Roman citizens running away and a male bust repeatedly shouting a single name repeatedly. Octavius then bends down to read the name of the exhibit:
-->'''Octavius:''' Iiepmop. Hmmm...doesn't ring a bell.
** The bust pausing to lick his teeth.
** [[spoiler: And when they see the volcano erupting:]]
-->'''Octavius:''' Oh. [[spoiler: Pompeii.]]
-->*Cut the two of them running away from the lava screaming.*
* Larry attempts to tame the Triceratops [[CallBack by playing fetch.]] It just makes it angrier.
* Tilly's entire romance with Laa is pretty much a parody of every romance cliche, ''ever.''
* "I'M ALREADY MAKING SKETCHES OF YOU IN MY MIND! OK, boy with freckles, fat Asian with hair extensions, evil monkey..."
* Jed and Octavius being slammed against a heating grate...by a gentle breeze.
* "You'll rue the day you messed with us, you beautiful man!"
* Cecil is described by the Librarian (who was playing Candy Crush on her PC earlier) as "the sexiest night guard we ever had." Cue a cut to Cecil dancing with several old ladies.
* Larry talking to Laa about his son Nick. Laa has no idea what Larry's talking about.
** Similarly, Nick talks to Lancelot about his crush on Andrea Moreno and how they had Calculus together. Lancelot ''also'' has no idea what Nick's talking about, but stands there and listens anyway.
* As if Laa and Tilly recreating the lift scene from ''DirtyDancing'' (right down to the music) wasn't funny enough, the scene then cuts to the two dinosaur skeletons also performing the lift.