!!Episode One: "PILOT NO JUTSU~!"
* The sum-up of Sakura's HateDumb in the first episode: "''STOP EXISTING!''"
* Mizuki dares Naruto to steal the scroll of sealing.
-->'''Naruto:''' What's in it for me?\\
'''Mizuki:''' Pack'a smokes?\\
'''Naruto:''' BITCHIN!
** '''Naruto''' (holding the ancient scroll): HOW THE HELL DO I SMOKE THIS?
-->'''Iruka:''' Aw, did you have to wake me up for this? I was having that awesome ninja dream where I'm a ninja.\\
'''Mizuki:''' Dude, you ''are'' a ninja.\\
'''Iruka:''' I am?! ''Holy shit, that's awesome''!!
* [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Yami]]: "Why is everybody in this show a f*cking ninja?!"
!!Episode Two: "SKIPPING NO JUTSU~!"
* Naruto: "Why does everything I punch try to ''STALK ME''!?"
* Naruto's [[InsistentTerminology Ninja]] Job Interview
-->'''Hokage:''' Greetings Naruto, I am the third Hokage.
-->'''Naruto:''' I love Hokages!
-->'''Hokage:''' Your ninja passport photo sucks...
-->'''Naruto:''' F*cking Hokages!
** Also,
--->'''Hokage:''' Nice job Naruto, you gave my grandson brain damage. Now I'm definitely making you a ninja.
--->'''Naruto:''' Really?
--->'''Hokage:''' ... No.
--->'''Naruto:''' F*cking Hokages!
* [[TheDitz Konohamaru]] [[LampshadeHanging raises a good point]] concerning Naruto's "training."
--> '''Konohamaru''': I don't get it, Naruto... How does teaching me to be a sexual deviant help me to become a ninja?
--> '''Naruto''': Become a what now?
* "Just f*cking believe it!"
* Naruto (after Konohamaru transformed into an {{Gonk}}ish woman) "Great, now I won't have another boner for the rest of my life. But that's mostly due to my CONSTANT SMOKING."
!!Episode Three: "FANSERVICE NO JUTSU~!"
* '''Sasuke''': ''"Maybe the [[TemptingFate next scene will have]] [[DescriptionCut something halfway intelligent in it]]."''
** '''Naruto''': "I CAN'T STOP POOPING!!!"
* ''"[[DoubleStandardRapeMaleOnMale Love me, you sexy ninja bastard!!]]"''
** '''Sasuke''': (Completely deadpan mid-rape) "I don't like this."
*** '''Naruto:''' "Now I have transformed into Sasuke so that I can seduce Sakura! I am such an appealing character!"
* After hearing they were both put on Sasuke's team...
-->'''Naruto and Sakura''': THREESOME NO JUTSU!
* Having Yami pop up saying "This is a show about ''ninjas!'' Apparently."
* The flubbed line from episode three being left in was good. "Oh my god Sasuke is so pucki- gah blah... oh my god Sasuke is so fucking pretty!" The camera actually rewinding after Naruto screws up his line makes it even more funny somehow.
* '''Naruto''': Why do all the girls like Sasuke so much? Maybe it's his gorgeous eyes? Or his full, pouting lips? Or his sexy, emotionless voice? Come to think of it, why do ''I'' like Sasuke so much?
* David Bowie's Starman parody.
* Oh crap I need to take a crap! Be right back Sakura I need to poop in the toilet because I need to take a dump!
* [[Series/DawsonsCreek I Don't Wanna Wait]] playing whenever Naruto forces himself upon Sasuke.
* "Shhh, I'm trying hear the nudity."
!!Episode Four: "BOWIE NO JUTSU~!"
* Sasuke's flashback, complete with an "emo-off".
-->'''Sasuke's Brother''': Hey Sasuke. You wanna know why you will never defeat me? Because my voice is much sexier than yours.
-->'''Sasuke''': Damn you, Sasuke's Brother. I challenge you to an emo-off.
-->'''Sasuke's Brother''': I accept your challenge. *draws deep breath* *siggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
-->'''Sasuke''': *siggggggggghhhhhhhhh*
-->'''Sasuke's Brother''': *siggggggggghhhhhhhhh* (quickly) Iwin.
-->'''Sasuke''': Curse you, Sasuke's brother. I shall get you back. Somehow...
* When Sasuke hits Bowie-Sensei mid-song...
-->'''Naruto''': Holy shit, Sasuke! I think you just killed nineteen-seventies experimental glam-rock sensation David Bowie!
-->'''David Bowie:''' Nothing can kill David Bowie!
-->'''Naruto:''' [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot Zombie Ninja David Bowie]] is my sensei! This is the best day ever!
* '''Naruto''': I'm sure they'll come back once they realize they forgot about me! *three and a half days later* THEY DIDN'T FUCKING COME BACK!
!!Episode Five: "MILKSHAKE NO JUTSU~!"
* Naruto killing Mittens spraying catguts everywhere, [[NoodleIncident which is somehow reminiscent of Sasuke's twelfth birthday party]].
* Naruto singing along to the soundtrack.
* "Hooray. I am ecstatic."
* TheStinger with audio of a character from ''WesternAnimation/PerfectHairForever'' shouting "I HAVE SEX WITH DOGS! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?" dubbed over a shot of Kiba with his hand on Akamaru, his dog.
* Joe Hokage talking about [[TheAbridgedSeries a bridge]] and how [[Creator/LittleKuriboh one guy]] made [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries a bridge]] and then some other guys made [[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries a bridge]] and [[Creator/TeamFourStar some other guys]] made [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged a bridge]] that was better than the other bridges and now everyone makes a bridge just so they can get attention even though bridges aren't anything amazing in the first place.
--> '''Naruto:''' What the Hell is he talking about?
--> '''Bowie-Sensei:''' Apparently, bridges...
* "He must be an ocablu blah-blah-blah!" {{Beat}} "He must be some kind of optical illusion!"
* "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!"
!!Episode Six: "WEEABOO NO JUTSU~!"
* Naruto randomly singing Tarzan Boy, and getting to know his all-time idol The Rower right after that.
* Sasuke starts off with a BadassBoast of "Now Zabuza, you're about to feel the pain my entire village felt when Sasuke's brother betrayed me." Cue FlashBack:
-->'''Sasuke's Brother:''' "Hey Sasuke, I bought you a puppy."
-->'''Sasuke (monotone):''' "[[BigYes Yaaayyyy]]"
-->'''Sasuke's Brother:''' "And then I killed it."
-->'''Sasuke (monotone):''' "[[BigNo Nooooooo]]"
* The entire part in the "The following is a fan based parody" bit, read by Zabuza getting a blowjob from Gato.
--> '''Zabuza:''' Ejaculation-no-jutsu.
* Naruto throwing a kunai at the narrator.
-->'''Naruto:''' "A narrator!" (throws a kunai towards the screen)
-->'''Narrator:''' "Ow! Son of a shit!"
-->'''Sakura:''' Naruto, what the hell?
-->'''Naruto:''' "Can't you hear them? They're everywhere! Narrating us!"
-->'''Narrator:''' Sakura didn't know what to make of Naruto's insane ramblings...
-->'''Naruto:''' "There she is again!" (throws another kunai)
* This bit:
-->'''Naruto:''' Man, This is even more frustrating then the time I accidentally turned off my ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' game.\\
'''Mr. Resetti:''' Hey motherfucker, what did I tell you about resetting?!\\
'''*punch*''' '''*punch*''' '''*punch*'''\\
'''Naruto:''' I was waiting for you this time, you mole fucker!
* This part from the beginning:
--> '''David Bowie:''' Naruto, you remind me of the babe.\\
'''Naruto:''' What babe?\\
'''David Bowie:''' The babe with the power.\\
'''Naruto:''' What babe?\\
'''David Bowie:''' The power of voodoo-\\
'''Naruto:''' What babe?\\
'''David Bowie:''' Naruto, haven't you seen Film/{{Labyrinth}}?\\
'''Naruto:''' Can't say I have, David-Bowie-Sama-Sensei-Senpai-San-Sama.\\
'''David Bowie:''' ... What the fuck is wrong with you?!\\
'''Naruto:''' -kun.
-->'''Zabuza:''' Now there is ''nothing'' you can do to stop me from killing Tazuna.\\
'''Naruto:''' WE WILL NEVER LET YOU--wait, who the hell is Tazuna?\\
'''Tazuna:''' Hello.\\
'''Naruto:''' Oh, right. WE WILL NEVER LET YOU KILL THAT OLD MAN!!
* Naruto's failure at [[GratuitousJapanese moonspeak.]]
-->'''Naruto:''' Desu Desu LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya. [[Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt Panty and Stocking...]] err Manga/LuckyStar... Yaoi.[[note]]translates to "bumsex"[[/note]]
** And later...
-->'''Sakura:''' Well Naruto, what did he say?
-->'''Naruto:''' He said you're a whore!
* The sharingan is an app, apparently.
-->'''Narrator:''' "That's right folks, with the new iJutsu app, you can download opponents jutsu before they've even finished using them!"
-->'''Naruto:''' "Narrator!" (throws kunai)
-->'''Narrator:''' "AUGH! Why!"
!!Episode Seven: "FARTABET NO JUTSU~!"
* [[RunningGag KATRA!!]]
* "Check it out, Bowie-Sensei! I can fart the alphabet!"
* Sakura's description of chakra, where she describes all the pictures on the scroll background literally.
** Sakura getting disqualified because David Bowie didn't say "go" yet.
* This:
--> '''Naruto''': A tree!\\
Nooowww back to the tree!\\
I've got a knife!\\
The tree again!\\
[[HoYay Gay look]]!\\
** "TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" [[EpicFail *falls*]]
** "Neetatatatatatatatatatatatatatatatat!"
** '''[[WebVideo/YugiohTheAbridgedSeries Yami]]''': "That was Japanese for "ouch"."
* Zabuza taking Haku's repeating "Hai" (meaning "Yes" in Japanese) as "Hi," as in the greeting, leading him to go "Yes, ''hi'', Haku." repeatedly after he wakes up from Haku paralyzing him.
** "Fucking moonspeak..."
* Kaiza being voiced by [[WebVideo/NonePiece Monkey D. Luffy]].
** "They may be able to take my life, but they will never take my freedom- ''*slice*'' Ow, my freedom!"
** Especially since Little Kuriboh was originally making it seem like Kaiza was going to a [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries certain freaky fish guy.]]
*** This is meant to be a play on what they did in Naruto the Abridged series, where they did make him "a certain freaky fish guy".
* The introduction of Kaiza.
-->'''Gilligan:''' Excuse me. Mister, have you seen a puppy around here?
-->'''Kaiza:''' Hell yes I did. And you can bet your ass he tasted great.
-->'''Gilligan:''' You're scary.
-->'''Kaiza:''' Kid, you don't even know the half of it.
-->'''Gilligan:''' What happened to those other kids?
-->'''Kaiza:''' [[ImAHumanitarian They also tasted great.]]
-->'''Gilligan:''' Huh?
-->'''Kaiza:''' Hungry?
* This exchange when Tazuna finishes his story:
-->'''Tazuna:''' And so, Gilligan was left all alone in the world, with nobody to love him.
-->'''Sakura:''' Wait, what about ''you''--
* The ending:
--> '''Naruto''': The old man's story has taught me a valuable lesson! And it is that we should not complain about Masako leaving, we should be grateful for everything he has done for us and respect his decision to move on with his life!
--> (Beat)
--> '''Sakura''': Why are you on the floor?
--> '''Naruto''': I'm waiting for Sasuke to FUCK ME!
* This bit by Sasuke:
--> '''Sasuke''': -Monotone- He was like the Sasuke's father I never had because Sasuke's brother killed him noooooooooooooo.
* And:
--> '''Sasuke''': ''(All while in the background he monotones "Om Nom Nom Nom Nom"'') Nobody will ever understand the food I taste. The food that tastes like regret. And noodles. Just like the taste in my mouth when Sasuke's Brother ruined my life. For some reason, there were noodles involved. It was weird.
* The TakeThat at Vegeta3986. A scene revolved around one of Tazuma's workers, whose voice sounds eerily similar to Vegeta's, bringing his girlfriend on to work on the bridge. She promptly ruins it.
--> "SON OF A BITCH! DAAHHHHHHH-" *[[StuffBlowingUp boom]]*
* MasakoX cameos as [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything a guy building]] [[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries a bridge.]] Sakura says that [[TakeThat itís shoddy, incomplete and he didnít include the best parts]].
!!Episode Eight: "ENNETHING NO JUTSU~!"
* Naruto using [=MasakoX's=] disclaimer at the beginning of the episode... without permission.
--> '''Naruto''': Who needs permission? This is the Internet! I can do and say whatever I want, and nothing bad will happen! I can say Creator/TeamFourStar is overrated! I can say that Abridging is dead!
--> '''Sakura''': Naruto...
--> '''Naruto''': I can even say that [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic My Little Pony]] is a giant stack of shi--.
--> '''[This video is no longer available due to butthurt My Little Pony fans]'''
--> '''[Sorry about that]'''
--> '''[(Actually we're not sorry)]'''
--> '''[(Don't fuck with My Little Pony)]'''
* Naruto meets Haku.
--> '''Naruto''': [=HolyshitthischickisfuckingHOT!=]
--> '''Haku''': [Actually, I'm a guy]
--> '''Naruro''': [=HolyshitthisguyisfuckingHOT=]! But wait, if he's hot, then that means I find guys attractive! And if I find guys attractive, then that must mean I'm...
--> *Dramatic closeup accompanied by dramatic music*
--> '''Naruto''': A girl! THAT IS THE ONLY EXPLANATION!
* Naruto and Sasuke talking about the latter's pronunciation of "anything" as "ennething". Doubles as a TakeThat to Creator/MasakoX's same pronunciation.
--> '''Naruto''': Okay, okay, say this with me: "Eh."
--> '''Sasuke''': "Eh."
--> '''Naruto''': "Nee."
--> '''Sasuke''': "Nee."
--> '''Naruto''': "Thing."
--> '''Sasuke''': "Thing."
--> '''Naruto''': "Anything."
--> '''Sasuke''': "ANNENAAAAAA!"
* "It's a good thing I play a lot of VideoGame/AssassinsCreed! *falls from tree* OHGODASSASSINSCREEDTAUGHTMENOTHING!"
* All of Zabuza's plans to kill the protagonists are taken from Disney movies.
-->'''Zabuza:''' I'm going to disguise myself as a hideous old woman, then I'm going to offer them this ''[holds out an apple]''
-->'''Haku:''' [An apple?]
-->'''Zabuza:''' Not just any apple, Haku. A ''poisoned'' apple, and they'll have no choice but to eat it, and when they do they'll fall asleep. Forever.
-->'''Haku:''' [That's the plot to Literature/SnowWhiteAndTheSevenDwarves.]
--> '''Zabuza:''' What? Really? Damnit. Wait, I've got it. What if we got them to somehow prick their fingers on a spindle...
--> '''Haku:''' [Literature/SleepingBeauty.]
--> '''Zabuza:''' Crap! Well what if we lure them into a valley and cause a stampede...
--> '''Haku:''' [Disney/TheLionKing.]
--> '''Zabuza:''' Turn them all into frogs and make everything really racist.
--> '''Haku:''' [Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog.]
--> '''Zabuza:''' ''[crushes his apple]'' FUCK IT! Let's just kill them!
* "Honestly, Naruto, your chakra levels must be TOTAL SHIT~!" "KATRA!"
* "I'm going to take off my clothes now~!" "Please don't." "STRIPTEASE NO JUTSU!"
* Naruto watching a [[Manga/MermaidMelodyPichiPichiPitch Mermaid Melody]] fandub starring Creator/WillFerrell.
** Kaito to Lucia: [[Film/AnchormanTheLegendOfRonBurgundy You are a smelly pirate hooker! Why don't you go back to your home on Whore Island!]]
* David Bowie exchanges some pre-fight banter with Zabuza.
-->'''David Bowie''': Don't worry, Sakura. I've been training my whole life for a fight like this.
-->'''Zabuza''': But what about your students? Are ''they'' prepared?
-->'''David Bowie''': Yes.
-->'''Zabuza''': Haha. You lie. How could you possibly have trained them to defeat a shinobi of my caliber?
-->'''David Bowie''': They can climb trees.
-->'''Zabuza''': Is... that a... joke?
-->'''David Bowie''': Well what are you going to do, blow bubbles at us?
-->'''Zabuza''': (childishly) ''No!'' (quietly) Haku, forget the Bubble Technique. We're gonna have to do this the old-fashioned way.
^ The completely random ''Mandy'' parody courtesy of Naruto to Sasuke on the treetops.
* David Bowie notices Naruto didn't return home the night before.
-->'''David Bowie:''' I swear that boy is going through some CHA-CHA-CHANGES!
!!Episode Nine: Feng Shui No Jutsu
* "Do I look like some kind of pussy-ass to you, pussy-ass?"
** "I don't really care for that name. [[ComicallySerious That hurts my feelings]]."
* This conversation between Zabuza and David Bowie
-->'''Zabuza''': Looks like the Calvary isn't coming to save you!
-->'''David Bowie''': Cavalry.
-->'''Zabuza''': Wha-?
-->'''David Bowie''': It's cavalry. Calvary is the hill where they crucified Jesus. Surprisingly I didn't expect a ''fucking hill'' to sprout legs and rush over here to help me out.
* This:
-->'''David Bowie''': Where the hell were you?
-->'''Naruto''': I was busy fucking a dead pig!
-->'''Zabuza''': Your students are fucking weird.
* "Oh my god, don't call him Sasuke-kun, you sound like a fffffffffffffffffffffucking idiot."
* Naruto entering the Crystal Ice Mirrors and talking to Sasuke about cocks.
* Sasuke's [[spoiler:supposed]] death:
-->''*Naruto sobs while holding Sasuke*''
-->'''Sasuke''': Quit making out with my chest.
-->'''Haku''' ''(in a straight English accent)'': GAY.
-->''*Naruto immediately draws on the Nine-Tailed Fox's power out of rage*''

!!The Land Of Snow Movie
* Every scene with Japanese Creator/MichaelBay
-->'''Japanese Michael Bay''': Annnd, action!... CUT! Cut! Cut! No! The camera needs to shake about more! Make it so I can't tell what's going on, the audience loves that kind of crap!\\
''(cuts to the footage while the screen shakes uncontrollably)''\\
'''Japanese Michael Bay''': Yeah, shake it! Shake the camera! Shake it more! MORE DAMMIT!
* Every rider ([[Franchise/KamenRider Not that kind]].) going "[[ApologeticAttacker sorry]]" in a CreepyMonotone.
* '''[[FanBoy Iru]][[MemeticBadass Kamina]]:''' "If there's ever one lesson that I taught you that you must remember, it is this: [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Believe in me who believes in the you who believes in the]] OnePiece!"
* '''Assistant Director''': ''(in YGOTAS Joey's voice, to the director)'' Sir, I'm afraid the princess has been kidnapped, oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no!
-->'''Tristan''': ''(from a nearby truck)'' I think the assistant Director is gay!
-->'''Yugi''': ''(popping up beside him)'' Oh, you don't know that!
* The fact that M. Night Shamamalamasama-kun is pretty much Master Pain / Betty from ''Film/KungPowEnterTheFist''.
* David Bowie explaining the Villain of the movie:
--> '''David Bowie''': ''They're a rare breed of Ninja called Forgettable Movie Villains. You've never heard of them and after you've finish fighting them you won't remember it even happened. But for the next 90 minutes you'll think they are the biggest threat you've faced in your entire life!''
-->'''Cliche Henchman No. 1''': Hey, David Bowie. The Seventies called; they want their timely references back.
-->'''David Bowie''': Oh yeah? Well [[Anime/FinalFantasyVIIAdventChildren Advent Children]] called ''and they want their crappy villains back!''
* The ending.
--> '''Naruto''': "And so, thanks to the MacGuffin crystal's power, the Land of Snow was once again turned into a sun filled paradise, [[NoEndorHolocaust completely devastating the country's ecosystem!]] And it was all thanks to me! But I couldn't have done it without The Rower."
--> '''The Rower''': "Yes you could."
* "This is for all the fans of WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender, you [[Film/TheLastAirbender white washing son of a bitch!]]"
* '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': "Suddenly, I am reminded of a joke: What do you get when you cross an owl with a bungee cord? {{beat}} My ass."
** '''Naruto''': Well, M. Night Shamamalamasamakun, I ''also'' have a joke!
---> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': What, who let this guy in?
---> '''Naruto''': What do you get when you cross a chicken, and an internet meme?
---> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': I don't care
---> '''Naruto''': Cluggyachigawn! (Clucky on screen)
---> {{Beat}}
---> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': ... I don't get it.
---> '''Naruto''': [[DontExplainTheJoke Well you see, I have a pet chicken called Clucky]], and... [[TakeThat That's the joke...]]
---> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': Would somebody kill this guy already?
---> '''Naruto''': But wait, I didn't tell you about the log yet! *Gets knocked out*
* This part:
--> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': And it's great because they're like talking to the dog, and it's like...they're saying [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXo3NFqkaRM "I love you" and the dog is like "Auwowowowowowoo"]]. And it sounds like it..its saying "I love you" back to them, its really adorable. You gotta..you gotta watch it on Website/YouTube one time, man. So anyway, what was it you wanted?
--> '''Guard''': Like I said, sir, the prisoners have escaped.
--> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': Aw, come on, man. What? No. I was having such a good day. {{beat}} Hey. {{beat}} Hey.
--> '''Guard''': What, sir?
--> '''M. Night Shamamalamasamakun''': Owowowowowowowoo.
--> '''Guard''': I love you too, sir.
* "Very well, I choose... NARWHALS."
** The music following this, coupled with the fact THEY ACTUALLY USE NARWHALS IN THE MOVIE, makes it ten times funnier.
* "''Film/StandByMe'' no Jutsu!"
** "''[[Film/{{Titanic 1997}} My Heart Will Go On]]'' no Jutsu!"
* At one point, Naruto says "M. Night Shyamalamasama-kun" really quickly.
* When Naruto lands face first on the ground during the climax.
--> '''Naruto:''' *muffled* Not so fast, Shamamalamasama!
* The Rasengan. Doubles as a CrowningMomentofAwesome.
--> '''Naruto:''' [[DragonBall KAAAAAAA... MEEEEEEEEE... HAAAAAAAAA... MEEEEEEEEEEEE]]- I mean RASENGAN! *hits Shamamalamasama*
--> '''M. Night Shamamalamasama:''' OOOOWWW! You punched me in the tummy! *gets blown away while the VideoGame/SuperMarioWorld Spin Jump sound plays*
* TheStinger:
--> '''Naruto:''' Doodoodododoodooooooooooo, [[TakeThat I made this movie in a week!]]

!!Naruto and the Curse of the Internet Drama (Currently viewable on Youtube)
* The movie proper is animated using Flash drawings, and it allows for some very funny facial expressions. As well as the fact that Sasuke and Sakura are reading all their lines from their scripts.
* "Your mom was really dissappointing! When I put my penis inside of her!"
* The parts where Naruto talks about fighting the Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles and the [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Power Rangers]], especially this line:
-->'''Naruto:''' Did you see that?! At first the Power Rangers started fighting me, but then we decided that we were all friends and so we went to UsefulNotes/McDonalds to get food and have a big party that ended with Tommy punching the Grimace in the face!
* The bit with Clucky the Chicken.
* Naruto's [[Anime/SailorMoon song]] about punching people in the face. It should also double as CrowningMusicOfAwesome.
** The same goes for Ghost!Sensei's [[Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}} song]], and his line afterwards:
--> '''Ghost!Sensei''': "[[DontExplainTheJoke You see, it is a parody of that famous movie where they are all busting ghosts]]. I believe it is called "Creator/BillMurray Vs. the Afterlife Starring Creator/DanAykroyd"."
* "Now it is time for the funniest part of the movie!" (farts)
* The part where Naruto declares himself to be a doctor, and diagnoses Sakura with terminal cancer.
--> '''Naruto''': "... Also, your cancer is now gone!"
--> '''Sakura''': "[[SarcasmMode Hooray! Praise the Lord, it is a miracle!]]
--> '''Naruto''': "Because it killed you!"
* This, definitely Sasuke's best exchange in the movie:
--> '''Sasuke''': "[[DullSurprise Naruto, would you like that blowjob now?]]"
--> '''Naruto''': "Yes I would, Sasuke! You may now suck on my [[ShapedLikeItself cock-penis]]!"
* "And now the sex is over! You can stop enjoying it now!"

* The theme song.
* Most of the preview for new episode airing on March 23rd
** [[RunningGag Buy the shirts.]]
** One character (and the announcer) trying to persuade Sasuke to do things by promising him great power and stuff, only to eventually sway him with this:
--> '''Character:''' Oh, come on. I'll give you some paper clips and a Subway coupon.
--> '''Sasuke:''' Weeeeeeell, okay.
** [[Series/TheMuppetShow Fozzie Bear]] [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment randomly appearing out of nowhere]] in front of Sasuke delivering his signature CatchPhrase.
** All of the "Randomly [Insert Accent/Voice Here] [Insert Character Here]!" part, especially ''Randomly Meowth Sensei guy!" where Iruka is replaced with Meowth while he talks with Hokage:
--> '''Iruka/Meowth:''' Hey, Hokage!
--> '''Hokage:''' What the fu-- *[[CurseCutShort Cuts to next scene]]*
** "Randomly Swedish Naruto!"
--> '''Naruto:''' ORG BORG BORG BORG BORG!
* '''''Everything''''' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hay33ndHjwk from the]] WebVideo/NonePiece {{crossover}}; the ultimate RapidFireComedy video.
** "Now everything makes sense. Forever."
** Naruto and Luffy sum up Purple Eyes WTF's videos:
-->'''Naruto:''' Your constant disassembly of dialogue is interfering with any buh blah bluh bah bluh blah.
-->'''*Luffy blinks twice*'''
-->'''Naruto:''' Your constant disassembly of dialogue is interfering with any rational plot development.
-->'''Luffy:''' WHAT THE FUCK IS A PLOT?!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkB2KqG1eiw&feature=related An Uchiha Family Christmas]]