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Funny: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
  • For all the awesome and epics moments in the game, Storm 3 does make us laugh quite a bit. One subquest involve Gai, Bee and Neji. Bee and Gai trains at rap while Neji does the Only Sane Man and ask help from Naruto who joins Bee and Gai. Neji does not join the party until Bee and Naruto says Neji is unable to do rap and since he is too proud and serious, he won't do it. Neji is quite insulted and joins the party and starts to rap with Bee, Naruto and Gai. Hilarity Ensues
    • Naruto comments "Even Neji does crazy stuff, he's in Team Guy all right."
      • The kicker was the narrator: "By the time Neji realized the rapping was no use to his training, 3-hours had already passed."
  • Guy getting seasick on your arrival at Turtle Island. Even when nauseous he chews the scenery. Then if you speak to Aoba, he comments this is the first time he's seen Guy like this... and really wishes he could get a picture of it.
    • Earlier in the chapter, Guy has a training match with Naruto, in order to better prepare him for attacks by Cloud ninja. Yamato snarks to himself that the Cloud would never have any ninja as eccentric as Guy. Later on, he's proven dead wrong when he meets Killer Bee.
  • Mood Whiplash example: just as Naruto is getting ready to fight the Nine Tails in a Battle in the Center of the Mind... Killer Bee's giant hand pops out of the ground. He then offers to assist you in the fight... like that.
  • The post-story mission in which Naruto faces an Ultimate Decision about what kind of girl he prefers.
  • Another post-game Ultimate Decision involves choosing how to go about curing the Tsuchikage's back pain. The Hero path reduces it to a Fetch Quest, while the Legend path has you use "shock therapy"... i.e. actually fighting him. What's even funnier is that, if you go this way, you get a Don't Try This at Home disclaimer about how you should never try this on someone who has actual back pain in real life, and it's styled in the same way as the game's tutorial messages!
    • The best part? It actually works, to the surprise of everyone except Naruto, of course.
  • Naruto calls Mei (the age-conscious Mizukage) Née-chan and she gives him candy.
    • At the end of her Post-Story quest, out of all the men in Konoha she scouted as potential future husbands (her actual motive for touring the village with Naruto), she chooses Naruto and decides to return when he's older. Would also count as heartwarming considering it's proof of how much Naruto has matured from the young ninja kid in chapter 1.
  • The sidequest that involves Kankuro, Ao and Akatsuchi needing a special medicine from Shikaku. After a Fetch Quest to find a Microshroom, Naruto can either take the Hero path and choose who gets the medicine...or choose the Legend path which involves Naruto threatening to eat the shroom himself to stop the trio from fighting...which culminates in them fighting Naruto to stop him from sending the shroom "down the haaaaatch!". Just seeing a trio of Kage-bodyguards getting so desperate when Naruto is about to down the thing is hilarious in itself!
  • Bee shipping Naruto and Hinata. Hinata's reaction is the icing on the cake.
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