Funny: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

  • At one point, Sanson throws a fit about being sick and tired of eating "fish, fish, fish, fish, FISH!!!!" before finally settling down into a more deadpan "All in all I have to say I'm a bit tired of the fish.
  • In episode 12, when Grandis wears her bikini suit, Electra dryly informs the latter that "At your age, you could catch a cold (wearing it)" To which Grandis shrieks "I HAPPEN TO BE IN MY TWENTIES!"
    • Even funnier, later, when she tries to seduce Captain Nemo, the latter finally says "You may want to wear something warmer. You could catch a cold in that!"
  • The Grandis gang hug each other and bawl hysterically when they're imprisoned in the Neo Atlantis compound, mainly when the prison soldier tells them that they'll end up decomposed just like their "neighbor" in the next cell. However, after the guard leaves, all three stop crying and loudly declare, "Just kidding!"
  • Any scene where Grandis and Electra are arguing with each other has some hilarious exchanges.