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Funny: Moving Pictures
  • The entire chase sequence at the end, which includes a 50 foot tall blonde woman carrying a panicking orangutan to the top of a tower. C.M.O.T. Dibbler thinks it's an impressive sight, but can't shake the feeling that something's not quite right about the scene...
    • Then the two wizards come soaring out of the sky atop a broomstick shooting at the giant woman with a hunting crossbow.
  • Everything becomes funnier with 1,000 elephants!
  • The camel.
    • "We call it Evil-Minded Son of a Bitch." "That doesn't sound like a name." "It's a good name for this camel."
  • "Who's staring Delores de Syn?"
  • 'When Mrs Whitlow was in the grip of acute class consciousness she could create aitches where nature never intended them to be.'
    • "Hexpectorated!"
    Ridcully: Can't have vases gobbin' at people all day!
  • Sol Dibbler after a very long day
    Dwarf: Why are all Mr Dibbler's stories set against the background of a world gone mad?
    Sol: Because Mr Dibbler is a very observant person.
  • A troll is asked why he eats rock if he is one. His answer is "You're made of meat and what do you eat?"
    • The answer to that, seeing as how they're in the dodgy canteen: "Good question."
  • All of C.M.O.T's failed attempts to include Product Placement in the movie, and all of Soll's considerably more successful attempts at thwarting them.
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