Funny / Eric

  • The entirety of Astfgl's promotion, with Vassenego as increasingly manic announcer.
    Astfgl: Will there be... potted plants?
    Vassenego: Hosts! Plantations! Jungles!
  • The black comedy surrounding the circumstances of the Fountain Of Youth. Of course you had to boil the water first.
  • While a bit of Black Comedy, the fact that an Aztec-like civilization spent a great deal of time and effort dreaming up what they would do to their creator if they ever met him, and whose prayers basically translate to extended complaints about just how dreadful their lives are, can't help but make one giggle. Of course, part of why they're in such dire straights might have something to do with the fact that, while they've succeeded in inventing the wheel, they're not bright enough to have worked out how to use it properly.
  • The entire send-up of The Iliad, from Lavaeolus using the wooden horse as a diversion while the actual attack occurs elsewhere, and culminating with the discovery of the World's Most Beautiful Woman well past her prime, having moved on as a mother of several children.
    "Mr. Beekle is a silly. Mr. Beekle is a poo."
  • When Rincewind thinks Quezovercoatl is talking to him (actually, it's Ponce da Quirm trapped in a pit behind the statue) and asking to be taken with him. Rincewind's response is that he can't do it: it's not his fault, it's just that people where he comes from are racist against people with talons and fangs and necklaces of skulls.