* [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Death]] tries drinking. It's an experiment. After asking for a variety of drinks to be mixed, he asks for the second row. The bartender asks which one. [[HowManyAllOfThem He says the whole second row.]]
* Mort innocently imbibes a pint of scumble, to the horror of all the onlookers in the tavern. To him it's just a slightly musty-flavoured apple drink but to anyone else it's a near-lethal dose and is expected to at least scramble his brains for a month.
* Death goes fly fishing. As he's fishing, another fisherman is distracted by his display and falls in, so Death pulls him out. The man asks why he saved him, then spends the rest of his recovery puzzling over the answer:
-->'''Man''': What the hell did he mean "[[AC:for later]]"?
** Heck, just Death's version of fly fishing, for that matter. Rather than using the fly as a lure, he makes one which ''chases down and attacks'' the fish. Which are terrified as they are dragged in backwards.
* Mort asks Death why he wants him to shovel out the barn. Death turns the question back on him, and he goes through a few ideas, maybe it's for working the scythe-muscles, maybe it's for perseverance...
-->"But I think you were probably just tired of being up to your knees in horse shit."
** And it turns out he's absolutely right.
* Early on, Mort finds Death planning for his day.
-->Death was standing behind a lectern, poring over a map. He looked at Mort as if he wasn't entirely there.\\
[[AC:You haven't heard of the Bay of Mante, have you?]] he said.\\
'No, sir,' said Mort.\\
[[AC:Famous shipwreck there.]]\\
'Was there?'\\
[[AC:There will be,]] said Death, [[AC:if I can find the damn place.]]
* The Agatean poisoning sequence. Especially when Mort yells "Someone eat it!" and when the GrandVizier is reprimanded for trying to leave for the "affairs of state in a little black bottle labeled Antidote." Oh, and when he finds out that even though he didn't believe in his ancestors (some of whom he's implied to have caused the death of), [[AC: they believe in him]].
* Mort greatly alarms a Klatchian household.
--->'''Father of the household:''' [[MurderArsonandJaywalking You’re a thief? A murderer? To creep in thus, are you a]] ''[[MurderArsonandJaywalking tax-gatherer?!]]''
* When the eight senior wizards of Unseen University are waiting for [[spoiler: Albert (aka Alberto Malich)]] who was thought dead and seems to have come back to life out of his own statue, their expression is described thusly:
-->Only one creature could have duplicated the expressions on their faces, and that would be a pigeon who has heard not only that Lord Nelson has got down off his column but has also been seen buying a 12-bore repeater and a box of cartridges.
* Mort has a [[DreamingOfThingsToCome meaningful dream]] where he becomes Death and proceeds to destroy everything, upon which Death shows up next to him and congratulates him in normal font, while Mort is speaking in Death's [[AC:trademark capitals]]. It's eerie... until Death [[RunningJoke calls him "boy", and Mort has to correct him]].