Depressing as the last season is, ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel'' still has [[CrowningMomentOfFunny plenty of funny]], as evidenced below:

* In "Charity" after Orel sees the sign for buying blood, a man walks out of a blood bank with cash into Forghetty's:
-->'''Man''': (Sing song-y) Hey! Blood Blood! Money Money! Booze Booze Booze!
* Everything about Repression.
* Before GrowingTheBeard, the first season has Orel cause a ZombieApocalypse after ComicallyMissingThePoint of Reverend Putty's sermon about life being God's gift, with everyone running and screaming in terror. Turns out that they weren't doing so because of the ''zombies'', but because [[spoiler: the zombies weren't ''clothed'']].
* After realizing that they just sang a song about ''hating Jesus, [[CrossesTheLineTwice in church]]'', Reverend Putty tells the congregation that Clay should be more responsible for his son's behaviour:
--> '''Clay''': Wait a minute! You're asking ''me'' to take responsibility for what ''Orel'' does?
--> '''Putty''': I know, it's a tall order.
--> '''Clay''': ''(Sipping from a Scotch glass)'' Ninety-percent of the time I'm not even responsible for my ''own'' actions!\\
'''Principal Fakey''': What if you stop drinking...?\\
'''Clay''': ''(mockingly)'' Yeah, ''what if''?
** And related to that is when Reverend Putty [[HeelRealization realizes just what he and the town had been singing]].
---> '''Orel:''' Reverend, ''don't''! I don't think that song should ever have become so popular!\\
'''Putty:''' What are you talking about? It's hilarious! "I hate you Jesus, you rotten little fink. Your serm"-[[ExplainExplainOhCrap uh-oh]].
** Then as Putty is chewing the town out for liking the song so much, a ''barbershop quartet'' comes out to sing a portion of it while looking straight at the camera! Of course, the topper is how everyone ''desperately'' tries to avoid giving Orel advice because Putty convinced them that if they did, the town might be damned.
*** The FunnyBackgroundEvent of Orel bobbing his head to the barbershop quartet.
** The line that made everyone realize what they just sang...
---> '''Orel:''' Wow, everyone sure hates Jesus! ({{Beat}}) [[OhCrap Whoops.]]
** ALL OF INNOCENCE, which is easily the series comedy peak. This is particularly noticable since its a season 3 episode.
* ''Non-Threatening Negro Comedy Volume 6''. That is all.
* Clay's simultaneous insulting of Florence, her ex-husband Officer Papermouth and her lover, Reverend Putty.
-->'''Clay''': Imagine the loser she's getting sloppy with.\\
'''Papermouth''': Hey, you better stop that!\\
'''Putty''': That's no way to talk about a guy you don't even know!\\
'''Papermouth''': Well, no, I don't care about the guy...\\
'''Putty''': No, I mean, it's insulting to you.\\
'''Papermouth''': And Florence.\\
'''Putty''': But mostly you. You're a handsome man. [[ButHeSoundsHandsome I'm sure the fellow who sleeps with Florence]] is at least ''as'' handsome, if not ''more''.\\
'''Pepermouth''': ...Um...Yeah...\\
'''Clay''': Well, I think ''Jesus'' would say you're ''both'' nuts.
* When the Puppingtons and the Postabules say grace before a dinner together, they say a slightly different version of the Lord's Prayer (the Postabule's say "debtors", and the Puppingtons say "trespassers"). Hilarity ensues.
--> '''Clay and Mark''': [[RantInducingSlight What are you, nuts?!]]\\
'''Clay''': Get out!!\\
'''Mark''': Let's go!!\\
'''Bloberta and Poppet''': Well, just when you think you know someone...\\
'''Mark''': Get up, kids. I can't believe you'd expose my children to this kind of filth without my consent!\\
'''Clay''': ''Your'' kids? What about ''my'' kid? He's only nine!\\
'''Orel''': Twelve.\\
'''Bloberta''': Please, just leave.\\
'''Poppet''': Gladly.\\
'''Clay''': You don't even understand what the Lord's Prayer even means!\\
'''Mark''': How ''dare'' you! Forgive us your ''debtors''!\\
'''Clay''': Forgive us your ''trespassers''!\\
'''Mark''': ''[[HypocriticalHumor You owe me a bottle of wine!!]]''\\
'''Clay''': '''''[[HypocriticalHumor GET OFF OF MY PROPERTY!!]]'''''
** And yes, this ''is'' [[AluminumChristmasTrees a matter of debate in Christian circles]].
* Clay's drunken rant in "Sacrifice", after he figures out that Bloberta is in love/lust with Doctor Potterswheel (from finding his handkerchief in his house). Doubles as his CrowningMomentOfAwesome. Clay and Potterswheel are discussing the doctor's deceased ex-wife:
-->'''Clay''': Tell me, doc, did some of those painkillers protect her against ''you''?\\
'''Doctor Potterswheel''': What do you mean?\\
'''Clay''': You know, the pain of ''you'', day in, day out, being there, with that ''face''... Not knowing what to say... Not caring anymore... Not even knowing that you'll probably only care about her when it's finally too late. Forgetting about all those desperate, desperate years you spent alone, your barren years when no woman would even ''consider'' resting her tired head on your shaky little shoulder. Stinking of belly semen... Why even bother to wipe? And then, when you finally get one of these (''points to the female bartender'') - ''dun dun dun dun dun dun!'' - coveted pieces of tail that have been built up as the grand trophy in your nothing life, you try desperately to keep it. Not to protect it, but to hoard it, to keep it away from the other wolves and jackals circling your territory, and you realize, all too soon, that ''you're not good enough''! And maybe there was a jerkoff named Darwin after all and that you never acknowledged his existence because you knew, deep inside, that you were really what you feared you were: weak, and passive, and ultimately broken by the ones who were made the fittest! And that through your weaknesses, you built up a ''poison'' that ''poisoned'' others around you... That you ''love''... And that the only true justice was to let those other jackals ''feed off you''... ''SURVIVE OFF OF YOU!''\\
(''Clay stares at a sweating Doctor Potterswheel, who pulls out a handkerchief to wipe his forehead'')\\
'''Clay''': If that one gets too sweaty, I got an extra one for you.\\
'''Doctor Potterswheel''': Uh...\\
'''Clay''': C'mon, doc. (''Holds up the handkerchief, with Potterswheel's initials on it''). ''It's a nice one''.
* Part of Orel's frank talk with Daniel during the series finale, made much funnier (although it could just as easily double as a TearJerker) by all the story details before this moment. Orel sees Daniel's picture of Clay, and comments:
-->'''Orel''': Coach Stopframe, you like my dad the way my mom likes my dad, don't you?\\
''(long beat)''
-->'''Daniel''': ...[[AwfulWeddedLife Your mom likes your dad]]?
* When Orel confessed to his dad that he had been having some... [[EroticDream interesting dreams]] about God punishing him, and Clay is reduced to Angrish at the thought.
-->'''Clay''': You've been having ''whats''? About ''who''!? Doing ''WHAT''!?\\
(''Clay holds up his belt threateningly, and [[TooKinkyToTorture Orel gives an aroused grin.]]'')\\
'''Clay''': (''Puts the belt back down, [[EveryoneHasStandards squicked out]]'') Just go to my study.
* Orel smoking crack.
-->'''Orel''': Look Samson crack! Hooray!
** He proceeds to get so high he hallucinates Jesus talking to him.
-->'''Jesus:''' I hope you love it as much as I love you!
-->'''Orel:''' Shut up Jesus.
* An otherwise depressing and disturbing episode, "Alone" does have one chuckle-worthy moment in a FreezeFrameBonus: One of the headlines in Ms. Sculptham's clippings reads: "Serial Rapist is on the Loose! [[ContinuityNod This Time it's Not Orel]]".
* Little Orel from the "Beforel Orel" special is walking funny, partly because he's so stupid.
* When Orel talks with Clay at the hospital during "Grounded" and threatens Orel because his revelation isn't the same as what's preached in Moralton.
--> '''Orel''': (after Clay asks if his vision of Heaven was the stereotypical "fluffly clouds and angels" vision of Heaven) Uhhhh...I don't think so...
--> '''Clay''': Well, then let me help you remember...[[CatchPhrase IN MY STUDY.]]
-->({{Beat}} because Clay waits for Orel to do his trademark "Gulp" after the violence threat)
--> '''Clay''': (whispers) ...c'mon, "gulp" for me, son.
-->(Orel gets annoyed and gulps to satisfy him)
--> '''Clay''': Atta' boy!
* After the nightmare fuel ridden sequence of one of Orel's near death experiences in Grounded, Orel is shown under cardiac arrest. Dr. Potterswheel states "[[CaptainObvious It's not healthy to be dead that long]]".
* From the episode "God-Fearing":
--> '''Haunted house guy''': I now pronounce man and wife.
--> '''Kids''': AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!
* Orel beating the shit out of Clay in "Turn The Other Cheek".
* In "Maturity," the two bar fights always crack me up.
--> '''Guy One''': Football!
--> '''Guy Two''': Hockey!
--> '''Guy One''': Sitting!
--> '''Guy Two''': Standing!
* A quick one in the final episode; Orel and Danielle caroling to Putty and Stephanie. We don't hear it, but their pained, forced smiles give an impression for how it sounds.
* Adult Swim's [[ promos for Beforel Orel.]] Highlights include:
** Clay having a discussion with his voice actor Scott Adsit ("Everything I touch dies"), ending with the two of them masturbating together.
--> '''Daniel''': Can I play? I brought my bat. *Brings out a baseball bat* And my balls. *Lifts a bag of dodgeballs in his other hand* And some ''testicles.'' *A jar of preserved testicles rises from his penis region*
** Young Orel humping his grandpa Arthur from behind, because he saw two goats doing it and his grandpa said it's because they like each other.
--> '''Arthur''': See, t-those goats are a mommy and a daddy.
--> '''Orel''': Oh... is that the mommy on top?
--> '''Arthur''': Huh? No, that's likely the daddy.
--> '''Orel''': But isn't the daddy usually too drunk to be on top? I know mine always is.
--> '''Arthur''': Yes, Orel, but goats are better than your parents.
--> '''Orel''': I'll say! [[LieBackAndThinkOfEngland At least goats look like they're having fun]]!
** The airing of the "lost" episode of Moral Orel, which was just a redubbing of the first episode's sermon speech, with Reverend Putty talking about farts. Followed by a credits sequence with all the credits replaced with the word "Fart" repeating, and Orel making a stop motion film about Supergod farting.
* [[NonIndicativeName Nohammers Hardware]]. [[RunningGag Yes, they sell hammers.]] In fact, the entire store is full of hammers.
** They have an entire aisle devoted to [[ADateWithRosiePalms cylindrical devices.]]
* A joke from "Nature" that could easily fly over a non-observant viewer:
--> '''Clay:''' You shoot ''one thing'' this whole trip... COUNT 'EM! ''ONE THING!''... AND ITS ''TWO'' OF MY LAST BOTTLES OF LIQUOR?!