Funny / Moonrise Kingdom

  • The scouts chasing Sam at Fort Lebanon run in a straight line rather than spread out to try to capture him.
  • Sam dancing on the beach.
  • The scouts' treehouse being ridiculously high up on a tree with barely any limbs. There's also the scoutmaster's reaction to how stupidly dangerous it is to build a treehouse there.
    Scout: Well, where would you have built it?
    Scoutmaster Ward: Lower.
  • Sam and Suzy's first kiss on the beach...followed by Sam spitting and Suzy looking offended.
    Sam: I got sand in my mouth.
    Suzy: Oh.
  • Everyone seems to know and emphasize the handedness of Suzy's scissors, even the scouts who only know she had them because she stabbed one with them.
  • The fight scene, or rather lack thereof. We see the scouts running at Sam and Suzy, one of them riding a motorcycle. The screen goes black, we see Suzy's scissors fly across the screen, followed by an arrow. Cut to the place being deserted, save for Sam and Suzy. The motorcycle is up in a tree and Suzy just sadly says "I do go berserk".
  • This exchange, when Suzy's mom realizes her daughter ran away from home:
    Suzy's Mom: Do you not care that your daughter has run away from home?
    Suzy's Dad: That's a loaded question.
  • Cousin Ben's exasperation over Sam and Suzy seemingly not taking getting married with the proper amount of gravity. At one point, he glances at the sky and mutters "They aren't taking this seriously" and also tells them to spit out their gum. There's also his admitting that the marriage won't be considered legal or binding by any group, government, or state.
    • The can filled with $76 in nickels.
      Leader Scout: Can they keep the nickels? I worry about their future.
      Cousin Ben: That's my fee! I'm keeping the nickels!
  • The Khaki Scout treating the "marriage" of Sam and Suzy as Serious Business despite telling them that the wedding isn't official.
  • "I'm gonna go find a tree to chop down."
    • Even funnier. The next scene with him has him sitting next to a tree, with the axe in it. Clearly, it was harder than he thought it would be.
  • Sam and Suzy's somber response to Snoopy the dog's death
    Suzy: Was he a good dog?
    Sam: Who's to say?
  • In Sam and Suzy's montage of correspondence, one of the events Sam writes about is hilarious for the sheer audacity and his somber description.
    Sam: Dear Suzy, I accidentally built a fire while I was sleep-walking. I have no memory of this, but my foster parents think I am lying.