Funny / Moments With Heavy

  • While making French Toast, Heavy touches a heated pan (after the instructor specifically told him not to) and instantly bursts into flames.
  • When Heavy realizes he doesn't have milk with which to make French Toast, he immediately runs up to Spy's house, breaking a window in the process, knocks out Spy, and then proceeds to start ransacking the fridge until he finds a container of milk, and then promptly slams the door, knocking it off its hinges.
  • From "Heavy Goes Bowling"
    Francis takes a moment to catch his breath at the door immediately after Louis has been thrown outside and overpowered by headcrab zombies.
    Francis: Phew. Good thing I'm indestruct-
    G-Man runs up to Francis and kills him instantly with his briefcase.
  • Almost the entirety of "Heavy's Retarded Holiday but in particular, the scenes starring "Norman Jayden and Carter Blake". Starting fro when Jayden runs over Frank West and Chuck Greene.
    Nahman Jayden: Oh I'm sorry. *Heads over to Frank*
    Nahman Jayden: Is that you're drinkin' there?
    Frank West: Yeah!
    *Norman grins and grabs Frank by the face*
    Nahman Jayden: Agent Nahman Jayden, FBI. *Flashes ID badge* You're under arrest!
    *Later at the FBI place, Frank's in the "interrogation room" with Norman and Carter. Frank offers them a coffee and Norman looks like he might accept when-*
    Carter Blake: FUCKIN' ASSHOLE!!! *Kicks Frank and the table over*
    Nahman Jayden: That doesn't make any sense!
    Carter Blake: *Punches Norman to the ground*
    Carter Blake: Why don't you fuck off...Norman.