Funny / Mirai Sentai Timeranger

  • The funny stuff begins right in the opening. We have that part when the rangers, unmorphed, are shown as if they were falling into a vortex or time portal. The male rangers are seen doing the pose rather well. Yuri, on the other hand, is clearly starting to jump.
  • Sion talks to Domon about when it's appropriate to say he "loves" something. This results in asking if it would be proper to say that he "loves" Domon (meaning it in the sense of them being friends, of course.) Cue Domon freaking out for a moment, while random people walking by, staring at the two of them. Domon then desperately attempts to clarify what Sion meant for those who overheard it.
  • Ayase insulting Domon's traits in an ironical way.
  • Domon got a new name registered by Tatsuya and he was flustered when the nurse addresses him as Domon Taro.
  • From the same episode, Domon snapping awake after dreaming of falling into a vortex. His expression and the sudden "BOING" noise that plays are both hilarious.
  • Tatsuya revealed to everyone that Domon is homesick that causes him to suffer "data drunkenness".
  • Tatsuya got slapped by Yuri for hugging and welcoming back her.
  • The final, special episode tributing the past Sentai. Domon started praising how Choudenshi Bioman started the trend of 'two women in a team' and that both girls (Jun and Hikaru) are hot... within the earshot of Yuri. Cue in-show explosion, and it shows that Yuri brutalized Domon's face for being a pervert.