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Funny: Megaman Starforce
  • From the anime, Omega-Xis getting bored at Geo's school.
  • Also from the anime, Harp Note distracting Gemini Spark to stop him from killing singing. They (Gemini Spark) spend her entire song staring at her with a dumbfounded look before eventually deciding to ignore her.
  • The third game has a stage with optional dialogue choices. Boss Battle done, time to save my friends' stuff... they separated! Should I pick Sonia's, Luna's or... BUD's?!
  • The Humor Program in the Third Game is full of these!
    • Mega drooling over Hope... Which leads to Geo pulling out a picture of a younger her and him drooling even more... And then Mega questioning EXACTLY WHY HE HAS THIS...
    • Mega, his usual trolling self, dopes Geo into thinking he can use Meteor G to tell Geo who he'll marry. After Geo angsts in anticipation, Mega finally reveals... Legendary Master Shin! Geo is... not pleased.
    • The chief of WAZA randomly calling Geo and testing his detective skills by acting like Ms. Tia... Badly.
    • Solo calls Geo wondering whether Geo deleted his Burger Quest save file. Geo denies this, which then leads Solo to freak out when he (correctly) concludes that his partner LAPLACE of all people did it! Geo and Mega... awkwardly just try to hang up.
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