* The montage when "Hank" fully emerges, and Charlies later fights with Hank, including when Creator/JimCarrey ''throws himself out of a car''.
** And then ''[[RefugeInAudacity runs back to the car and gets back in]].''
** He wraps one leg around the other to trip himself up out of a train about a meter up, in a stunt that doesn't look faked.
** Hank about to take a crap on his neighbor's lawn, then a MatchCut to chocolate frozen yogurt a police officer is buying.
** When Hank emerges for the first time:
-->'''Hank''': ''(goes through woman's cart)'' Vagi-Clean, huh? What's the matter, honey? [[UnusualEuphemism A little extra cheese on the taco?]]\\
'''Customer''': ''(aghast)'' Excuse me?\\
'''Hank''': No, excuse ''me''. ''(gets in front of the customer to place his helmet in her shopping cart)'' There's no price tag on this [the Vagi-Clean]. ''(reaches over and grabs the mic for the grocery store's PA)'' We need a price check on Vagi-Clean, aisle five. I repeat, we need a price check on Vagi-Clean, aisle five. That's VAGI-CLEAN. We got a customer out here with a full-on Fallopian fungus. She's baking a loaf of bread and I think it's sourdough. ''(sniffs loudly while the woman drags her kids away in shock)'' Put a rush on that.
* One of his sons dropping a ClusterFBomb in German while reading a foreign user's manual.
-->'''Jamaal''': You a muthafuckin' disgrace! Sichern Sie die hinteren Türen und stellen Sie die mutterfressenden Rotorpedale ein! (Secure the aft doors and adjust the motherfucking rotor pedals!)\\
'''Shonté Jr.''': Jawohl! (Check!)\\
'''Jamaal''': Jetzt den gottverdammten Wechselrichter wechseln! (Now, disengage the goddamn inverter switch!)\\
'''Shonté Jr.''': Jawohl! (Check!)\\
'''Jamaal''': Well, get this motherfucker off the ground!
** Hell, ANY SCENE involving Charlie's stereotypically foul-mouthed, yet incredibly intelligent sons.
** The end of the movie has Whitey, Jamaal, Lee Harvey and Shonté Jr. in the plane [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall and wave goodbye to the audience.]]
--> '''All:''' Bye, y'all! Thanks for watching our motherfucking movie!
** One phrase: [[spoiler: "Will you marry me, [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch BITCH]]?"]]
** This exchange:
--> '''Lee Harvey:''' Is your old lady happy?
--> '''Gerke:''' My old lady?
--> '''Lee Harvey:''' Yeah man, 'cause if your fuckin' is anything like your police work you couldn't hit the G-spot on a twelve-pound pussy!
* After Whitey comes along for the ride, Irene tries on his rather unusual glasses, and vividly sees a bunch of faces in windows. Without the glasses, she faintly sees a passing airplane.
* "God damn it, Charlie! Those kid's dicks are bigger than them sausages!" [[BiggerIsBetterInBed Charlie's cooking]] ''[[BiggerIsBetterInBed footlongs]]''.