Funny / Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis

  • Jess' lunch scene.
    Jess: Would you like some?
    Vayne: It...smells...kinda strange.
    Jess: It's good.
    Vayne: And it's...purple?
    Jess: It's good.
    Vayne: Is it...moving?!
    Jess: It's good.
    Vayne: ...Um...I have to go...
  • Anna's first part of her Character Quest, the group ask her to stop being so serious and are all standing around her, she somehow thinks she's getting the Freshman Haze and threatens to attack them. Hilarity Ensues as the rest of the team try to catch her to explain that it's just a misunderstanding and they just want her to ease up on the strictness.
  • Also a moment of Awesome for Flay as he recruits the battle tournament's referee to fight with him while Vayne is temporarily unavailable.
  • When Roxis finally manages to make a pact with a Mana.
  • Roxis' mana loves trolling him, which is not helped by the fact that Flay is usually in on the action. The funniest is probably when the group mistakes his fear of Pamela as signs of him having a crush on her and tried to help him with his love life. Pamela heard, went to him, and promptly rejects him for not being her type.
    Roxis: Wh...why do I feel so defeated?!
  • Anna's ending, where Vayne finds out that's she's become quite the combat pragmatist. His shock at the fact she's using her katana (which she coats with poison that can kill a man by its touch) and at the same time hurling bombs is hilarious. His facial expression in the background also sells it.
    Vayne: B-but, doesn't that violate your chivalry or bushido or whatever...?