Funny / Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force

  • Chapter 16: Isis' reaction when she learns from Shamal that they contacted her family that they were holding her under their protection. She didn't hide her background very well.
  • Chapter 17: Wendi and Teana's response to Thoma and Lily staying in the same room.
  • In Chapter 21, there's a scene where Thoma and Erio are testing some AEC equipment together with the newly developed robots called Raptors. The test went well until Thoma asked for a break because the Strike Cannon was too heavy for him. Cinque then starts berating him for being a wimp because Nanoha can carry the cannon with one hand WHILE carrying the Fortress System, all while having thinner arms than him. Granted that Thoma was not in his Black Knight mode, but still, it's funny that Nanoha out-muscles the poor kid.
    Thoma: Please don't compare to the Ace of Aces.
  • Chapter 22: Thoma is baffled at Kurt's rather small-sized goal of wanting to be the king of the city they live in and one of the first few things Lily notices is that the Grendel leader has a very tiny Divider.
  • Chapter 25:
    • Mariya, the sniper for the Grendels, is coming up with an escape plan from the facility that they'll be placed at soon the moment Signum leaves. She then she learns that the place is going to be secured by Hayate, Nanoha, and Vita among others. The Grendels' response is appropriate.
    Mariya: "We've got no luck... No luck at all."
    • Then it's even funnier when it turns out that Thoma is unaware of why they were shitting themselves because he is oblivious to Hayate's reputation as the "Living Lost Logia".
    • Later on in that chapter, we have one of the Grendels essentially going "This whole place is crazy." Once again, Hayate was assumed to be an intimidating and scary figure, but her adorable smile unnerves Kurt.
    • Or when Kurt uses his ability to teleport his teammates to them, all of them falling naked on his arms.
  • Chapter 27: The Grendels enact their escape. They have reclaimed their clothing, their Dividers, and have claimed a boat to cross the ocean. Unfortunately for them, they didn't into account that Nanoha herself was on guard that day and takes them out with one Strike Cannon blast.
  • Chapter 28: When the Special Forces interrupt the Evil Versus Evil fight, Hades gives the Hückebein a friendly smile and points out the exit for them.