[[caption-width-right:350:It was at this moment that Marty knew: he eff'd up.]]
* The penguins in general.
** The penguins' {{Catch Phrase}}s:
--->"[[JustSmileAndNod Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.]]"\\
"[[CutenessProximity Cute and cuddly]], boys. Cute and cuddly."
** When SWAT bursts in Grand Central Station:
--->'''Skipper:''' We've been ratted out, boys! ''(all four raise their flippers to surrender)''
** The penguins taking control of the freighter. It's pure awesomeness done by four small, flightless, waddling ninja-birds.
** They reach Antarctica, a complete frozen wasteland:
--->'''Private:''' Well, this sucks!
** Alex thinks they have a few bolts loose:
--->'''Alex:''' The penguins are [[ComedicSociopathy psychotic]]!
*** They don't think too highly of him, either:
---->'''Skipper:''' Where's that [[IronicEcho psychotic]] lion (...)
** The Penguins are called psychotic even by the other characters. They seem aware of this...
---> '''Gloria:''' Where are the people?\\
'''Skipper:''' We killed 'em and [[Literature/TheSilenceOfTheLambs ate their livers]]. ''({{Beat}} while we see Gloria's look of horror. Skipper just grins)'' Gotcha, didn't I?
** Skipper casually mentioning that Private probably won't survive the mission, and Private's shocked reaction.
* Marty shows Alex his impressive zebra-made shed and he scowls.
-->'''Alex''': Shut up, Spalding! ([-''pan to [[Film/CastAway a basketball with a smiley face]]''-])
** While Alex's Lady Liberty signal beacon. Melman is rubbing two planks of wood strapped to his hooves
-->'''Alex''': How's the liberty fire goin', Melman?\\
'''Melman''': Great! [-Idiot-]...\\
'''Alex''': I heard that!\\
'''Melman''': [[StatingTheSimpleSolution Why can't we just borrow some of Marty's fire]]?\\
'''Alex''': [[LameExcuse That's wildfire!]] We're not using wildfire on Lady Liberty! NOW RUB!\\
'''Melman''': (''groans in frustration'') I can't! I've been trying! I Ju-- I CAN'T DO IT! (''slams the planks down...and they suddenly ignite'') Fire! Fire! (''laughs...then [[OhCrap notices the burning planks are still attached to his hooves]]'') FIRE! AAH!\\
(''Panics and accidentally lights Alex's beacon on fire; then trips and the planks extinguish in the sand'')\\
'''Gloria''': JUMP! Alex, jump! [''Alex does so''] Don't worry! Cats always land on their-- [''Alex lands flat on his face''] ''FACE?!'' Man, what kinda cat are you?
** Then when Alex sees his burned down beacon!
-->'''Alex:''' YOU MANIAC! YOU BURNED IT UP!! [[Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes Darn you!!!!!]] [[GoshDangItToHeck Darn you all to]] '''[[GoshDangItToHeck HECK!]]'''
-->'''Melman''': Can we go to the fun side now?
** He then tries to create the word "HELP" with bamboo poles, only the P falls apart, leaving the word "HELL".
* King Julien XIII supplies nearly ALL the moments of funny. The Penguins supply most of the rest.
** When Julien reassures Alex that there are people on the island, Alex is [[TemptingFate relieved]]... until this happens:
-->'''Julien:''' They're up there.\\
(AnswerCut to a skeleton hanging from a tree)\\
'''Julien:''' ''(nonchalantly, while the group looks horrified)'' [[CrossesTheLineTwice Don't you love the people? Not a very lively bunch, though.]]\\
'''Alex:''' ''(still unnerved)'' Oh, wow. So, do you have any ''live'' people?
** He uses a skeletal human arm as a scepter. While he's waving it around during the argument on the crashed plane, it constantly makes the appropriate positions as if it were his own hand.
** This exchange:
--->'''Alex:''' I feel like a king again!
--->'''Julien:''' (''throws a pineapple at Maurice, who goes rolling with it'') ''[[GreenEyedMonster King?!]]''
** Later, during Alex's performance, Julien asks Maurice if his crown is on his head.
* A lemur holds up a book titled "To Serve Lemur" screaming, '''"[[Recap/TheTwilightZoneS3E89ToServeMan IT'S A COOKBOOK! IT'S A COOKBOOK!]]"''
* The scene with the spider.
-->'''Spider:''' [''cheerfully''] Well, howdy-do!\\
[''Alex starts screaming his head off'']\\
[''the fossa run away in terror, thinking he's about to attack them'']
* "I hear Tom Wolfe's speaking at Lincoln Center. [''Phil signs frantically''] Well, of course we're going to throw poo at him!"
** "If you have any poo, fling it ''now.''"
* The animals wash up on the titular country and are reunited. As Alex and Marty are reunited, in slow motion, with the theme of ''Film/ChariotsOfFire'' as BGM, there's [[MeadowRun this exchange]]:
-->'''Alex:''' Marty!
-->'''Marty:''' Alex!
-->'''Alex:''' Marty!
-->'''Marty:''' Al!
-->'''Alex:''' ''[grows angry]'' Marty!
-->'''Marty:''' ''[grows concerned]'' Alex?
-->'''Alex:''' ''[goes into full sprint, angry]'' MARTY!
-->'''Marty:''' ''[OhCrap eyes, turns to run away]'' Oh, [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Sugar Honey Ice Tea!]]
** Earlier, when Alex finds Melman, Melman is stuck in his crate, so Alex then grabs a log to use as a battering ram to get Melman out and tells him he's getting him out of the box, before he smiles maniacally and says, "Relax...Giraffe CORNER POCKET!''
** Alex then stops ''inches'' from Melman's crotch when the giraffe points Gloria's crate to him.
-->'''Melman''': Oh, hey. It ''is'' Gloria. [''faints'']
** Soon afterwards, Alex threatens to kill Marty, clone him, [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs kill his clones]] and then [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking never speak to him again]].
* Alex's MeatOVision, with the circle bones forming as mouths. Then, when Alex snaps:
-->'''Marty:''' Excuse me... You're biting my butt!
-->'''Alex:''' [[ImplausibleDeniability No, I'm not]].
** Maurice then states that it's proof that Alex is a predator. King Julien disagrees:
--->'''Julian:''' What is a simple bite on the butt among friends? ''(offers his backside to Maurice)'' Come on, give me a nibble.
** During the party, Marty says that Alex can sometimes be a "real pain in the butt - and believe me, I know!", and shoves his rear in the camera, showing a double band aid.
* Alex introducing himself to Mort (from his perspective).
--> '''Alex:''' Hi theeeee'''''EEEEEEERE.'''''
* In a bit of GallowsHumor, when Alex is attacking Marty with the intent of eating him, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp-ICI-9gXs National Geographic's classic theme from 1964 to 1987]] plays.
* A bit of MoodWhiplash during the SadTimesMontage, Alex falls down a cliff, landing on uncomfortable objects during the fall. Suddenly, he lands on a field of flowers...and then he falls into a field of cacti. The fall finishes with him landing into a river...which promptly leads him to a waterfall.
** A great bit of BlackComedy: When Marty, Gloria and Melman are trekking through the jungles, they see some pretty scary creatures. They suddenly come across a cute little duckling, and after seeing two other small critters eaten horribly, quickly grab it and rush it over to a pond. They sigh with relief knowing they saved the duckling... only for it to be eaten by a large crocodile a second later. All three are visibly traumatized.
* When the animals are riding the subway, a frightened man is sitting next to Alex on the seat, hiding behind his newspaper. What he hears is an angry roar, what ''we'' hear is "Aw, Knicks lost again!".
** Another instance of what humans hear is when Alex calls an operator and asks him to get him Missing Animals. The operator only hears roars on the other end. Then Alex realizes that they can't call the people and hangs up. After a second, he then ''breaks the pay phone and tosses it aside.''
* Alex's first fight with [[NeverMessWithGranny Nana]]. While everyone else is running in terror, Nana [[HandbagOfHurt whacks him with her purse]], [[GroinAttack kicks him in the crotch]], [[EyeScream sprays his eyes with pepper spray]], and ''flings him to the ground.''
-->'''Alex''': Lady! What is ''wrong'' with you?! ''(gets whacked again)'' Ow! Get a ''grip'' on yourselves, people!\\
'''Nana''': You're a bad kitty!
** Then, when the animals are surrounded by the police and animal control, Nana ''somehow'' walks right past the officers and kicks Alex in the crotch again, before being promptly dragged away by the police.
--->'''Alex''': ''([[InstantSoprano highest pitched voice imaginable]])'' Oh! Would you give a guy a break?!
* Alex must have some ''really'' [[TheChewToy bad luck]] in the wild. First a tree branch smacks him in the face, and he holds his nose in pain. Then he stubs his right foot on a rock, and as he hops in pain, he ''hops right on a thorn patch''! Then he gets tangled in a cobweb. Finally, a coconut tree falls on him.
* After the gang finds out they're in the wild, much to Alex, Melman, and Gloria's horror and Marty's delight
-->'''Alex''': ''(calmly)'' Could you excuse me for a moment? ''(Cut to Alex sprinting back to the beach, sobbing hysterically, with Gloria close behind)'' GET ME OUTTA HERE! WE GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE! '''''HELP!''''' ''(leaps towards the sea, only to be stopped by Gloria)''\\
'''Gloria''': What are you ''doing''?!\\
'''Alex''': I'm swimming back to New York! I know my chances are slim! But I've gotta try!\\
'''Gloria''': But you can't swim!\\
'''Alex''': I said, "my chances are slim!"\\
'''Melman''': (''with a bound of vines and leaves around his head'') AAAH! NATURE! ''IT'S ALL OVER ME!'' '''''GET IT OFF!''''' I can't see! I can't see! ''(Gloria steps on the vine Melman's dragging, and the bush on his head falls apart)'' I can see! (''Shrieks and promptly buries his head in the sand'')
** Gloria's [[TeamMom demeanor]] throughout the scene is as hilarious as it is adorable.
* When Mort finally starts to try Julien's patience, we get this:
-->'''Julien:''' (''to Mort'') [[BigShutUp OH, SHUT UP!]] YOU'RE SO ANNOYING!\\
'''Mort:''' (''[[{{Troll}} giggles sheepishly]]'')
* Alex taking a drink and doing a SpitTake. Why? It's seawater. And then when it shows up again at the end...
-->'''Marty''': Oh, you don't swallow it. It's just temporary till the plumbing's done.
* Alex dealing with an uncomfortable moment after Marty catches him trying to eat him:
-->'''Alex''': 27, 28, 29, 30. Hmm, 30 black and only 29 white, looks like you're black with white stripes after all. Dilemma solved. Good night!
** [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Marty's slowly growing grin as that mystery is finally solved.]]
* King Julien waiting to put his welcome for the Zoosters in action: "All we need to do is wait until they are deep in their sleep..." ''(roughly five seconds of silence)'' "[[WithCatlikeTread HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE?!]]"