!! The animated series M.A.S.K.
* During the magician's act in the beginning of "Assault on Liberty", the audience is asked to cross their fingers. Matt Trakker and his son Scott succeed cross their fingers, but T-Bob is left scratching his head since [[FingerlessHands he doesn't have fingers]].
* In "The Golden Goddess", Miles Mayhem calls Sly Rax an idiot over his communicator. An old woman walking by overhears him and assumes that Miles was talking to her, so she punches him in the face.
* Cliff Dagger accidentally dropping a cannonball on Miles Mayhem's foot in "Spectre of Captain Kidd".
* Miles Mayhem, Nash Gorey, and Sly Rax getting ants in their pants in "The Scarlet Empress".
* "Disappearing Act"
** Sly Rax suggests that they can use the shrink ray on Cliff Dagger so that the size of his body would match that of his brain. Vanessa Warfield quips that such a thing would be impossible, stating that Cliff Dagger would cease to exist if that were the case.
** Dagger indignantly insists that he isn't a klutz, only to [[NotHelpingYourCase trip on his washcloth after dropping it and crash into Miles Mayhem]].