Funny / Love, So Divine

  • This particular exchange when Bong-hee gets dumped by Jinho, Kyushik tries to explain to her that she kissed him while drunk, getting him in trouble. It was hilarious.
    "Do you have any idea how much trouble you got me in?"
    "What are you talking about?" Bong-hee walks away but Kyushik jumps in front of her.
    "-This morning..."
    "-This morning what?"
    "-The kiss!"
    "-With who?"
    Kyushik gestures, pointing to her and then pointing to himself, as if saying, "You kissed me."
    Bong-hee gestures to him and to herself. "You kissed me?" Kyushik shakes his head and repeats his gesture, and then Bong-hee smacks him in the head with her purse.
  • After Kyushik found out that his senior and old friend has gotten engaged, Bong-hee sets out to comfort him. While driving together, She tells him she is taking him to her idea of "heaven." Kyushik fearfully fastens his seatbelt. Bong-hee scoffs at him.
  • At the club, a worker called Kyushik "Mr. Matrix guy" and asked him if he wanted to meet some hot girls. He probably mistook him wearing his frock as a Neo cosplayer.
    • Immediately after when Bong-hee picks a fight with 'Jinho,' Kyushik tries to mask her drunken behaviour.
    "She has a mental disorder. We will leave."
  • After the sunbathing scene, Kyushik goes to confess to father Nam. At first, he tries to confess his hatred for a 'certain' individual. It turns into complaints about Bong-hee's behaviour.
    "She spreads the devil's words to heavenly children! Shit, fuck, shit, fuck, shit, fuck!"
    "Bong-hee should confess. Not you."