Heartwarming / Love, So Divine

  • This movie is chock full of them. Most notably is when Bong-Hee is seeing off Jinho, her ex, she opens the locket that Kyushik gave her. It reveals that she is is the one thing he loves the most. As soon as you see the look on her face, you may choke up.
  • There's also the fact that Kyushik gives up everything he's worked so hard to get, because he can't stop loving Bong-hee. The priest who is heading the seminary asks him if he is willing to give up a life of celibacy. He does not say a word.
  • This particular scene where Kyushik tries to touch Bong-hee's "sleeping" face. He touches her bangs, but she immediately gets up to reveal that she repaired rosary that she broke earlier.
  • When they are allowed to return to their seminary Seon-dal realizes his friend is very troubled. He uses a metaphor, saying priests are akin to spoons. And that life is a meal.
    "Priests are like spoons. You can eat without a spoon using chopsticks, or hands. What's important is the meal... not the spoon.", Kyushik tells Seon-dal that he has committed a sin. Seon-dal responds that falling in love is not a sin, essentially telling him that there's no problem in going to pursue Bong-hee So, despite being a goofball, he truly cares for his friend.