Heartwarming / Love, So Divine

  • When Bong-Hee is seeing off Jinho, her ex, she opens the locket that Kyushik gave her, remembering him saying that it contains the one thing he loves the most. Before, it contained a picture of Mother Mary. But now it contains a mirror, causing Bong-hee to realize that she is the one thing Kyushik loves most.
  • Kyushik gives up everything he's worked so hard to get, because he had fallen in love Bong-hee. At the seminary, He is asked if he is willing to give up a life of celibacy. Kyushik can't bring himself to say a word.
  • Kyushik moves to touch Bong-hee's "sleeping" face. He touches her bangs, but she immediately gets up to reveal that she repaired rosary that she broke earlier.
  • When they are allowed to return to their seminary Seon-dal offers Kyushik some much needed advice in the form of a metaphor.
    "Priests are like spoons. You can eat without a spoon using chopsticks, or hands. What's important is the meal... not the spoon.", Kyushik confesses that he has committed a sin. Seon-dal responds that falling in love is not a sin. So, despite being a goofball, he shows much he knows about his friend.