Funny: Long Live the Queen

  • This trailer has been gaining some lolz.
  • Public Speaking #60: You borrow the menu for an upcoming banquet and practice delivering it as a dramatic speech to an audience of confused chambermaids.
  • Elodie deciding to wear Talarist's courting gift.
    Elodie: I'm the princess and I want my jewelry.
  • At the ball, if Elodie is engaged to Talarist and an oblivious Banion tries to trick her into being obliged to marry him, she can shut him down hilariously.
  • An unskilled Elodie facing a vote of no contest is just farcically hilarious.
  • If Elodie fails at delivering a veiled insult to the woman charming her father:
    Elodie: My, what large breasts you have! Putting then on display for any particular reason?
  • It is possible to receive a... rather unflattering poem.
    Elodie: I did *what*? With a *squid*?
    • Even better, you can say that it's insulting... or admit that it is Actually Pretty Funny!
      • If you piss off Talarist enough, he'll get ahold of the poem in one of the epilogues and use it to insult Elodie... only for her to walk away married to his little brother. Considering that he's willing to kill a little boy to secure his place in the Novan nobility, it's even better that he loses everything that he was trying to gain in marrying Elodie by throwing a tantrum.
  • The assassination of the twelve-year-old Duke of Elath is not particularly funny, but one of the options for his replacement is, quote, "A random commoner!"
  • Should you talk Briony out of her most likely lethal adventure into the Old Capital via knowledge of her family issues, you get this:
    Briony: Thanks, Elodie! You're smarter than I remembered.
    Elodie: Argh!
    • The +1 Angry popup really sells it.
  • In very early versions there was a bug with a character showing the wrong expression at certain points. Charlotte seems just a bit too happy.
  • On a certain week, Elodie may receive a decorative pillow from Lillah. If Arisse is dead (by Elodie's doing) and it's her successor Kiran sending it, she descends into paranoia.
    Does he know? Is this cushion meant to send some sort of message? Or is it somehow trapped? Is it a poisoned pillow?
  • Briony's reaction to being held hostage:
    What do you want now, Elodie? This has been the worst vacation ever!
  • In the 'marrying a commoner' epilogue it's noted that Elodie often snuck out of the palace to visit "a certain bakery". Evrard's father is so shocked when he learns the Queen has been frequenting his bakery that he nearly collapses, but Evrard never responds to any of this with anything other than a cheeky grin and a croissant for Elodie.
    • There are a couple of funny moments with Evrard, if you meet him and reach the requirements to trigger more scenes with him. In the last scene with him, he brings cookies to Elodie, saying he heard she needed cheering up. When she insists she's fine, he dumps the cookies on her anyway, telling her to give them to his sister, Alice. Elodie's reaction sells the whole scene.
  • While you have to be anti-Lumen and wield the "power of music" to get the option, marrying Julianna's brother Ignatius (who inherits her titles) earns you a description of Briony making gagging noises every time she sees Elodie after the marriage.