* The whole of "Wyy". A good example from the groups early days.
* Before the days when they had regular stingers at the end of their videos, [[http://loadingreadyrun.com/videos/view/63/Offensisensitivity Offensisensitivity]] managed to deliver a real gem:
--> '''Kathleen (Offended Woman)''': I bet this is all a ruse to get into my house, and ravish me in kinky and sexual ways!
--> '''Graham (Salesman)''': What?! No!
--> '''Kathleen (Offended Woman)''': ''Do you want to??''
--> '''Graham (Salesman)''': '''''YEAH!!'''''
* As one of the rewards for supporting their Season 11 Kickstarter, every member of the WebVideo/LoadingReadyRun crew agreed to have tennis balls shot at them. When it's Cam's turn to have tennis balls shot at him, he sits down and [[https://youtu.be/-z5khwSvTas?t=19m43s starts playing Wonderwall]]
* After getting fed up with people repeatedly asking them if they were still making Friday Nights video they registered the domain [[http://www.DoesLoadingReadyRunStillMakeFridayNights.com www.DoesLoadingReadyRunStillMakeFridayNights.com]]. The page just says [[BluntYes Yes]].
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE-YrframmQ From CheckPoint 290]], Kathleen declaring that ''[[Creator/{{Sega}} Sonic Team]]'' have reached ''Fuck Nirvana'' after they added a [[MemeticMutation Sanic T-Shirt]] to ''VideoGame/SonicForces''
--> "They have extinguished ''all fucks'' from the very cores of their souls, and now, their mind is totally clear of the concept of giving a shit about keeping the real Sonic separate from the Internet's twisted mirror version, and a calm has come across them, and so they can finally give the fans what they truly want: [[MundaneMadeAwesome A Sanic shirt]] on their [[{{Squick}} erotic RP character]] that's been rendered in the official game. Namaste, Sonic Team."
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1gL2hCpfFM The following moment]]:
--> '''Graham:''' Welcome to Checkpoint, where this week we are proud to be broadcasting with ''[[TemptingFate zero]]'' [[TemptingFate technical mishaps]].\\
''Opening again, then black screen, then first part of opening''\\
'''Paul:''' Sorry, that was me\\
'''Graham:''' ''[[FacePalm (face palming)]]'' I barely finished the sentence. Why?