* Pepper Clark is a walking CMOF most of the time.
** Especially the first time meeting Blythe
--> '''Pepper:''' (up in Blythe's face) ''[[Film/RushHour DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT ARE COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH?]]''
* The second episode features Zoe's ability to not only eavesdrop conversations, but mimic with 90% more hammy-ness and hilarity. Including the scene where Zoe eavesdrops and mimics the conversation of Blythe and Mrs. Twombly. It shows Creator/NicoleOliver's fun voice acting.
* The Biskit Twins are mostly a walking CMOF as well.
* From "Bad Hair Day", practically all of Blythe's desperate attempts to fix Zoe's fur after she botches it can count, including:
** ... sticking the cut fur back on by dumping an entire bottle of art glue over Zoe's head and body, then sweeping the fur into a square pile and ''rolling Zoe over it like a rolling pin,''
** ... pulling out a wooden loom that just ''happens'' to be in a closet and weaving the fur into a dog-sized sweater,
*** ...which ends up [[MadeOfExplodium exploding]].
** ... and, finally, ''SOMEHOW'' producing and melding a machine that ''projects a holographic image of Zoe.'' And in under a minute, no less.
** "I've regained the will to harshly criticize the art world!"
* Russel complains about the only headset Blythe could get being a "pink plastic toy". Creator/{{Hasbro}} being self-deprecating?
* Zoe Trent is so deliciously hammy, she gives [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rarity]] the run for her money as the walking CMOF most of the time.
* Sunil's [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl girly screamings]], mainly after being touched by a leaf twice in "Gailbreak!".
* The ending of "Gailbreak!" [[spoiler:where it's revealed that the dog that they spent the episode rescuing from the Largest Ever Pet Shop was a male dog named Tootsie. When they return to the LPS and see Gail she points out that this isn't the first time Zoe has mistook someone else for her as to her all of the members of their breed look the same.]]
* When Minka goes into her [[HeroicBSOD catatonic state]], the pets try to snap her out of it...by throwing toys at her head.
* Pepper gets a package. The others immediately start playing with the box.
* Sunil's laugh. Enough said.
* [[JerkJock Vy's]] taunting to the Biskit twins about basketball could be this.
* The Biskits' invitation to lunch:
-->'''Blythe''' [reading]: "You are cordially... ''ordered''?
* The Butler dancing during the BFF's song. The only way it could be funnier is if he started breakdancing.
* After Blythe comes to her senses and ends her friendship with the Biskit twins, they have their butler make her give back all the stuff she bought with them. He does this by [[ShakeSomeoneObjectsFall picking her up and shaking her until everything falls out of her pockets... one of them being a full-sized bicycle.]]
* The song Pepper sings in "Penny For Your Laughs" is supposed to be [[TearJerker a sad song]] about the fact that Pepper often hurts Penny's feelings without wanting to, but the scene where Pepper [[ButtMonkey keeps hitting Penny with the sports balls]] is so overplayed, [[{{Narm}} it becomes funny instead]].
* "This outfit says, Yes! I'm a dog!"
* Vinnie sees Penny's dress and announces, "I would totally wear that!"
* Blythe imitates a truck backing up: "URCH! Beep beep beep!"
* Russell blowing out the candles on Minka's birthday cake with a fire extinguisher and covering the cake and everyone in foam.
** From the same episode, Russell asks if Zoe is mocking him. Vinnie's response?
-->'''Vinnie''': No! No no no no no no... [[NoExceptYes yes]].
* The [[BrickJoke final line]] of "Mean Isn't Your Color".
* In "Dumb Dumbwaiter", Vinnie asks if he could burp in front of the girls, and then he ''lets out a huge burp that's enough to knock out the pets, somehow open the gates of the Littlest Pet Shop and make Mrs. Twombly's stack of cans fall down''.
-->'''Russell''': ...[[CaptainObvious no]].
** When Zoe, Minka and Pepper finally realise the danger they are in when Blythe points it out, Pepper channels [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Rarity]] for a few brief seconds.
-->'''Pepper:''' '''WE'RE IN DANGEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!'''
* Later, Penny describes her plan to get back into Blythe's room as repeating her [[EpicFail descent]], in reverse. However,
--> Russell: "Or... we could just go up the fire escape in the back of the building."
--> Penny: "Ugh! [[FailedASpotCheck There's a fire escape!?]]"
* [[BunnyEarsLawyer Mrs. Twombly's]] singing "canstacker" while stacking the cans in the ColdOpening. Only for the cans to fall and she resumes to singing and starting over. [[RunningGag It continues throughout the entire episode.]]
** Mrs. Twombly finally [[{{Ragequit}} ragequitting]].
--->"Aw, nuts to this noise!"
* In "Blythe's Crush", Zoe, upon getting into the music the band is playing, grabs the microphone and starts singing another amazing song. And then the camera zooms out and the crowd is wondering why some random dog is barking into the microphone.
* The entirety of Mrs. Twombly's SanitySlippage in "Eve of Destruction". One good example being when she goes to get her special cleaning formula from the all-natural retailer she usually gets it from and she's mad because they stopped stocking it "because of a little added [[NoodleImplements jet fuel]]".
* Some of the best gags are the little reminders that the pets are still animals, not people:
** Pepper admitting she has no concept of time.
** When food spills into a giant pile on the floor, all the pets immediately dive in.
** Zoe enters the room, asking, "Has anybody seen my squeaky hamburger?" Heck, [[SpoiledSweet Zoe Trent]] managed to be even more hammier than usual during "Eve of Destruction" especially when it involves [[TheRival Madame Pom]] around.
** Sunil fighting hundreds of cobras at once. Cut to a confused woman watching a mongoose jumping around on the floor attacking random merchandise.
** Sunil proposes [[CrossesTheLineTwice setting a live cobra loose in Blythe's bedroom]] to help her feel better.
* In "Trading Places": When Zoe calls Penny Ling her "furry little Cyrano", Penny points out that Cyrano was the one with the nose issue, annoying Zoe (Who has a blemish on her nose at the time).
* During the {{Kaiju}} FantasySequence in "So You Skink You Can Dance", a biplane comes to fight Vinnie as in Film/KingKong. He uses his lizard tongue to eat it like a fly.
** When Vinnie picks up Russell he curls up in a ball which Vinnie then flicks away.
* Zoe "[[HiddenInPlainSight losing]]" her beret and asking Sunil to use his PsychicPowers to help her find it.
-->'''Sunil:''' I'm not being pink'd or punk'd or whatever it is am I?
** Before that, there's him trying to train those powers by divining the numbers on the playing cards he picks up. [[EpicFail Emphasis on trying]].
-->'''Sunil:''' Five! No... Seven! Wrong... Twenty-two! *the card is Ace of Hearts* Urgh, not even close... A hundred and three! *the card is Three of Spades* Oh, hey, a three, I'm getting better!
* In the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' sequence in "Sweet (Truck) Ride" Penny Ling sees the ship being fired at and thinks the lasers looks pretty.
** The pets treat the truck crash reenactment as a performance. Pepper flubs her "line" and starts cracking up, which make Zoe crack up, too.
** Roger and Buddy. He even works the dummy when he's scolding Blythe.
* After Russell was ranting about how they are stranded when they got locked in the kitchen, Vinnie cheerily shouts out that he wants to be the chief.
* During Penny's MushroomSamba:
-->'''Penny:''' Minka, your cherry is crooked.\\
'''Minka:''' How dare you! Hold on, what?
* Blythe's spatial awareness skills are bizarre. When looking for Russell in school, she looks under a student's lunch tray. When looking for the lost truck, she checks under the ramp it left behind.
* One from the episode where the pets get out of the shop. The show's bizarre character proportions are lampshaded when Blythe tries to fit through the hole they escaped through, only to find out she can't. This leads her to shout "CURSE MY FREAKISHLY LARGE HEAD!"
** She gets her head stuck again, this time in Shiver's tree home in "Blythe's Pet Project".
** In "Commercial Success":
-->'''Jasper:''' No need to worry your pretty little oversized head.\\
'''Blythe:''' ''(muttering)'' I'm not the only one with a big head.
* Mrs. Twombley's family gets obscure, Victorian-era diseases, including "the vapours", "the quinsey" and "the rising of the lights."
* Blythe's first interview in "Terriers & Tiaras", staring at the camera in a catatonic state, giving her name as the answer to every question.
** Blythe going StageMom in "Terriers & Tiaras". [[AcquiredSituationalNarcissism Mostly]]. Even funnier the fact Ashleigh Ball seemed to be looking for an excuse to use her Applejack voice.
** The ending of "Terriers & Tiaras" [[spoiler:when Russell is named the "[[RunningGag *inhales* The Ultimate supreme miss congeniality, most photogenic, most talented, super sparkle grand supreme pageant winner *pause* of the six and unders.]] Complete with him crying TearsOfJoy.]]
* "Door-Jammed":
-->'''Blythe:''' Aaaah! So out of character!
* Mrs. Twombly's doorknob frenzy.
* Blythe's "My Small Squirrel" fantasy, and Shiver's deadpan reaction.
* Vinnie steps on a tape recorder in "What Did You Say?"
* From "Lights, Camera, Mongoose":
-->'''Shahrukh''' (to Sunil): Have we met before? You look very familiar.
-->'''Blythe''': He should. He looks just like you!
-->(''Shahrukh looks Sunil up and down'')
-->'''Shahrukh''': I don't see it.
-->'''Sunil''': Me neither.
* The decapitation of the Biskit Twins' cake in "Bakers and Fakers". Complete with [[HighPressureBlood red jam shooting out like blood in a samurai movie]].
* The song the pets sing for Blythe at the beginning of the season finale is contender for saddest moment of the entire show, but even then the writers couldn't avoid throwing in one or two jokes. Sunil sings about how his tears risk flooding the room, then Vinnie adds that luckily he's standing next to the drain. And Pepper "Was it something that I said? Did I joke too much about her (Blythe's) giant head?"
* "99 cans of pet food on the shelf....."
* Mrs. Twombly calling the F.U.N. security guard "young man" when he's clearly middle-aged.

[[AC:Eight Arms to Hold You]]
* After many failed attempts to break into Littlest Pet Shop, Sunil tries kicking Vinnie high enough to reach the open window..... He kicks ''too'' hard.
** "Great, we look like two clowns after playing in a sewer!"

[[AC:Pawlm Reading]]
* Mrs. Twombly's ImagineSpot where she guesses how the pets speak and act and gets it completely wrong.
* The other pets laugh about the pet psychic getting their personalities completely wrong. Vinnie doesn't understand.
-->'''Vinnie''': What do you mean? She said I was smart.

[[AC:A Day at the Museum]]
* Vinnie and Sunil ditching Pepper while both agreeing they'd rather be [[ItMakesSenseInContext eaten by zombies]] than tolerate her smell.

[[AC:Alligators and Handbags]]
* Vinnie's tail falling off with a 'pop' sound after Wiggles threatens to eat him.
* Blythe follows her dad's advice and imagines Mona Autumn in a moose costume; Cue a shot of Mona in said costume, making a moose sound, with a flaming background behind her.

[[AC:Super Sunil]]
* At the beginning Sunil manages to scream so loud that it reaches a frequency only Zoe can hear, then the sound attracts an entire swarm of dogs. It later becomes a ChekhovsGag at the end of the episode.

* When Zoe and Minka try to get used to being a mixed breed and an endangered species, respectively, Zoe develops a [[UsefulNotes/NewJersey Joisey]] personality and Minka acts like royalty.

[[AC: Commercial Success]]
* At the end of the revised commercial, when Jasper amazingly voices the pets as their exact voices, but in the wrong bodies.

[[AC: Standup Stinker]]
* Russel warns Minka to watch out for "gramma rays".
-->'''Minka''': What are "gramma rays"?
-->'''Russell''': Uh... [[{{Pun}} They smell like fabric softener and make you feel guilty for not calling]].
* Pretty much the whole gag with the Martian in Blythe's bedroom.

[[AC:Sunil's Sick Day]]
* Russell's ImagineSpot of Vinnie going berserk in response to being told that Sunil isn't coming in that day.

[[AC: Sleeper]]
* The entire A-plot. Being a parody of ''Film/WeekendAtBernies'' with wacky cartoon animals, how can they go wrong?

[[AC: Secret Cupet]]
* The antics of the love-struck pets.
* When Russell revives his "Cyril [=McFlip=]" persona, the other pets begin singing the song of the same name from "Sunil's Sick Day", but he stops them with a curt "That's enough of that!"
* Russell and Penny pretending to be a couple to lure the Cupet, with Russell saying awkward forced romantic compliments. Adding to that is their outrageous outfits (Penny with a beehive hairdo, and Russell wearing a deerstalker cap and a large fake mustache) But the best part is Blythe's reaction while watching them from the background. One of the best "What the hell!?" looks in the entire series.

[[AC: The Very Littlest Pet Shop]]
* Pepper throwing a stick past Zoe which lands under the sofa chair that Sunil and Vinnie are sitting on, so when Zoe runs to fetch it she knocks the chair over and sends the duo flying offscreen.

[[AC: Winter Wonder Wha...?]]
* When the pets turn the thermostat low to make Parker (a penguin) feel more at home, Vinnie's tail freezes and falls off.
* After they completely freeze the day camp, Vinnie gets his tongue stuck to the floor, then Sunil's attempt to free him results in them getting completely wrapped in Vinnie's tongue. His tongue is bandaged in the next scene.

[[AC: Snow Stormin']]
* Roger's attempts to dig through the snow in front of the shop, which result in him ending up where he started, then the outside of the Largest Ever Pet Shop, and [[SerialEscalation the North Pole]].
* Blythe trying to thank Buttercream while imitating her style of speaking, then when neither of them understood what Blythe just said she briefly spazzes out.
* When Blythe pretends to be locked in the storage room, Penny has a list of emergency survival foods. When Blythe asks if bamboo is the only thing on the list, Penny tells her she's correct.