Funny / Knocked Up

  • One of Ben's friends exclaiming "Well fuck me in the beard!".
    • Pretty much all the cracks taken at Martin and his beard. "What's up, Scorcese-on-crack?"
  • When a rash of pinkeye erupts among the guys due to a prank involving farting on each other's pillows. Well, almost all the guys.
    Ben: Jesus, Martin's got it bad! What, did someone take a dump right in your eye?
    Martin (groggy): No, no pinkeye for me. I'm just really......hiiiiiiiiigh.
  • Another of Ben's friends barging into where Allison is in labor. He comes in to ask if everything's alright, and she's so filled with hormones that she shrieks "GET OOOOUT!"
  • Ben's rant when Allison is hormonal to the point of acting like a lunatic and throwing him out of her car, forcing him to walk several miles across town to the gynaecologist's office.
    Ben: Fuck you, hormones! You're a crazy bitch, hormones! Not Allison! Hormones! Fuck 'em! It's a girl. Buy some pink shit.
  • When Allison e-mails Ben, asking to meet up (unbeknownst to him, so she can tell him she is pregnant) and Jonah exclaims lewdly, "She like a-the way your dick taste!"
  • "Was your vagina drunk?! What, did you think that I made a dickskin condom!? 'He hollowed out a penis, and put it on.' What the fuck?!"
  • Pete's imitation of Robert De Niro ends up being way better than Ben's.
  • James Franco being disgusted at Allison's morning sickness on TV.
  • Jay walking out of the bathroom bragging about how he just shaved his privates, freezing when he sees Alison, and Jonah completely losing his shit.