* "What...is it?" [[http://www.kiwiblitz.com/comic/track-05-14 "A bomb. :D * thumbs up* "]].
* Three words. [[http://www.kiwiblitz.com/comic/track-09-05/ "Big sexy showdown"]]. Particularly the reactions from [[BigWhat Steffi]] and [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Gear]].
* Ben getting his superhero name.[[http://www.kiwiblitz.com/comic/page-347]]
-->'''Dogface:''' …The hell are you supposed to be?\\
'''Ben:''' Hmm… If she's Blitz, I guess I'm Donner.\\
'''Blitz:''' Ooh, good one! I wouldn't expect you to know the German word for thunder!\\
'''Ben:''' Is that what that means? I was thinking about reindeer.
* Steffi's habit of referring to ALTER members (the ones with animalistic body-mods) as [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom furries]].