Funny / Kino's Journey

  • Episode 3: A dark moment, but as it turns out, the prophecy outlined in the Book of Prophecy was actually the mournful ramblings of a poet whose wife killed herself to teach him sorrow. This means the priests are effectively trying to make sense of something that wasn't supposed to make sense in the first place.
  • Episode 12 of the 2017 series: Kino and Hermes end up fleeing from flocks of sheep chasing them, knowing little about the animals and thinking they intend them harm. A funny misunderstanding, right? It becomes both darker and funnier when Kino makes a last-ditch effort to escape that involves running the sheep down by the dozens in a jeep and opening fire with every bullet she's got, and the sheep don't back down. Members of the flock were selectively bred for bloodsport before being released into the wild, and relentlessly charge at Kino no matter how many she guns down.