[[caption-width-right:350: Sometimes LaserGuidedAmnesia doesn't go the way you want it to!]]

* In ''Re: Chain of Memories'', one of the minigames in the [[Franchise/WinnieThePooh Hundred Acre Wood]] has you fighting a battle much like any other battle in the game. However, in this battle, you're fighting bees to keep them off Pooh while he gets honey, all of your Keyblade cards are ''covered in bees'', and you heal Pooh's 'hunny gauge' by using cards which summon ''giant hunny pots that plop onto his head''!
* Due to {{Lip Lock}}ing in ''Re: Chain of Memories'', it sounds like Riku is a female in this line:
-->"Besides Kairi and Riku, there was one other girl on the island..."
** And before that, when Sora "remembers" Naminé:
--->'''Sora:''' I remember! There was another girl!\\
'''Goofy:''' What? ''(he and Donald look around)'' A girl? Where?
* After Donald claimed they could never forget their friends, Sora crosses his arms behind his head, grins, and this exchange happens:
-->'''Sora:''' ''(teasingly)'' But when I turned into a Heartless, who was the one that took forever to notice and kept clobbering me?\\
'''Donald:''' ''(stops short, then turns around, annoyed)'' How come you couldn't forget about ''that''?
* After taking [[ThatOneBoss Hook]] down, everyone seems to agree that Peter Pan is a JerkWithAHeartOfGold...and then a Moogle gets dropped on Donald.
* While Donald and Goofy are standing around talking about how worked up Sora is about finding Naminé quickly, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Sora is on the other side of the room, hopping up and down and waving for them to come on.]]
* Blazing Donald. Just Blazing Donald.
** In ''Re: [=CoM=]'', we also have the Wild Crush, which has Sora and Donald using Goofy as [[UseYourHead a battering ram]].
* This line from a mocking voice:
-->"You cast away your home,\\
your friends, everything...\\
But at least they gave you a nice room."
* Oddly enough, one of these happens in Sora's first encounter with Larxene. He hits her hand with the Keyblade to knock the good luck charm out of it, and when the camera cuts back to her, she's holding her hand and shaking it a little - you can practically ''hear'' her thinking, "''Oww'', shit, shit, that hurt!"
* All of Larxene's failed attempts to flirt with Axel. [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace She's getting all up close and personal with him, stroking his face and such,]] and you can clearly tell from his "Here we go again" expression that he's not interested, just bored by her advances.
** The second time she tries it, she looks offended when he ignores her. Her expression is hilarious.
* When Sora and Co are in Traverse Town, just before the Guard Armour boss battle, there's this exchange:
-->'''Sora:''' Don't you want to see the Heartless?\\
'''Donald:''' NO we DON'T!
* There's also this bit in the Olympus Coliseum:
--> '''Phil:''' Two words: You ain't heroes!\\
'''Sora:''' You're wrong!\\
'''Goofy:''' Yeah, you said three words.\\
'''Sora:''' Exactly... but that's not the point!
* Riku getting snarky with [=DiZ=] and his constant talk of making choices:
-->'''[=DiZ=]:''' You will have a choice to make there.\\
'''Riku:''' You just love foisting choices on other people, don't you?
** At the end of the game:
--->'''Riku:''' So, what are you going to ask me to choose this time?
%%* [[http://mangafox.me/manga/kingdom_hearts_chain_of_memories/v02/c011/32.html The manga]] has Sora's comical attempt in forcing Naminé to smile.
* In ''Re: [=CoM=]'', during the credits for Riku's ending, Axel watches Roxas eat his sea-salt ice cream and Axel decides to take a bite out of the one he has but blechs from the taste.
* While the LipLock gets pretty bad in ''Re: [=CoM=]'', we get this little gem of an exchange between Axel and Marluxia [[ComicallySerious of all people]] that pokes fun at the tacky dialogue while they're trying to kill each other:
-->'''Axel:''' The Organization's betrayed. In that name, I will annihilate ''you''![[note]]In the GBA script, his line is supposed to be: "In the name of the Organization you betrayed, I will annihilate you!"[[/note]]\\
'''Marluxia:''' That line's...not you.\\
'''Axel:''' Well, had to try it once, you know.
* Near the end of Riku's story in ''Re:Chain'', [=DiZ=] tosses him a BlackCloak and explains to him it will let him hide his presence from Organization XIII. He then turns to Mickey and notes the ears, on the other hand, he can't do much for. We don't see Mickey's face, but his physical reaction implies he's annoyed and/or embarrassed.
* And then there's Riku's reaction at the end of his story when he discovers Sora in the memory-restoring pod. "I told him to take care of Kairi, and here he is taking a nap!"
* When Riku meets with [[spoiler:artificial Riku]], the latter claims that he's superior and could beat him.
-->'''[[spoiler:Artificial Riku]]:''' In other words... ''I can mop the floor with you!''
-->[=*=]BossBattle where Riku wins*
-->'''Riku:''' Hey, [[spoiler:''FAKE'']]. [[IronicEcho I thought you're gonna mop the floor with me?]]