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Funny: Katanagatari
  • In the first episode, right after she meets Shichika, Togame trips over a stone and knocks herself out.
  • Komouri disguises himself as Togame to sneak up on Shichika... and gets kicked in the gut because Shichika has no facial recognition yet.
  • Shichika's win in episode 2, using Togame as a stepping stone.
  • Shichika discovering Togame's ticklish collarbones.
    • Any time Shichika trolls Togame.
  • At the end of episode 4, Shichika and Togame talk about the amazing duel they had with Sabi Hakuhei.
  • Togame's Delayed Reaction to Kanara's proposal.
    • Likewise, her complete Freak Out once Houou tells her what "Cheerio" really means.
  • While the whole Pocky & Rocky shout out in episode 7 counts, the part where Nanami goes behind the fixed-direction boss to avoid getting hit is especially funny!
  • The Imagine Spots wherein Togame pictures a bishounen Shichika together with Zanki, Love Bubbles abound.
  • Shichika instantly forgetting everything he's ever learned about swordplay once Togame kisses him.
  • Shichika's method of defeating the 10th Shogun warrior.

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