!!Pre-Crisis Era:
* In ''Justice League of America'' (Volume 1) #134, a pair of aliens are pitting the Leaguers against Despero for sheer amusement. It's clear the aliens intend to keep them there forever, until ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} introduces them to the concept of ''betting'' on the outcome. When she beats Despero, both aliens get to quarrel with themselves, giving the Leaguers the chance to hightail it.
-->'''Franchise/{{Batman}}:''' Frankly, Supergirl, I find the whole story incredible!\\
'''Supergirl:''' Well, I for one feel a little guilty! After all, we did introduce the last survivors of an ancient race to war!\\
'''Franchise/WonderWoman:''' And that's a curse I wouldn't even wish on Despero!

!!Post-Crisis Era:
* ''JLA'' #32, page 8, with Franchise/{{Superman}} miles above Earth's surface informing ComicBook/{{Huntress}} of a serious threat, all while icicles are forming on him; not to mention a page 12 panel with ComicBook/PlasticMan where he is half disguised as an assault rifle blowing a raspberry at the man holding it.
* ''JLA'' #90, page 4 almost has a tied up opponent learning what happens when you heckle Batman when he's "having a conversation" with Wonder Woman, but the panels run out.
* In one [[Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica JLA]] story (JLA #61), Batman gives [[Franchise/TheFlash Wally West's Flash]] what is supposed to be a reassuring hand on the shoulder prior to briefing Flash on his role in the plan. Flash's response: "You're touching me. Batman is touching me. I'm going to die, aren't I?"
** "Not if you pay ''close attention''."
** The plan involved Flash riding one of Batman's missiles into an enemy target. The look on his face was priceless.
** Also from that issue, a great one-liner upon discovering a familiar villain in the midst of his villainy:
-->'''Wonder Woman''': Abra Kadabra!\\
'''Green Lantern (singing)''': Gonna reach out and grab ya...
* In ''JLA: Year One'', J'onn transforms into Superman without anybody noticing and appears sitting at their conference table after the other members had been talking about asking Supes to join. After they stare at him in shock he then turns into ELMER FUDD. Especially funny because he has been quiet and relatively humorless up until that point.
-->'''J'onn J'onzz:''' You're vewwy vewwy qwiet.\\
"Yoda! ''[[Franchise/StarWars Do Yoda]]!''"
* Gail Simone's ''JLA'' comic ''The Hypothetical Woman'' has a scene where the League is planning their next move aboard the Watchtower...and while they're doing that, Wonder Woman surprises everyone with pomegranate cookies that she baked herself.
-->'''GL/Flash:''' Wonder Woman BAKED?!
* And at the end of the scene:
-->'''Batman:''' Diana, Alfred will need that recipe.
* The cover of the in-universe book "Justice League: Gods Among Men" by the fictional David Graves. It features the Justice League fighting Starro (as a ShoutOut to the League's original comics appearance)... except for Flash, who's incapacitated in the monster with a starrosite on his face, while everyone else poses like badasses. It's almost as if whoever illustrated the cover forgot the Flash was a member of the League until halfway through drawing the layout, at which point he just squeezed him into the picture's remaining space.
* In (Grant Morrison's) ''JLA'' #9, ComicBook/GreenArrow (Connor Hawke) stumbles upon everyone in The Key's LotusEaterMachine. The Key destroys GA's equipment, forcing him to use his father's old stuff.
-->''Net arrows! Boxing glove arrows! How about just [[PunctuatedForEmphasis one! Pointed! Arrow! Dad!]]''
** The same issue marks the first time Batman in Morrison's tenure directly addresses rookie Green Lantern Kyle Rayner:
--> "Nintendo has a lot to answer for."
* In the "Rock of Ages" storyline, Flash, ComicBook/{{Aquaman}}, and Green Lantern are hurled into the future, and they come up with a plan to use Flash's speed and a device they find to get back.
-->'''Aquaman:''' What's likely to ''happen'' here, Flash? We seem to be moving very fast, very quickly... Can we ''take'' this kind of acceleration?\\
'''Flash:''' This is ''jogging''. But when I hit top speed, then the treadmill takes over, amplifies my velocity and we hit... I don't know... faster than light ''squared''... We're accelerating to speeds where our entire ''physical structures'' will be converted to hyperlight ''information!''\\
'''Aquaman:''' We're doing what?
* In ''JLA: Primeval'', the team gets hits with rays that devolve them. Wonder Woman's clay body falls apart, leaving her as a disembodied spirit. But at least she still has her mental faculties, so she tries to gather the others, including big, scary versions of Aquaman and Superman, an amorphous blob (Martian Manhunter), and several cavemen. Then they get to [[AngelicTropes Zauriel]], who has turned into a mischievous, blonde-haired cherub who giggles and throws apples at people. The cavemen laugh, and even Wonder Woman is forced to admit that [[ActuallyPrettyFunny it's pretty funny]].
* In ''JLA/The Titans'', a number of heroes are flying up to a huge orbiting station constructed by Cyborg that is causing global disasters. ComicBook/MartianManhunter is in telepathic contact with Oracle.
-->'''[[ComicBook/{{Batgirl}} Barbara Gordon]]:''' ''(telepathically)'' How are the additions to the JLA cavalry working out? Is Gardner making an ass of himself yet?\\
'''Martian Manhunter:''' ''(telepathically)'' All assistance is appreciated. Just make sure everyone is in place, Barbara.\\
'''[[Franchise/GreenLantern Guy Gardner]]:''' ''(aloud)'' Damn. Nasty here is ''big''. Good thing you brought ''me'' along.
* One storyline begins with Green Lantern and the Flash calling the rest of the League. They report that seven supervillains are attacking the White House! The rest of the League rushes there, expecting a massive VillainTeamUp and find... all the supervillains beating each other up. Turns out all the villains hit upon the same scheme of attacking the White House, all showed up at the same time by sheer chance, and than got into a brawl with one another for "stealing my idea!". Lantern and Flash just needed help getting civilians out of the way.
* JLA #27: Bruce Wayne is meeting Clark Kent in Tokyo. Clark is with another woman who is introduced as Hino Rei. Bruce immediately recognizes that she's really J'onn, because [[Manga/SailorMoon the name gave it away]].
* One issue of JLA: Classified has Guy Gardner listening to his shoulder angel/devil after noticing ComicBook/PowerGirl unconscious while in a place that may or may not be hell; not to mention his reaction to finding out he has a rep down there.

* This image, date unknown: dc.wikia.com/wiki/File:Christmas_02.jpg

!!Post-Flashpoint Era:
* Post-Flashpoint Justice League has the first meeting between Franchise/GreenLantern and the Batman, having Hal ask what Batman's powers are before saying, "What, you're not just a guy in a costume, are you?" Batman responds by taking off Hal's ring.
* And later, the Flash: "Batman doesn't have any powers? I thought you were a [[Comicbook/BatmanVampire vampire]] or something."
* This exchange in Justice League #4:
-->'''Wonder Woman:''' We need to get those men out of the helicopters and somewhere safe.\\
'''Green Lantern:''' I'll get them out of the choppers and to safety. Not to be a good guy like the Flash, but because I want to impress you. Most of what I do is about impressing people.\\
'''Batman:''' What?\\
'''GL:''' No, I... what'd I just...?\\
'''WW:''' You were touching my lasso.\\
'''GL:''' So what?\\
'''WW:''' It makes you tell the truth.\\
'''GL:'''[''looking off-panel''] Are you laughing, Batman? At a time like this?
* Pretty much any of ComicBook/GreenArrow Oliver Queen's attempts to join the League in issue #8.
* In ''Justice League United'' #5, the team runs into a gathering of bounty hunters as they're checking a space station out. And ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} is ''giddy'' because she has to punch them.
-->'''Green Arrow:''' Sardath said this space station was a bit rough... be ready for anything. Supergirl, I hear voices through that door, can you see through it with your X-Ray vision?\\
'''Supergirl:''' Oh... This is going to be fun!\\
'''Green Arrow:''' Hmmm... What is it, Supergirl? A few alien thugs?\\
'''Supergirl:''' (smiling) No. Much better than that... Bounty hunters. '''Lots''' of them.\\
'''ComicBook/AnimalMan:''' ... Oh crapballs.