-->'''Creator/AlexTrebek:''' In the category of Know Your Tropes — the members of [[ThisVeryWiki TV Tropes]] use this term for the biggest examples of humor they can find on a particular entity or series.\\
'''JustForFun/TropeTan:''' What are.......\\
'''Alex:''' Hurry.\\
'''Trope-Tan:''' Crowning Moments of Funny?\\
'''Alex:''' (''looks off-camera'') ...Crowning Moments of Funny or SugarWiki/FunnyMoments, yes. (''applause'') Well done, the True Daily Double paid off! Select again.

[[folder:In General...]]
* Any time the wording of the category means that calling it forms a funny sentence, such as "Let's go to Hell for $400, Alex".
* Any time a contestant [[LoopholeAbuse exploited]] the show's "credit so long as it's phrased in the form of a question" rule, such as Ken Jennings' "What be Ebonics?" (September 16, 2004).
** At some point, while "Who are The Who?" might have been the more properly-formed answer for a given question, someone answered with simply "Who?" and got credit.
** At least one contestant has omitted the "What is" before ''Literature/WhosAfraidOfVirginiaWoolf'' when that title has been given as a response.
* Any time two contestants ring in with incorrect responses to a three-answer multiple choice question, allowing the third player to provide the last remaining (correct) response.
* Any time sweeping a pop culture category causes Alex to comment that contestants [[YouWatchTooMuchX are wasting their lives]].
* Pretty much any time a contestant puts some thought into the clue, only to ring in with a [[WhatAnIdiot hilariously incorrect]] response.
* Every 'Before & After' category, ever.
** Plus any 'Rhyme Time' and 'Stupid Answers' category.
* Whenever a contestant who has no idea about the correct response in Final Jeopardy! writes (or draws!) [[SelfDeprecation that they don't know]].
* Any time Alex Trebek goes out of his way to lightly reprimand a contestant's wrong answer, e.g. "Yes, remember, each correct response must begin with the letters 'I-R' ".
* Any time Alex [[{{Corpsing}} corpses]] while reading a clue.
* Any time a player accidentally says "What is..." as they're selecting the next category and clue amount.
* Any time a player beat their opponent(s) to answering a question about their home city/state.
* Any time a player answers "Who is Alex Trebek?" to a difficult Final Jeopardy question.
** December 20, 1991: "The patriarch of this family was born Herbert Blythe in 1847; he took a stage name in 1872"[[note]]Answer: "Who is John Barrymore?"[[/note]]
-->'''Alex:''' Born in India in 1847... bless those plastic surgeons!
** November 13, 1996: A Celebrity Jeopardy game, "His first important commission in Amsterdam was to paint that city's guild of surgeons"[[note]]Answer: "Who is Rembrandt?"[[/note]]. Jon Lovitz writes "Who is Alex Trebeck [sic] (who knew?)!"

[[folder:Art Fleming (1964-75, 1978-79)]]
* Circa 1972: Gene Shalit tackles a Daily Double in a...unique way. [[note]](Seen on the 1975 Creator/{{NBC}} GrandFinale, its original episode is destroyed.)[[/note]]
-->(''Audio Daily Double: NBC "In Living Color" music sting plays'')\\
'''Gene:''' Well, it ain't an [[Creator/{{CBS}} eye]]! That would be the very famous NBC Peacock.\\
'''Art:''' Question.\\
'''Gene:''' Has anybody around here seen the very famous NBC Peacock?\\
(''score increases as clip ends'')
* February 21, 1972: To celebrate the 2,000th show, Mel Brooks appeared as (rather aptly) the 2,000-Year-Old Man.
-->'''2,000-Year-Old Man:''' Two thousand years ago, we had this show. We had ''Jeopardy!''\\
'''Art:''' You had ''Jeopardy!'' two thousand years ago?!\\
'''2,000-Year-Old Man:''' Well, it wasn't this hippy-dappy-happy game you've got here.

[[folder:Alex Trebek (1984-Present)]]
* Date unknown: A contestant picks the last clue on the board and gives a correct response. Alex says, "Correct. Select again." without realizing it. Cue the confused contestant saying, "I can't, the board's empty."
* In general, any category where announcer Johnny Gilbert reads off lines from a work (usually songs) in a deliberate tone. Examples include [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5NbDpYen00 Johnny Gilbert Does Shakespeare]] (January 13, 1999, with a rare Daily Double on the top row), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MsRw2x-NCg Johnny Gilbert Rocks]] (November 29, 1999), [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfi4l4Vrj0Q Johnny Gilbert Raps & Rocks On]] (October 7, 2008), and The Musical Stylings of Johnny Gilbert (December 20, 2016). You haven't lived until you've heard a man in his 80s deadpan his way through the likes of "Livin' la Vida Loca", "Hollaback Girl", and "I'm Too Sexy" with that Tidewater accent of his.
* From the show's debut on March 30, 1964 through July 18, 2003, a player could only win five times before they were forced to withdraw. On January 4, 2000, the champion Jack Archey had a locked-up win in his fifth game, so for Final Jeopardy! he wrote as his response "What is Woo Hoo Yee Haw Yeah Baby". Alex read the answer in a deadpan tone, with a "WTF?" face the whole time.
* September 10, 1984: To say that the current version had a funny moment on the first episode, would be an understatement. Greg Hopkins, an energy demonstrator from Ohio, and the first winner on the show, with a total of $8,400, showed of such skills during the contestant interview. He took out a balloon to use as a Uranium atom, split it into two separate atoms, and flew them up in the air. Alex responded to this by saying "Greg, try and relax."
* September 20, 1984: A contestant rings in on the clue, "Number of blank tiles in a Scrabble set," and guesses ''36,'' causing the audience to go wild. Alex tells him, "I'm glad you haven't been playing Scrabble, I'm glad you've been playing Jeopardy!"[[note]](The correct response is "two.")[[/note]]
* November 21, 1985: During the first Tournament of Champions, Steve Rogitz accidentally reads the category "The U.N." as "The Un," causing the entire studio to laugh. Alex corrects him with mock anger and proceeds to read the clue [[ActuallyPrettyFunny while trying not to crack up]].
* November 6, 1986: A funny answer that Trebek liked.
-->'''Alex:''' By the 4th century A.D., Rome had 28 public ones stacked with rolls of papyrus.\\
'''Gary:''' What are public toilets?\\
'''Alex:''' No, sorry.\\
'''Harvey:''' What are libraries?\\
'''Alex:''' Yes, but I kinda like Gary's answer for humor.
* Mid-1980s: This "Mythology" clue.
-->'''Alex:''' He gave his name to a class of snakes.\\
'''Contestant:''' Who was Herpes?[[note]](The correct response is "Python." The contestant was thinking of "herpetology.")[[/note]]
* November 19, 1986: An early example of GettingCrapPastTheRadar was this clue: "We don't know if Lois ever complained about him being 'faster than a speeding bullet.'"[[note]](The correct response is "Superman.")[[/note]]
* February 16, 1987: An answer that Alex seemed to agree with.
-->'''Alex:''' Ben Franklin said, "There was never a good war or a bad" 1 of these.\\
'''Contestant:''' What is a woman?\\
'''Alex:''' No, sorry. I like your thinking, though.[[note]](The correct response is "peace.")[[/note]]
* March 17, 1987: "Of 'Him', 'Her', 'You', & 'Me', the one never a top 40 hit." All three manage to ring in with the wrong three choices (Me, You, and Him, respectively).
* April 6, 1988: A contestant who admitted to not being comfortable with Audio Daily Doubles wagers $5 when he finds one but later wishes he had bet $10 when he immediately comes up with the correct response.
* November 2, 1988: Two moments.
** This exchange on a clue:
-->'''Alex''': For an upper GI you drink this; for a lower GI... well, we won't talk about that.\\
'''Eileen''': (''rings in'') What's a barium enema?\\
'''Alex''': (''{{Beat}}, followed by uncomfortable gibberish'') Hmm. No, we can't give you that, I'm sorry.\\
'''Alison''': (''rings in'') What is barium?\\
'''Alex''': Barium, yes. Uh, "For an upper GI, you drink" it. And uh, no matter how you— (''all three contestants laugh'') —I don't even want to explain it.
** Later, no one gives a correct response to a clue concerning the lyrics to "Red River Valley":
-->'''Alex:''' "Come and sit by my side if you love me." Phil, then we can do other things, of course.\\
'''Phil:''' Right, not with you, thank you.
* July 1989: During the Seniors Tournament, Ouida Rellstab, the eventual winner, tells Alex in an interview segment that she raises turtles, but with her thick Louisiana accent, Alex mistakenly thinks she ''races'' turtles.
* March 30, 1990: This interesting response.
-->'''Alex:''' It can be a spokesman, part of your phone or a protective rubber device worn by a boxer.\\
'''Contestant:''' What is a cup?[[note]](The correct response is "mouthpiece.")[[/note]]
* May 18, 1990: Michael Thayer from Rutgers University wins the 1990 College Tournament, writing "Who is someone I have never met?" in Final Jeopardy, [[AscendedMeme possibly the earliest reference]] to the ''Series/{{Cheers}}'' episode "What is Cliff Clavin?" on Jeopardy.
-->'''Alex:''' Michael, it looks like you've been watching that episode of ''Cheers''!
* June 18, 1990: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU2w72KAkQQ This]] montage of Trebek [[ClusterFBomb swearing like a sailor]] and drinking what appears to be alcohol (but is actually Diet Coke and a glass of water) while trying to shoot some ''Phone Jeopardy!'' promos.
-->'''Alex:''' There's a daily cash prize of $1,000 aaand [[PrecisionFStrike fuck!]]
** Another (repeatedly deleted from Website/YouTube) ''Phone Jeopardy!'' outtake reel ended with Alex saying "Tinker Bell" in a funny voice. When someone offstage reprimands him for the voice, he yells "Fuck 'em!"
* November 5, 1991: During the Tournament of Champions quarterfinal games, Teen Tournament winner Andy Westney gets stumped by this Daily Double.
-->'''Alex:''' On Dec. 4, 1783 George Washington bade his officers farewell at this New York City tavern.\\
'''Andy:''' What is the...Whiskey A Go-Go?[[note]](The correct response is "Fraunces Tavern.")[[/note]]
* From Season 8 (1991-92), another one of Trebek's favorite answers.
-->'''Alex:''' George Bernard Shaw called this condition "the greatest of evils and the worst of crimes."\\
'''Contestant:''' What is marriage?[[note]](The correct response is "poverty.")[[/note]]
* October 26, 1992: On the first ever Celebrity Jeopardy! game, Alex interrupts the Jeopardy! round after eight clues to ask Regis Philbin to jump in on the game since he hasn't gotten a chance to ring in yet. Regis holds up his signaling button and yells, "Is this thing working!?" Regis finally gets a correct response after the first commercial break, resulting in cheers from the audience.
* October 30, 1992: Ed Begley, Jr. picks the first three clues of "The Environment," with Rosie O'Donnell giving a correct response to the third. She tries another category but when Ed gets a correct response on that, he goes back to "The Environment." Rosie: "Damn you!"
* November 11, 1992: During Double Jeopardy in the Tournament of Champions quarterfinals, Teen Tournament winner April [=McManus=] discovers one of the Daily Doubles, but not feeling comfortable about the category (Historic Homes), wagers only $100, but gets it right to her surprise. So, she picks the next clue in Shakespeare, which is the ''other'' Daily Double, and feeling confident, wagers $1000, only to get it wrong.
* November 20, 1992: For the final game in the Tournament of Champions, finalists Jerome Vered, Leszek Pawlowicz, and Bruce Simmons laugh and shrug while their pitiful first day totals are announced ($700-$4000-$0, respectively) due to an anti-climatic ending in Final Jeopardy the day before.
* January 19, 1993: Air Force Lt. Col. Darryl Scott wins with a score of $1.
* May 14, 1993: When no one rings in on a clue concerning the subtitle of En Vogue's "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)", Alex adds, "and you ''didn't'' get it."
* November 9, 1993: When Edward Asner fails to ring in on a clue before Pat Sajak.
-->'''Edward:''' I think my buzzer's not working.\\
'''Alex:''' My standard line in this kind of a situation is, "No, it's not the buzzer."\\
'''Pat:''' (''amidst audience laughter'') [[DeadpanSnarker Oh, jeez, the tension developing here!]]
* July 6, 1995: The answer: "Cape May, at the end of the Garden State Parkway in this state, is the USA's oldest seashore resort." The correct response, [[spoiler:New Jersey,]] happens to be the home state of two of the contestants but the third player beats both of them to it.
** The Final Jeopardy answer is about the play ''Theatre/TheSeagull'', but nobody gets it right, including champion Isaac ''Segal'' ([[ItIsPronouncedTroPay sounds like "seagull"]])[[note]]Although Isaac already had a lock game, so he was okay.[[/note]]. Alex lampshades this the next day.
* July 7, 1995: The answer: "The proceeds from some of her souvenir hatchets helped fund a home for wives of alcoholics."
-->'''Robert:''' Who is UsefulNotes/LizzieBorden?
-->'''Isaac:''' Who is Carrie Nation?
-->'''Alex:''' Carrie Nation, yes. But I like Robert's thought.
* November 6, 1995: This exchange on a celebrity episode:
-->'''Lynn Redgrave:''' Why am I minus? Tell me, give me a good reason! I've been answering, I've been beeping. These beastly people [David Duchovny and Stephen King] next to me are not helping. They don't say, "After you, Lynn," like real gentlemen. What's the matter?\\
'''Alex:''' Does the word, "stupid," mean anything?
* September 6, 1996: Similar to the example from Season 8.
-->'''Alex:''' "Elbert Hubbard defined this as 'a monotonous interval between fights.'"\\
'''Contestant:''' What is marriage? (The correct response is "peace.")
* April 1, 1997: For April Fool's Day, [[Series/WheelOfFortune Pat Sajak]] replaces Alex as host of Jeopardy, with the first round categories derived from [=WoF=].
* May 9, 1997: One particularly funny slip-up bordering on GettingCrapPastTheRadar, from the International Tournament:
-->'''Alex:''' If a Japanese ''isha'' (doctor) asks you to stick out your ''shita'', he means this.\\
'''Per-Gunnar Hillesoy:''' What is your...behind? [[note]](The correct response is "your tongue", a long way from your behind.)[[/note]]
* October 16, 1997: Johnny has just finished reading some promotional copy, and throws back to Alex. This exchange ensues:
-->'''Alex''': Thank you, Johnner. (''beat'') Johnner? Johnny.\\
'''Johnny''': (''laughs'')\\
'''Alex''': My tongue is not working today. However, let's see if I can get it to say what the Final Jeopardy! category is.\\
(''the board reveals "Famous Pairs"'')\\
'''Alex''': Famous Pores. We'll be back with the clue in a moment.
* February 13, 1998: The Tournament of Champions finals included professional humorist Bob Harris. Starting the second heat of the Finals with $0 because he missed the previous day's Final Jeopardy!, Harris was a source of SnarkBait for the rest of the show — including at the very start. When Trebek tried to suggest a possible comeback and Harris replied "I don't need your pity!", Trebek countered by stating that while the other two players would have their scores from the day before cleared, Harris was already at $0 so they didn't need to clear his. "So much for pity."
* January 18, 1999: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTR6EDh0WMg Readings From Homer.]]" Creator/DanCastellaneta reading Creator/{{Homer}} in his [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Homer Simpson]] voice.
* January 13, 2000: A contestant during Double Jeopardy!
-->'''Lewis''': Um, Nymph-O-Mania for $200.\\
'''Alex''': No, no, it's 'Nymph-O-Rama' ''[audience loses it]'' [[note]](The female term for hypersexuality is "nymphomania". This episode ended in a tie, following a tie at the end of Double Jeopardy!)[[/note]]
* May 16, 2000: During the Tournament of Champions, famous blind contestant Eddie Timanus responded "What are suckers?" to an answer of "P.T. Barnum's victims (7 letters)". The way he said it drew a ton of laughs from the audience, and Alex replied with "You didn't have to say it like that!"
* June 6, 2000: A contestant who gets stumped by a Daily Double responds with, [[Series/{{Cheers}} "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?"]]
* June 3, 2002: Four-time champ Jill Bunzendahl Chimka said that if she won five games, she'd give the car she won to her son, Cory. When she didn't know the answer to Final Jeopardy!, she wrote "What is Sorry Cory, No Jag?"
* June 28, 2002: After nobody rang in to a clue asking for the first game show Trebek hosted in the U.S., he lampshaded the show's obscurity by saying "...and that's why it only lasted for one year" before stating that the correct response was ''Film/TheWizardOfOz''. When they [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD0vVZyfvW8 came back from commercial]], he corrected himself and said that it was actually titled ''The Wizard of '''Odds'''''.
-->'''Alex:''' Was it me, or was it the show? (''{{Beat}}'') It was the show.
* November 8, 2002 (The last show to use the 1996-2002 set): After the time runs out for the Final Jeopardy! clue: "In the continental United States, this city is the southernmost state capital."
-->'''Alex:''' There are really only three in contention, so [[TemptingFate I hope you all picked the wrong one.]] Uh, [[ThatCameOutWrong the right one]], Jessica?\\
'''Jessica:''' (''amidst audience laughter'') [[SarcasmMode Thank you, Alex!]]\\
'''Alex:''' Hey, it's the end of the week, whaddya want?
** All three contestants [[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor had written down the same incorrect response]].[[note]]("Baton Rouge," which is the third southern-most state capital behind Tallahassee, Florida and the correct response, "Austin, Texas.")[[/note]]
* September 26, 2003: "Tricky Questions" for $400 reads, "It's the technical reason you can't take a photograph of a man with a wooden leg." After no one gives the correct response, Alex says the correct response: it's because wooden legs can't take photographs. Cue loud groans from the audience, followed by Alex quipping "I just read 'em!"
* July 19, 2004: A video clue from Cheryl of the Clue Crew — "Introduced in 1990, it's the program I'm using [here] to create an unusual image." Cue her using Photoshop to put a mustache on an image of Alex.
-->'''Alex:''' Not so unusual.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdPuAs0dY4E October 8, 2004]]: A Ken Jennings one, made so by the particular colloquialism he and Alex {{lampshade}}. What makes the moment even more funny is that it takes Alex a split-second to catch up to Ken's wisecrack.
-->(''clue: "This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker."'')\\
'''Ken:''' (''rings in'') What's a hoe?\\
'''Alex:''' (''automatically'') No. (''{{beat}}; laughs'') Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! They teach you that in school in Utah, huh?\\
(''the correct answer was "Rake"'')
** Oddly enough; Though Jennings was officially wrong, he was ''technically'' right.
* October 6, 2004: Another one from Ken. The Final Jeopardy! category was 2004, and the clue was "On Monday, December 13, 3 people designated these will meet in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help decide the world's future." Ken wrote "What are Film/TheThreeStooges?" [[note]](The answer was "electors", referring to Wyoming's three representatives in the Electoral College.)[[/note]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faCvYS1nsHg November 10, 2004]]: In the College Tournament, computer science major Kermin Fleming wagers $1,337 in Final Jeopardy! and wins. He then goes on to explain his wager later. (He eventually won the tournament.)
* May 2005 (unaired): During the final taping session of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, Trebek walked out [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zWagEnd9Xs without pants on]] after hearing the final three contestants (one of whom was Ken) say that they had considered playing the game without pants themselves. As a camera behind the podiums showed, [[spoiler:they still had their pants on]].
* May 6, 2005: In Round 2 of the Ultimate Tournament of Champions, the Final Jeopardy answer: "The name of this character, introduced in 1894, is from the Hindi for 'bear'.[[note]][[The answer is "Baloo" from ''Literature/TheJungleBook'']][[/note]] Jonathan Groff ([[NamesTheSame no, not]] [[Creator/JonathanGroff him]]) guesses "What is [[Literature/WinnieThePooh Pooh]]?", saying to Alex "At least I got to say [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar 'What is Pooh?']] on national television."
* September 14, 2005: Unable to come up with a correct Final Jeopardy! response, John writes "Who is Jimmy [=McGuire=]?", one of the members of the Clue Crew. When Alex questions him on it, John replies that he's getting back at Jimmy for getting his name wrong during a contestant search.
* November 10, 2005: The Final Jeopardy! category "Billboard Magazine" had this clue: "Launched in 2004, Billboard's first Top 20 chart for these included 'My Boo', the 'Halloween' theme & 'Ice Ice Baby.'" One contestant wrote down "[[TakeThat What is the Worst Songs Ever?]]"[[note]](The correct response is "ringtones.")[[/note]]
* November 14, 2005: Alex deadpanned rap lyrics in a category called "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UaC0ceVXNg MC Trebek in da Hizzouse]]". Four years later, somebody made [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1-OVlFsj2w a beat mix]] of it.
* January 4, 2006: Four-day champ Tom Cavanaugh's response to Final Jeopardy! - "What is I have no freaking clue?"
* November 6, 2006: A contestant writes "What is Homer?" for his response to the Final Jeopardy! clue: "John Dryden in 1683 was the first to use the term "biography"--appropriately, while writing about this Greek." When Alex says he is incorrect, he replies with, [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons "D'oh!"]][[note]](The correct response is "Plutarch.")[[/note]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTQKC8JVsAk June 15, 2007]]: A losing contestant used "Who is [[WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy Kebert Xela]]?" as his Final Jeopardy! response.
* The ObligatoryJoke (unintentional or not) on May 1, 2007: The Final Jeopardy! answer was, "This character was mentioned in the first line of ''Literature/AtlasShrugged''." Fortunately, one of the contestants correctly gave the question as, "[[CatchPhrase Who is John Galt?]]", and Creator/AynRand fans around the country sighed, "IAlwaysWantedToSayThat..."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeeoNpQD84o September 13, 2007]]: Dave hits a Daily Double.
-->'''Dave:''' Boy, Alex, I've always wanted to say this - [[Series/WheelOfFortune I'd like to solve the puzzle]].\\
(''laughter; cut to Alex'')\\
'''Alex:''' Come here. Come here. You want a piece of me?
** Cue the BrickJoke when Dave hits the other Daily Double later in the round. After he wagers $5,000, Alex quips "that'll buy a lot of vowels."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVuSDJdf7oo October 25, 2007]]: The Final Jeopardy! clue read "Paul III roared at him, 'I have waited 30 years for your services. Now I'm Pope, can't I satisfy my desire?'" One contestant responded "Lady Godiva". Alex cracked up and remarked that he'd give it to him just for the humor! (Correct response: Who is [[spoiler:Michelangelo]]?)
* December 17, 2007: The returning champ gives a wrong response in the Most Populous Nation category, followed by the second contestant ringing-in to give the correct one. ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQ5lk735-Fk Four times in a row.]]'' You can hear the audience beginning to crack up by the third time this happens.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0ut9safUAg January 28, 2008]]: The Final Jeopardy! clue was "Not an actor, he is the highest-paid foreign-born personality on the 2007 Forbes list of top television earners." Two of the contestants wrote down "Who is Trebek?" as their answers, to which Trebek laughed and said, "I wish!" (The correct answer was [[spoiler:Simon Cowell]], which the third contestant got right.)
* May 2, 2008: With two returning champ (due to a technical difficulty during the previous episode's Final Jeopardy!), the new contestant told a very long story with Alex getting noticeably less and less interested as she rambled on. When she finished, Trebek turned to the co-champs and said "We heard from you yesterday."
* June 26, 2009: The categories for Double Jeopardy! are [[Music/WeirdAlYankovic "My Bologna", "I Lost on Jeopardy!", "Like a Surgeon", "White & Nerdy", "Eat It", and "Weird 'Al'".]]
* October 15, 2009: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar got his own line from ''Film/{{Airplane}}'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h03QVlrwI_s wrong]] on a celebrity game.
* April 7, 2010: Upon getting a Daily Double, one contestant said "I've always wanted to say this, Alex — I'd like to buy a vowel. Err, I'd like to make it a True Daily Double." Cue the DeathGlare from Trebek. Then the contestant ''misses'' the Daily Double ("The past tense of a word meaning 'to strike', from Literature/TheBible"; he said "smat" instead of "smote"), which Trebek attributed to divine retribution.
* April 16, 2010: The semifinal of ''Celebrity Jeopardy!'' had Jane Curtin and Isaac Mizrahi trading hilarious quip after quip.
* May 21, 2010: Stefan Goodreau, a finalist in the Tournament of Champions, had not given a single correct response in Final Jeopardy! during the Tournament. His response for the last clue of the Tournament? "What is [[spoiler:[[LampshadeHanging I got none right]]]]?"
** Stefan was also the reigning champ in the "Liederkranz" episode, and still won despite an insane bet of $20,065 (from his $22,800). His opponents each finished Double Jeopardy! with ''$200''.
* June 23, 2010: The category "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te4E1cx2J44 Alex Trebek Meets Auto-Tune]]", which had him sing five traditional songs via said AutoTune. A few days later, Jimmy Kimmel made fun of it.
* December 16, 2010: "[[YourMom I'll take 'Your Momma' for $400, Alex.]]"
* One episode had this exchange:
-->'''Contestant:''' (''about an Algerian mother-in-law'') She was excited that I was going to be on ''Jeopardy!'' We had to explain it to her, though, they don't have ''Jeopardy!'' in Algeria.\\
'''Alex:''' Well, they probably do, but the stakes are much higher. (''audience laughter; Alex looks into camera'') I'm probably going to get mail for that one.
* February 14-16, 2011: [[ArtificialIntelligence Watson]]'s appearance on the show (against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the show's two biggest winners) was about research more than anything, but he still managed to generate a couple.
-->'''Alex:''' ...and Oreo cookies are introduced.\\
'''Ken:''' What are the '20s?\\
'''Alex:''' No. Watson?\\
'''Watson:''' What is 1920s?\\
'''Alex:''' No. Ken said that.
** This is actually a very important data point, as IBM forgot to tell Watson to discard an answer that's been verified by the host as incorrect. This is good to know, which was the ''point'' of this game.
** Watson got lucky with the Daily Double, getting them both in Double Jeopardy. His logic in wagering was...odd, to say the least.
--->'''Alex:''' What are you going to wager?\\
'''Watson:''' I'll wager six thousand, four hundred, thirty-five dollars. (''audience laughs'')\\
'''Alex:''' ... I won't ask. (''audience laughs harder'') I won't ask.
** Similar to the above, Watson provided a double whammy of funny when he not only gave the wrong answer in Final Jeopardy!, but had wagered an extremely small amount of money in an odd numbers figure:
--->(''Category: US Cities; Clue: "Its largest airport is named for a UsefulNotes/WorldWarII hero; its second largest for a World War II battle." {[[spoiler:Correct reponse is, "What is UsefulNotes/{{Chicago}}?"]]}'')\\
'''Watson:''' (''response'') "What is Toronto????" (''audience mumbles in shock'')\\
'''Alex:''' What is Toronto, with a lot of question marks, which means, of course, that Watson had many many doubts. And the wager, how much are you gonna lose? (''Watson's wager appears — a mere $947, causing the audience to laugh'') Oh, you sneak!
** At the end of the IBM Challenge, Watson took the lead once again all the way into Final Jeopardy. When Ken Jennings revealed his answer, he wrote an extra side note in parentheses that got the audience laughing - "[[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.]]"
** In Watson's early days when it was still being built, it was slow and prone to giving some funny (but wrong) responses:
--->'''Clue:''' In 1994, 25 years after this event, one participant said "For one crowning moment, we were creatures of the cosmic ocean." [[note]](What is the Apollo 11 moon landing?)[[/note]]\\
'''Watson:''' What is the Big Bang?\\
'''Clue:''' Give a Brit a tinkle when you get into town and you've done this. [[note]](What is call them on the phone?)[[/note]]\\
'''Watson:''' What is [[UrineTrouble urinate]]?\\
'''Clue:''' This Frenchman was "The Father of Bacteriology". [[note]](Who was Louis Pasteur?)[[/note]]\\
'''Watson:''' What is ''How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman''?
* March 3, 2011: An epic GettingCrapPastTheRadar exchange in the category "Starts with a Body Part":
-->'''Alex:''' The fur of this rodent, seen here, is said to be 30 times softer than human hair.\\
'''Contestant:''' What is a titmouse? (''looks offstage and laughs'') I'm sorry!
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-I2C9nmCpE June 15, 2011]]: "Ruta Lee and Elaine Stewart rolled the giant dice on this game show. Whatever happened to that debonair fellow?" Cue pic of Trebek on the [[spoiler:''Series/HighRollers'']] set, audience laughter at Alex's ad-lib, then groans when nobody rings in.
-->'''Alex:''' [[SarcasmMode Thanks a lot, guys.]]
* One contestant wagered an even amount plus $20 on the Daily Double. Alex asked why, to which the player responded that he had lost $20 during the trip to California and promised his wife that he would get it back during the game. He lost the Daily Double, but going into Final Jeopardy! had the correct response with a wager of...$20.
* July 8, 2011: Twelve-year old Maddie Harrington rings in with an incorrect response to a clue and mumbles, "Crap!" loud enough for Alex to hear. He quips, "Yeah, I get upset too, Maddie. Believe me. Same reaction."
* November 3, 2011: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFDvg6122Ls Kara has obviously had much more experience than I.]]"
* November 4, 2011: Early in a Tournament of Champions, after two rounds of being [[CurbStompBattle curb-stomped]] by Joon Pahk, all John Krizel could write down for Final Jeopardy! was "What is I have '''no''' idea?"...while Tom Kunzen's answer consisted of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh-D0bVZaO8&t=8m48s just a rage face]] ([[http://www.reddit.com/tb/m0wjq and he even made a strip about it!]]). (Joon, of course, gave the right answer.)
* January 2, 2012: After nobody rings in on the final answer of Jeopardy! Round, Alex unknowingly says "Pick again," leading to this:
-->'''Judge:''' (''off-screen'') We're out...\\
'''Alex:''' Oh, we're out? Okay.\\
(''audience laughs'')\\
'''Contestant:''' I'll go more Super Bowl questions[[note]]One of the categories was "The Super Bowl's Top Rusher"[[/note]].\\
(''audience laughs harder'')\\
'''Alex:''' You want more Super Bowl clues? All right. (''audience continues laughing'') We'll take a break. We'll come back to start Double Jeopardy! after this. It went too fast.
* January 16, 2012: One question in the category "Punch" dealt with the name of the animal used in the name of a punch to the back of the neck. The correct answer was a "Rabbit" punch, but the first contestant answered...[[UrbanDictionary "Donkey"]].
* February 21, 2012: Unable to come up with the correct response on a Daily Double regarding an act of Congress, the contestant says "What is the I Just Lost $3,000 Act?"
* February 22, 2012: One category involved Johnny Gilbert reciting famous phrases beginning with "This is...", all in the style of the show's iconic "'''''This'''''... is... ''Jeopardy!''" intro. Of course, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1vP_vAP6mg one of them]] was "[[Film/ThreeHundred This! IS! SPARTA!]]"
* February 28, 2012: From a contestant, "You better check yourself before you Trebek yourself."
* March 7, 2012: A category is "Lyrics of the Artist", so we get to hear Alex read [[Music/{{Rihanna}} Umbrella]] and [[Music/JustinTimberlake Sexy Back]].
* March 14, 2012: Contestant hits a Daily Double. Since he has less than the maximum value of a clue ($2,000), Alex lets him know that he can wager up to that amount. His response? "Well, in case I never get the chance, let's go $2,000." Later, another contestant uncovers the other Daily Double and says "[[IronicEcho Just in case I don't get a chance to say this— $5.]]" $5 has been the minimum wager since 1964.
* April 3, 2012: The first two interviews. Joey says that he was in a rock band whose name he "can't even say on television", and that the "holes we cut strategically in our pants" ensured that the band only lasted one day. Then Tamara says that while in high school, she would sometimes dress as the school's panther mascot: "One of the seniors noticed, 'oh my God, she has boobs!' and yelled it to everyone..." (Insert UsefulNotes/FurryFandom joke of your choice here.)
* April 17, 2012: After a Clue Crew clue involving an inflatable shark, said shark [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_dDJutbMXA makes a surprise appearance.]]
* May 11, 2012: Finals of the Teen Tournament: One of the contestants answers [[Literature/{{Twilight}} "Who is Bella"]] with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoP5j0L4pYk&t=46s NOTICABLE disdain]] in her voice.
* May 15, 2012: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTrI-_5Xh-A Kareem Abdul-Jabbar strikes again.]] "The 5 movie ratings in the U.S. are NC-17, R, PG, PG-13 & this one." "What is X?" Cue so much audience laughter that nobody else gets a chance to ring in, followed by Alex quipping "This is a family show!" [[note]](While X was once an MPAA rating, it was changed to NC-17 in 1990 to avoid confusion with pornography. The fifth rating is, of course, [[AvoidTheDreadedGRating the dreaded G rating]].)[[/note]]
* July 12, 2012: Alex [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqESiuNPixM interviews]] a contestant who said that she once had a pygmy goat who met his demise by eating a bag of Quikcrete, which got the audience laughing. Alex asked whether it was a 60 or 80 pound bag. She replied sarcastically, "You're being insensitive!" Cue Alex cracking up and declining to interview the champion, saying "I don't wanna talk to you!"
* July 13, 2012: Alex has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm4jRX7ge0w too much fun]] using a bullhorn to deliver a clue.
* October 2, 2012: Final Jeopardy! is "OED's earliest citation of this 5-word phrase is 'Now, Monsieur Poirot, you would without doubt like to visit' this place." Contestant Daniel's response? "What is the bathroom?"[[note]]Correct answer: What is "the scene of the crime"?[[/note]]
* November 2, 2012: After giving a correct response of "What is love?", Paul Nelson sneaks in "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What_Is_Love_%28Haddaway_song%29 baby, don't hurt me.]]"
* December 7, 2012: Alex tries [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Nelson Muntz]]'s "Haw haw!" and [[http://telly.com/07ZTS fails spectacularly.]]
* December 11, 2012: A Daily Double asks what profession St. Andrew is the patron saint of. The contestant, clueless about the subject, jokingly said golfing (the correct answer is [[spoiler:fisherman]]).
** The June 13, 2013 episode made this joke an AscendedMeme with the clue "No word on his putting skills, but he is the patron saint of Scotland." during Double Jeopardy.
* February 6, 2013: The categories for the Jeopardy! round are [[Music/CarlyRaeJepsen "Hey, I Just Met You", "This Is Crazy", "But Here's My Number", "So Call Me", "May "B""]], and [[LampshadeHanging "Yeah, We Went There"]].
* February 12, 2013: After an incredibly gutsy Daily Double, Leonard Cooper is leading going into Final Jeopardy! at the end of the Teen Tournament. The clue: "On June 6, 1944, he said, 'The eyes of the world are upon you.'" Leonard wrote down "Who is some guy in Normandy? But I just won $75,000!"
* February 21, 2013: A contestant in the Tournament of Champions, who had previously called Trebek "the Devil" on account of his tempting her to risk everything on a Daily Double, announced that she brought him a pitchfork "in case you don't have one already." Cue humorous AsideGlance from Trebek.
* February 25, 2013: Clue has something to do with cheese. Colby answers. Alex: "also a Colby cheese!" Colby: [[NeverHeardThatOneBefore "Never heard that before, Alex!"]]
* March 7, 2013: A category about horse coat colors includes a question about the "'strawberry' type of this horse". A contestant guesses "strawberry blonde?" (Try [[spoiler:''roan'']].)
* April 29, 2013: "The Sexiest Potpurri Ever" was in the Jeopardy! round. It had Alex talking in a very suggestive tone as he read the clues, while soft porny music was played in the background of each clue.
* May 14, 2013: Contestant is talking about Film/JamesBond, and mentions that her favorite is Creator/SeanConnery. Alex: "I don't like Sean, for reasons that should be obvious to many of you who watch television on [[Series/SaturdayNightLive Saturday nights]]."
* September 2013: The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV1njXcUVMI promo]] for the show's "Battle of the Decades", with Alex's 1980s, 1990s, and current selves. Among the many fun moments:
** Right at the beginning, current-day Alex gets a bit cranky. "Get rid of the first card...I know my name."
** 1980s Alex looking and acting a whole lot like he did on ''High Rollers''.
** 1990s Alex initially holds the 1980s cell phone while talking about the voting, which seems to get him agitated. Shades of the profanity-laced ''Phone Jeopardy!'' promo shoot, perhaps?
--->"Why is it the wrong phone? It's a big phone. Big, ugly, heavy phone."\\
(''jump cut'')\\
"We still rolling?"\\
(''a bit later'')\\
(''talking into a 1990s cell phone'') "Who is this?"
* October 2013: Alex shows up in a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P-fqUoHMBc holiday-themed safety video]] for Delta Airlines. At the end, the presenter says, "As we come through the cabin for our final safety check, please let us know if you have any questions." Cut to Alex sitting in a business class seat with a newspaper in his hand while a flight attendant approaches the passenger sitting behind him:
-->'''Flight attendant:''' This is a traditional milk-based holiday drink.\\
'''Alex:''' ''[dryly]'' What is [[spoiler:eggnog]]?\\
'''Flight attendant:''' Correct!
* November 28, 2013: "Show Biz Stupid Answers" for $200:
-->'''Alex''': Julie Chen & Sara Gilbert give their view as 2 of the co-hosts of this talk show. (''Whitney rings in'') Whitney?
-->'''Whitney''': What is ''The View''?
-->'''Alex''': No. (''John rings in'') John?
-->'''John''': Uh... I will also say, what is ''The View''? (''all three contestants and Alex laugh'') 'Cause that was my answer!
-->(''beep beep beep'')
-->'''Alex''': No, it's called ''The Talk''.
* December 18, 2013: Craig answers a question regarding ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdaEfPYZ5Vk by doing his best Bane impression]].
* January 6, 2014: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WmMqi5PTt0 Alex Trebek raps (well, tries to anyway)]].
* January 13, 2014: "What Are You Afraid Of?" for $1000. It's a Daily Double, and the contestant is asked to name what "Selenophobia" is the fear of. She doesn't know, so she guesses, "What is the fear of [[{{Music/Selena}} Mexican music stars]]?" (The correct answer was [[spoiler:the Moon]])
* January 31, 2014: Two categories in the Jeopardy! round are "I Have the Wine" and "By Music/JohnnyCash", in reference to a hilarious missolve on ''Series/WheelOfFortune'' about a year prior.
* February 21, 2014: Johnny Gilbert deadpanned another set of song lyrics. It never fails to please, but this time around, Alex predicted that Johnny would [[InstantWebHit become a Twitter sensation]]. Cut to a very amused and flattered Johnny.
* April 4, 2014: On the Friday episode of the 2000s "Battle of the Decades" week...
** Maria Weglinsky sees that "Celebrity Reality TV" is the last category, and says "[[ThisIsGonnaSuck Do I have to?]]" before selecting a clue from it. A couple clues later, opponent Dan Pawson rings in on a clue about the Kardashians and prefaces his response with "[[IronicEcho Do I have to?]]"
** Final Jeopardy! category: 20th Century Literature. Clue: "'It was one of those pictures... so contrived that the eyes follow you.... Beneath' the picture was this 5-word quote." Pawson's response: "What is 'Don't get undressed near here?'" (Correct response: "What is '[[spoiler:[[Literature/NineteenEightyFour Big Brother is watching you]]]]?'")
* May 14, 2014: Before the third semifinal of the Battle of the Decades, with Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter having already advanced to the finals, Alex makes an opening prediction: The third finalist would not be IBM's Watson.
* September 29, 2014: In an [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG6XreJZjHU unaired outtake]], Alex interviews contestant Alisa, whom he accidentally calls "Catherine" because he is looking at the wrong card. He prompts Alisa about spending a night in the Tower of London (a fact from Catherine's card), after which Alisa makes up on the spot a story about paying off a beefeater. Upon realizing his mistake, Alex walks off-set, no doubt mentally {{Face Palm}}s, and explains to the audience:
-->'''Alex''': You were asking, uh, how much of the material I know? I don't even know where the hell I am today. Uh, Catherine what you should've said was, "Isn't that interesting? Alisa slept in the Tower of London too! Damn!"… That's never happened before.
* December 9, 2014: "What's Killing You?" for $600. The category is about lethal weapons.
-->'''Alex''': Transformers.\\
'''Ann''': (''rings in'') What is a robot?\\
'''Alex''': Be more specific.\\
'''Ann''': A robot that turns into things that kill you?\\
(''audience laughs'')\\
'''Alex''': That—\\
'''Ann''': An Autobot?\\
'''Alex''': No.
** The second contestant to ring in gives the correct response of [[spoiler:Decepticon]]
* [[http://www.j-archive.com/showgame.php?game_id=4870 April 13th, 2015]]: The final 3 categories in the Jeopardy! round read [[StealthPun "'99", "Bottles of Beer", and "On the Wall]]" from left to right.
* May 15, 2015: [[Creator/PennAndTeller Penn Jillette]] selects the first clue in the category "'Bull' ____" (where every correct response will have "Bull" in it) by asking for "[[Series/PennAndTellerBullshit Bullshit]] for $200." Naturally, the word was bleeped out.
* May 25, 2015: Perhaps intentionally, given that he pretty much won already by Final Jeopardy (and the other two were ultimately stumped), Choyon Manjrekar decided to have some fun: "A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical." "What is ''Film/KinkyBoots''?" (correct response was [[spoiler:''Theatre/RockOfAges'']])
-->'''Alex''': Yes, indeed. Whenever people go to temple or go to church, they sing 'Kinky Boots'!
* September 16, 2015: In another Saturday Night Live reference, a stumped Final Jeopardy! contestant gets Alex to say [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA0opyyxzPM "Turd Ferguson"]], and bless his heart, he does so with a straight face. He's ''not'' so steadfast that the actual answer is [[WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut "Blame Canada"]]...
** ...and he, after revealing the correct answer, says to the auidence, "Don't they always do that?"
* November 17, 2015: On [[http://www.j-archive.com/showgame.php?game_id=5100 this Tournament of Champions semi-finals game]], everyone got stumped on Final Jeopardy. While two of the contestants tried to answer, Alex Jacob said, "What is Aleve", a reference to the Aleve ads that always run before Final Jeopardy which, to add to the humor, do not run during tournaments.
* May 23-24, 2016: 5-time champion Buzzy Cohen in a lock scenario for Final Jeopardy! writes "What is See You Tomorrow, Trebek!" as his response. He kept the theme going the next day (also a lock game) with "You Aren't Rid of Me Yet, Trebek!"
* July 8, 2016: The categories for the Jeopardy! round are [[Series/SaturdayNightLive "States That Begin with Californ", "Is This a Hat", "Catch These Men", "A Petite Dejeuner", "'S' Words"]] and [[LampshadeHanging "SNL Cracks Us Up"]].
* September 30, 2016: On a clue in the "'Oot' & About" category, a contestant rings in, figuring she can work through the list of marsupials to the correct one in time, but can't. Rather than stay silent, she gamely guesses "What is kangaroot?" (Correct answer: [[spoiler:bandicoot]].)

[[folder:Bob Bergen (GSN, 1998-99)]]
* (Nothing as of yet, but here just in case.)

[[folder:Jeff Probst (VH1, 1998-2001)]]
* [[Music/WeirdAlYankovic Weird Al]] appearing on ''Rock & Roll Jeopardy!''...and [[SelfFulfillingProphecy losing]].

[[folder:Video game adaptations]]
* Some of the contestant sprites on the oldest platforms, especially when they get questions wrong. The MS-DOS version has a raggedy old lady that ''slams her head down on the podium''.
* Computer players on the NES port will occasionally buzz in and [[SymbolSwearing very rapidly type a bunch of punctuation marks on the screen.]] [[note]]However, the gibberish will frequently take the form of the correct question with two or three of the actual letters in place - this could actually help the human player(s) come up with the right response.[[/note]]
* The default incorrect response that the computer players give on the Genesis versions: [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar XXX]].
* The Sony Imagesoft release on the PC is the earliest to have computer players give realistic incorrect responses. However, they will sometimes ring in and say things like "It's on the tip of my tongue" or "Umm."