* The ShaggyDogStory in ''Jedi Search'' when Leia asks Lando about whether they did manage to save Nomad City after Thrawn damaged it ([[WhatHappenedToTheMouse one of the few unresolved plot threads]] from ''Literature/TheThrawnTrilogy''). Lando gives a long and detailed explanation about how, yes, they did manage to repair the city and get it working again. Leia asks why he's not there running it then, and Lando admits that after all that, [[RunningGag he lost it in a sabacc game]].
* In ''I, Jedi'', Corran's mishap with the hair dye, which turns his hair, his beard, and his SKIN green!
** Corran interrogates a Jensaari with GoodCopBadCop... with Luke Skywalker as the Bad Cop. In MIME. Hilarious doesn't even begin to cover it.
--->'''Corran''': Just stand over there and look malevolent.\\
'''Luke''': Malevolent?\\
'''Corran''': Think Hutt, but with eyebrows.
** During his stint as an undercover vigilante Jedi, Corran gets to construct a lightsaber out of whatever parts he has available, in this case the throttle of a swoop hoverbike. Long story short, he ends up surviving a fiery explosion that leaves him stumbling around scorched and wearing naught but his lightsaber, when he encounters some bystanders. But before his cover gets blown, his Camaasi butler rushes in, reacts like Corran's drunk, grabs his lightsaber, and demands to know where the rest of his speeder bike went. Corran secret identity is saved, but there goes what's left of his dignity.
** Also in ''I, Jedi'', Corran uses his newfound ability to absorb and dissipate energy to NoSell being jabbed with a stun baton. He quips that the power pack must be dead, because he didn't feel a thing. The prodder tries it again, and again Corran just shrugs. Then the guy presses it to his palm, presses the stud, and collapses to the deck.
--->'''Corran''': [[BlatantLies Clearly, it's defective.]]
** Although the situation is soon revealed to be decidedly not funny[[note]]Luke had been attacked and rendered comatose by Kyp and Exar Kun, and what Corran was feeling was a side-effect of having sensed the dark-side energy while he was asleep[[/note]], Corran's internal narration upon waking up one morning at the Jedi academy is:
--->"I awoke slowly, feeling as if I'd done my best to drain every drop of liquor from a cantina where the drinks weren't watered, the mugs weren't cleaned, the bottles weren't labeled, and the first-aid kit consisted of a blaster with which you could put yourself out of your misery. Actually, I didn't even feel that good."
* Corran handling his obnoxious subordinate by remaining calm and [[NoSell laughing off the guy's insults]].
** Not only that, he weaponizes SelfDeprecation in humor, by giving the subordinate in question a couple of Corellian jokes that, unlike the subordinate's attempted quips, were actually somewhat imaginative.
* After defeating Tavira, making peace with the Jensaarai, and reuniting with Mirax, Corran quips that there's one thing left to do, hardest of all: He'll have to tell Booster that their first child ''won't'' be named for him.
** Earlier, he has an OhCrap moment (PlayedForLaughs) when he uses an illusion to drive away Tavira, but realizes that since Tavira was the only one who could see it, Booster will think that she ran from him, and he's going to be absolutely insufferable.