Funny / Infinity Blade

  • Getting killed by a Damage Over Time effect during Super is a hilarious, yet humiliating way to be defeated.
  • In Awakening: All the references to today's technology, such as the security questions for logging into the mirror.
    • Siris's first thing that he writes in the journal his mother gave him to record his thoughts on his journey. For reference, fenweed soup is a food he ate a lot that supposedly tastes like dishwater.
    I hate fenweed soup.
  • Isaline's trouble with the Pangean language causes her to make a few malapropisms. One of these turns out to be thinking that the plural for "pen" will be "penis". Then comes Siris's Spit Take. Then Isa wishes at the end of the section that she'd made that mistake on purpose...
  • Any one of the messages you get when you try to equip a Solar Weapon with an Elemental Gem.
    AWESOMENESS: Are you ready for the most face meltingly awesome weapon of all time?
  • The Bait-and-Switch Boss moment before the fight with the Stone Demon. It goes something like this:
    Random Mook: How dare you desecrate this sacred place! Impudent whelp! I will cut the flesh from your bones! I will*crushed by the gigantic real boss*

  • Early in Infinity Blade III, a random enemy is guarding a chest. Killing him results in a woman appearing from nowhere, opening the chest and taking the loot.
    Mysterious Woman: "Thanks, Handsome!"
    (she walks off screen)
    Siris: "Seriously?"

  • The Soulless Raidriar in Redemption is a Talkative Loon, and an absolute riot. He rants that the Worker's game isn't what everyone thinks it is, saying that rather than chess, he's playing Solitaire. Siris is completely bewildered the whole time.