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Funny: Infinite Space
  • Nia, fall-down drunk with an arm over Yuri and Ian's shoulders, with both Yuri and Ian in a dress.
  • The "gorilla lady" comment with Gadina.
  • Cico's rather wacky marriage proposal to Kira, which is immediately answered by a slap.
  • Some events involving Lord Roth, especially the one where he locks himself up and grieves over his damaged-beyond-repair Kreusser. Although this becomes less hilarious later on if you don't recruit Katida.
  • Quite a number of the tavern conversations are really hilarious.
  • This conversation between, of all people, Vice Admiral Sankt and Dietrich early in Act 2 may count.
    Sankt: Now, would you mind telling me what happened to Lord Roth? Wasn't he supposed to attend our meeting here?
    Dietrich: Oh, right. Lord Roth... He contacted me earlier and said he couldn't make it.
    Sankt: A sudden unexpected deployment, perhaps?
    Dietrich: Not exactly. He said he needed to attend a function with some female officers.
    Sankt: A "function"?
    • This becomes even funnier when you consider how that conversation between Dietrich and Roth actually might have went.
  • Any of the scenes with Pipra. Not that they aren't also incredibly creepy...
  • HELP(GIRL)'s recruitment, if only for Minas explanation as to the changes he made.
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