* Gillespie informing Sam that he's arrested a cop. "OH, YEAAAAAAH!" What's funnier is, Sam doesn't seem to realize he's being dressed down.
* There's one shot in particular that sums up Gillespie's day-to-day job, during the mid-bridge intercept of Oberst: Harvey running for his life, then turning to see that Gillespie is right behind him ''in his patrol car'', the bumper about a foot from his own legs.
* When Tibbs asks Harvey where in town one might go if they got a girl pregnant, Harvey suggests the town barber, so he can "help slit your throat."

!!TV Series
* An episode in which they arrest a serial polygamist, who used his charm and career as a travelling Bible salesman to maintain what turns out to be at least seven or eight households... all of whom descend upon the Sparta jail ''en masse'' bearing goodies... [[FromBadToWorse then he gets poisoned]].
-->'''J.J.:''' Well, you know [[AsTheGoodBookSays what the Lord says]] -- [[ExactWords go forth and multiply!]]
-->'''Gillespie:''' But I don't think He meant for you to do that by yourself.
* The Chief gives Parker a pep talk re: nabbing the murderer of the week:
-->'''Gillespie:''' Oh, we want him. We want him bad. You go out and find him, and I'll stay here and round up a posse, in case I feel the need to cut anybody off at the pass.
* The RunningGag revolving around big, burly Deputy Bubba Skinner's lack of, erm, investigative subtlety.
-->'''Tibbs:''' '' (puts down phone)'' Well, they're bringing him in. Seems Bubba had to hit the man.
-->'''Sgt. Jamieson:''' Yeah, it's like I always say--Bubba gets all the fun around here.