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* From "Lucy Does a TV Commercial", Lucy pretends to be on TV... inside their TV. Here are some of the highlights.
** Ricky's first look at Lucy on TV: "You know, I can't get over how clear the picture is."
** When Lucy accidentally dropped something and she had to pick it up: "Well, what you know? Third-dimensional television."
** Fred's clapping is pretty good.
** And of course, "For our first offering this evening, we- STOP THAT NOW! Go back and sit down!"
** Then there's the episode's timeless second act, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m1Nubw8XJw Vitameatavegamin]] -- The single funniest sketch in the history of television. So funny even the other actors can't contain their laughter. If you look closely you can see Desi and the actor playing the director biting down on the insides their cheeks to avoid cracking smiles. Desi even went on record saying the inside of his cheeks were sore after shooting that scene.
* Possibly one of the single funniest moments on live-action television was from the very end of the show's run. In the show's final season, both couples had moved from their apartments in New York City to a farmhouse in Connecticut. This particular episode they decided to try to raise chickens. The chickens weren't maturing fast enough to suit Ricky, so Lucy and Ethel began buying eggs to plant into the chicken's nests. When Ricky came home early they hid the eggs by stuffing them into Lucy's blouse and Ethel's back pockets. Ricky then insisted Lucy practice a tango routine with him that the two of them needed to do later that week for Little Ricky's school. The end result was an egg-soaked Lucy and a live audience that laughed for over a minute and a half. It was considered a record holder for years, and may still be one. As a cherry on the sundae, Fred opens the door into Ethel's backside, crushing all the eggs in her back pockets.
* King Kat Walsh's response to seeing Fred in a raccoon coat: "Dig that crazy dancing bear!"
* From "The Moustache":
-->'''Ethel''': My grandfather used to have a moustache -- a great, big, long handlebar one -- and Grandma got rid of it in the middle of the night.
-->'''Lucy''': How?
-->'''Ethel''': She tied it around the bedpost when he was asleep and then yelled "Fire."
* The oft-parodied sequence of Lucy and Ethel working at the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YGF5R9i53A chocolate factory.]] They admitted they were paying homage to ''Modern Times''.
** From that same episode, all of Fred and Ricky's attempts at being housewives for a day. ''Especially'' the cooking scene.
* The fight in the wine press.
* The MirrorRoutine with Harpo Marx.
* This exchange between Lucy and Ethel:
--> '''Lucy''': It's what every wife dreams of getting from her husband.
--> '''Ethel''': A divorce?
** For the record, Lucy meant a mink stole. Hell, the entire scene where she tried to get Ethel to guess that by miming it (since Ricky prohibited her from speaking about it) was pretty funny.
* The entire episode "Sales Resistance." The funniest moment is probably a tie between Lucy trying to sell the vaccuum cleaner:
-->'''Lucy:''' That's funny, I can't imagine why it doesn' work.
-->'''Woman:''' I can. The electricity's turned off.
-->'''Lucy:''' What?!
-->'''Woman:''' We didn't pay our bill.
-->'''Lucy:''' Why didn't you tell me?
-->'''Woman:''' [[YouDidntAsk You didn't ask me]].
-->'''Lucy:''' Oh, dear... I'm sorry I made such a mess on your floor. I don't know how you're gonna clean it up.
-->'''Woman:''' ''I do!''
-->'''Lucy:''' [[CatchPhrase Eeeeew...]]
** ... and Lucy coming home:
-->'''Ethel:''' Lucy, where's your other shoe?
-->'''Lucy:''' Stuck in the door at 310 East 69th Street. I was kicked down stairs, bitten by a dog, and chased three blocks by a policeman who wanted to see my peddler's license. One more hour, they'd have reported [[DeathOfASalesman the death of another salesman]].
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1M91x-Go6c closing show]] from "Ethel's Home Town".
** Not to mention that Ethel didn't notice anything until THE VERY END??
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkejvg1zDn0 Lucy Goes to the Hospital]], Ricky, Fred, and Ethel practice what they need to do when Lucy declares "The time has come!" The practice goes very smoothly of course. [[HilarityEnsues And then...]]
-->'''Lucy:''' Ricky, this is it!
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEKqGe5cz-M Lucy Changes Her Mind]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9ivqXzmrZ0 Ricky telling his son a story]] in Spanish with phrases of English dashed in.
* Ethel trying in vain to wake Fred up when they're overcrowded together on a train:
-->'''Ethel:''' Look, there goes Gina Lollobrigida!
-->'''Fred:''' WHERE WHERE WHERE?!
** The scene ends with Ethel telling Fred he can sleep standing up. After the transition, Fred is shown sleeping across the other three on the bench.
* The end of "Lucy and Superman":
-->'''Superman:''' You mean to tell me that you've been married to her for fifteen years?\\
'''Ricky:''' Yes, fifteen years!\\
'''Superman:''' And they call ''me'' Superman!
** Lucy and Ricky's shocked faces are the cherry on top of that sundae.
* Lucy inadvertently splicing a skit she and the Mertzes did, along with Ricky's home movies, into Ricky's audition reel for a gig. She basically performed WebAnimation/YouTubePoop 50 years before Website/YouTube.
* "Lucy is Envious"; specifically, the scene where Ricky and Fred (disguised as Martians) scare the bejeezus out of Lucy and Ethel. Once the Martians leave, Ethel shouts, "Call the police!" Lucy screams in response.
** The whole sequence where they pretend to be Martians and the ending was pretty funny too.
* The episode where they open a diner. Ricky and Lucy end up talking to and greeting the customers, while Fred and Ethel end up slaving away in the kitchen. After a feud, the couples agree to split the diner IN HALF. Cue the sequence where a customer comes in and asks for a hamburger. The couples try to get him to buy from THEM a hamburger and Fred and Ethel end up going down to a one cent hamburger. Lucy then calls the customer over to her side, whispers something in his ear, gives him a dollar from the cash register, and the guy goes over to Fred and Ethel and asks "I'd like 100 hamburgers." And Fred and Ethel's response: "I'm sorry we're all out of hamburgers."
** The pie fight at the end. Especially where the said customer throws a pie in the face of the former owner of the diner after he hears that he cheated Lucy, Ricky, Ethel, and Fred out of their money.
* Lucy tries to prove herself as a "Creator/MarilynMonroe type" to a Hollywood talent scout. When greeting Fred and Ethel, she enters wearing a blonde wig, a slinky dress, and a fake BeautyMark. She also practices her SexyWalk and seductive smile. Additionally, after Lucy asks Fred and Ethel to guess who she's supposed to be, Fred answers, "Creator/HumphreyBogart in a wig!"
* Lucy and Ethel get into a fight around Ethel's birthday. As Lucy storms out, she comes back in and throws in this zinger.
-->''Happy birthday, and I hope you live another 75 years!''
* Fred's moment of glory at the end of the Passport Office episode.
* "The Golf Game": All the crazy golf rules that Ricky and Fred make up so that Lucy and Ethel will hate golf and quit .[[http://ultimateilovelucy.wikia.com/wiki/The_Golf_Game See the list here.]] To summarize it, it's like a 50's version of a ClickHole article.
* When Ricky goes on a long-winded rant in Spanish about Lucy and ''all'' it says as a translation at the bottom is "She's nuts."
* "Lucy Tells the Truth", all of it. In particular, the climax where Lucy gets in over her head by lying that she speaks Italian and inadvertently becomes the assistant to a knife thrower. Just before he throws the last knife at her, Lucy screams and confesses her lie to Ricky.
* "Ricky's Life Story": To discourage Lucy from wanting to be in show business, he rehearses a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQGSWBkJW84 "Challenge"]] number with her. Ricky performs some incredibly simple movements, while Lucy quickly exhausts herself with really strenuous, fast-paced moves.
* "Lucy Hires an English Tutor": Ricky tries reading a children's story, but repeatedly messes up the pronunciations of certain words:
--> '''Ricky''': Once upon a time in the woods live a peasant. He was a good man with a noble heart. He spent his time in the forest cutting down booges[[labelnote:Note]]boughs[[/labelnote]] from the trees. (...) Cutting wood all day made his hands strong and row[[labelnote:Note]]rough[[/labelnote]]. (...) One day he cut wood so fast that by noon, his day's work was thruff[[labelnote:Note]]through[[/labelnote]]. (...) It started to rain on the way home, and he got so wet that his nose became red and he developed a hacking coo[[labelnote:Note]]cough[[/labelnote]]? Well, I know it can't be ''cow''.
** The singing exercise that the tutor makes the group do:
--> '''Ricky''': Derry down pip pip...\\
'''Lucy''': Dilly dilly day!\\
'''Ethel''': Hey nonny nonny...\\
'''Fred''': ...Rippity pippity ayyyy.\\
(moments later...)\\
'''Fred''': Derry down ding dong...\\
'''Ethel''': Dilly dilly do!\\
'''Lucy''': Hey nonny nonny...\\
'''Ricky''': ...Rippity pippity poo.
* In "Tennessee Bound", the group gets lost and asks someone where they are. Turns out they're in Tennessee, leading to this:
--> '''Ricky''': Tennessee?!\\
'''Lucy''': Tennessee?!\\
'''Ethel''': Tennessee?!\\
'''Fred''': Tennessee?!
** Then moments later, they learn the name of the town, Bent Fork:
--> '''Ricky''': Bent Fork?!\\
'''Lucy''': Bent Fork?!\\
'''Ethel''': Bent Fork?!\\
'''Fred''': Bent Fork?!
** In the same episode, the Bent Fork sheriff warns Lucy that if she so much as says "boo", he's going to lock her up in jail for the night. Lucy bites her tongue and ''almost'' makes it out the door but can't help herself: "Boo." Cue the handcuffs.
* "Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio": A joke that's lost on some modern audiences has the group of four confusing who is on their TV screen (due to bad TV reception):
--> '''Lucy''': That little girl is Margaret O'Brien, isn't it? (Born 1937, would be 15 that year.)\\
'''Ricky''': Look again. It's Shirley Temple. (Born 1928, would be 24 that year.)\\
'''Fred''': Look again. It's Mary Pickford. (Born 1892, would be '''60''' that year.)
* "Lucy Gets Chummy With the Neighbors": Ricky gets in a fight with Ralph Ramsey. Fred and Ethel come to visit from the city, and Ricky isn't in the house at the moment.
--> '''Ethel''': [[ItsQuietTooQuiet It's too quiet in here.]] I don't like it.\\
''(Ricky storms in the door shouting Spanish and looking disheveled)''\\
'''Ethel''': Oh, my goodness! If he looks like that, what must ''Lucy'' look like?\\
''(she's fine)''
** Moments later, this great dry line from Fred:
--> '''Fred''': I thought people moved to the country for peace and quiet.
* "Return Home From Europe": On the plane ride home, Lucy trying to pass off a giant piece of cheese as a baby.