! Hulk vs. Thor

* Loki tries to lift Mjolnir. Even given the fact that he was using the Hulk's strength to do so, it doesn't go well.
* Loki sending Bruce Banner skidding a long way across a room by casually backhanding him (barely even touching him). Yes, Loki [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu just pimp-smacked Banner.]]
* Thor tries encouraging Loki to march into battle with him, Loki is less than receptive.
-->'''Thor:''' Fight with me brother! Or die alone.\\
'''Loki:''' Not much of a threat considering we're already in Hel...

! Hulk vs. Wolverine

* All of Deadpool's dialogue, which was 90% improvised by Creator/NolanNorth.
** "[[SlowNo Noooooooo!]] [[{{Slow Motion}} Thaaaaaat waaaaaaas my favoriiite gunnnnnn!]]"
** "Logan, buddy! It's me, Deadpool! [[MockingSingSong I shot yooooou.]] :D"
** "Roooock-a-bye...BANG! Nyaha!"
** "Hey, still have that unbreakable skull?"
*** *''metallic ping''* "OWW! Dammit..!"
** "[[FeedItABomb Who wants snacks? YOU DO!]]"
** "Logan, [[BlatantLies I think we lost him!]]"
** "And I shot 'im in the ass, with one of these! What? I did."
--->'''Deadpool:''' Logan. We missed you. The Weapon X isn't the same without you. Nobody calls me "bub" anymore! And Omega Red's a bed wetter! ''[just then Omega Red enters with the Doc]''\\
'''Omega Red:''' One day I will tear out your flippant tongue, Wilson.\\
'''Deadpool:''' ''[whispers]'' He's very ashamed.
** Deadpool loves pointy things.
--->'''Professor:''' We put considerable time and money into you.\\
'''Deadpool:''' And pointy things!
** "You know, I'd would think that the last thing he said was, 'AAAAAAAAAAH, Sabertooth!'"
** "Strike a pose!"
** "BANG! Just kidding."
** Deadpool struggling to get his arm back together.
--->'''Deadpool:''' Could you give me a hand?
** TheStinger at the end of the Wolverine segment:
--->''[Deadpool crawls out of wreckage]''\\
'''Deadpool:''' ...I can't believe it! I'm alive! ''I'm aliiiiiiiiiiii--''\\
''[gets stomped on by Hulk's super leap]''\\
'''Deadpool:''' [[MajorInjuryUnderreaction ...ow...]]
* "[[PunctuatedForEmphasis HULK! SMASH! CLAW PEOPLE]]!"
** [[OhCrap The look of absolute horror on Sabretooth's face]] right as Hulk charges him.
--->'''Sabretooth''' [[WideEyesAndShrunkenIrises No! NO!]] ''[[WideEyesAndShrunkenIrises WAIT!!]]''
--->'''Deadpool:''' My head? Aw crap....
** Which is followed by Wolverine grabbing Deadpool, saying, "He's all yours, Einstein!" and launching him at the Hulk.
* Hulk and Lady Deathstrike's yelling contest deserves a mention.
* On a meta note, Creator/FredTatasciore and Creator/SteveBlum recorded together and had to be pulled apart slightly, because the pair were acting it up so much that the staff were worried they'd both clock each other.