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[[folder:Let's Destroy Metal Gear!]]
* The fight against Ocelot is just him twirling his revolver for a good two panels before Cyborg Ninja cuts off his hand.
-->'''Cyborg Ninja''': Whoops hope you're ambidextrous dude.\\
'''Ocelot''': WHAT
* Snake and the Mine Detector:
-->'''Deepthroat''': You're in a mine field. Use a mine detector.\\
'''Snake''': But I don't--\\
'''Deepthroat''': GET ONE.\\
'''Snake''': Okay, I got a mine detector! [[LeeroyJenkins Here I goooooo!!]] ''(steps on a mine)''\\
'''Mine Detector''': ''Mine detected''\\
'''Deepthroat''': You know, you can just collect mines by crawling at them so you don't really '''need''' that. Oh yeah, there's a tank up ahead. Okay, bye.
* The first and only conversation Snake has with Nastasha (if you can even call it a conversation).
--> '''Nastasha''': HELLO I'M RUSSIAN \\
'''Snake''': Uh \\
'''Nastasha''': USE CIGARETTES \\
'''Snake''': ... \\
* Any time the word '''[[Franchise/MetalGear "BRRROOOOOOOOTTTHHHHEEEEERRRRRR"]]''' is spoken. Especially in the fan dub.
* And this one too:
-->'''Liquid''': Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to do something ''BRITISH''.
* "Hold up... ''[[Videogame/CrashBandicoot1996 Crash Bandicoot]]''? Seriously? You ''played'' that??" [[TalkToTheFist *BANG!*]] "[[CurbStompBattle OW WAIT I'M NOT FINISHED!]]"
* Meryl's unsuccessful attempt to get to know Snake a little more.
-->'''Meryl''': So Snake, what's your name?\\
'''Snake''': Shut up.\\
'''Meryl''': How old are you?\\
'''Snake''': Shut up.\\
'''Meryl''': H-hobbies?\\
'''Snake''': Shut up.\\
'''Meryl''': Any family?\\
'''Snake''': Shut up.\\
'''Meryl''': Anyone you-\\
* "Hello I am a trained soldier who cannot tell the difference between blood and ketchup." *WHACK* "Oww so it was ketchup..."
* Snake telling Otacon off:
-->'''Otacon''': Do you think love can bloom, even on a battlefield?\\
'''Snake''': [[JerkAss Not for you, dude.]]
* '''[[spoiler:WATCH OUT, SNAKE! [[CaptainObvious THAT'S NOT MASTER MILLER!]]]]'''
** Even better, the Colonel actually ''interrupted'' [[spoiler:Liquid's reveal.]]
* Snake vs Sniper Wolf, Round 2:
-->'''Snake''': Otacon! I just got shot!''\\
'''Otacon''': No, that's Sniper Wolf, don't shoot her!\\
'''Snake''': '''WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID.'''
** Soon later:
--->'''Wolf''': Snake, we must battle like sniper warriors!\\
'''Snake''': [[CombatPragmatist Actually I'm going to hide behind this rock and fire remote-controlled missiles from where it's impossible for you to hit me.]]\\
'''Wolf''': [[BigWhat WHAT!?]] [[CurbStompBattle *BOOM!*]]
** Briefly after:
--->'''Wolf''': Okay... I have my gun... and my hero.\\
'''Snake''': ''(thinking)'' I'm hungry.\\
'''Wolf''': Everyone is here.\\
'''[[ButtMonkey Otacon]]''': What about me?\\
'''Wolf''': What '''about''' you?!\\
''(Snake shoots her while Otacon cries pathetically)''
* The Broad Spectrum Video fandub manages to make one scene hilarious thanks to the delivery of the voice actor trying to sound as hilariously pathetic as possible.
-->'''Otacon''': Rex launching nuclear missiles? That's not what it was designed for! [[SlowNo NoooooOOOOooooo....]]
* Naomi's constant inversion of AnnoyingVideoGameHelper:
-->''I don't know! Stop asking questions!''\\
'''''STOP CALLING ME!!'''''
* Liquid attacking Snake's psyche.
-->'''Liquid''': Snake, you '''enjoy''' killing!\\
'''Snake''': [[BigNo NOOOOOOOOOOOO!]]\\
'''Liquid''': Yes!\\
'''Snake''': Okay, maybe a little.\\
'''Liquid''': I watched your face as you killed my comrades! It was filled with the joy of battle!\\
'''Flashback Snake''': Yaaay :D
* Also:
-->'''Liquid''': You'd point a weapon at your own BRRRROTHER?\\
'''Snake''': No, I'll wait until you finish your speech. Go ahead.\\
'''Snake:''' ''(Holding an 8th grade genetics textbook)'' What?
* Meryl's butt focus. Wiggle wiggle!
* When Snake first meets up with Meryl, she's wearing a tank top.
-->'''Snake''': Isn't that [[HandCannon gun]] a little big for you?\\
'''Meryl''': I'm more comfortable with it than I am with a bra.\\
''([[BeatPanel Snake looks at her chest]])''\\
'''Snake''': I can see that.\\
''(Meryl blushes)''
* Also when Meryl is rescued, she revealed that she didn't give in to the torture and some other thing. The latter means being forced to watch a naked Ocelot and focusing on his panties and butt.

[[folder:Let's Destroy Metal Gear Again!]]
* Snake vs. Olga in the Tanker...
-->'''Snake''': ''Freeze! Hands over the head now!''\\
'''Olga''': ''*shows off armpit hairs*''\\
'''Snake''': ''Whoa, okay, nevermind.''
* On the Broad Spectrum version: "Shot in the face you say?"
** *quiet* "Hi"
** Also in that version, there's something funny on what Ocelot said next as he cheerfully runs and swings his revolver.
--->''Gonna go kill Gurlukovich. Doot-doo-doo-doo-doot!''
* What? I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. It sounded like "Please shoot me in the face and take this Metal Gear." '''Can do.'''
* Vamp's [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/wt_vamp.jpg introduction]]. Peachi sums up his role in the game perfectly.
** Fortune is very hilarious in general. "I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you over my '''TRAGIC PAST'''!"
** [[{{MoodWhiplash}} Yaaay~ Let's paint our nails and talk about boys~]]
* [[https://i.imgur.com/XtbLlEM.jpg Raiden's facial expression after seeing the Metal Gear RAY for the first time]]. It's a masterpiece.
** What makes it even better is how the RAY just shows up suddenly and without any fanfare, catching Solidus' plane with a very cute "Chomp".
** The Broad Spectrum dub giving the RAY a [[Franchise/TheMuppets Kermit]] Voice for whatever reason.
* [[http://imgur.com/a/o3D4D#XtbLlEM Raiden's reaction to Vamp's water running abilities.]]
** Oh, how about before that? Solidus summons Vamp like a Pokémon. Complete with Pokeball. "Vamp, Go!"
* Everytime Stillman's speaking, there's some [[SoulBrotha sweet-ass funky music]] playing in the background. And when he locks himself in, the music sounds muffled, like coming from inside the room. The music follows him to everyplace.
* When Stillman explains Fatman to Pliskin and Raiden, the Broad Spectrum dub feels the need to specify after Stillman describes Fatman as "[[ShapedLikeItself fat]]", ''"like the fattest mother-[[LastSecondWordSwap sucker]] who ever lived"'' before continuing with the dub.
* Rose interrupting Raiden during the bomb disarming mission:
-->'''Rose''': Defusing a bomb is kinda like starting a relationship! =)\\
* Raiden disarming the bombs:
-->'''Raiden:''' Man, I hope this thing isn't too hard to find.\\
'''Bomb:''' hello i am a bomb
** Stillman's [[OhCrap reaction]] to Snake freezing the last decoy bomb.
--->'''Huge Bomb''': lol
* Snake interrupting Otacon and Emma arguing:
-->'''Snake:''' '''EVERYBODY SHUT UP!''' '''NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID FAMILY DRAMA!''' Kid, Emma, get over here already. Otacon, go down the hall and get me another '''SODA'''!
* The adaptation by Broad Spectrum is funny too, they animated Ocelot's neck stretching. Specifically, this exchange:
-->''Where's your bad Russian accent? Everyone here is supposed to have a bad Russian accent! [[NoodlePeople WHAT IS YOUR DEEEAAAAALLLLL?]]''
** Also from Broad Spectrum, when [[spoiler:Vamp stabs Emma,]] they use a squeaky sound for the knife.
--->'''Vamp''': [[AttentionWhore I'm bored and I need attention!]]
* Snake and Otacon's complex SecretHandshake. Just go to the page, the image says it all.
* "Snake's here." "GOOD, NOW WE CAN [[{{Cutscene}} TALK FOR]] [[StoryToGameplayRatio FORTY-FIVE MINUTES]]."
* [[{{CrotchGrabSexCheck}} "I am prepared to grab your crotch. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" (...) "YOU ARE THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER"]]
** Made it more hilarious in the Broad Spectrum adaptation in which President Johnson's voice sounds a lot like UsefulNotes/BillClinton.
* Oh, and this part:
-->'''Solidus''': So we meet again, Jack the Ripper.\\
'''Raiden''': ''(looks down)'' WHY AM I NAKED\\
'''Solidus''': I raised you as a child soldier, Jack. I totally forgot until now. It's hard to remember faces when you traumatize as many kids as I do. CHECK OUT THESE SWEET TENTACLES!\\
'''Ocelot''': Dude, you look like Big Boss.\\
'''Solidus''': ''(shoves tentacle in Raiden's mouth)'' I KNOW, IT'S AWESOME!
** Also, from Solidus:
*** Even funnier in the Broad Spectrum Studios hyperdub, in which ''[[InterfaceScrew the whole screen distorted]].''
** Solidus the entire time is hilarious. His shirt throughout the comic reads "[[PaperThinDisguise IM SOLID SNAEK]]".
* '''BOYS'''. Sometimes a girl just neeeeds one. '''BOYS'''. To love her and to hoooold..... [[spoiler:Made hilarious by Colonel Campbell saying it]].
** [[http://imgur.com/a/o3D4D#zlxVoLu Also]] from [[spoiler:AI]] Campbell, the summary of the Patriots speech to Raiden: [[spoiler:GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE GOBBLE]]
* This gem:
-->'''Rose''': Let's talk about your [[TraumaCongaLine painful]] [[DarkAndTroubledPast past]] as a [[ChildSoldiers child soldier]], Jack!\\
'''Raiden''': '''NO ROSE I ANGST ALONE'''
* And the ending:
-->'''Raiden''': Rose! You do exist?\\
'''Rose''': Maybe!\\
'''Raiden''': What? What does that even mean? What about the thing with the Patriots? Did any of this actually happen? Was I just hallucinating? Wait, why are we zooming out? Is this the end? Why isn't anyone answering my questions? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
* The conversation that recaps the game up to this point:
-->'''Ocelot''': Fatman\\
'''Solidus Snake''': Dead Cell\\
'''Ocelot''': Patriots\\
'''Solidus Snake''': Sneaking Suits\\
'''Ocelot''': Metal Gear\\
'''Solidus Snake''': Outer Heaven\\
'''Olga''': Cyborg Ninja\\
'''Ocelot''': (twirling a revolver)Tanker Incident\\
'''Olga''': Shadow Moses\\
'''Solidus Snake''': What\\
'''Liquid Ocelot''': Brrrother\\
'''Solidus Snake''': Arm Transplant\\
'''Revolver Ocelot''': Frenchmen\\
'''Solidus Snake''': Intruder\\
'''Ocelot''': Later
* The boss fight with [[MemeticMolester Vamp]].
-->'''Raiden''': Okay, Emma should be around here somewhe-\\
'''Vamp''': [[IncomingHam HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS]]\\
'''Raiden''': ''({{Facepalm}})''\\
'''Vamp''': I can read your muscles. [[TechnoBabble Purified hydrogen ooga booga booga...]]\\
'''Raiden''': Please stop talking.\\
* Solidus doesn't quite seem to know [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder who he's working with]].
-->'''Solidus Snake''': Fortune, you thought you could betray me! But I'm too smart for that! [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Right, Ocelot]]?
-->'''Ocelot''': *[[MostDefinitelyNotAVillain wearing an "I Heart the Patriots" t-shirt]]* Yeah, whatever.
* "[[{{Squick}} I guess now would be a good time to mention that my father killed himself because I slept with my stepmother.]]"
-->'''Snake & Raiden''': O_O

[[folder:Let's Destroy The Shagohod!]]
* The basics of CQC: Knife + Gun = '''KNIFEGUN'''.
* Snake freaking out to Boss:
-->'''Snake''': BOSS WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME\\
'''Boss''': Jack.\\
'''Snake''': '''BOSS I'M SO LONELY'''\\
'''Boss''': Jack, listen. Jack, you need to discover what it means to be a soldier. Today's friend might be tomorrow's enemy. [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Like next week, when you'll have to kill me.]]\\
'''Snake''': ''WHAT''
* Snake's impeccable stealth prowess.
-->'''Guard''': Say, what's tha-\\
'''Snake''': I'M A TREE\\
'''Guard''': Oh, okay.
* [[BeeAfraid "BEEEEEEEEEEEEES!"]]
* 99 Bottles of Vodka on the Wall! 99 Bottles of Vodkaaa! Shoopity doopity doopity doop!
* Unlike in [[VideoGame/MetalGearSolid3 the original]], here, Volgin's a walking tank of funny.
-->'''Volgin''': Who wants to watch me punch the crap out of Granin?? '''I DOOOOO!!''' [[CallingYourAttacks Electric Bullet Punch!]]\\
'''Ocelot''': Err... [[WhatTheHellHero Colonel, I don't approve of your methods!]]\\
'''Volgin''': *DeathGlare*\\
'''[[ButtMonkey Ocelot]]''': ''[[RuleOfThree I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRY!]]''\\
'''Volgin:''' This is a war, Major. There's a spy among us.\\
'''The Boss''': EVERYONE LOOK AT MY AWESOME HORSE. The Fear and The End have fallen.\\
'''Volgin''': Why does your unit suck so much?\\
'''The Boss''': *DeathGlare*\\
'''Volgin''': ''[[HypocriticalHumor I'MSORRYI'MSORRYI'MSORRY!]]''
** The best part about that is that while Volgin's (and other people's) DeathGlare is compounded by a GrossUpCloseUp, the Boss's is just her regular cartoon face, but angry. As in, she did a DeathGlare ''[[UpToEleven with her eyes]]'' '''''[[EyesAlwaysShut shut.]]'''''
** Even better in the hyperdub, in which he inexplicably sounds like Sean Connery.
* Volgin soon learns the dangers of nukes. Made even funnier in Broad Spectrum's Fan Dub when they use an actual nuclear explosion
'''Ocelot''': Colonel, you can't just fire that on your own-\\
'''Volgin''': '''SHUT UP I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT'''\\
(Nuclear Explosion)\\
'''Volgin''': [[BlatantLies The Boss did that]]
* '''How did Sokolov get a girlfriend that hot. Seriously'''
* A [[ThatOneBoss very]] [[MarathonBoss accurate]] retelling of The End's [[https://youtu.be/6ah0UQONBYE?t=11m48s boss fight:]]
-->'''The End:''' You stand around in the open?\\
'''Snake:''' ????\\
'''The End:''' ''I shoot you in the face.''\\
'''Snake:''' ''(BAM)'' AAAAAAAAA\\
'''The End:''' You try to hide?\\
'''Snake:''' [[MadnessMantra I'ma tree I'ma tree I'ma tree...]]\\
'''The End:''' ''I shoot you in the face.''\\
'''Snake:''' ''(BAM)'' HOW\\
'''The End:''' You touch my parrot?\\
'''Snake:''' ''(sneaking up on the parrot)''\\
'''The End:''' ''Right in the face.''\\
'''Snake:''' ''(BAM)'' '''WHAT''' I DIDN'T EVEN\\
'''The End:''' And if I'm feeling a bit down... ''(Low HP)'' ...I say a prayer to the forest... ''(Recovers HP)''\\
'''Snake:''' '''''WHAT'''''\\
'''The End:''' ... ''And THEN I shoot you in the face!''\\
'''Snake:''' ''(BAM)'' WHYYYYYYY
** Made even more hilarious in the Broad Spectrum dub, where they played "[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Saria's Song]]" when The End made his "prayer to the forest".
* The Fury is a solid block, for how abruptly he arrives, ends, and how blatant he is.
-->'''Snake:''' Alright, time to--\\
'''The Fury:''' COBRA TIME\\
'''Snake:''' oh boy\\
'''Snake:''' So, what's your deal?\\
'''The Fury:''' I AM THE FURY\\
'''The Fury:''' *closeup* I CAME BACK '''FROM SPACE'''\\
'''The Fury:''' *even closer* '''AND NOW I WANNA SET THE ''WORLD'' ON ''FIRE'''''
* [[IncomingHam The Fear's boss introduction]]. Particularly ''even'' funnier with the hyperdub.
-->'''Snake:''' OKAY! Time to--!\\
'''Snake:''' Yeah...
* Eva and Snake somehow end up [[HilarityEnsues talking about love]].
-->'''Eva:''' Hey, what kind of relationship do you have, anyway?\\
'''Snake (solemnly):''' She's like my mother... And my master.\\
'''Eva (slyly):''' Like a '''lover?'''\\
'''Snake (clearly disturbed at the prospect):''' I just said ''she's like my '''mother'''.''\\
'''Eva:''' ''':D [++SNAAAKE AND THE BOOOSS, SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-++]'''\\
'''Snake:''' ''[[DopeSlap *BITCHSLAP*]]''
* Volgin's crotch grab...
-->'''Volgin''': Major, I was waiting for you in my room! It's ''chocolate sundae night!''\\
'''Sokolov''': *hurk*\\
'''Volgin''': And gosh, I'm right on schedule! *grabs Snake's crotch, HONK HONK*\\
* After Snake gets one eye gutted out...
-->'''Paramedic''': Snake, have you ever seen {{Dracula}}?\\
'''Snake''': NO!\\
'''Paramedic''': Well, I guess you can only see ''[[IncrediblyLamePun half]]'' of it now!\\
'''Sigint''': '''OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH'''
* From Creator/LittleKuriboh and WhiteAsh002's dub: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WY8ZnAqUdgU SNAKE EATERRRRRR]]
** Mitigated somewhat by the fact that most of the dubs do that.
* "Come on Snake, what's not sexy about losing an eye?"
** [[RunningGag SNAAAAKE EATERRR]]
* The Shagohod is mostly blurred when we see it, but when we ''finally'' do see it, [[spoiler:it looks like a crab, [[BrickJoke this was alluded to before]].]]
** You didn't really think you'd get to leave without fighting this stupid thing did you?!
* The Sorrow's TalkingWithSigns.
* The Pain explaining his power over bees:
-->'''The Pain:''' Tommygun! Grenade! '''BIKINI!!!'''
** Made even more hilarious by the Broad Spectrum dub, which made him sound like [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars Waspinator]], and actually changed the 'Bikini' line [[JustForPun into]] 'B'''ee'''kini'.
* Snake's confusion after The Pain's death.
-->'''Snake:''' ''These guys'' ended UsefulNotes/WorldWarII?!\\
'''Sigint:''' Snake, you crazy man! You're just crazy!
* "W-well, there is a crocodile with a gun, and I think he's looking at me..."
* The Boss tells Volgin of The Pain's death:
-->'''The Boss:''' The Pain is dead.\\
'''The Boss:''' But it's cool! We've still got The Fear[[note]]EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[[/note]] and The End[[note]]Zzzz...[[/note]]! He's the best sniper ever. Once he wakes up, it will be [[IncrediblyLamePun ''THE END'']] for the boy.\\
'''Volgin:''' Ho ho ho!\\
'''The Boss:''' Yeah, that was a pretty good one, wasn't it?\\
'''Snake:''' (Tears in his eyes) The Boss and I used to make bad puns together!
* "Eva, I... I need you!... TO STOP WHINING AND FLY US OUT OF HERE!"
* The ending piece is so popular its image is used and edited everywhere
-->'''President:''' Alright gentlemen, we need a name for the man that defeated The Boss.\\
''*Look at piece of paper that says Boss on it*''\\
'''CIA members:''' Hmmmm...\\
''*The word Big is scribbled above Boss*''\\
'''CIA members:''' *GASP*
* Eva DrivesLikeCrazy so much that ''Snake'' is crying like a pansy in the face of it!
* Which is followed with Ocelot's "NO I HATE THE HOME SHOPPING NETWORK!"
** Theproofreader's fandub of Ocelot overall IS a CrowningMomentOfFunny by itself, since the guy sure knows how to crank up his tone to the point of sounding hilariously pathetic whenever Ocelot has his ButtMonkey moments, amping the scenes up.
* Volgin's [[MemeticMolester rapeface]] during the torture scene. The [=BroadSpectrumStudios=] also went as far as adding an extra "Rrrowr!" sound effect for that.
* The Sorrow's introduction:
-->'''The Sorrow''': I am The Sorrow.\\
'''Snake''': A Cobra I can take seriously?\\
'''The Sorrow''': ''(Glasses crack)'' EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE\\
'''Snake''': ''(Facepalming)'' Why do i keep doing this to myself
* [[MsFanservice Eva's 60's bra = Snake's delight.]] [[FanDisservice Eva's 60's bloomers = Snake's dismay.]]
* Whenever The Sorrow [[FunnyBackgroundEvent appears in the background]]
-->'''Volgin''': I found Tatyana snooping around the vault! ...with this! '''The Philosophers' Legacy!'''\\
'''The Sorrow''': *On a sign* That's what happens when you tell everyone where you put it\\
'''Volgin''': Who would have guesses that lovely Tatyana could be the spy?\\
'''The Sorrow''': *On a sign* [[PaperThinDisguise Everyone who was paying attention]]
** And later:
--->'''Volgin''': [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder Ocelot!]] Whose side are you on?!\\
'''Ocelot''': *On a sign* Volgin Sux\\
'''The Sorrow''': *On a sign* That's my boy
* The Boss telling Snake a story.
-->'''The Boss''': It's story time!\\
'''Snake''': Yaaayyy!\\
'''The Boss''': Today, the story of The Boss and the Mean Old Philosophers!\\
'''Snake''': Ooh, I haven't heard this one!\\
'''The Boss''' Once upon a time, I was an atomic test subject. And then I was the first person in space. And then the government betrayed me when I went to Cuba! And then I had to kill my boyfriend.\\
'''Snake''': I DON'T LIKE THIS STORY\\
'''The Boss''': Let me finish! The Philosopers want war to go on forever! And my dad was one of them!\\
'''Young Boss''': daddy I want to go home\\
'''The Boss''': I was pregnant with The Sorrow's baby!\\
'''The Sorrow''': let's name him little boss\\
'''The Boss''': But the Philosophers stole it while I was on a mission!\\
'''Snake''': W-Wait, why were you on a mission while you were '''pregnant?!'''
** The {{Flashback}}
--->'''The Boss''': Okay, let's do this!\\
'''The Fear''': Uh, Boss...\\
'''The Fury''': We didn't want to have to say this, but...\\
'''The Sorrow''': M...Maybe you should start thinking about the baby?\\
'''The Boss''': SHUT UP IT'S MY BODY I'LL DO WHAT I WANT! '''COBRAS, HOOOOO!!!''' *thud*
* [[RunningGag SNAKE EATERRRRRRR doo doo do dooooooo]]
* The Broad Spectrum dub take on [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ah0UQONBYE&t=22m12s Volgin and Ocelot catching Snake bombing the Shagohod]], by using the commercial break intro/outro of ''Anime/AzumangaDaioh''.

[[folder:The Big Long Persona 4 Comic]]
* "Hey, maybe you should try that thing Chie was talking about."
-->'''Protagonist:''' "..." \\
'''Protagonist:''' ''(does so)'' ''(CHOMP)''
* You became friends with Yosuke. [[spoiler:Yosuke will now '''die for you'''.]]
** [[GroinAttack OH, MOTHER FUCKER *thud*]]
** And gets another call back later when Yosuke is about to invite the protagonist for steak.
--->'''Chie''': TRIAL OF THE DRAGOOONNN.\\
'''Yosuke''': And no worries, I'll treat you for --\\
* So I heard somebody wanted to talk about '''murders!'''
** In the Sapphire Dub, the word murders is in ''shining rainbow text''. With the cheers of children accompanying it.
* No need to be so formal! ''I've seen you '''NAKED'''''
* Starting today, you will be moving in with your uncle and cousin in Inaba, where you'll be living for the next year! But first, would you like to see a totally unrelated 15 years old girl in a bikini? [[ButThouMust (both choices are YES)]]...
-->'''Rise''': OMG! I'm SOOO totally FAT! [[SayItWithHearts <3]]\\
'''Narrator''': Awwwwww yeah... Wait, what? Oh.
** The Fan Dub make this even funnier.
* The [=StrawberryCreme26=] Fan Dub turned Chie's demand for steak into one. "STEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAKSTEAK...."
* Yosuke expresses his surprise in the most eloquent way possible. ''"I have to '''PEE!!'''"''
* [[RunningGag And no one ate dinner that night.]]
-->''' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qR_LM4nQ7w#t=5m41s Dub Narrator]]''': Hey, you want to hang out at the train station? Whoops, the train station sucks.
** "All yo yen, yip-yip-yap!" is also particularly charming in the dub version.
* Shadow selves!
-->'''[[CampGay Shadow Kanji]]''': I'm Kanji Tatsumi and I enjoy ''naked men.'' (Oh yeah~)\\
'''Yosuke''': [[OhCrap AGHHHHHH!]]
** It's even better in the dub. Yosuke lets out what has to be the most anguished scream in the history of the internet.
** Just Yosuke's reactions to the Shadow selves.
--->'''[[EverythingIsBetterWithPrincesses Shadow Yukiko]]''': Guess who is wearing her kitty panties!\\
'''Yosuke''': Duuuuuude!!
** And Shadow Rise:
--->'''[[{{Stripperific}} Shadow Rise]]''': [[{{Fanservice}} (No words, just a close-up on her bouncing chest.)]]\\
'''Yosuke''': (The next day) Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!Dude!
* The strength of heart to face one's self has [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway blah blah blah]]
* [[MemeticMolester Helllllllllllllo. Persona persona persona persooooona.]] '''[[MemeticMolester SOCIAL LINKS, SOCIAL LINKS, SOCIAL LINKS, SOCIAL LINKS, SOCIAL LINKS, SOCIAL LINKS,]]''' '''''[[MemeticMolester SOCIAL LINKS!]]'''''
* Dojima solving the murder mystery.
-->'''Dojima''': Two bodies hanging from a telephone pole...and we don't even know if this is a homicide case yet.\\
'''Adachi''': Sir, I think we can probably assume it's a--\\
'''Dojima''': Shut up Adachi. We've got no clues about the perp. We don't even have a '''sus''' because the '''sec''' with a '''mo's''' got a '''perf al'''.\\
'''Adachi''': Sir, what are you even--\\
'''Dojima''': SHUT UP, ADACHI.\\
'''Adachi''': Um, so what do we know about the case so far?\\
'''Dojima''': [[CaptainObvious The perp, is]] ''[[CaptainObvious probably]]'' [[CaptainObvious in Inaba.]]\\
'''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBBn-02CnK0 ACE DETECTIVE]]'''\\
'''Dojima''': Case closed. Let's get drunk.
* The infamous Kanji scene which the gang mistook him for [[AmbiguouslyGay being gay]].
-->'''Yosuke:''' Yeah I mean, if you like dudes...\\
'''Kanji:''' [[BerserkButton You sayin' I like dudes]]?\\
'''Yosuke and Chie:''' AAAAHHHHH!!\\
'''Narrator:''' And then there was a wacky chase scene.\\
-->'''Yosuke:''' Has anything strange happened to you lately? \\
'''Kanji:''' Strange? ''[[BerserkButton You sayin' I like dudes?!]]'' TAKIN' YOU PUNKS DOWN RAAAAAAA!! \\
'''Narrator:''' You know what, let's just stick to the Midnight Channel.
** Even better, the English Dub of the Persona 4 anime nails 80% of these lines correctly.
** Once one discovers that in the comic dub, Kanji is voiced by Arin Hanson (a.k.a Egoraptor), it just makes his lines seem even funnier.
* The first murder in the first Persona 4 comic is pretty normal...until you hear how the fan dub voices a kid.
-->'''Woman 1:''' Dude they already took it down.\\
'''Woman 2:''' Aw maaan I love dead bodies!\\
'''Kid:''' (In a ''DEEP'' man's voice) Mom I'm hungry!
** Made even funnier when you learn that this deep man voice... was [[LarynxDissonance done by]] [[CrossdressingVoices a girl]] - Chie's voice actress, to be precise.
* "HEY, EVERYBODY! I '''LOVE SWORDS'''!" *cut to Yosuke and MC in detention, writing on a chalkboard*
-->'''Yosuke:''' ''I will not wave swords around in a food court. I will not wave swords around in a food court. I will not wave swords-''\\
'''Main Character:''' ''I will not make friends with gangsters. I will not make friends with gangsters. I will not make friends with-''
** Before this happen, you wonder where Yosuke gets the swords from?
* The exchange between Yosuke and his Shadow self is absolutely hilarious.
-->'''Shadow Yosuke:''' Whatever, man. She wasn't even that hot.\\
'''Teddie:''' Two Yosukes!?\\
'''Shadow Yosuke:''' More like one Yosuke and one ''awesome'' Yosuke. Living in the country is pretty boring.\\
''(Yosuke passes out when Shadow Yosuke transforms)''\\
'''Yosuke:''' Naptiiime!\\
'''Shadow Yosuke:''' Sounds like someone just ordered a '''stupid-looking boss'''! '''''[[EvilLaugh AHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!]]''''' [[CurbStompBattle *Zio'd* Ow.]]\\
''(Teddie says Yosuke has to accept shadow self)''\\
'''Yosuke:''' Okay fine I guess I do kind of hate everything.
** The one before that with Yosuke and Saki's voice.
--->'''Saki:''' Hey Hana-chan~\\
'''Yosuke:''' Yes, my sweet?\\
'''Saki:''' '''GO KILL YOURSELF'''\\
'''Yosuke:''' WHAT? But we were gonna get married and have a million beautiful children together!
* Shadow Chie's introduction:
-->'''Shadow Chie:''' Oh, I'm sorry, was that Yukiko just now?\\
'''Chie:''' Huh?\\
'''Shadow Chie:''' I dunno, I don't speak '''''skanky whore!'''''\\
(cut to the protagonist, Yosuke, and Teddie [[PassThePopcorn eating popcorn]] as Chie and Shadow Chie continue to argue)
* The introduction of Shadow Yukiko:
-->'''Singing Voice''': It's symbolic!\\
'''Shadow Yukiko''': CAWWWWW!!!
* Anything that has to do with [[PoliceAreUseless Dojima's trade]]:
-->'''Cop on phone''': Dojima-san, sir, they're selling those cute little ice cream things you like for half-off at Junes.\\
'''Dojima''': '''I'M ON THE CASE''' *hangs up* Daddy's got some *licking lips* ''criminals'' to apprehend.\\
'''Dojima''': All this work is such a pain. It's like people expect the police to '''solve crimes''' or something.\\
'''Dojima''': *on phone with the Protagonist* Hey, uh, you know how I said we were taking a trip for Golden Week? Uh... J-Just kidding! *shown hanging out with Adachi in a club* It's, uh... official police business. Can't talk about it.
* And then Kanji got a Persona! (Hell Yeah!) ...Too bad you'll never use him in battle. (Aw Man...)
** While pretty normal in the normal comic, the dub version adds up this gem when Yukiko got her Persona:
--->Yukiko has acquired the Persona Ammuh... Ammuh... bu... bu--''[[ScrewThisImOuttaHere Fuck It]]''.
* It's time for Shadow Teddie's Existiential Kids Korner! The word of the day is 'Futile'. As in 'Your futile existence has no meaning'.
-->'''Shadow Teddie''': Chie, do you know any other words that begin with F?\\
'''Chie''': Fsteak?\\
'''Shadow Teddie''': Excellent.
** The localizers are apparently fans because this has become an AscendedMeme in ''Golden!''
* Yukiko's "My Fried Tofu My Fried Tofu MY FRIED TOFU MYFRIEDTOFU" might look normal, but on the dub, hearing her dubber going REALLY FRANTIC over it takes the cake.
-->'''Yukiko:''' "Hey, Kanji's gone missing! What do you think?" \\
'''Main Character:'''
--->''"I dunno"'' \\
'''''"[[GenreSavvy He's in the TV]]"'''''
-->'''Narrator:''' "You wanted to say that, but you don't have enough [[color:green:Common Sense]]."
-->'''Student:''' Your mom's in the hospital!\\
'''Yumi:''' AAAAAAA I HATE MY DAD!!!\\
'''Narrator:''' ...And then going to drama got ''really'' awkward.
-->'''News anchor:''' "Tonight: Biker gangs! In YOUR neighborhood!" \\
'''Nanako:''' "YAAAAYYYY!!" \\
'''Kanji, on screen:''' "GET BENT GET BENT GET BENT"
** When the Protagonist is watching the Midnight Channel and getting a clearer image of Kanji, Kanji's shirt reads "Get Bent". The kicker in the fandub? ''It's flashing.''
* Dojima is equally funny and terrifying while drunk.
* "You watched [the Midnight Channel] again while eating Nanako's science project."
* "'''[[BigLippedAlligatorMoment EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM]]''' [[LargeHam IS A]] '''[[MadonnaWhoreComplex WHOOOOOOOOOOOORE]]'''! NOW TAKE A CHASTITY BELT AND '''SIDDOWN'''!"
** "Someone got killed. Now go home."
* [[http://hiimdaisy.livejournal.com/27722.html#cutid1 The last two pages of the webcomic are great too.]]
** Teddie makes crazy faces at you until you turned around and left. *Rank up!!*
* Any of the Social Link Scenes are hilarious.
-->'''Yosuke:''' Dude this steak is awesome. *Rank up!!!*
* Two words: "Dominatrix Bananahead~"
* Kou Ichijou and his balls.
-->''I '''looooooove''' them balls.''\\
''I can't stop, man! These balls are on fire! '''AAAAAAAA!!'''''
* Social Linking with [[AbusiveParents Dojima]].
-->''S-S-Social Link... Go?''
** Followed with Dojima the CommanderContrarian.
--->'''Dojima''': Hey I'm making Coffee. How do you take yours?\\
'''Dojima''': Don't try to sound tough, you sissy.\\
''-With Cream''\\
'''Dojima''': [[RealMenHateSugar Oh, coming right up]], ''[[RealMenHateSugar madam]]''.\\
''-Cream & Sugar''\\
'''Dojima''': [[RealMenHateSugar What are you, Nanako?]]\\
'''Nanako''': [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Daddy, I want it black!]]\\
''-Surprise me''\\
'''Dojima''': ... *[[ExactWords throws coffee on the protagonist's face]]*
** Nanako's line is so hilarious her voice actress actually started {{Corpsing}} when she started reading it.
* The Swim Suit Scene at the Camping Trip
-->'''Yosuke''': Everybody get naked!\\
'''Yukiko''': No.\\
'''Yosuke''': What? B-but you're girls! You can't cook, you won't get naked.... What are you even good for?!\\
'''Yukiko''': Well he has a point.\\
'''Chie''': Yeah.\\
'''MC''': ''*looks horrified*''
** When the MC compliments Chie on her swimsuit, she gets all [[ShipTease blushy]], but when Yosuke does it (albeit in a more pervy way) she and Yukiko push him into the lake.
* When Dojima is telling off the Main Character for getting involved in the case.
-->'''Nanako''': Noooo Fighting!\\
'''Dojima''': *facepalm*
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aj-vbrbp7rU The Strawberry Creme dubbing returns with the last, unfinished part]], which ends with Dojima giving a hilarious rant to Nanako about his job, while roaring drunk.
-->''Everyone's the killer, and Imma [[SuperMarioBros Suuuuuper Mario]]!''
** Maybe it's because it uses the same stock 'yay' but this exchange is hilarious in the dub.
--->'''Yosuke:''' The good news is that we managed to save Rise\\
'''Chie, Yu, Yukiko, and Kanji:''' ''Yaaaaaaaaay!!''\\
'''Yosuke:''' The bad news is someone else was murdered....But the good news is that it was [[JerkAss King Moron]] so NOBODY CARES!\\
'''Everyone Else:''' ''[[CrossesTheLineTwice Yaaaaaay!!]]''
* Naoto's debut.
-->''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Did. Someone. Say.]] '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis GIRLS]]'''? (whispering) [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial Because I'm a boy, just so you know.]]''
* When the Investigation Team is staking out Kanji.
-->'''Yosuke:''' "We should split into teams."\\
'''Who do you want to go with?'''\\
'''[[ButThouMust NO!]] [[CharacterSelectForcing You don't have a Social Link with Yukiko yet.]]''' ('''Yukiko:''' Ha ha)\\
* Joining the culture club, THIS is the first thing you see:
-->'''Ayane''': Who wants to help me with [[ShrinkingViolet my self-esteem issues]]??\\
''You decided to join Drama''\\
'''Ayane''': [[BigNo NOOOO!!!]] SENPAAAAIII!!!
* Yosuke's reactions when Kanji's dungeon is involved:
-->''Noooo it's too gay in here!''\\
''Don't do anything gaaaaay!''
* And his reaction to first going to Rise's dungeon.
-->''Heeeeey! This is my kinda dungeon!''
* When Shadow Teddie attacks the group
-->'''Yosuke:''' Oh no guys, how are we gonna fight without Tedd-PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT, I'm sorry, I just can't finish that...
* '''[[JumpScare OOGA BOOGA!!]]'''
* From the dub:
-->'''Yosuke:''' I bet this place has something to do with how she died--\\
'''Yosuke:''' [[FlatWhat What.]]\\
''*Yosuke get slobbered by a shadow*''\\
'''Yosuke:''' WAIT WHAT! WHAT IS THIS?!\\
'''Protagonist:''' [[PowerUp FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF]]--\\
'''Teddie:''' ''*completely deadpan*'' Hmm?\\
'''Protagonist:''' --[[PowerUp FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFpersona]].
* During the school trip with Kanji staying over the P4 Protagonist's and Yosuke's tent.
-->'''Narrator''': What is actually happening. *Shows a worried Kanji and a normal-faced Protagonist*\\
'''Kanji''': Hey, Senpai, what's up?\\
'''Narrator''': What [[ButtMonkey Yosuke]] is seeing. *Shows a naked Kanji and a naked Protagonist with odd {{Bishounen}} looks and {{Bishie Sparkle}}s*\\
'''Kanji''': Care to ''join us''?\\
'''Protagonist''': Huff huff...
** Once Kanji and Yosuke get into a fight about who likes women more, the P4 Protagonist ''channels'' the [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} P3 Protagonist]] by wearing headphones and not caring anything about the conversation. Bonus points in the dub, where he listens to ''Burn My Dread''.
--> '''Kanji:''' (while completely naked) If that's what you think, I'm gonna go hit the girls tent right now! '''''Because [[PunctuatedForEmphasis I! LOVE! WOMEN-]]''''' (gets kicked in the face)
* Hey Boys And Girls, It's [[NietzscheWannabe Shadow Teddie's]] Existential Kid's Korner!
-->'''Shadow Teddie''': Your word of the day is FUTILE! As in your futile existence has no meaning! Chie, do you know any other words that start with 'F'?\\
'''Chie''': Uh, Fsteak?\\
'''Shadow Teddie''': Excellent! Now, all together!\\
'''Shadow Teddie, MC, Kanji, Yosuke''': [[LyricalDissonance You futile exi-stence has no meeea-ning]]\\
'''Teddie''' You Guys!\\
'''Shadow Teddie''': [[MoodWhiplash Okay, let's get serious. I'm going to kill everyone in this room.]]
* Hey! [[{{Foreshadowing}} I'm a totally unimportant Gas Station attendant!]] '''CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAND?'''
* '''Yukiko''': I'm wearing a kimono because I'm filling in for my mom at the in we run.\\
''*cut to MC and Nanako watching the news*''\\
'''News''': Yukiko Amagi is wearing a kimono because she's filling in for her parents at the in they run.\\
''*MC watches the Midnight Channel*''\\
'''Narrator''': There's a high school girl in a kimono. [[WhatAnIdiot But you can't think of anyone who fits that description.]]


* During ''Lets Destroy the FOX Unit!''....
** Kidnapping a random mook to join their cause, and the big stupid grins they have on their faces the entire time.
--->'''Big Boss and Colonel Campbell:''' Hey, do you wanna join our club?\\
'''Jonathon:''' Uh...\\
'''Big Boss and Colonel Campbell:''' DO YOU WANT TO JOIN OUR CLUB?
** There's also...
--->''' [[spoiler:Super Saiyan!Elisa]]:''' YOU'RE KILLING THE TREEEES!!! *Shank* Oh.
** [[AnIcePerson Py]][[HurricaneOfPuns th]][[PungeonMaster on]]. He only gets about half a mintue, but makes up for it with as many ice puns as he can:
--->'''Python''': ''Freeze'' Snake! It's time to put your plans ''on ice''! So ''FREEZED'' to meet you again, Snake! It's just like ''COLD'' times! You'd better ''Chill out'' when you deal with ''this'' '''COOL CUSTOMER''' or else you'll get ''Freezer-burned''! 'Cause I'm no bark, all ''FROSTBITE''! You're on ''THIN ICE''! So ''FREEZE'' the frame, and- ''*Snake shoots him*'' OW MY FACE MY FACE MY FACE!
** The entire "[[TwentyMinutesInTheFuture Someday]]" sequence.
--->'''Elisa:''' [[TemptingFate I know ''you'll'' make a great father some day!]]\\
'''Young Solid Snake:''' Dad, guess what? I learned my sixth language today!\\
'''Big Boss:''' Good work, son, your made your father proud.\\
'''Young Solid Snake:''' Yea--\\
'''Young Liquid Snake:''' '''''[[RunningGag FAAAAAATHEEEERRR!]]''''' [[WellDoneSonGuy I learned my seventh language today!]]\\
'''Big Boss:''' [[{{Beat}} ...]] '''[[GetOut Get out...!]]''' ...Solidus, where's my dinner?\\
'''Teenage Solidus:''' ''(while wearing an apron and carrying a tray of food)'' Coming dad.
** Anytime [[CharmPerson Gene]] [[CompellingVoice opened his mouth.]]
--->'''Gene:''' First person to start shooting at random gets a '''cupcake'''\\
[[HilarityEnsues Cue soldiers infighting.]]
** The whole bit at the end
--->'''Narrator:''' Snake, you stopped Gene and saved the world from nuclear war. What are you gonna do now?\\
'''Snake:''' I'm gonna go back to my room and mope, but I realized something.\\
'''Narrator:''' What's that?\\
'''Snake:''' I realized that I don't feel alive unless I'm in battle, so I need to fight all the time.\\
'''Narrator:''' That's kinda messed up.\\
'''Snake:''' So I thought, what if I made a place for soldiers so they would always have someone to fight?\\
'''Narrator:''' [[LampshadeHanging That's exactly what Gene was going to do!]]\\
'''Snake:''' It'll be cooler when I do it. I mean, [[TemptingFate what could go wrong]]? Eh? Ehh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhh?
** This gem.
--->'''Elisa:''' Hey, you wanna hear how my parents were killed?\\
'''Snake:''' Was it a nuclear explosion? >_>\\
'''Elisa:''' It was a nuclear explosion! =D
** The one paneled ArtShift, in which Snake and Campbell look much closer to their game models.
--->'''Campbell''': Snake you gotta fix this malaria.\\
'''Snake''': Yeah okay.
** Snake's nightmare:
--->'''Ghost:''' Metal GEEEEEEEEEEEEAR!\\
** Elisa uses her hypnotic psychic powers a la Hypno Toad from WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}.
* The [[VideoGame/{{Mother 3}} Frightbot]] told a story so scary [[http://i.imgur.com/xmQYXEq.png you want to cover your ears.]]
-->'''Frightbot''': [[spoiler:'''CLAUS DIES''']]\\
'''Lucas''': D8
* [[http://i.imgur.com/kVdR12p.jpg IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT A LADY]]
* [[VideoGame/{{Persona 3}} "Ryojiventures"]]:
** "Soooo, I'm gonna sit here and stare at you until you decide to kill me."
** How do you eat a hamburger? I'm so rich. Ice Break.
** The [=StrawberryCreme26=] made Koromaru's normal "BARK BARK BARK BARK" sound really hilarious in the same vein of the "ALL YO YENS"
*** The Fuuka one? The fact that she's voiced by the dude voicing Yosuke in the Persona 4 comics and ''not even trying to sound girly'' made it funnier than just text.
** When Ryoji tries to change the protagonist's decision by [[spoiler:transforming into Thanatos]].
--->'''Ryoji [[spoiler:as Thanatos]]''': [[NoodlePeople *whilst waving his]] [[ShapedLikeItself wavy hands*]] Oooooh, Hamaon! Pretty scary huh?! [[spoiler:Bet you want to kill me now huh?!]]\\
'''Protagonist''': *Angry groan/holds his hands in the 'No Fighting' pose and decides [[spoiler:not to kill Ryoji]]*\\
'''Ryoji''': *makes a sickeningly upset face*
* Different ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'' comic, but...
-->'''Nozomi''': I thought about you when I farted.
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'':
-->'''Von Karma''': Hello, Edgeworth. Your father *pfff* has come back to life *pfff* and he is waiting *pfff* in the foyer!\\
'''Edgeworth''': Sir, I'm 19. That's not going to work anymore.\\
'''Von Karma''': '''HE DIED LIKE A DOG AND SO WILL YOU!''' *''slam''*\\
'''Edgeworth''': *sob*
** Apollo Justice taking his fanboyism of Phoenix Wright to the next level, until Kristoph has had enough.
** Okay, Zak Gramayre is a jerk, but him 'pressing' Kristoph's sensitive point is hilarious. See, Zak sides with Phoenix because to him, Kristoph sucks at poker. Then, in a TV show, Zak appears and...
--->'''Zak''': Ala-ka-wow! Hey guys! My next act is dedicated for all the boys and girls who ''suck at poker!!''
** '''MY EXTRATERRITORIAL RIGHTS ARE TOO POWERFUL TO LET [[VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigationsMilesEdgeworth THIS GAME]] END!!!!''' [[spoiler:Which is a very accurate portrayal of [[Franchise/AceAttorney how the case went]].]]
*** And just to complete the ShoutOut, everytime this gets fandubbed, the [[Advertising/TheManYourManCouldSmellLike Old Spice]] jingle plays in.
* [[TheUnfavorite Liquid]] just can't get any love from his dad.
--->'''Big Boss''': Hey kids! We're going to the beach!\\
'''Little Solid and Liquid Snake''': [[TemptingFate Yaaaaaay]]\\
'''Big Boss''': [[YankTheDogsChain Not you Liquid!]] You're going to the dentist!\\
'''Little Solid and Liquid Snake''': Yaaaaaay\\
'''Little Liquid Snake''': [[DoubleTake Wait, what?]]