Funny / Hamish Macbeth


Tv Series

  • In the first episode, Alex brings her snobbish boyfriend home, who makes fun of Hamish's name. The episode has a running gag of Hamish vandalising his car and giving him tickets for his light not working. The boyfriend finally snaps and storms into the police station to challange Hamish to a duel. We see Hamish walk towards the camera, which blacks out to a comical "whomp!" sound effect and the next we see is TV John pushing the unconsious boyfriend in a wheel barrow back to the mansion. He meets the major and they have a light hearted chat. "Isn't that my house guest? He's not dead is he?"
  • Last episode of the second season: Hamish encounters a woman standing on a land mine? Tense. The Major saying that he knows how to defuse the mine? Hopeful. It working? Awesome. The Major revealed that he was bluffing, everyone running, and Hamish yelling at Isobel to get down? Funny.