* Oliver has a little trouble carrying Lisa inside the old Haney place for the first time when the doorknob falls off.

* The first time Oliver tries a tractor, [[EpicFail it blows up in his face]].
-->'''Eb''': I think it likes you! It used to chase Mr. Haney!

* When Oliver tries to get a phone installed, he remembers he doesn't have electricity and needs a generator. Then Mr. Haney, who had dropped by, clears his throat.

* This wonderfully absurd conversation:
-->'''Oliver:''' Oh, that stupid festival...\\
'''Hank Kimball:''' No, this is the spring festival. Stupid festival is next month.\\
'''Oliver (in SarcasmMode):''' Yes, and you're gonna be king.\\
'''Hank Kimball ([[SarcasmBlind happily]]):''' [[CompletelyMissingThePoint I am? Gosh, that makes three years in a row!]]

* Lisa once makes cupcakes... inside drinking cups and just casually says "Cupcakes!"