Funny / Grand Theft Auto 2
aka: Grand Theft Auto II

  • In the mission Penal Ties , the protagonist is tasked with invading a prison because his boss wants revenge for past experiences. Claude needs to go to a certain location where he'll supposedly sell Beany Liquor so he can get arrested and get inside the facility. The funny part is how the cops arrive to get him, they just instantly appear out of nowhere like they're in a cartoon!
  • You can honk while you're driving any car. Using the honking key while on foot, however, will make the Player Character let out rather loud burps and farts. Toilet Humor at its finest.
    • On that note, there is also the ridiculous tune that plays while you hold the honking key while driving an ice cream van.
  • The sheer hilarity that is the NPC voices, with the cartoony voices and Chewing the Scenery abound, especially with the thief voices. The voices are wildly different each time!
    (in nasal voice) "GIMME YER WALLET."
    (in a Jerk Jock voice) "Gimme your wallet, PUNK!"
    (in a deep, suave voice) "Give me all your money."

Alternative Title(s): Grand Theft Auto II