Funny / Grand Theft Auto III

  • On the "Mike Lips Last Lunch" mission, you must steal Mike's car while he is eating inside Marco's Bistro and rig it with a bomb. When Mike starts the car, the car bomb will explode, killing him. The slogan of Marco's Bistro? "Eat till you explode!"
  • The Trigger Happy cop in the police helicopter and his far calmer partner:
    Pilot: You are surrounde-
    Co-Pilot: Gimme that microphone! EAT LEAD!
    • Also:
    Co-Pilot: We're definitely gonna kill you!
    Pilot: You can't say that it's not in the book!
    • And:
    Co-Pilot: I prefer a moving target!
    Pilot: You ought to get some help, man!
  • If you stand in front of a car long enough and they honk at you, Claude will flip them off.
  • Every vehicle the tank just touches explodes.
  • Many pedestrian quotes are hilarious.