* In the TV version of "How To Kill A Monster":
-->''[the monster lies dead after Clark had his hand in its mouth]''\\
'''Clark:''' Is it really dead this time?\\
''[The monster explodes, [[{{squick}} covering Clark and]] [[CoveredInGunge Gretchen in slime]].]''\\
'''Gretchen:''' I'd say yes.
* In "Don't Wake Mummy", Kim scared her little brother Jeff by dressing as the mummy. He started fighting her until their mom stops them by threatening to ground them both.
-->'''Mom:''' I want all of you back in bed on the count of 3! One... two...\\
''[Kim, her friend Shawna, and Jeff run back to their rooms.]''
* The end of the TV version of ''Piano Lessons Can Be Murder'', where the ghost haunting an old piano is actually the mother of the Shreek Piano School teacher and [[AndIMustScream forces him to practice forever.]]
** The way Mr. Toggle yells "How much LONGER?!"
* While the last bit is scary, the Salesman in the TV version of Welcome To Dead House, desperately making offers to make the Benson family staying as if they [[ComicallyMissingThePoint matter compared to the town being full of blood thirsty zombies.]] Before giving up and revealing his true intentions.
--> '''Compton Dawes:''' [[PleaseDontLeaveMe Come back,]] [[IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace Dark Falls needs you.]] [[ImAHumanitarian I'M HUNGRY!!!!]]