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Funny: Genshiken
  • Oguie's Yaoi-vision.
    • Whenever Ohno's Yaoi Fangirl side shows itself. It's a little more... overt:
    Ohno: "There's no such thing as a girl who hates homos!"
    Saki: "Even me?"
    Ohno: "Of course!"
    • She imagined idealized versions of the Genshiken members for her yaoi. Kugayama's bishounen design is especially hilarious.
  • Madarame and Sasaki sitting in a room together. Doesn't sound that funny, but add in an overdose of Dating Sim Genre Savvy on Madarame's part,and you get - this.
  • Susanna asking Ogiue to sign her copy, showing it to Kanji and Madarame ruining Ogiue's effort to hide her porn from them. Their reactions are priceless.
  • Madarame's infamous explanation of why hentai is appealing. Made hilarious because he's referencing some genuine artistic theory there.
    • Even funnier? Youtube decides to refer you to a video about analyzing sexual fetishes made by actual psychologists. Talk about meta.
  • Sasahara sets the record straight on Brother-Sister Incest:
    "I can vouch that [those games] are a result of fantasies by people who don't actually have a younger sister!"
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