* The way that the word "these" is pronounced in the phrase, "Let's get to bashing butts as well as DEEZ nuts!" is a pretty popular gag.
* The bard that launches into a hammy rant about how much he misses Imperial soaps and...MOIST TOWELETTES. [[FanDisservice He provides a demonstration as well.]]
* You have to admire this particular exchange for its multifaceted humor and nested punchlines.
-->'''A:''' [[YourMom May your mother's tongue be rough in my throat! May her dry vag loosen upon my lips.]]\\
'''B:''' [[SubvertedTrope Brother]], I'm not sure she would like that. Mother is far too proud a woman for that.\\
'''A:''' I suppose you're right.\\
'''B:''' Why don't you try sis?\\
'''A:''' [[HypocriticalHumor Brother, that's disgusting! That's our sister!]] And you know she tastes like aunt Agna.
* Upon hearing there is a [[RougeAnglesOfSatin sechs]] tape of Liara and Ashley, Shepard does the most impressive [[DoubleTake double take]] ever by spinning his head 360 degrees!
* Creator/MarkMeer [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYT66ALUUss speaking one of the lines]].
* Even the characters are expecting running gags:
-->'''Ash:''' I hate my titties.
-->'''Shepard:''' HEY. They're fine, Ash. They're SO damn fine. I think they're just stuck in those super-tight clothes.
-->'''Ash:''' Shepard, I just-
-->'''Shepard:''' Shh. ''[Puts a finger to her lips]'' We'll get them out of there safely, Ashley. Together. For Earth. I promise. ''[Starts to walk away]''
-->'''Ash:''' Shepard, wait...that's it?
-->'''Shepard:''' Oh, right! [[RunningGag We'll bang, okay?]]
* From the [[VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV GTAV]] video:
-->'''Lamar:''' How am I gonna knock a bad bitch if I ain't got a penis?\\
'''Franklin:''' ''WHAT?!'' *brakes sharply* Fuck, homie. Dat's sexy!
* From [[Videogame/TheElderscrollsVSkyrim Skyrim 10]], Ysolda and Carlotta Valentia [[VolleyingInsults trade insults]] because the latter won't teach the former a spell for breast augmentation. After a few rounds, Carlotta taps her chin, hmms in thought, and calls Ysolda [[{{WesternAnimation/Superfriends}} "Aquaman."]] Everyone in the area gasps dramatically in horror.
* When giving Faith money in the ''Videogame/TheWolfAmongUs'' video, the "character reaction" box says, "You chose not to kill the prostitute to take back your money... like you always do in [[VideoGame/GrandTheftAuto GTA]]."
* The sheer amount of fan-submitted artwork of Jarl Balgruuf [[Film/{{Titanic1997}} drawn like 'one of your fancy French girls']].
* This exchange from the second MassEffect episode:
-->'''Shepard:''' ''The Reapers aren't the problem anymore. Kids are. Damn kids playing around with cocks.''\\
'''Liara:''' ''On the internet.''\\
'''Shepard:''' ''Damn truth. Can you control your damn children? ... There was a boy, back on earth. Couldn't have been more than six or seven. I watched him screwing Reapers. DEAD Reapers.''\\
'''Garrus:''' ''Damn whore.''\\
'''Shepard:''' ''As the Normandy escaped the attack. It's nothing I haven't seen before. I had to join them.''\\
'''Ashley:''' ''What the hell?''\\
'''Shepard:''' ''Nothing wrong with me, is there?''\\
'''Garrus:''' ''Damn whore.''

* Likewise:
-->'''Shepard''': Let's move before the Reapers realize what we're up to.\\
'''Anderson''': Negative. There can be no retreat! ''No retreat!'' No stepping back. No stepping ''forward''. And no destroying Reaper forces.\\
'''Shepard''': But first sign of any trouble, f*ck 'em all!\\
'''Anderson''': DAMN IT! Negative! No defeating the Reapers! NO DEFEATING THE REAPERS! Innocent people die!\\
'''Shepard''': And if they don't?\\
'''Anderson''': SAY AGAIN?!\\
'''Shepard''': ''(silence)''\\
'''Anderson''': Exactly.

* From the L.A Noire poops: "This is America." "Let's change the subject." "This is [[LastSecondWordSwap Germany???"]]
* [[https://youtu.be/EdEUyUJjQIw?t=1m39s "With Enough chems, You can turn up for days!"]]
* From the same episode, the scene with a pregnant Sarah Lyons. [[CrossesTheLineTwice The hilarity just keeps piling on in layers!]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSLN-S3b-I "NOTHING LIKE FAMILY."]]
* "But you stole a young child's plaything... and inserted it into your plaything." Made even funnier by the reveal of a Magneto action figure when the camera zooms out.
* Liara neglects taking a shit before the mission. The line sounds so natural, you'd think Ali Hillis herself voiced it.
-->'''Liara''': [[BigNo NO!]]\\
'''Shepard''': What is it?\\
'''Liara''': I FEEL A [[PrecisionFStrike SHIT]] COMING!\\
'''Shepard''': How bad?!\\
'''Liara''': [[MathematiciansAnswer BAD!]]\\
'''Shepard''': DAMN IT! [[WhatTheHellHero WHY DIDN'T YOU GO BEFORE THE MISSION]]?!

* Dr. T'Soni is a closet fan of {{Franchise/Transformers}} against Matriarch Benezia's wishes.
-->'''Liara''': I've studied Transformers my entire life. My mother hid them from me. \\
'''Shepard''': What? Seriously? Fuck your mother. I know I did. \\
'''Liara''': [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness SHEPARD, SHUT]] [[PrecisionFStrike THE FUCK UP]]!\\
'''Shepard''': [[ThousandYardStare 0_0]]\\
'''Liara''': It must have been such a joke to her when I became Optimus PRIME! *transforms*\\
'''Shepard''': [[DullSurprise Oh, quit showing off]].

* Wrex does not take it well when he learns that Garrus molested Shepard.
-->'''Wrex''': I found out Garrus had access to your ass and destroyed it.\\
'''Shepard''': Uh oh.\\
'''Wrex''': [[WhatTheHellAreYou I don't understand you, Shepard]]. I think you enjoyed it.
-->[[AsideGlance *Shepard glares]] [[DeathGlare at Garrus*]].\\
'''Wrex''': Shepard?\\
'''Shepard''': Yeah?\\
'''Wrex''': I was wondering... [...] Maybe you could teach the females how to take it like a champ?\\
'''Shepard''': [[NoJustNoReaction WH]][[FlatWhat AT?]]\\
'''Wrex''': It's time to step up, Shepard.\\
'''Shepard''': I don't think--\\
'''Garrus''': [[{{Jerkass}} He'll do whatever it takes]].\\
'''Shepard''': [[CrossesTheLineTwice Kill yourself]].\\
'''Garrus''': Shepard...\\
'''Shepard''': No. You don't get to be angry about that. More importantly, p*ssy's my friend.\\
* later*\\
'''Shepard''': Liara! We'll bang, okay?\\
'''Liara''': [[ShoutOut My body's]] [[{{Creator/Nintendo}} ready]].