Because ''GARO'', despite being a relatively-dark and grim universe, does not scrimp on the snark-induced giggles.


[[folder:From ''GARO'' (2005)]]
* Kouga, in the beginning of the series, just not getting that his attempts to look out for Kaoru could be construed as that of a StalkerWithACrush:
--> '''Kaoru''': Hey you! Giving a person a ring, telling a person to stay with you! I have no plan to marry you!\\
'''Kouga''': (Looks after her confused and then turns to his butler) What is she talking about?
** Kaoru finding out where the ring Kouga gave her came from (Zaruba spat it up) and her reaction upon the discovery.
** After rescuing her from a giant clock, Kaoru comes to in Kouga's arms. Alarmed, she immediately starts to struggle and yell at him to let her go... which he does by unceremoniously dropping her to the ground.
* When Kaoru first moves (uninvited no less) into Kouga's home in the first series, rather than kicking her out like a normal person, Kouga tells her she's going to have to pull her weight if she wants to stay. She takes this to heart and decides to cook for him. When presented with his meal, Kouga is justifiably wary and forces his butler to take the first bite. He does so, and seconds later, both Kouga and Kaoru watch stunned as he runs straight to the bathroom to vomit it all back up.
** That's ''nothing'' compared to what happens to Asami. She gets sent ''with ambulance sirens blaring straight to the ICU!''
* In "Beauty", Kaoru is running around the house looking for a first aid kit to treat Kouga's hand and only finds a bottle of liquor. In a bizarre attempt to help, she drinks the booze and attempts to spit it onto his hand... only to hit Gonza's face when Kouga smoothly maneuvers his hand away. When she tries again, he tips the bottle over, forcing her to chug it down and then calmy leaves the room as she is left coughing up booze. Who says Makai Knights don't have a sense of humor?
** From the same episode:
---> '''Watchdog #3:''' You have friends?
* Episode 10 features a clown Horror who fights using ''mimicry''. Not mimicking others, the art form. It's finally killed when iits long nose was cut off, exploding into confetti with a high-pitched whine.
* ''GARO Gaiden''. Kodama gets ''lines''. ''In English.'' That is all.
** This needs some elaboration: Throughout the series, the only sounds Kodama has uttered have been singing baritone notes that turn into magical attacks; he has no lines of his own. When he finally gets lines, he launches into a long, rapidfire BreakingTheFourthWall rant about his name, his role, and goddamn this is the only chance he has to say lines, so by damn he'll make the best use of it, all while channeling Jim Carrey. Helps that Mark Musashi, who plays Kodama, grew up in America.
* A minor one in the second part of ''Beast of the White Night'': Jabi, [[spoiler: after having been recently just rescued from a monstrous tree, whence she was being presumed dead]], was the subject of the ire of the Kantai Makai Knight [[HeManWomanHater Tsubasa]] for [[spoiler: being dead and therefore "[[FantasticRacism not human]]"]]. Her response? [[NoSenseOfPersonalSpace Basically standing too close and forcing him]] to [[ThanksForTheMammary feel her up]]. [[CelibateHero He was obviously]] [[TheComicallySerious freaked out despite his self-possession]].

[[folder:From ''GARO: Makai Senki'' (2011)]]
* In "Wheels", Leo and Kouga have just finished fighting a Horror in a tunnel and they turn back to find Kouga's ride is... out of commission.
--> '''Leo:''' That's why I don't like normal machines.
** The annoyed look on Kouga's face just screams: "Dude, '''my car.'''"
* In "Joker" Kouga telling Leo and his superior that they have a problem with the next mission...
--> '''Kouga:''' There is just one problem...I have no idea what this poker thing is.
--> *{{Beat}}*
--> '''Leo:''' O_O *Kouga turns to look at him and he looks away*
--> '''Zaruba:''' Kouga. I will teach you.
* Kaoru and Kouga's date in "Makeup" which involves attending a play acted by a famous pop idol. Kaoru appears delighted while Kouga is sitting there with a vague expression of digust on his face and looking seconds away from committing ritual suicide. Makes sense because Kouga is an actual MasterSwordsman who risks his life on a daily basis, instead of some idiot mincing around on stage. The bad acting and hordes of squealing fangirls don't help one little bit either.
** In the same episode, we have Kouga's fight against the Horror that's possessing a LargeHam actor in the same theater. Fittingly, the Horror changes forms based off of different theatrical genres, such as a JidaiGeki woman and a ''50's style greaser.''
--> '''Horror (With [[CreepyJazzMusic jazz playing in the background]]):''' You the one? The "Makai Knight" bastard who was sent to kill me...
-->'''Zaruba:''' This guy can't quite decide on who he wants to be, can he?
-->'''Cue the Horror going GunsAkimbo on Kouga.'''


[[folder:From ''GARO: Makai no Hana'' (2014)]]
* CROW's first meeting with Raiga and Mayuri, being a cold standoffish type... and then freaking out when he realises he was mouthing off to the Golden Knight, GARO.
* Episode 4 of ''Makai no Hana'', being pretty much a love-letter to HorrorFilms, is replete with reference to existing HorrorTropes and moments that are pretty much LeaningOnTheFourthWall. The MO of the [[MonsterOfTheWeek Horror]], having possessed a desperate horror film aficionado, allows him to create universe where he can kill his victims inside the movies he makes. Which leads to this gem:
--> '''Horror Ilgishin''': What do you think... [[Film/SilenceOfTheLambs this film]]? [[FanDumb Can you mock this one too?]]
--> '''Raiga''': I've had enough of your pointless quizzes.
--> '''Horror Ilgishin''': I see... This film has great actors... ''(imitates [[Film/SilenceOfTheLambs Hannibal Lecter's]] mannerisms)''
--> '''Zaruba''': [[DeadpanSnarker It's no better than a special effects TV show]]. [[labelnote:Explanation]] [[MediumAwareness Like GARO itself perhaps?]] (Even Raiga knowingly smirks at the camera with that quip.) [[/labelnote]]
--> '''Horror Ilgishin''': Everyone's too focused on digital films lately. [[labelnote:Explanation]] [[SelfDeprecation Which could be also said of the entire GARO production team.]] [[/labelnote]]
** The cake, however, goes to the final dialogue of the episode:
---> '''Mayuri''': ''(after seeing Raiga get out of the Horror Ilgishin's movie universe)'' Your movie was an amusing one.
---> '''Raiga''': I'm not a character in his movie.
---> '''Zaruba''': [[MediumAwareness So, when shall we see you star in a movie?]]
---> ''(Raiga eventually looks into the camera with a knowing smile.)'' [[labelnote:Explanation]] [[DontExplainTheJoke Remember how]] Kouga (Raiga's dad) has had 3 theatrical specials already, with [[Series/GAROTheOneWhoShinesInTheDarkness Ryuga]] about to get one too? Doubled as HilariousInHindsight, as Raiga gets his own upcoming movie.[[/labelnote]]
** One of the Horror's would-be victims is a massive otaku himself, who responds to being trapped in a knock-off of ''Film/NightOfTheLivingDead1968'' with glee, and happily gushes to Raiga about the differences between Romero-style zombies and the [[TechnicallyLivingZombie Infected]] of ''Film/TwentyEightDaysLater''.
* Like in ''Makai Senki'', the end credits usually feature snippets in the life of the Saejima household. Ep. 9's, however, should be given special note in that [[EmotionlessGirl Mayuri]], after taking a gulp of hard liquor (and being visibly disgusted by it), [[CantHoldHisLiquor passes out in a few seconds]].
** #11 has Gonza trying to teach Mayuri to cook. She gets fed up with not being able to whip the egg whites to Gonza´s liking and gives up early.