Funny / Faking It

  • Farrah's shocked expression when she learns one of the lesbian homecoming queens is her daughter.
  • "Why didn't I feel anything when I kissed Oliver? He makes really cool cranes!" The wing flapping is what sells it.
  • Shane to Amy: "If they find out you're lying they'll lynch you without getting the irony."
  • Lauren to Shane: "You go through guys like a chainsaw through puppies!"
  • The threesome tutorial.
    "These are the three Fs for not f***ing up a threesome!"
  • Farrah: If my mother finds out Amy's a lesbian I'll never hear the end of it
    Bruce: Your mother couldn't spot a lesbian at a Melissa Etheridge concert
  • Penelope's reaction to a fight over David Beckham sums up many non-jocks' reactions:
    Penelope: Ugh...SPORTS!! ...I can't...
  • Farrah:: Just make sure you're protected
    Amy: I...keep a softball bat under my bed
  • "Old People love me, I share their values"
  • Everything involving the "dungeon"
    • "Who wants to help me arrange these dildos?"
    • Tommy's attempted escape cutting off Karma's serenade
  • Shane: I see a lot of cold showers in my future.
    cue the lawn sprinklers and an enraged Lauren.
  • Shane kissing Karma followed by her being weirded out and him not understanding what's so great about it.
  • Lauren on ecstasy.
  • "Goodbye butt tape, I'll miss you least of all."
  • "AAAAAARE YOU READY TO ROLE-PLAAAAAAY?!?!" *silence* "You're getting out of class for the day, so fake it." *lukewarm clapping*