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YMMV: Faking It

TV Series

  • Actor Shipping: Yes, Volkevens is a thing. Even though both Rita Volk and Katie Stevens seem to be straight in real life.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Two straight girls pretending to be gay for popularity? Never mind that the pilot was written by a gay guy, one of the leads is gay, and one of the guest stars was a major player in one of the seminal coming-out stories in television history...that fact alone has brought heavy criticism from some parts of the LBGT community (though it has garnered support from GLAAD and the Trevor Project).
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The threesome tutorial that the football and soccer players give to Liam. "These are the Three 'F's for not f**king up a threeway!"
  • Die for Our Ship: Liam gets in the way of Karmy, so he gets most of the hate.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The show seems to be trying to sell Karma/Liam as much as Karma/Amy. Pretty much no one is rooting for the first ship. So far every single fanfic is Karmy and Katie Stevens and Rita Volk seem to ship it themselves. Those that do sometimes pair Liam with Shane.
  • Feghoot: Seems to have been building the whole season, until it's finally dropped in the finale.
    Lauren: Karma's a bitch.
  • Ho Yay: Liam and Shane experience a few instances of it, such as Shane leaning his head on Liam's shoulder
  • Hollywood Homely: Dialogue suggests that Amy is supposed to be plain and unconcerned with her appearance; everyone (including Amy herself) automatically peg her as "the butch one" in her relationship with Karma.
    • Unconcerned with her appearance, yes. Plain, no. When she goes to the lesbian bar, all the girls she flirts seem very receptive to her advances - until she screws it up by being obnoxious or running away.
  • Incest Subtext: Although it's barely subtext, between Pieter and Petra. They hold hands while talking to Liam and Shane who are trying to pick them up, Petra agrees to make out with Liam but wants him to dress up like her brother and seem relieved when Liam and Shane leave.
  • Iron Woobie: Yes, Lauren isn't the nicest of persons, but she simply hasn't caught many breaks and she's right in that another school, she'd be a queen. She acts out, yes, but people forget that shes been uprooted from her home, she has no real friends, there's no one at her high school that she can connect with (save Shane, and she's pointed out that neither of them are very nice people). Still, she's amazing at helping with Farrah's wedding, she empathizes with Amy after their mutual breakups, she manages to maintain a friendship with Pablo (who she actually attempts to protects from Shane's dating style), and she never told their parents about Amy & Karma's entire scheme. (Yes, she tried to bust them at school, but it wasn't personal.)
  • Les Yay: Leads to Karma and Amy being mistaken for lesbians in the first place.
  • LGBT Fanbase: And a hatedom, due to the Audience-Alienating Premise. Of course, this would not be a Periphery Demographic.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: The criticism from LGBT websites is one of the main reasons people know about it. Many of the LGB Ts who watched the show to see what the fuss was about ended up falling in love with the show and Amy in particular.
  • The Scrappy: People don't like Liam for obvious reasons and for the fact that he's kind of a dick.
  • Unfortunate Implications: In the finale, after Karma rejects Amy, Amy gets stinking drunk off of reception wine. A helpful reminder that Amy's fifteen. That would not bode well for the catering service that only stopped serving her after she was too drunk to rationally make sleeping with Liam.
  • What an Idiot: A case of Truth in Television with Liam hoping to score a threesome with the lesbians- when if they were willing to sleep with them they wouldn't strictly be lesbians.
  • X Meets Y: South of Nowhere meets Awkward.

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